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Cheeky Monkey Pac Back
List Price: $39.95

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Product Description

Now you can conveniently transport your car seat from one place to another while keeping your hands free. Designed by a mother who frequently travels with her children, the Pac Back is an easy-to-use car seat carrier system. Lightweight and durable, this innovative carrier is manufactured from materials that are built to last: tough, high-density nylon with heavy gauge shoulder straps. A padded waist strap, padded hip protectors and soft padded lumbar support provide comfort while carrying. The Pac Back fits all car and booster seats (sold separately).

  • Built like a mountain Backpack
  • Padded Shoulder and Hip Pads
  • 2 quick release buckles-easy on & off
  • Supports seats 45lb-Not to carry children
  • When a carseat is used for traveling

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!
    The Pac Back is a great product! It is very easy to use and a life saver in the airport. I got many an envious look from other moms who were hauling their children, their stroller, their carry ons, their husbands and their car seats while our car seat rested comfortably on one of our backs. The Pac Back adjusted fine for both me and my husband, who is 6'2". It was very easily and quickly removed when we got to our plane seats and was quite handy for maneuvering the car seat through the plane aisles. A very good investment....more info
  • concept great, quality poor
    We have had this Pac Back for over 1 year. The concept is great but it ripped after the first use and we returned it. The company was responsive and sent a new one. We were hopeful the new one would hold up. Well after a year of use and a number of flights, all the straps have ripped off. Better stiching would make this product great. If you are a frequent traveler, expect ripping. If you only travel infrequently, this makes a nice way to carry the car seat. However in retrospect, we should have just bought the Gogo kidsz wheels for the car seat. ...more info
  • Great product, but doesn't work with Britax Wizard
    The Cheeky Monkey Pac Back is a simple but well-designed and constructed product, but just as an FYI, the vertical strap that goes around the car seat is not long enough when fully extended for the buckles to come together. This is true for the Britax Wizard which has a very high back. It would be great if the company would offer an extension strap that uses their buckles.

    I would like to mention how excellent is the Amazon customer service, though, because it was so easy to return the item and Amazon paid for the return shipping! ...more info
  • Very convenient, even for a large car seat
    We purchased this to help us transport our Evenflo Triumph car seat for a flight. It attached easily to the car seat, even though the seat is very large and bulky, and fit well for both my husband and me (although the straps were a little difficult to adjust--but it probably ensures that it won't loosen while you are wearing it). It even fit behind the car seat in the airplane seat so that we didn't have to take it off completely or store it on the plane. The only problem we had was that it was under the suitcases in the car on the way back to the airport and one of the strap clips cracked and wouldn't buckle again. However, I attribute most of the blame to us rather than the manufacturer since we put entirely too much weight on it. Great product!...more info
  • Makes air travel a breeze!
    I had to travel alone with my son, and opted to get him a seat...this product allowed my hands to remain free while I navigated my way through security and onto the plane. I had the baby in the Bjorn, and the pac back (with a britax roundabout) on my back and while my shoulders got tired, it was so easy to use. I was able to keep the straps on through security, and left them behind the seat, once we boarded. I was worried about getting them back on in a crowded plane, but it was so easy. I've recommended this product to many people since I've used it!...more info
  • Saved Our Trip
    We recently went on a airplane to see Nana and Pop Pop with our 2 1/2 yr old and 8 month old. We debated whether to bring the car seats being that we had all the other things that we needed to bring. It was the best decision that we made to bring the car seats. It was so easy with the Pac Back. My husband carried one seat and I carried the other seat. The Pac Back made it possible to carry the car seats and still have both hands free. Unlike other products, we did not have to take the Pac Backs off the car seats when we got to the security check. As for the car seats on the plane....both kids were able to sleep comfortably which made the trip a success....more info
  • easy to use
    This product is very easy to use. It made traveling with my daughter and her car seat so easy. My only complaint is that one of the shoulder straps ripped at the seam on the first use! I was able to fix it myself, but they quality should have been better....more info
  • Lifesaver, but not built to last
    Like many others, I had read the reviews and decided to purchase this for my frequent trips with a heavy car seat, stroller, bag, and infant. It is a lifesaver at the airport (unless you have the car seat that converts to a stroller, which I just got from a friend), but doesn't last for many flights. Mine tore after the 2nd set of roundtrips....more info
  • Taking the pain out of frequent flying with toddler in tow
    As very frequent (often long-distance) travelers, we routinely purchase airline tickets for our daughter so that she can travel safely and comfortably in her car seat on plane trips. We really pushed the size limits of the car seat that integrated into a stroller (the Graco travel system) for ease of use, but once she had finally made the dreaded transition into a larger seat, we tried practically every method for moving the seat, toddler, diaper bag, collapsible stroller, carry-on, etc., from our home to and through the airport without ending up completely exhausted and frustrated. Of all of the options that we tried, the Pac Back was the most consistently comfortable and convenient. I'm not very tall (5'5"), and find that I can manage to wear the Pac Back, stow loose and light objects (such as coats or stuffed animals) in the car seat itself, sling a diaper bag over one shoulder and a purse on the other, and still have enough mobility/agility to bend down and pick my daughter up or hold her hand. (Granted, I look like a Pac Animal, but that's a small price to pay for having free hands at key moments.) The strap system is intuitive to use and seems well-constructed. Compared to a car seat bag, the Pac Back is much more easily removed from the car seat once on the plane, and I have never had any trouble replacing the straps in a minute or two -- plenty of time to have the seat on my back by the time people start exiting the plane. The straps adjust easily enough that my taller husband and I can take turns carrying the seat when we travel together without spending a lot of time situating ourselves. The only drawbacks: you really have to pay attention while wearing what amounts to a giant rigid backpack that you don't bash someone or something while turning, and the straps may have to be removed to go through security IF the x-ray machine has an extremely small opening (only happened once or twice at regional airports). Overall, an amazingly simple but incredibly helpful product. ...more info
  • Comfortable and stable!
    We're getting ready to travel back to the UK with our son & his car seat this summer (07). Having taken a closer look at the alternatives (car seat carrier, bag etc.) we thought we would give this one a try.

    We have a Britax Boulevard seat - certainly not the smallest seat around. It fits well into this carrier. The back padding is reasonable - the most important part being the hard board liner - does a great job of hiding the sharp and irregular edges of the seat.

    The shoulder straps are quite nicely padded, plenty of slack on the straps to adjust them.

    The waist/hip supports are not bad either.

    The seat itself is held in place by one strap top to bottom, one side to side, once the seat is cinched in, the whole thing is reassuringly secure.

    Once the seat is secured and you hoist the thing on your back, it feels solid. I get the impression this will NOT be sliding around my back or off my shoulder... which is what it's all about.

    The fabric used in construction is also quite thick, the seams are strongly stitched - I would not worry about this falling apart in the middle of the airport. Will it last forever? I doubt it, but at this price I would not expect it to. It has a good few trips in it though.

    Comes with a neat stowaway bag, which will make it a lot easier to deal with once we arrive.

    This worked like a charm... the security people were OK with it - because it is so simple, they had no questions.

    it carried our britax boulevard seat with ease, the straps adjusted nicely, we even managed to pack in a blanket and diaper bag (which is very handy given the onboard bag allowance).

    i did pop a seam on the shoulder strap when i picked the thing up - not a problem at the time because it's double stitched, but i will repair it before we use it again.

    once onboard the plane, just dump the car seat in the plane seat and pop the buckle, the straps will tuck into whatever fold is free. This made it worth buying on its own! no need to unpack, or repack the seat - just untuck and buckle.

    overall, I would say well worth it. For the first time (with child) traveler I really found this useful....more info
  • Great product!
    This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I frequently have to travel alone with my child overseas and this has been indispensible. People always stop me in the airport to ask about it....more info
  • Great Product
    I used this on my recent trip from Alaska to New Zealand. The pack was extremely helpful in navigating through the airport as well as boarding the plane. ...more info
  • Must Have!
    If you're flying with a car set this is the best product. You just snap it up and swing it onto your back. Your hands are free and the seat is up out of the way.

    I used this on a long trip with multiple flights - I was alone with my young baby and this saved my having to lug, drag and fight my way down the aisles. I was stopped several times by parents, grandparents and flight attendants marveling at this smart design.

    As long as we have a car seat, we'll travel with this. Finally one Monkey you don't mind being on your back!...more info
  • Easy way to get a carseat through the airport
    This is pretty straightforward - $40 seems a bit much for what it is, but it performs its intended function well, and anything that helps you get carseat, stroller, and all the other gear through the airport is much appreciated....more info
  • Moderately useful tool to simplify air travel
    First, I found this product to be well-constructed and light weight.

    Overall, a useful tool when traveling alone with my 2 year old girl. Compared with lugging our Brittax marathon monster of car seat around the airport- this product was highly helpful and worth its weight in gold.

    I previously used the Go-go babyz travelmate stroller which I had borrowed. I will compare it below.

    Here are my critical observations:

    1) Carrying a heavy car seat on your back gets old no matter how well designed the instrument. The Go-go babyz stroller attachment is more useful in this regard- nothing to strap on your back.

    2) Using the pac back means you will likely want to bring a stroller- one more piece of equipment to haul around. It also has to be checked immediately before before bordering the plane, so it may also be subject to damage by uncaring airline personnel. With the Go-go babyz, no checking. Also the Go-go babyz is the stoller.

    3) The pack back is one piece, while the Go-go babz does have several parts which are loose when detached for installation into the airline seat. Here the pac back is definitely favorable.

    4) Both the pack back and Go-go babyz must be detached from car seat. A big inconvience. It takes several minutes to attach both.

    The biggest improvement to either device would be designing a way to leave it attached while in the air craft seat. The task of attaching either requires full attention to the task. This may make is difficult to keep track of a toddler if traveling alone, as I was with a 2 year old.

    Final analysis Pac Back vs. Go-go babyz:Quite comparable, although I would prefer the Go-go babyz. My wife prefers the pac bak, although she has not traveled with it, or alone with an energetic toddler!...more info
  • Worked perfectly
    We needed two of these for Britax marathon seats (which are large) for a recent trip - on and off of planes 4 times.

    Works best to leave the seat strapped up until attached to the plane seat, then unhook and leave the straps loose. Then when it's time to deplane and re-strap just grab and straps, reattach and go.

    The only problem with the trip was the cramped airplane and boarding procedures that didn't allow kids to board first - so that when we did finally board we bumped each person seated in an aisle seat with our car seat ... "sorry, sorry, sorry ..."...more info
  • Tremendous Help!
    I bought this when traveling alone with my 16 month old. It made it very easy to cary throughout the airport and easily down the aircraft aisle. I was going to buy one of the rolling carseat adapters, but this was much cheaper and worked great. I'd highly recommend it!...more info
  • bad quality product
    This was a huge disappointment. We have a Graco Nautilius toddler car seat and this product did not fit very well on it to begin with. We followed instructions very carefully, but the top strap kept sliding off no matter how snug we tried to make it. We were changing flights and the third time we attached the seat to this product, it broke! The seams that hold the arm straps and the straps where the seat is held are very weak. One of them completely fell apart, and this was a totally different strap from the one we kept readjusting, just in case you might think those events are related.
    Overall, I regret ever buying this product and consider it a total waste of money. ...more info