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  • Simply titled Brandi Carlile
    Seattle, Washington tends to churn out the most prolific singer-songwriters and bands and Brandi Carlile is no exception. Do not let the album artwork deceive you. Carlile's self-titled major label debut contains a chock full of exceptional tracks that range from folk-country to rock and roll. There is no denying that Carlile has been influenced by the legendary artists of the past from Bob Dylan, James Taylor and The Beatles, to contemporaries, Bonnie Raitt, Sara McLachlan, and The Indigo Girls.

    There are hints on every song on the album where each diverse musical influence resonates. The opening track, "Follow," has a bit of the Hollies somewhere within the melody. And the British sounding comparisons do not stop there and may be heard with the Beatles-ish "What Can I Say" and "Gone" and the Radiohead-like "Throw it All Away" (although not on the album, check out Carlile's live version of "Creep"). But by far, the folk-country crossroads feel breathes heavily throughout the album, especially with the semi-autobiographical "Happy," "Closer to You," and "Someday Never Comes; two other tracks also spotlight and complement the rest of the songs, the up-tempo "Fall Apart Again, this listener's favorite, and "In My Own Eyes." And to conclude this edition of the record, two bonus tracks have been added, a live rendition of Elton John's "Sixty-Years On" with Carlile's standout raspy vocals and "Tragedy (Austin cello version)," an even more haunting version than the original with its chilling and dramatic overtones from Josh Neumann's cello.

    Undoubtedly, Carlile's vocals as well as her fellow bandmates, twin brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth's harmonious backing highlight the album. And it is impressive that majority of the songs on BRANDI CARLILE were produced by Carlile and the Twins with the exception of two tracks that were produced by John Goodmanson and John Fields. With every musical artist that comes along, there is a story behind each song and before Carlile's THE STORY there was simply BRANDI CARLILE that indeed tells a story where she has been. All of the songs on this record are well worth listening to more than once.
    ...more info
  • Destined to be around for a long time.....
    What a phenomenal debut album! It really blew me away, not only upon first listen, but by the fact that you discover so much more each and every time you listen to the album. The lyrics are powerful, but its her soulful, rich, magnificent voice that really gives you goosebumps. She is a true musical and lyrical talent who is destined to be around for a long time! There are hints of the Indigo Girls and Melissa Ethridge in her vocal quality, yet she remains unique and original. I HIGHLY recommend this album!!!

    UPDATE: I saw her perform in concert last night and she was even better in person, if that can be believed! She sounds incredible live and the audience was truly blown away. If she's ever playing in your area, I HIGHLY recommend seeing her play live....she'll knock your socks off! ...more info
  • Simply wonderful!
    Seriously, despite the fact she is a self-proclaimed lesbian, I'm in love with Brandi Carlie.

    Her sound is probably best described as folk-rock with a bit of the Beetles or even tinny bit of Johnny Cash. Of course I have a bit of fondness for folk music. Which should not be confused with country-western...

    Her songwriting is faultless in its ability to be both catchy, and incredibly deep. The recording is reportedly done on vintage equipment in single takes. The relative lack of polish leaves the music with a beautifully rough and human feel to it. The ablum is both surprisingly quiet, and yet so very full. There is no "wall of sound" typical with most popular music. It leaves me wishing more artists would give up all the sampling, synths, overdubbing, and effects and simply go in and play their hearts out. She lets her voice crack at moments, and it only enhances the experience. Its not hard to imagine her singing in the room there with you.

    And her voice is incredible. Few singers can sing with such genuine emotion in their voice. She has a certain confidant strut to her presentation, while opening up to the listener and laying it all on the table. And the best part is she does it effortlessly. There is no diva here forcing her ego down your throat. The girl is the real deal.

    Of course this might not come as a surprise as my other favorite artist is Opeth, the Swedish death metal band that manages to channel everything from Arab folk music to fusion-jazz in their undeniably doomy and metal riffs. ...more info
  • Soul Sister
    I recently saw Brandi Carlile in concert and was stunned by her performance. She has the best live voice I have ever heard. Since seeing her I bought both of her recent CD's and they are equally as amazing. This little girl was given the gift of song and soul. Absolutely incredible. ...more info
  • ++++++++
    She's recently reviewed critical acclaim because of her sophomore album, "The Story" but years before that was released I had "What Can I Say" and "Closer to You" on repeat for hours and hours on end. A spectacular debut, this album is often under credited and under reviewed. It's fabulous. She's amazing, gorgeous live, such a heart wrenching voice. NExt, I hope she releases a cover album. Get this album, get them both, and then go see her in concert. ...more info
  • Amazing talent
    Though not as polished as "The Story" this album feels fresh and young but with all the unmistakable quality that you would expect from Carlile. Fantastic voice that is so stirring you can't help but be in awe of it. She is an amazing talent that spans genres and generations....more info
  • Dylan meets Avril
    Bob Dylan's story telling wrapped up in Avril Lavigne's contemporary freshness! Yet Brandi is an original voice, all her own. Alternative music rhythm section complimented by a cello-playing band member provides the backbone to the lyric rich songstress' style. She tells the stories of our lives in a poetic rich manner. She has immediately become my current favorite artist. ...more info
  • Good Stuff! Powervoice!
    I had never heard Brandy Carlile until early this summer when she opened for the Indigo Girls. What a great discovery, I'm telling you. Brandi Carlile has a powerful voice -- she even sang a cover of a Johnny Cash song Folsom City Blues. OMG.

    This album is good. I am beyond impressed....more info
  • one of the best musicians I've heard in a very long time
    For quite a few years now, I've been really disappointed with the music that has been out there. And then Brandi Carlile came along. Fiiiiiinally, an artist that I feel I can listen to on repeat for weeks at a time. Brandi's lyrics are well written and thoughtful, and her melodies are intricate and catchy and will stay in your head. Her voice is amazing, and I really feel that for such a young artist, she's way ahead of her time. I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to escape the crap that's on the radio these days, and get back to good quality songwriting. ...more info
  • Love this newer artist,
    I ran into Brandi Carlile by Amazons recommendations, and instantly bought everything I could find by her after listening to a few samples of this collection. It's hard for me to put her into a category, but I believe she would have a broad appeal and feel comfortable recommending her to anyone of any age....more info