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Lake Consequence
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Product Description

Irene, a thirty-something housewife with a successfull husband and a young son, has her life thrown in a spin when she becomes attracted to Billy, a member of a landscape crew outside her house. When Irene's husband and son leave for a weekend fishing trip, Irene wanting to see Billy, gets locked in the back of his trailer and ends up at remote Lake Consequence with Billy and his girlfriend Grace where they take Irene on a trip into the nearby town to a Chinese New Year Festival, and through a series of adventures they bring out the repressed sexual needs Irene has been holding inside for a long time.

Customer Reviews:

  • not bad,but could be better
    don't get me wrong i love joan severance but the movie would be nothing with out her, not bad acting, but bad script, to many left turns not enough, well you know....more info
  • Nice Movie
    Nice Hollywood movie. Lots of bare nudity for those who like it. Unfortunately the DVD does not have any English subtitles & hence it becomes dificult to understand the movie, in case you've got to watch the movie in mute mode for reasons whatsoever. ...more info
  • It didn't completely suck.
    Well, Joan Severance is pretty hot, but Billy Zane couldn't act his way out of wet paper bag, and the script is ...slightly less than A List. But it does produce wood, which is probably part of the point, nyet? The other woman is also hot and somehow believable in her own shallowly defined role. It could been improved 2000 percent by the application of a writer and a Johnny Depp. give it fifty milligrams of Viagara. ...more info
  • lake consequencw
    Was a great movie. Did not want to leave the tube to get a drink or anything. ...more info
  • very nice t&a movie
    To make a long story ... short, this is a movie with LOTS of Joan Severance and I mean LOTS of her and some other chic.
    For anything else go and look elsewhere.
    Regards...more info
  • Lake Consequence
    Lake Consequence is a classic Zalman King production-beautiful bodies, offbeat scenery, jazzy score, and little if any "plot" to speak of. If you enjoy this kind of film-and I do-then Lake Consequence is for you....more info
  • Mmm, mmm Good!
    This erotic drama is a keeper. It definitely appeals to the senses. Hot steaming chinese baths, firecrackers. Passion, passion, passion all around. You will love it. Never thought acupunture could look so exhilirating. Billy Zane -- whoo, baby! Wonderfully sexy film....more info
  • Lake Swill
    One of the worst movies ever made. Don't waste your time. The acting was horrible, the story was nonsensical, the actions of the characters were completely unbelievable, and in the end there was nothing morally of socially redeeming about this movie....more info
  • Delivers on what's promised
    The movie serves up just what's promised: A sensuous treat for the eyes with enough story to fill it out. The acting is good, the scenery is gorgeous, and there are scenes you'll want to rewatch. The story is just passable, even a little unbelievable, so I dropped it one notch for that. ...more info
  • Billy Zane is the absolute sexiest man to ever live.
    This movie is where I first saw Billy Zane. It is the most erotic movie I have ever seen. I loved the amazing attraction between Billy and Joan. It was an exciting ride from beginning to end. Billy Zane is absolutely devine!!!...more info
  • I believe in consequences!
    This is Joan Severance's best-known role, and there is good reason why. My goodness, she is absolutely captivating! If ever there was a role where an actress could set the film on-fire, this is it. She has a mysterious, demure beauty that so intoxicates me. Wow!

    Joan portrays a bored housewife who is having a sort of mid-life crisis. Her husband is a decent man, treats her well and she lives an upscale lifestyle. However, she finds herself "missing" something in her life. She starts to gravitate towards a penniless, buffed-up tree-trimmer (Billy Zane). Eventually, she must choose between the fantasy & reality.

    To add to the dynamic, she suffered a traumatic sexual encounter as a teen that has left her scarred, confused and a bit twisted in the sexual sphere. During the film, she discovers that there is more to her erotic dimension than she once thought.

    One of the most intriguing aspects of the plot is that the love-triangle differs from most. In the majority of the movies of this type, the 3rd party (in this case, Zane's character) is trying to steal the woman away from her husband. In this case, Zane's beneficent persona knows full-well that her husband will offer a much better life than what he is capable of. And, he has a remorse for possibly interfering with her relationship w/her son.

    All in all, if (like me!) you're a fan of erotic movies which do not shy away from a surplus of nudity, then you can't do much better than this film! There is an obvious symbolic gesture in the name of the lake where she pursues her fantasy; in life, we will never be bereft of consequences for our actions....more info
  • Joan Severance --what can you say!!!!!!!
    Not the best movie ever made that's for sure but any movie with Joan Severance is always worth a look.How she is not a top A star I will never know,Paris Hilton or Britney don't even come close to Joan Severance....more info