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WEBKINZ - Chihuahua
List Price: $14.99

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Product Description

Discover a virtual world with Webkinz pets. Webkinz animals come with a special Internet code so your child can interact with it online. The code lets you enter Webkinz World and bring your pet to life. Pet owners can name it, make it a home and even play games. Chihuahua measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check for latest revisions.

  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in Webkinz World when activated with the special code that comes with every plush animal
  • Every Webkinz is made with great care so when you register your pet you can care for it as if it were a real pet!
  • Collect all of the cute and cuddly styles - over 45 different Webkinz currently available
  • Every Webkinz plush pet is unique. From the floppy ears of the Beagle, to the soft fur of the panda - something different that appeals to everyone!
  • Webkinz World is updated every two weeks so be sure to visit frequently to see what is new and exciting for you to explore!

Customer Reviews:

  • On time and worth the dime.
    WEBKINZ - Chihuahua
    Cute as a button and arrived in no time. It was a smash at my neices birthday party. ...more info
  • My Six Year Old Loves This Toy!
    What a neat concept.
    Many animals to choose from and my daughter loves going online to "take care" of her pet.
    The games are easy and educational!
    It also helps kids learn the concept of earning money and having to spend it on things other than "stuff". The have to pay for doctor visits and food among other things!


    ...more info
    IF you know about webkinz, you might know about the e-shop (a online store where you can buy overly priced anamated items, and pets with out a stuff animal). People are taking avantege of others when they sell there anamated pets on ebay for more than they are worth. I just wanted to tell you all that you can buy this pets on the e-shop for $12.50, the speical pets(like the floral fox) are sold on certant days,like webkinz Wednesday,surprise Saturday,and super Sunday. ...more info
  • Great product, cute dog
    This is one of my first webkinz purchase. I bought this dog for my 5 year old son because he says it reminds him of a dog we once had and a Yorkie for my 9 year old daughter because it looks like a girlie dog. These webkinz are so cute. I didn't know much about them except that I should get them for my kids. I do not regret it at all. As I registered the chihuahua for my son tonight and watching the tutorials as to what webkins were all about, I'm thinking of purchasing one for myself. hmmm... maybe the monkey. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is both fun and educational!!!...more info
  • My 6 yr old daughter Loves it!
    I gave this to my 6 yr old daughter for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! We have a 16 yr old Chihuahua and this is perfect! She goes online and "plays" with her new pet all the time....more info
  • I like my stuffed animal but not the online stuff
    Ive been having lots of trouble with my pet online. Today I cant even play with my pet because the site is down. Its always down!!! Its takes forever to make points and then you spend them on stuff you need and thers none left. There arnt any games that my little sister can play. there to hard for her. None of my friends play anymore so I havent been playing as much. ...more info
  • Family Fun in a cute package!
    This little Chihuahua Webkinz has sparked a family game in our home. Even our 3 year old is learning how to use the computer with the delight of the Webkinz World. We now own 8 Webkinz, and we've given 4 away as gifts as well. Webkinz is a way for kids and parents to connect with each other, for kids to learn how to navigate the internet (SAFELY!!!) and "teach" Moms how to use the computer. Whoever came up with Webkinz is a genious...or a really big kid at heart! ...more info
  • not as much fun as it claims to be
    I am less than impressed with the Webkinz toys. The toy itself is simply a stuffed animal so nothing special there. The associated website with games and activities seems like a fun idea, but can be pretty complicated to figure out, and sometimes hard to log onto. When you register your Webkinz toy online, you'll be faced with a scheme designed to make your child beg for more of these toys. It will tell you that your child's toy is "best friends" with one or more other Webkinz, so naturally your child will want those, too. (I'm not that big a sucker, we're sticking with just the one) As I said, the website can be frustrating for children to navigate, so be prepared spend some time trying to help your child figure it out. In addition, the "subscription" to the website expires after a year, at which point you have to pay in order to regain access. They also try to increase interest in certain animals by following the Beanie Baby tactic of "retiring" some of them, and then charging much higher prices. All in all, this seems to be nothing more than another shameless marketing ploy designed to separate us gullible parents from our money. ...more info
  • Excellent toy for your child
    I purchased this new Chiahuahua Webkinz for my granddaughter for Christmas. It is in excellent new condition and she will love it!...more info
  • Stuffed amimal, computerized/registered toy
    My niece is having a lot of fun with this webkin online as well as her brother with his. Their cousins hacve chows and they love then and her brother got one in Virginia so I wanted to get her one. She loves hers....more info
  • I like my stuffed animal but not the online stuff
    Ive been having lots of trouble with my pet online. Today I cant even play with my pet because the site is down. Its always down!!! Its takes forever to make points and then you spend them on stuff you need and thers none left. There arnt any games that my little sister can play. there to hard for her. None of my friends play anymore so I havent been playing as much. ...more info
  • Mom & Son Addicted!!! Fun and educational!!!
    My 6 year old son just received a Webkinz Chihuahua this afternoon for his birthday. He was so excited! This present is from his aunt who is a first grade teacher and mother of two. My son and I filled out the "adoption" information together online, printed out a few really cute certificates and useful information, and we immediately began playing with his Chihuahua and building the virtual world. I think the games fit for a wide variety of ages. We had a blast playing this evening.

    *I have to admit I played for another 3 hours once my son went to bed!! I will need to set firm time limits for each of us. Also, I think I need to get my own Webkins!! :-)...more info
  • My 6yr old loves it (and the website)!
    We have both the Webkinz Chihuahua and the Lil'kins Chihuahua. My daughter loves them both, although I sometimes have trouble figuring out which one is which unless I'm looking at both. The Webkinz is not that much larger than the Lil'kins, but my daughter loves them and that's what matters.

    The Webkinz site is definately her favorite web site right now. I love the fact that there are no advertisements or links that take you out of webkinz. I also feel that it is educational... not necessarily because it's teaching kids to take care of something (if you don't log on for a week, your animal's status does not change) but because most of the games in the arcade (especially quizzy's) are designed to make kids think. I probably would not try to have a child who cannot read use the website, just because a lot of it is text based, and would be frustrating for a non-reader....more info
  • Sammy's Surprise
    I purchased five webkinz for my 10 year old grandson, and he loves not only the stuffed pets, but also going to the webkinz website and taking care of the pets and also playing the games. As far as I can see it is good clean fun for children....more info
  • Webkinz is VERY good value!!
    My daughter wanted one of these Webkinz and we could never find one instock at a local shop!! I decided to check Amazon and was amazed that we had several to choose from!! It was well worth the money and the shop that it came from on Amazon was very quick service and no trouble whatsoever!! We have since been able to find one at our local shop now so my daughter now has 2 Webkinz!!! She is 10 years old and thoroughly enjoys taking care of her pets!! I have played the Quizzy's questions to help earn her Kinz Cash to purchase stuff for her Webkinz House!!! Very Fun!!!...more info
  • Huge webkinz fan
    Ok, so we have quite a few of the webkinz. This is requested from my 11 year old as what she wants more than anything, she's been begging for months. It holds up as well as the pink poodle which was her first webkinz pet. I personally think the cheeky monkey is the cutest and holds up the best of all the animals. I think the chihuahua is very cute and is most cherished with my 11yo. It's not JUST a stuff animal.

    I can't get over how eduactional the online aspect is. We have spent hours as a family on the quizzey's word challenage. My child actually goes to a "job" everyday there. I think the questions are great for the educational games, especially the health. It is a SAFE place for kids to go online!!

    Any little girl would love a little dog as a pet!...more info