F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
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The F.E.A.R. Extraction Point takes you back to the paranormal dangers you faced in Armacham headquarters. As an elite soldier called in to deal with it, you realize this crisis could not be contained. Once the hunter now the hunted, your new mission is simple: Escape. Supernatural entities are wreaking havoc on everything and anything that crosses their path. You are trapped in a desolated city and your road to freedom hinges on the ability to destroy all that get in your way. The only question that remains is, can you reach the Extraction Point? Expansion pack only. Requires FEAR game

  • Havok 3 Game Dynamics system makes unleashing hell on your enemies visceral and satisfying. Bodies recoil and collapse accurately and objects react to being shot, pushed, or blown up.
  • Additional Weapons to fight a supernatural army of terrifying new enemies and familiar foes.
  • Different bone-chilling environments heighten the intensity.
  • Join a completely new mission with an even more horrifying storyline.
  • An advanced Special FX system showers you in sparks, smoke, and debris, making combat as intense and exhilarating as an action movie.

Customer Reviews:

  • Installs SecuROM on your computer
    F.E.A.R installs SecuROM (version 7.27) on your computer. This is spyware that is -supposed- to stop piracy. Getting it off your computer is a major pain as it creates registry keys with weird null characters in them, and files that can't be easily deleted. I will Google SecuROM and the name of any game I buy from now on to make sure the lame DRM SecuROM isn't on anything else I buy. If you already have this game just try and delete the
    SecuROM directory on your computer and see what happens....more info
  • An extension of the first
    Great game. Nothing really new here, other than just killing the bad guys. But well worth it. Love the slo' mo....more info
  • Great for horror fans
    F.E.A.R. Extraction point was a great game except for one thing: plot. there was a very stretchy plot throughout the game. a great shooter game, and a great game if you enjoy not sleeping at night (like me)
    I'd have to say this game is as scary, if not scarier, than the first.
    my one big problem is this: the last few minutes in the game leave you with more questions than answers.
    if you enjoyed F.E.A.R. for the storyline, and want to find out the answer to a ton of questions, THIS GAME IS NOT FOR YOU. if you like finishing games and feeling perplexed, confused, and ripped off, by all means, purchase this game....more info
  • A good enougn expansion
    The FEAR expansion was very fun, just as fun as the original game. The new weapons didn't change the game much though. The computer AI seemed better and more dangerous. However right as your really getting into it the game just ends. This thing is just to short so make sure you play it on hard to get the most out of it....more info
  • Make more!
    This was a great installment to the first. Graphics and game play were just like the first. The maps were very detailed and fun to play in. The only grip I have with it was the length of time it took to play. Total play time for me was around 12 hours....more info
  • F.E.A.R Extraction Point
    I bought this game for my husband and he loves it. He won't stop playing!...more info
  • More of the same - and thats a good thing
    The purpose of an expansion is to build on the strengths of the original and give the fans more of what they want. FEAR: Extraction Point (XP) does, but could have been so much more.

    The gameplay starts immediately after the original game ends, when the rescue chopper crashes and you are once again trying to find a way out. Game mechanics are exactly the same, no tweaks of any kind are noticable. I have heard that the enemy AI has been improved but I didn't notice, perhaps that is a testament to how good it is, that the enemies seem ok.

    Expansion packs typically add new weapons and enemies but XP is curiously weak in this regard. There is a new auto-cannon which really helps when in a big area with lots of enemies coming at you. There is a laser-beam rifle but I only found two ammo packs for it in the whole game so it was essentially useless. There is a new gigantic machinegun, and thats about it. On the enemies side, there are some new invisible guys, only I couldn't tell if they were the same as the inexplicable invisible guys from the first game or different. There is a new machinegun heavy-weapons guy that is hard to beat, but nothing really memorable. In fact it seemed considerably easier than the original game. I went through a large portion of the game before even using one of the frequent med-packs scattered around, the game does get more difficult later on though.

    Expansion packs also add new worlds to explore and discover. XP takes you away from the generic offices and wharehouses of the first game to subways, hospitals and generic offices. The new landscapes are a nice change and feature a good mixture of cramped twisting corridors and large areas filled with enemies.

    Expansion packs are expected to further develop or continue the storyline of the original, here I think that XP really fails to shine. The original had a difficult-to-follow plot about the mom, little girl, you and the bloody guy. The expansion starts out promising with some genuinely interesting stuff going on but quickly degenerates into nothing but cutscenes of guys crawling on walls and blood, lots of blood. The amount of blood thrown on the screen is truely staggering especially in the hospital as everything seems painted red. Unfortunately the cut scenes lose their drama as nothing happens as a result of them! The cut scenes and wierd twisted stuff just goes away and you continue on shooting faceless enemies. I think the developers lost a real chance to add tension. The plot itself was unintelligable to me - and I mean that literally, the guy talking to you speaks in a low mumble and by the time I could reach over and turn up my speakers he was finished so I did not hear most of it, not that it mattered, this is a pure and simple shooter...if it moves shoot it.

    With all that said, was it fun? For me the answer is yes, I liked the original a lot and this was simply another chapter. Was it worth the money? it depends on how much you liked the original....more info
  • Nice "little" addition for the moment
    After playing FEAR a couple times (long game), I tried its expansion pack. Now, maybe I'm just getting the wrong games, but expansion packs are smaller than the original game. It's like the extended version of a movie. The extended (deleted scenes) version isn't going to be as long as the film itself without it.
    The expansion packs I played, Doom 3 (Resurrection of Evil), FEAR (Extration Point), Descent 3 (Mercenary), Call of Duty (United Offensive), were all shorter (except maybe Call of Duty).
    They are just shorter. The price can feel like a rip off, but then again, we didn't pay 50-60 dollars for brand new games before. Yes, we are now because prices are going up, but so are all other games too.
    And yes, a lot of items, etc, are basically recycled, but again, I don't recall a lot of other expansion packs having a ton of new things. All games do have their new stuff here and there, but not completely.
    So it's Recycled? You think in sequels (movies and game/tv shows), they have all new settings and new people, etc? No.

    Enough ranting on that, the game,

    The game in my opinion, was a bit nicer, for awhile. I was always wanting the girl to help me out, for the player you're controller never has an intention to kill her, but help out.
    So it was nice for her to help some in this one, even though it wasn't needed. It helped the story some. The ending (SPOILER), well, the ending was a bit too quick and shallow. You have your "recycled" and "short game" issues. I have my "too quick and shallow endings".
    I really was expecting to see her, help her, save her, something, or to kill off Fettel, again. All that happened was the helicopter exploded, sending me back, and we get this very very very slow moving scene up along the railing, looking at buidings.
    But what expansion pack had great endings? Doom 3 didn't. Descent 3 didn't, Fear didn't, Call of Duty was okay, but nothing too spectacular.

    If you love FEAR, but the game. It may be short, buy has some new enemies, and layouts, differnt decor and buildings, guns, etc....more info
  • If you liked FEAR, more of the same
    The action sequences in this game are largely similar to the original -- sneak through different complexes shooting clone squads as you go. Tactically there are some pretty good sequences that are a lot of fun to play, such as a couple of large areas where you have to take on a dozen or more clone soldiers. There's also a couple of larger mechs, some gatling-gun and rocket-launching heavies, and a new semi-invisible demon that is the demon equivalent of the human assassins (who also make a re-appearance, although it's totally unclear why).

    That last point indicates the main problem -- the plot is basically treading water through this expansion and is borderline nonsensical. If you bought this expansion hoping, as I did, for further clues on the story, you are going to be disappointed -- the game tells you virtually nothing of interest, except that young Alma's feelings toward you appear to have changed (without any explanation, even at the end). Dead characters re-appear as if nothing happened to them. And the very end just sets up the sequel. Even so, I'd recommend it to fans of the first, but the next one had better do something with the story, or I'll skip it for something else....more info
  • FEAR!!!
    You should FEAR not having this game! This is the best FPS I've played in YEARS. This expansion was kind of short IMO but well worth the buy. Can't wait for more. FAR les bad language in this expansion. The main game went overboard and I'm not easily offended by language....more info
  • More fear please
    The only problem with this expansion pack is that it is too short.
    Really a fun game, I hope they will be making another one ASAP ...more info
    This was my first new 1stshooter game since i got my new pc. its not strong but the game was awsome i actually bought my pc for this game, i wanted it badly since i played its demo with my old one, it was lagging like hell but i LOVED it. The story line is very twisty, it doesnt involve u in the start but later on u keep figuring out very wierd and twisted things, its very nice, i love the game. It freaked me out alot too :D. ...more info
  • FEAR
    Played well and the graphics were great. Did not require original game to load the newest addition. ...more info
  • Great Expansion
    I really loved the first F.E.A.R. and i finally played this expansion. If you loved the first F.E.A.R., then you would love this expansion. The levels are not as tedious and repeated as before and it has a heavy focus on the action aspects of the first game. Don't get me wrong though, it still has the "OH (%*$" moments. The story is not as heavy as the first but still good. There are a few new weapons like the chain gun, and laser gun and automated turrets that you can throw like a grenade and they will stick at any angle and help you lay waste to your enemies. It is also a decent length. Overall this is a excellent expansion and if you liked the first F.E.A.R., you have to play this game....more info
  • Crushes HL2 Episode One
    Here's the facts:
    1. Incredible combat action refined and intensified even more then in the original vs using the grappler for most of HL2e1 to work your way through nothing special - no contest; Fear and Fear Extraction Point have the best single combat fighting action ever.

    2. Chills still abound; No game I have ever played has set me on edge like Fear and Fear EP.

    3. Keeps the mystery alive and going and sets you up big time for the next one.

    4. Only takes 15 minutes to install for a good 8 hours of play vs 2 hours to install hl2e1 for 4 hours of play. Do I need to do the math?

    5. Works fairly bug free. It has hung on me a few times when starting up a saved game but ususally starts up on the 2nd try. That's it. This versus
    there's not enough space to list all of the problems with HL2e1. I just know that my next 1 hour patch download session with Steam will fix the whole thing - yeah right.

    Problems? Cons? Sure, it's not perfect. The Expansion pack like the original game is a bit short. As a mater of fact, if you put both together you have a decent length game.

    The slo-mo bullet-time feature does tend to make it a bit easy but boy is it something to see and frankly, it's habit forming! To be sure, the action in Fear EP is racheted up a bit and you almost need to use slo-mo to progress through some of the levels.

    Price - The list price is $29.99 which is too much for the amount of play but then, who is paying list price? I paid less then what HL2e1 cost. Keep in mind that the list price for HL2e1 provides half the play of Fear EP. For the installation effort required for HL2e1 and the resultant minimal amount of play time, they should be giving it away!

    When it comes to the overall package, Fear EP like Fear is still not in the same class as a Deus Ex or the original HL, Unreal, SS2, etc. Certainly Fear's graphics and fight scenes are at the top of the scale and overshadow these earlier clasics but those classics still have characteristics that make them great and unforgettable. It's a shame that Valve did not see fit to develop other then a mundame follow up to the original HL and then Steam you to play it. For now, FEAR is as good as it gets for a shooter. I can't think of anything better that has been released in the past 4 years.

    In summary, Fear EP extends one great game that you will find yourself playing over and over again. The fighting action is as good as you will ever see. It draws you back time after time. I can't wait until Fear 2 or another expansion pack.
    ...more info