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"After years without a terrorist attack on American soil, one group has picked the 4th of July weekend to pull out all the stops. In a perfectly executed attack, all of the bridges and tunnels leading into and out of Manhattan are destroyed just as thousands of commuters begin their holiday exodus. With domestic efforts focused on search and rescue, a deadly team of highly trained foreign soldiers methodically makes its way through the city with the singular objective of locating one of their own -- a man so powerful that America will do anything to keep him hidden. Scot Harvath is now the country's only hope. Fighting his way through the burning streets of Manhattan, he must mount his own operation to locate a man the United States government refuses to admit even exists. "

Customer Reviews:

  • Cliff hanger!
    I have been a Brad Thor fan from his first thriller. I have every hardcover book he has written. I could not put this text down until I had finished it. Only a few minor plot points really frustrated me. I love the Scott Horvath character and was literally feeling his frustration as he just always seemed to be missing catching up with the terrorists. The idea that this plot is completely plausible is always a big part of being a Brad Thor fan. I definately put this novel as my second favorite behind the Lions of Lucerne. OK Path of the Assasin was just as amazing- it's a three way tie! I did have some difficulty with the death of Bob Herrington in Takedown. As an experienced operator (Bob) why would he take the initiative with out tactical support, it just seemed like a pointless death since this uber-terrorist just semmed to constantly be slipping out of our grasp. Great book bottom line. I am counting the days due to my new frustration. Who the heck was it that just killed his new girlfriend at the end of Takedown?...more info
  • Outstanding with one reservation
    I await eagerly each Brad Thor novel, and it seems each is even better than the last. I've read some spolers among the reviews for Takedown and won't go into the story details listed by many reviewers.

    In Takedown as in his earlier books, the good guys and bad guys are absolute, but there is still ample character development, especially for an action thriller. I thought the plot was believable and was really transported by the story. I've read them all, and have already pre-ordered The First Commandment due out in July '07. My one reservation is that agent Scot Harvath really pushes the envelope on torture in this book. I've not been judgmental about his vigorous interrogation in the face of imminent terrorism, but in Takedown he tortures for no reason except vengeance, and enjoys it at that. This detracted from what was otherwise a magnificent action novel. Up until now Harvath has been 100% admirable as a character...I didn't like this recent evolution and hope it is not carried forward to his next book.

    Nevertheless, if you want terrific plotting with nonstop excitement and compelling characters, Takedown will not disappoint. Thor is as good a writer as Vincent Flynn, and that's saying a lot....more info
  • Mr. Thor... please give us more...
    Holy-freaking-Wow! Anything I say now will be overkill. Brad Thor is one of those author's who when once you read one of his books you HAVE to read them all. Because of my political views most of the author's I read are on the opposite sides of me. That's cool because I read them because they are talented... not right! :-) But it's REALLY nice to come across an author (or at least his stories since I've never met Mr. Thor) with whom I can agree. Especially one that has a hell of a skill in telling a tale. Scot Harvath is the closest thing that you can find to a real true superhero... minus the Viagra inducing tights and frilly cape.

    He's covert, he's ruthless, has a sense of humor, doesn't hesitate to kill when it's time to kill, and hates anything remotely connected with political correctness! AMEN! Terrorists are once again plotting to bring horror to the United States and these cowards (again) attack New York City. They plan a series of pure horror and death so grand that once it starts... well... becomes the worst in our Nation's history. The background that Brad gives on our covert operations, the insane PC laws, the crazy weapons being uses, the government "secrets", coupled with his action-movie style writing is enough to keep you up waaaay past your bedtime. I don't think I've ever spent more than 3 days on a Brad Thor book. Not because I'm a speed-reader. Quite the opposite actually. I don't want to stop reading because there isn't a good spot to stop because the action is just too dang good.

    I love having an author who, no matter which book I choose, is going to be good. It's amazing the common sense that Thor brings to a lot of our Nation's problems in his stories. He doesn't hold back from saying exactly what he wants to say. He's not preachy like some authors but he gets his words out. Kinda like, if Halle Berry was teaching Geometry in a lace, see-thu cat suit (wow, where did THAT come from?)... It may not be what you want to learn but if you're going to learn it make sure you have fun doing it!! This really is a good book that will entertain you, scare you, and think you (sorry English teachers)....more info
  • Heart pounding ...
    Read it in two days without taking a breath ... WOW WOW WOW that's all I can say!!!...more info
  • Takedown is awesome
    Takedown, the latest thriller by super author Brad Thor was shipped early by Amazon.com I'm not sure whether that was by design or by mistake, but either way I was excited to receive it earlier this week. My plan was to read it during my holiday weekend trip to the beach. My plan failed.

    It's no secret to regular readers of Dr. Blogstein (hi Nana Blogstein!) that Brad Thor ranks top shelf in my bookcase, so it shouldn't come as a shock that I couldn't resist starting the book. So I popped it open and before I knew it I was halfway into it. At that point, there was no stopping me. Takedown is awesome. I read it in two sittings. You've got to get it.

    Takedown is about a systematic and highly coordinated attack on New York City by Al-Qaeda for the purpose of rescuing one of their own. But what I didn't realize is that the attack on NYC occurs in the beginning of the book!

    What follows is a harrowing mission through a devastated Manhattan to bring the terrorists involved to justice by Counterterrorism hero Scot Harvath and a group of random soldiers he was able to recruit along the way.

    But, the best part of Takedown is a little man known as "The Troll." Be honest now, who doesn't love a midget villain?!?

    The Troll is a tiny, evil Scottish dude who keeps huge, rideable dogs as pets and peddles intelligence to the highest bidder. In this case, the highest bidder is Al-Qaeda. Not since White Castle introduced the Slyder has something so small caused so much damage. With all the action and scary thrills in Takedown, The Troll steals the show.
    ...more info
  • Another wow from Thor!
    Scott Harvath is a wonderful character that you wish were real and on our side. Events in Takedown make 9/11 a walk in the park, and Harvath is in New York and goes on the trail of the terrorists and to find out why.
    The action is nonstop, and the relationships of the characters are fully drawn and real.
    Brad Thor is consistantly an excellent choice of authors. He, like Harvath, will never let you down....more info
  • Almost a great book..
    ..but there's just something a little off in this one.

    The plot is a little implausible, and the dialogue is a bit stilted.

    The pacing is great, however. The book is great for the airport or on the beach. Escapism at its best.

    ...more info
  • A Disappointment
    The killing of Scot Harvath's girl friend at the very end does not now make me want to run out and buy the next Brad Thor novel....more info
  • Terrible
    As a lover of contemporary fiction, I cannot describe the level of frustration I had reading this book. Though much balyhoo'd in its editorial review and it's enthralling inside jacket overview, Thor's depiction of a massive terrorist attack on New York City was shallow to point of amateurish. His descriptive words of choice have less color than the ink they're printed with ("The terrorists came in fast, but he shot them dead"). His ubiquitous cast of characters all started with the letter "H" for some dreadful reason, and the character development was nil. Thor also likes to show off his detailed knowledge for tactical weaponry and gear, but nobody outside of the special forces understand (or cares) what gauge bore the gun of a tertiary character is holding- especially when the story is so flat. This was the first book I can remember having to put down before reaching the end, because I just couldn't stand it anymore....more info
  • An amazing read...
    I have only recently become a Brad Thor fan. Takedown is action packed and just when you think you've worked it out, yet another twist in the tail appears. I find his writing so engrossing, I feel like jumping into the book and working with Scott to take the bad guys out !! I read this book in 3 days, would have done it in 2 but had to sleep some time ! Beware then ending...........more info
  • Script for a Comic Book
    Incredible! I can't believe I bought it. It reads like the script for an action comic strip - except that the dialogue has been dumbed down. ...more info
  • Actually 4 1/2 Stars
    The book is well researched as far as the New York City locations go. As far as the actions of the NYPD Emergency Service Units, well I understand the need for moving the story along, that's the reason for the 1/2 star ding, but that's a quibble on my part.

    The story starts off strong, and examines what is going to be faced by this country in the coming years. Hard choices will have to be made, and the point is amply made that to fight a junkyard dog, you can't use "gentleman's rules" during the fight (to mix a metaphor or two).

    The action is there. The characters could use a bit more fleshing out, but what is there is fine. Most important from my point of view, the weapons and other "hardware" seem accurate. None of the "taking the safety off the revolver" silliness that seems to permeate other "action" novels.

    Good escapism, and a nice set-up for the next novel. Also a fine stand alone novel. I recommend this with no reservations....more info
  • Another Great Book
    Well, I bought this book last Saturday, promptly laid down the current book I was reading, and started to read "Takedown". It took me about 2-1/2 days to finish it and I have to say it was great. Definitely one of the best action/thrillers out there. I have read all five of Brad's books and would place this one as number 2 (Lions being #1).
    I have read other authors to include Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Alex Kava, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett but my top two favorites have to be Brad and Vince. Both are awesome military style/good guy writers and I highly encourage everyone to read both authors books. I anxiously await Scot Harvath's next adventure and hope he avenges the death of someone (I won't ruin the story for those who haven't read it) at the end of Takedown.
    To a previous reviewer, I don't think it was the Troll who is the murderer but someone else who Scot knows. ...more info
  • Start Early!
    Move over, Jack Ryan. Scott Harvath is my new patriot-warrior hero. Scott has been shot, tortured, peppered by shrapnel, bruised and abraded all in the name of preserving our American way of life. Except for that time Harrison Ford (aka President James Marshall) crawled out on a cable strung between two in-flight airplanes, Brad Thor's suspense is sharper than Clancy's. Thor's soft-core sex is OK, but more cuddly than pyrotechnic. Lots and lots of short chapters propel the fast pace of his narratives.
    TAKEDOWN is a genuine thriller ... a book that many will read in a single sitting. So start early in the day. I personally preferred Lions of Lucerne, but only because we live closer to the action (Park City, Utah) in that novel than to New York City, the stage for TAKEDOWN.

    Politically loaded issues (such as government-approved torture, extraordinary rendition, clandestine data mining, executive privilege) are described without clear value judgments by the author. The reader is left wondering whether the author is pro or con. That's a pretty agile tightrope act but it worked for me. It left me asking whether my own thoughts about the conduct of the "war on terror" are valid.

    Another reviewer noted poor proofreading. The typos in Takedown are pretty minor compared to a couple of other thrillers I've read recently. Sloppy proofreading can be a real turn-off for readers. Typographical errors seem to be much more common in today's fiction than they were a few decades ago. Perhaps that's because publishers are relying on automated, computerized proofreading which is still inferior to the human kind.

    SOLUTION: Hire old retired folks with proofreading and language skills as "beta-testers" for new novels. Seniors are cheap and would do the job for a free copy and what you'd pay a Wal-Mart greeter. ;-)

    A great read. Two thumbs up! ...more info
  • Liked It Alot!
    A hero that we could use in real lifew.
    Keep up the good work Brad and I'll definetly keep buyinng your books.
    ...more info
  • scott harvath returns
    with better charecters and an ingenious plot scott harvath pulls together a team to help and assist.the idea of having this team to support scott is a great idea and one that could be looked into again.brad thor is now getting into his charecters and in this novel you get to care what happens to them.into todays super heroes saving america books it is refreshing to have someone who needs help from other sources to accomplish the mission.using a team of iraq and afghanistan war veterans scott and his team must locate a man nobody in government will admit exists.the power play in the white house is brilliant with each department head trying to be one step ahead of the next.Brad Thor brings to this book one of the most original villians i have read in any book ,and he isnt just their to make up up the numbers but is integral to the book.fast paced,great subterfuge,tremendoes plot this really was a page turner in the real sense of the word.oh!and the finish Brad Thor what have you done.this is the fifth book from Brad with his hero Scott Harvath and i can recommend them all as Brad gets better And better as he developes his main character.the books dont have to be read in any order but i would seriously tell you that if you only buy one book this summer any of Brad Thor's will hit home.the only complaint i have is that he doesnt write quickly enough as i cant wait for the next book...more info
  • blah blah GUNS blah blah TERROR blah blah COWARDLY LIBERALS blah blah
    rinse and repeat for 400 pages. This book SUCKS. I've read all of the Brad Thor thrillers thus far, because to me, they are like potato chips- no redeeming value at all but I can't stop. They've gotten progressively worse until this one, which pretty much bottoms out. Let me save you some time. Terrorists attack America. Heroic president Bush- I mean, Rutledge- is fed up with the whiny, weak-willed, latte-sipping terrorist-coddling liberals and weenies in government, so Scot Harvath- some perverted fusion of Dick Cheney, Rambo, and Tom Clancy's John Clark- goes into New York with a ragtag band of vets to kill a lot of terrorists- but don't worry, there's depth! In between rounds of gunplay, Scot Harvath has the time to show his tragically soulful side in a limp, stereotypical display of pain and outrage whenever one of the good guys dies. Oh yeah, as an afterthought, Thor includes a girl, they fall in love- over the course of maybe 2 paragraphs worth of interaction- they have athletic, end of novel sex, and then she gets shot by a dirty Arab assassin.

    God help me, until I read this book, I thought I had cured my liberal elitism. But to appreciate this, you have got to be a buzz-cut wearing knuckle-dragging ape-man who thinks that beating suspected terrorists to death with a baseball bat, or torturing them by inserting pepper spray up their penises- gotta hand it to Thor, he is creative- is A-OK. And you have to have pretty much no appreciation or desire for even the flimsiest pretence at character depth, setting, or dialogue. So I guess you have to be one of the 29% who still approves of the job the president is doing, in short. I have read pile after pile of jingoistic thrillers with no redeeming value because I just can't help myself- I'm a sucker for gunplay, fast boats, and global intrigue. But this book is so terrible I may just stay away from them from now on. I would rather have Scot Harvath go all guantanamo on me than read this book again....more info
  • Needs more lessons from Vince Flynn
    Brad Thor's Takedown has an exciting plot, a conventional hero (lots of reader comparisons to Jack Ryan, etc.), and far far too much lecture about how the constitution must be suspended to protect our country. Frankly, the lectures are obtrusive and interfere with this reader's enjoyment of the suspense and the plot. Vince Flynn's characters hold similar attitudes, one deduces, but Flynn doea not bludgeon the reader with the party line. Nor does Daniel Silva whose Gabriel Allon is also a swashbuckling hero. Please, Mr. Thor, back off the lectures and put more effort into character development and making sure the transitions are handled competently. Let the exposition make the point, not thinly disguised authorial commentary. When that occurs, I'd very much like to read more thrillers by Brad Thor, but meanwhile, I'll stick with the Ludlum successors, with Flynn, Clancy, Silva, Child, and other more skilled writers of thrillers. ...more info
  • Not as good as original
    I picked this up just a couple of weeks ago very excited about the continuing adventures of Scot Harvath. By the middle of the book I thought I had confused this with another character of similar name until I got to references of the original. In my opinion, the once quite interesting Harvath character is essentially unrecognizable in this novel. If you haven't read one of the original Harvath books, you may enjoy this -- but if you are an "old school" Harvath fan, you may consider staying away....more info
  • Another fantastic thriller from Thor!
    Takedown is the fifth book in the Scot Harvath series - and as always it doesn't disappoint!

    In this installment, super-secret (black) safe houses are being systematically broken into while a major terrorist attack befalls New York. (Poor New Yorkers; while Islamic terrorists apparently hate all people who are apart of the 'Great Satan', in most thrillers, it seems to be New York who suffers the most...)

    Scot collects a motley assortment of recovering American soldiers and leads them in the fight of their lives - - - again, highly recommended! Thor has sincerely "done it again." ...more info