D-Link DIR-625 RangeBooster Wireless Draft 802.11n N Router with 2 Antennas
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Product Description

The D-Link Rangebooster N Wireless Router helps you create a wireless home network via a broadband modem connection. Share your broadband access along with photos, music, movies and more. The Rangebooster N presents a faster wireless signal with up to 300Mbps signal rates, which reduces file transfer time. The Rangebooster N provides 4x farther wireless coverage than most 802.11g devices and decreases the number of dead spots. This router is compatible with 802.11g/n and is backward compatible with 802.11b, which allows compatibility with a variety of wireless devices. The router provides a firewall using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) technology to protect your network from hackers and unwanted intruders. This router features MAC address filtering, parental control and also supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption as well as Quick Router Setup Wizard for easy configuration of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) settings broadband connectivity. It also provides easy connection for new wireless devices onto the network.

The DIR-625 now supports D-Link's new SECURESPOT 2.0 network security platform that provides comprehensive, managed security for all the networked devices in your home. SECURESPOT 2.0 is total network security for multiple computers in your home. With the unique Web-based console you can monitor, install, and control how your network is protected from a single location while the router still utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the internet.

  • Combines award-winning QoS Engine and the latest draft 802.11n technology for total network performance
  • Up to 12x faster speeds and 4x farther range than 802.11g
  • Provides secure, much faster wireless signal rates to all corners of your home
  • Get the benefits of draft 802.11n while remaining compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b

Customer Reviews:

  • Good router if it works
    I bought this router about two months ago to replace my old netgear router because of Draft 802.11n specification and better range.

    The setup of the router was very simple and configuration options looked very promising (Traffic shapping, uPnP support, WPA2 etc) for the router of this cost.. until the router simply died on me while I was working. There was no indication of any kind of power fluctuation etc (All my other devices continued to work during this time).

    I am not sure if I just got a bad piece or the quality of this product is suspect. It does look like more reviewers in this site have success with this router. ...more info
  • Got Range?
    For those of you who are - like me - looking to increase the range of your wireless network, I recommend this router. With my old (cira 2002) D-Link router, I was getting "low" to "very low" signals on my downstairs computer fitted with a D-Link "g" wireless adapter. By switching to the DIR-625, and nothing else, my signal is now pegged out at 54 MBPS (remember, it's a "g" adapter). I assume that by switching to an "n" adapter, I would still get a signal at the top of the range. So a great product at a great price here at Amazon. I looked around and couldn't beat it....more info
  • its good
    its good just had a minor problem with the installation but they solved it easily......more info
  • Great range and easy configuration
    This router has far greater range than I expected. It covers my whole house with a single router. The only thing I would want is better DHCP configurability. If you need to run your own internal DNS server, for example, to support a home network, you must also run a DHCP server because you cannot configure the DNS servers served by the router's DHCP server. ...more info
  • Solid and Stable Wireless N Router
    I've had this router since moving apartments back in November. We used to have a Wireless G gaming router from D-Link that belonged to my old roomate, but I needed to purchase a new one for my own uses. The high user rating for this model sold me, and I was looking for something that supports Wireless N. As much of a tech guy as I am, user reviews on something like this mean a lot more to me then a few professional reviews that may be on old firmware or have limited hardware connected to it for a broad range of opinions.

    In about 5 months of use this has been incredibly solid, without any drops or issues. My laptop that has a built in Intel N adapter connects without a problem, as does my Macbook and now my desktop. It's nice and quick, with a lot of configuration options for port forwarding and triggering, as well as your standard security settings. It's a bit annoying having to save settings on each page, and having to click an extra button to head over the wireless configuration, but I'm definitely happy with it. I also have my XBox360 and Samsung Blu-ray player connected to it with a wired connection and it's perfect with those as well.

    While getting a Dual-band router would have been nice, for the price this thing is fantastic against comparable models from Linksys or Netgear. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I'm impressed so far...
    I bought this product to use in our children's building at church. I needed a router that could reach up stairs and through cinder block walls. This product did the trick! I now have wireless internet throughout the building. Set up was simple, too. I'm not real crazy about the software that comes with it, though. ...more info
  • Very good, but has slow cpu
    Good range out of the box, replaced the factory antennas with 6 dbi antennas and got even better range, but with p2p software the routers "slows down" a lot, when you start ares o similar the ping to the routers starts to go up tremendously, this didn't happened with wrt54gl....more info
  • Fast router with great range
    I purchased this router to replace an older router that had started giving me a bit of trouble. The new router connected right away and I only had to configure a couple of simple settings on the router configuration page. Uses newer 802.11n Draft protocol, which seems more robust and definitely faster than 802.11b. I get a strong signal all the way across the house, with no dropouts or flaky connections....more info
  • D-Link DIR-625
    No issues to speak of. The issue I found most confusing was the several different security software programs. One is free and one is a trial. Little information on how to set the security up without using the trial software.

    Overall, I would say a good product at a good price.
    ...more info
    I bought this item for my son to use with a Nintendo DS Lite, a Nintendo WII, and a notebook computer. For the Nintendo products it was necessary that the router be backwards compatable with Wireless "B", which this one is. His notebook computer has built-in Wireless "G", which this router is also backwards compatable with, however I also purchased a Wireless "N" notebook adapter also made by D-Link for use with the computer. I don't think that there is an electronic device company anywhere that has better technical support than D-Link. ...more info
  • They got it right
    I bought this router to replace my DI-524, only because I wanted to upgrade to N standard. The router is extremely easy to setup, never had any hiccups (I'm using it for the last 15 months), it is turned on for the last couple of months without any connection problems, the range is not bad, but could be better. When I go to the second floor of my house, the signal drops to app. 40% which is enough for me. You won't make a mistake if you buy it....more info
  • Macintosh Users - Some extra help required
    Installing this with only Macintoshes is not plug and play--at least it wasn't for me. I had problems connecting this to my Comcast modem. I called Comcast and they told me to call D-Link. The D-Link guy was thrown for a while since I was on a Mac, and led me round and round and round getting no where. Then he finally asked me what firmware was installed. I told him the the config web site said 3.04. He then realized I needed to update the firmware to 3.06. I had to piggy back on a neighbor's wifi, download the new firmware, upload it to the router, and then restart everything. Once I had 3.06 firmware, everything worked fine.

    If you are not somewhat geeky and are on Macs only...you might want to pass on this router.

    Once I had it hooked up, it took about 15 minutes for it to stabilize (the reception was up and down, up and down) and it has since performed very well. I even have had no problems with a Cisco VPN I have to use for work....more info
    The D-link DIR 625 works as advertised. I needed some tech help since my dsl modem was not compatablie with the D link, but the tech was very helpful, and helped me through the modifications needed to complete the set up. I am very satisfied with the D-Link router....more info
  • No Help/Mac Unfriendly
    I bought the D-Link 625 at Office Max. I have had it for over two weeks, and am still not able to use it. It does not read the internet/server. I have contacted d-link twice and still have had no response. I even had a friend out to my house who has his own business setting up wireless, and he can't figure it out. So, with the awful customer service and spending the amount of money I spent, I am VERY unsatisfied with d-Link. What a waste of time and money.
    Okay, I just checked my email, and finally got a response. We will see if that helps. ...more info
  • D-Link wireless
    I tied this into my existing router to get wirless for my laptop. I get transfer rates from 65 - 100mbps (I got 100mbps with the line). I get excellent range. The best single component for the laptop....more info
  • Great router!
    I just replaced my old Belkin 54g router with this one and have no complaints. No rebooting needed so far, turn on the computer and you are ready to surf. It is very easy to access the router from your browser, and the security settings are self explanatory. Also, it works great with the D-Link DNS-323!...more info
  • Great except for installation
    The device works very well, but I had to call for tech support twice for it to work. Tech support did not complete the installation on the first call, but did on the second....more info
  • Pretty easy to set up, good range.
    Bought this for a friend up at a resort, we were able to get a signel from his home to the cabins some 75 yards away. He may need a booster to get more range but it was much better then other routers we tried....more info
  • Great Router
    This is like 6th router i have owned, and i love it. other than my dir-855, this is the best one.

    the speed is great and so is the signal. Very easy setup if you are experinced with routers...if not, great time to learn. one complaint is that it's not 108G but most routers aren't so oh well.

    overall great router for the price....more info
  • difficulty to get PS3 online.
    I ordered this item after researching intesely to find the best wireless N router for the lowest price...and this came to be it. But My experiences are not the best, I tried to connect my PS3 online and it seems to be somewhat of a dilemma because it severes my internet connection, it tells me it is connected, but neither my pc nor my ps3 are online....so I suggest another router.......more info
  • Great Router
    This was the easiest router I have used, both to set up and to operate. Great range, nice low profile....more info
  • 5 stars rating...
    Had no problem with it , Best wireless N router I ever used. Easy to setup and signal is good to excellent even on concrete wall. Works also with Dlink DWA-110 G and DWA-130 N usb wireless adapter. ...more info
  • Great Router
    it's a great wireless router, never seen dropped or I never need to reboot.
    range is great for town house. You could also put additional antenna if you need.
    Setup is not difficult, it is just different then the others. if is your first router you might going to spent some time on it. if you don't know about computers you must use help.
    I spend 2 hours to find the mac filter but I couldn't find it, I asked my brother and he told me that sometimes it is not the mac filter it could be network filter. After then it took me like 5 minutes to set it up.
    if you need wireless network security use mac filter, it is a lot simpler and secure....more info
  • Excelent router..., difficult to establish the wireless network
    The wireless net this Router creates its fantastic, at least for home use. I had some problems to establish the wireless connection to my laptop. In fact, I do not know how exactly it started to work well. So far now, the wireless network is working nice. ...more info
  • Best Router Ever!!! - Not Kidding
    This router is probably one of the best i've used. The only reason it would get less than 5 stars is if you didn't know the difference between a cable modem and a router (that's how easy setup is.) I bought this mainly for gaming (Xbox 360) and it has worked flawlessly even with WPA protection up (no lag i mean whatsoever!) Also if paired up with VTA-VR phone adpater you can have a VoiP phone connection. I highly reccomend this router to anybody for everything they could possibly need. (except for streaming HD movies which only $250+ routers could only think of doing)...more info
  • D-Link Draft-N router works great.
    Updated router to use both Draft 802.11n and 802.11G. As stated in instruction pamphlet, I needed to download updated drivers for Windows Vista from D-Links website. After installing the new drivers and included software, everything has worked great. Signals improved and I no longer have intermittent loss of signal from older 802.11G router. Has been working well with both G and draft N signals....more info
  • Works OK so far
    Setup was pretty easy, everything works, so no problems. Speed is very satisfactory from my stationary PC which is connected thru wires and via my netbook which I use when others are on the stationary.

    I havent had it for long, so cant comment on the durability yet.

    THX D-link...more info
  • D-Link
    It does what is suppose to do, I recommend this to anyone that want a replacement router....more info
  • Great value
    Easy setup and programming, good range, it works how it should. Sure, it's not simultaneous dual band, but it's also not $200. You get what you pay for, and this is all I needed....more info
  • Easy to set up and works great!
    Just took a few minutes to set up with the shareware setup program. Not only gets you conected, but also helps you get tight security. Also an outstanding price! Highly recommended....more info