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While Wenger is ever ready to meet new challenges with new solutions, its dedication to quality and the integrity also remains. All its products have been designed and crafted with the same inspiration that was devoted to the Swiss Army knife. It is truly a rare combination of integrity and innovation that enhances the design of every product worthy of Wenger's distinctive Swiss cross.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Laptop Backpack
    I've gone through a lot of laptop briefcases and backpacks over the years and the Pegasus moves the bar up a notch. The design and materials they put into this are extremely impressive. Here's a list of what I like most about it:

    - It fits my 17inch Dell XPS m1730 comfortably. There are very few bags on the market right now that can handle the large laptops that are coming out right now. I also have to bring a small Dell 14inch with me sometimes and that isn't a problem either.

    - Backpack straps and sternum strap make this bomb proof but also very comfortable to wear. I really pack it full and it's surprisingly comfortable.

    - It stands up by itself when you put it down - that's a first for me - none of my other laptop backpacks even come close.

    - The zippers are all top of the line so no worries on that front.

    - The carrying handle at the top has a steel security cable inside it - that won't be falling off or breaking in this lifetime.

    - There's an extra handle at the top that looks like less rugged carrying handle but it's actually ideal for slipping the backpack on top of your rolling luggage - nice.

    - As well padded as any other bag I've checked out.

    - Extra shallow zippered section at the top for your mp3 player, phone, headsets, wallet etc. - since it's shallow you can access these things very quickly.

    If I had to name a con - I wish the side pockets were just a little bigger to accomodate a slightly larger water bottle. And, I suppose I wouldn't complain if I had a little more room for my 17 inch XPS. It's snug.

    I'm really impressed with the quality of this product and comfort. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this as a laptop backpack. I have other Wenger backpacks - I bought this one because I needed one that would fit a larger laptop. Wenger hit it out of the park with this model....more info
  • Great Backpack
    Everything I expected and more. Only reason I would get something else is that the water bottle holder will not hold a 32 oz. water bottle....more info
  • well made pack but too small
    I returned this pack after buying it as a replacement for my Targus TXL617. The targus is wearing too quickly but it has way more space than this pack. So, I'll just complain and order another targus. It would be nice if swissgear quality came with a pack having sufficient space. Also, the zipper barely closed on my dell e1705....more info
  • Great Bag!
    I got this for my sweety and he LOVES it. It fits his Dell Inspiron e1705 perfectly and for those reviews complaining about the zippers- they must have something different. The zippers on this bag are slippy but they lock, if you know what I mean. They won't unzip themselves.

    It's got plenty of room for his accessories, work things, books and an extra change of clothes for overnight trips.

    I have to admit, I thought about getting one for my e1405, but can't justify the expenditure when the laptop in a neoprene case transports well in my beat-up old Jansport. And he needed a backpack anyway.

    We saw an airline employee traveling with the Pegasus from SwissGear and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The only worry was getting one to fit his 17" computer. I bought this backpack with a niggling feeling from the iffy reviews, but let me put your mind at rest. He slipped it in and latched it and voila! Perfect fit. Snug but nowhere near worrisome. Plus, it's got a pocket for your Swiss Army knife. (but remember to take it out before heading to the airport!)

    Highly recommended- and the price right now on Amazon is the best I've seen so far, saving up to $30 on other sites....more info
  • Great Backpack for college students
    i purchased this a year ago to carry all my college textbooks in. my textbooks are huge (900 - 1200 pages a book) and i usually carry two - three books a day. the backpack is still in great condition and does everything it is suppose to. would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Great backback
    I bought this backback based off the recommendations off Amazon and that I already owned a laptop case from swiss gear that i like very much. However, I am even more impressed with the backpack. Here are my reasons.

    1) It fits my 17" Toshiba laptop perfectly and securely. I was a little nervous as there were several reviews that said it fitted their laptop but was snug around the egdes and there was intereference with the zippers. Well I am happy to report that I do not have that problem. It is a great fit.

    2) There is plenty of room for additional items that I use on regular basis. Most complaints were there is not enough room. Well I am a grad student normally only carry a laptop and notebook and one book. So I have plenty of room.

    3) This is very comfortable. I was able to walk from side of campus to another with no pain or discomfort. It did not feel heavy at all.

    Last but not least, the best part it is an attractive bag. My only complaint is I wish there were more variation in color. I also wish they offered more feminine options. Overall, it is a great backpack and I highly recommend it.

    Update: A year later the strap on my bookbag broke. I still recommend just not as highly. I wish that I could edit my stars. I would remove a star mayb four out of five. Good news though I purchased another bag Belkin 17in (gray/flamingo). My laptop fits well in there and it is more feminine....more info
  • Excellent bag
    This bag is perfect for students with a laptop. Perfect size for a fair amount of notebooks and 1 large textbook as well as a 15.4-17" laptop. Extremely comfortable and easy to carry. Storage pockets are perfect for electronics, laptop charger, graphing calculator, iPod, cell phone, etc. Would recommend to anyone who needs a laptop bag with room for other materials....more info
  • awsome
    This backpack easily fit my massive 17 inch laptop it looks durable i need to test it out though only just got it i love the 3 pockets for the swiss army knives which i bought one with this bag. it fits everything i think i could ever need without going into the suitcase area of travel...more info
  • Handy as a Swiss knife
    Bought this backpack when the other one I bought (different brand) was too small for my 17" inspiron. Although it doesn't fit in the smaller pocket, it fits great in the second padded pocket. Plenty of other well organized storage. I'm STOKED....more info
  • Pegasus
    Bag is nice, fits the 17in dell with no problems which is what I needed it for. the only thing I would ask for is a little more space for some other materials though there is some I feel it is not enough. I do however, like the size of the overall size of the bags dimensions....more info
  • great product
    My husband loves this computer bag. It is big enough for a laptop and all his gear, yet is not overly heavy. The straps and handles are sturdy, and comfortable enough to wear on your back or over your shoulder. ...more info
  • good pack for most 17" laptops
    I was having a hard time finding a backpack large enough for my Toshiba Qosmio. The laptop is thicker than most 17" models, so it is real snug in the designed pocket. Also, since the notebook is thicker, the zippers rub the corners. I don't travel alot, so I am using the main compartment instead as there are plenty of other pockets for accessories. I think a thinner notebook would fit very well in the bag and it offers more cushion/protection than my other option..Targus XL....more info
  • Fit for Dell Inspiron 1720
    The Wenger Pegasus backpack's computer sleeve is large enough for the Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop (17 inch widescreen). Put the laptop in a pillow case before loading into the backpack and there's no need to worry about any possible scratching from zipper ....

    As others have reported, the bag has a classy appearance, is functional, and appears to be well made.

    Very nice. Glad I bought it....more info
  • I love it
    great backpack , fit my 15" Thinkpad with no issue, i love the design, space and durablity. Highly recommended for someone who on the road and hate the old fashion briefcases....more info
  • Well designed, lots of room
    I'm impressed with the design and quality of construction. Most products I buy I can see several areas for improvement but not this one. Only unknown is how long it will hold up. I'll have to write another review 3-4 years from now!...more info
  • Good but heavy
    It fits a 17'' HP laptop very well. It actually can fit in 2 laptops without difficulty. Only thing is that the bag is a bit too heavy itself. ...more info
  • SwissGear PEGASUS = Robust, but heavy
    What you gain in strength (and, presumably, durability), you also gain in weight. The Pegasus is made of strong materials, clearly assembled to protect and to last. However, with all that extra thickness and padding, you need strong shoulders. With laptop, accessories, 2 books, a few papers, and my lunch stowed within the abundant compartments and pockets, this is the heaviest little number I've ever carried. But who's complaining? Even the zippers feel like they'd withstand a nuclear blast. And, since zippers are usually the weakest link in the backpack chain, that alone puts the Pegasus in a class of its own. ...more info
  • Perfect Fit for 17-inch screen
    Perfect fit for my Dell Inspiron E1705. I'm glad I spent the extra money to buy a sturdy, comfortable bag. The backpack design also makes the computer more inconspicuous (a good thing in my neighborhood where students are targeted because of the laptops they have strapped on) AND it is much more comfortable than a messenger bag. I've traveled a lot with my computer and I no longer have aching shoulders after a trip. Thank you SwissGear!...more info
  • so much space!
    I had to shop around for a few weeks for something that would accommodate my 17" hp dv9000z (which is a bit larger than a lot of backpacks can handle) and then bought this at Staples in-store. It was a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

    It's so roomy...I don't know what to do with all this space. I can pack a very relaxing weekend's worth of clothes in this thing, including the laptop. I could go on but the other reviewers have proven their points.
    ...more info
  • great service
    This was purchased as a gift and the recipient loved it. It arrived quickly! Thanks...more info
  • Best back pack I have ever used for computers
    I have had at least 10 different computer bags since I started using laptops 11 years ago. The traditional leather cases and messenger bag styles always were more trouble than they were worth when traveling. Consequently, I switched to a backpack about 7 years ago.

    I have used packs from Targus, Dell, and others. My last Targus was the best I had used until the zippers fell apart, forcing me to buy the Pegasus. It is now my best bag yest. The Pegasus is comfortable, sturdy, and very secure. It looked smaller than my Targus, but it holds the same amount of stuff, and organizes it better. Even if you leave a zipper open, you computer and the rest of the contents of the bag will sit securely unless you tip the bag over. The retainer strap in the laptop compartment holds my laptop in place safely regardless of what I have zipped or left open.

    The Pegasus is great for travel and for day to day moving of a favorite laptop. It fits my bulky Dell Precision M70 with ease. I would recommend it highly for students and for other computer users who need the comfort of a backpack.

    ...more info
  • Good backpack for 17" laptop
    Fits my needs. Feels more balanced and secure on my back than prior backpacks. Carries what I need. Not quite as roomy as some others, but less bulky....more info
  • Perfect for my
    Amazing this is huge but packed nicely, has a lot of space but doesnt seem like it does from outside. Will fit a HP dv9000 17in widescreen notebook with no problem. Love to use it and carry it to my classes each day at school, cant get any better. go out and buy it if you have a 17 in notebook since nothing compares to thsi bag for a notebook that big ...more info
  • Very Functional
    This backpack has adequate room to carry a great deal of printed material as well as a well designed padded section for a laptop. The only shortcoming, and it's not a major issue, is the design and geometry of the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are not designed nearly as well as the Jansport Odyssey 38 for example. Still and all I am happy with the performance of the Pegasus....more info
  • Amazing Bag
    This bag is awesome. I have used it for over a year to carry around my Dell 17" M90. The quality of the bag is the best I have ever seen. Everyone compliments me on it and there is really nothing at all wrong with this bag. Haven't found a better one yet....more info
  • All in One Deal!
    This is a really great backpack. It packs all your essentials - laptop, files, iPod, CDs etc. plus it has enough space to fit your books or even extra pair of clothes inside!

    I have used it in a multi-purpose fashion. I use it as an office backpack and also as my travel backpack. It has enough different pockets to store all things in a very neat fashion....more info
  • Swiss Gear 17" ;aptop backpack
    This backpack works great. It is large enough to hold my 17" HP monster. I ride a bicycle to work and the support is wonderful. I have no issues with stress on my shoulders or back. I have only had it for a month or so, so I can not attest to the durability of the backpack. I gave it a four out of five due to the fact there are no slots for cds or other media and no pen/pencil holders. Everything is kinda just thrown into the compartments. Also, why do all the other Swiss Gear backpacks have a specific spot for MP3 players and this one does not? I couldn't figure that one out. All in all a great backpack and it will have room for the largest laptops....more info
  • Ideal for traveling with laptop
    Lots of space and easy to carry. Good cushions to protect both what is in the pack and your back....more info
  • Returned bag for poor use of space, got Maxxum instead
    This is a very well constructed bag, but the odd design of the diagonal separation between the larger back and middle compartments, and their equal depth, really limits what you can put into the bag. If you want to carry lots of legal pads, this would be a great bag. I want one large section for all of my books, etc., and a thinner section for the computer. I exchanged this for the Maxxum (also Wenger), which is perfect for me, as well as cheaper! The Maxxum also adds an adjustable kangaroo pouch on the front which is very handy. Ah, I should also note that both of these packs have an across-the chest strap that is placed too high. I still use it because it really helps with weight distribution....more info
  • Very satisfied with product and seller
    I've owned this backpack for about 2 months and I've been very satisfied with it. I use it for business so I carry it around with all day. I've enjoyed having all of the compartments. One thing I did not consider when I was shopping for a backpack was whether or not it would stand upright or fall over when sat down. Turns out that it stands up quite well which is important to me because it keeps my laptop and other electronics from taking any unnecessary bumps.

    My seller experience was perfect. Item was shipped as advertised, properly packaged, and within the quoted shipping time....more info