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Gothic 3
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Product Description

Gothic 3 lets you travel to the realms of the mainland, where invading Orcs have enslaved the human kingdom. There are only a few free humans living in the nearly uninhabitable icy northlands of Nordmar and in the southern desert of Varrant, and a handful of rebels hiding in the mountainous forests of the Middle Realm. Players can choose to join the rebellion and stay true to the deposed human king, serve the Orcish usurpers in their quest to topple the last remaining human stronghold, or choose a path that serves their own ends. Every decision made will have an impact on the game world and tip the balance of power. There is no simple linear story in Gothic 3 - every game will be different and unique, with the player ultimately deciding the fate of humankind. Advanced and complex human behavior AI for hundreds of individual characters, all featuring high quality audio dialogues

  • Huge free-roaming, hand-crafted world with no loading times once you are in the game
  • All new combat system that allows unprecedented control over melee attacks
  • Clear, non-linear objectives within the main story allow the player to influence the outcome of the narrative
  • "New Civilizations ? Six new civilizations will be included, giving you even more options when planning your domination of the world

Customer Reviews:

  • The long wait was worth it...
    Piranha Bytes pushed the release of Gothic 3 back a number of times, but the game was worth the waiting. The game builds on and surpasses all the great features of its predecessor. It has huge outdoor areas for exploration. The story line is not fixed, but the player can choose which areas to explore in what order and the character can be developed incrementally without any artifical choices between character classes and the like. Many quests can be solved in different ways, with force, magic, stealth, or in other quest-specific ways. It's a lot of fun to play.

    Gothic 3 has been criticized for being too demanding on graphics and for being buggy. In my opinion much of this critique has been unjustified or been too harsh. Gothic 3 features impressive graphics and whoever wants to play it at its maximum settings, should better have a cutting edge graphics card. However, with medium settings it plays well on hardware that's geared towards 3D gaming, but is far from high-end - e.g., I played it on a laptop with an ATI X700 chipset. The game has the occasional bug (which is why I gave it overall 4 and not 5 stars). However, this doesn't detract much from the gaming experience. Just make sure to save regularly, and I found it is beneficial to restart the game after 2-3 hours of play as it tends to run out of memory if run for too long at a time.

    Overall, Gothic 3 is definitely worth the money and brings many hours of gaming fun. With at least three different endings and many other choices, it also has lots of replay value....more info
  • Gothic 3
    AWESOME!!!!! There are minimal bugs with the right system. Graphics are great and the music is symphony sweet. It would be hard to top Gothic 1 and 2 (+ Night of the Raven), but this edition at least equals them and the differences are refreshing and challenging. I will play this game for a long time, many times....more info
  • Great Game
    I've always loved the gothic series and now they've done a great job with the next one. It runs a little slow on my computer so I would recommened a really fast computer with a good graphics card. I haven't had any crash's in the game yet so that is even better. The huge world you have to roam around in will keep you busy for a long time, and there is always lots of fighting! Being able to chose from multiple paths to follow throughout the game is also another plus. Over all the game is great if you like games like Oblivion. ...more info
  • Not Worthy of the Name "Gothic"
    Gothic 1 and 2 -- for those who has the skill and patient to finish the games -- totally redefined the RPG experience, and are simply awsome beyond word.

    Gothic 3 shares some of the earlier elements of its predecessors, most notable is a mysterious and nameless quality of immersion factor that keep you hooked despite the horrendous bugs. However, the Gothic 3's bugs are unforgivable (and apparently unfixable - unless someone rewrites the entire programming codes!)

    If you read the other reviews -- and please do -- you already have a good ideas of what's wrong with this game, so I'll just elaborate on a few major negative points, that is, no matter what you do -- patches, .ini fix ... whatever -- you'll still have these problems to some degree:

    1) Stun-lock: Some animal will strike you so fast that you cannot do anything, including running away. The patches tried like hell to fix this problem, but simply fail. The weird thing is that this problem look like it's sytem specific. eg. I have problem with wolves and jackals, while my friend - and most other people - have problems with the boars.

    2) Uneven enemies levels: Animal are too hard to kill, while humanoid (anything walking on two legs except for trolls) are too easy. Humanoid enemies can easily be stunlocked by you. That is, button mashing will kill virtually anybody, bosses included. I wiped out an entire town on level 3 (very hard but certainly do-able). You got to try it to believe it. On the same token, it's both hilarious and depressing (because you just know the game you tried hard to love is broken beyond repair) to see a squad of elite orc warriors getting trashed by a single boar.

    3) False innovation: Unlike what the game claims, and some people would like to believe, you cannot do whatever you want in Gothic 3. Yes, there are great freedom, but there are unintended consequences. (POSSIBLE SPOILER)For example, if you decided to be a hard core rebel bending on eliminating the orc from the beginning of the game, and destroy more than 3 orc towns, one of the main quest-related characters will just attack you and fight to the death. Thus rendering the main quest broken. The developer have admitted to this screw-up, but there is no fix for it. (END SPOILER).

    4) Unrealistic game world: Granted, most of the environment are detailed and beautiful, but a few things are horrible (these may be pet peeves - but please hear me out). First, most NPC's don't really talk to you; you hear a respond and sometimes a hand gesture, but there is no dialog box, and neither are the NPC's lips are moving, nor is he/she looking at you.
    Secondly, talking about "she," there are not enough women in the game world to make me believe that this world is real and alive. This is suppose to be a continent, not a military base camp or a prison colony. There a more women on the island of Khorinis (Gothic 2), and probably in the original prison colony (Gothic 1), than the entire continent of Gothic 3.

    In conclusion, Gothic 3 is not a bad game, but it is far from being a good one. As a result, Pyranha Bytes, the game developer, is history. What that means is that -- most likely -- there will be no more official patch for this game (ver 1.12 is the last official patch) beside home made ones from the ever faithful Gothic community (I am in it).

    In the inevitable comparison to Oblivion (I played both), Gothic 3 seems to be more fun in most aspects. On the other hand, Oblivion is so far ahead in being a polished, sophisticated, and well thought-out game that it makes Gothic 3 looks shameful. If you must know, Gothic 2 is still the king of the hill of RPG in my book.

    In spite of my bashing, I thoroughly enjoyed Gothic 3 as a great free roaming adventure game with some RPG elements thrown in for good measure. At the current price of $17.99 (as of 9/7/07), Gothic 3 is a great deal.

    Edit: (1/17/09) I just started playing Gothic 3 again with the Community Patch 1.6 installed. It is now a much improved game. Granted, the major problems that I listed still persist - bit it has diminished quite noticeably. Thanks to the Gothic community -You guys ROCK. ...more info
  • Could Have Been A Lot Better
    I got the game recently and pulled in all the latest bug fixes and user updates. That being said, the game is still full of bugs. The story-killer for me is the major bug getting the fire chalice from that fallen paladin between the central region and the desert. Though I've enjoyed the game, and though the fire chalices are supposedly not necessary to finish it, I think this is a huge failure on the developer's part.

    Most of the other bugs everyone is complaining about I haven't encountered. No one has got stuck in walls, and no items have disappeared out of my inventory. However, one time I boot it up and it does this strobe like flashing, the next time my character moves at super speed, so fast it's almost a blur, or sometimes both. Then there is the odd quest that I can't complete for no reason at all.

    Despite all of this, I can say I've enjoyed this isometric view game more than any other I've played (I prefer first person). It has a wide open world, plenty of action, and the combat system is not overly complicated. I just happen to like the simple quests. I'd prefer not to have to use a clue book constantly to play the game and this game is easy enough that I can just go out, kill a bunch of monsters, pick up some great loot and complete lots of quests. I've not quite finished the game yet, but I've seen and done enough to say that I am not all that disappointed in it, outside of the bugs I've mentioned. Beats the heck out of the jerky camera and linear quests in Neverwinter Nights 2!

    Sort of recommended.
    ...more info
  • shiny frisbee
    I cannot get this to work. I have installed this on two newer machines which well exceed the minimum requirements. One has an ATI card and one has nVidia. The installers and drivers are all up to date. When I buy a game, I expect to put it in my DVD drive and play it. This game requires you to have moderately advanced computer knowledge even to start the game, which I have yet to experience. If you enjoy becoming frustrated, then this is the game for you....more info
  • I think that we need to rethink what this game really is
    I just did a brief review of G2 after ripping Forsaken Gods a new aperture (rightly I hasten to add). I wasn't going to comment here but for reading a couple of reviews that I consider misleading.

    I am a massive Gothic fan. Not a fanboy, a fan. When I first played G3 I was pretty annoyed. I thought that it failed on a number of levels and that the game was simply like another dried out Streisand "Farewell Tour": cashing in, in other words.

    I've played it again and have noodled with it a fair amount and have modified my opinion, perhaps 180 degrees. Well, maybe 160.

    This is a game but not a game in the sense that The Witcher is a game. It is an immersive experience which uses the pretext of a game to lure you in. It became apparent to me that I was enjoying the wandering about enormously, the scenery is fantastic and if you have a good system (we play on a 65" home theater screen) it is like controlling a movie. You visit buddies and kill critters and perform feats that actually impart of feeling of, if not fear, hesitation (like hopping from one crag to another).

    I know that this isn't what most people sign on for when they buy a game but it is an undeniable aspect to this one.

    Just some thoughts and, frankly, at $6 used, if you have a good system you owe it to yourself to have a peek.

    ...more info
  • Its not even close to great
    I have finally played this. With all of the bad reviews I avoided buying this. Then I got for free, so I am playing it. To put it as bluntly as I can, Gothic 3 is just not very good.

    I'm running 2GB RAM and a NVidia GeForce 9800GTX 512MB. So if my system isn't up to snuff then the problems are in the programming, especially since this game is 2 years old. The first problem are the saving/loading times. Can you call it a Quick Save when it takes 30 seconds or longer to process it? And load times are horrendous. I haven't clocked them but 2 minutes has to be the minimum. Its a good thing that most of the game is easy, but it makes the few difficult areas unnecessarily frustrating since you play for a few seconds then wait 2-3 minutes for another shot.

    Then comes the stuttering. The transition between areas is terrible, often locking the game up for several seconds as you cross the invisible barriers. Or it starts strobing after loading the new area. Everyone talked about how this was supposed to an Oblivion-killer, but I never ran into these problems with Oblivion and I have a 256MB Video Card and 512MB RAM back when I played it.

    Then comes the lie of non-linear game play. It actually is quite linear. While you don't have to play the game in the same exact order every time, there are only 2 ways to play the game. Run across the whole map killing Orcs and animals, or complete the quests one at a time before being given a reason to move to the next map area. This is non-linear in the same way Fallout was non-linear. You have complete freedom of movement to anywhere on the map, but if you go in the wrong order either certain options are closed to you or your foes are more difficult than they should be. RPGs like Fallout 3 are getting closer to non-linear (of course Fallout 3 suffers many of the same other issues discussed for Gothic 3, so its not really a recommendation).

    Dialog: this suffers the same problem that so many other foreign games suffer from. Instead of using a German that speaks/reads English, hire an American (or Canadian I guess) to interpret it from German. Here in America we have contractions (you are is you're, I am is I'm, etc.). Dialog without contractions is rigid & false sounding. I'm also not a big fan of dialog that takes you by the hand and explains everything like you are a 10-year old. And dialog is another place where the "non-linear gameplay" falls on its face. You have no real options in conversation. Sure you can choose the order you ask questions and make statements, but there are no choices on how to ask the questions or make the statements. I am asking the exact same question to the exact same NPC at the exact same point in the game as every other player.

    Let's see, what's left? Oh yes, character generation and progression. First, there is no generation. Not even a choice of avatars or gender (not that I would play a woman). I am not a big fan of spending obscene amounts of money for progression. I haven't decided if they put too money in the game and use the progression system to control that (75 gold from a rebel agent for a worn-out weapon that only orcs can use? And I have 10 of them from one battle! But now I have to pay 2500 for a Tier 2 skill), or if they created the buy a level system and then overinflated the economics to account for it. Either way I don't like it.

    The concept behind the progression system is good for cRPGs. Any time you have a game designed around a single character, you have to give the opportunity to have more than one area of expertise (finding a proper combination of combat, thieving and magic). But this was not innovated by Gothic 3, and this is not best interpretation of it either, so I the only credit I can give is that it exists here.

    Finally the story line, the plot, and the heart of any RPG...there is none to speak of. Orcs have taken over and as a human you choose to help either the human rebels trying to take back their land or side with the evil orcs to destroy the rebellion. Gee, that's original. But at least they did it in a new and fresh way. No wait, they didn't. In fact, its about as typical as I have ever seen.

    To summarize: Graphics - not even the best at its time of release, and down right plain by today's standards; Sound - nothing groundbreaking, dialog is poorly interpreted, and I turned the music all the way off after a few minutes; Story - played out, unoriginal, poorly executed; Programming - poor, unstable, sub par even in its day....more info
  • Potential Buyers: Read Between The Lines
    There are many negative comments written below regarding game performance. Many even claimed to have downloaded new drivers and still had poor game play (or they could not even get the game to function). Nobody mentioned that they downloaded the official patch which fixes many bugs.

    I am running a very below-par system for this "resource hog": I have an AMD 3000+ 2.0GHz, 1.5gb ram, and a GeForce FX 5500 256mb graphics card. This graphics card is NOT known to be a good gaming card. When I first installed Gothic 3, I patched it immediately, yet my system would crash and go to a blue-screen immediately. So what did I do? Nope, didn't go and bash the game immediately. I updated my drivers, defraged my computer (for the hell of it, too much red), and searched the many posts online regarding my blue-screen error. They all pointed towards new drivers. With all that said and done, I tried to play the game again and what do you know, it plays... and plays... and plays... and I have never had a single crash or error in the game since. Although, at that point, it was horribly slow. I chose to overclock my graphics card (upped my memory clock by 25% and my 3D clock by an additional 45MHz).

    I can only run the game on low settings (and it is still a little slow when new scenery is loading) but it has not impeded at all on the game play. I am over twenty hours into the game and loving it. Gothic 3 has really grown on me. In fact, it has occupied the majority of my past two days.

    I highly recommend that anybody who owns or buys this game check for the most recent patch at [...] If I can run this game on my graphics card, after some mild tweaking and updating, then you most likely can as well. Just try. People all too quickly give in to the majority position (for example, bashing a game with the same comments). While I agree that the release of Gothic 3 should have been postponed, that is besides the matter when reviewing a game. To me, the content and gameplay is most important.

    In comparison to Gothic 2, Gothic 3 has eliminated character classes and allows you to freely decide the future of your virtual world. In my experience thus far, I have posed as a mercenary for the Orcs and gained much respect for them, while actually being a member of the rebels. It's not like other games where when you "sign up" you are immediately chunked into that group, with all AI responding with regards to your label. Gothic 3 is much more dynamic and looks to be a fantistic playing experience....more info
  • A violation of one of the oldest rules in all of game creation
    I've been playing video games since 1985 and the typical game is designed to run on current market systems not cutting edge market systems. I have a machine that was a year old - a P4 3.0Ghz with 1GB RAM and and a new 512MB Nvidia graphics card and this game would not run properly. I won't repeat what all the other reviews say but I will add that the game designers made a fatal error in designing a game that will probably only run on about 10 - 20% of consumer's computers. If you do not have a dual core processor with at least 2GB RAM on the motherboard forget about it! This game will probably end up ruining the Gothic franchise (which is sad since the first two games are good) and the design company - Pirhana Bytes. Purchase at your own risk....more info
  • it only LOOKS fun.
    I bought Gothic Universe a few months back. While waiting to build a new PC, I played gothic I and II. They were fun. I liked the gameplay and story, but not the controls.

    Just put together a new build recently. Corei7 920, GTX 260, etc. I installed with much excitement, and then I loaded up the game.
    First time load... took almost 1 whole minute???
    I had my graphic settings all at high as well as 22in. resolution running, the game lags more than Crysis!!! tried to flip my torch out and that took 5 seconds. Did I spend $[...] on a computer just for this performance?
    First game scene starts out with a fight. I didn't even know what's going on and died... another long load time but not as long as the first. Then I went to discover a world of bugs. AI is weak, combat system is boring, character runs like an idiot, I was racking up gold so fast and plants was everywhere you don't even have to look.
    And one more thing is how Orcs needs to be stabbed on the ground. It took me 20 mins trying to kill the same group of Orcs until I went to find a guide. It's somewhat my own stupidity but c'mon... need to stab them to kill them...
    What's worse is that they don't even have an OFFICIAL ENGLISH PATCH. I downloaded the community patch which made the game run MUCH smoother, but not as smooth as I would like.

    This game is bad. Yes the story is also boring. Good thing I bought the package for only $[...]. Not buying the expansion. Going to stuff it into the back of a shelf and give it to someone I don't like for their Bday present. I'm going to replay Oblivion....more info
  • Ships with bugs, but patches fix problems
    After giving this game a few weeks' playing time, I realized that my original review was written too hastily. Gothic 3 is one of the most immersive, lifelike games I have ever played - and yes, I own Oblivion, which does not measure up.

    First of all, the customer reviews are right: this game ships with buggy code. But the latest patch (1.8 at time of writing) fixes the vast majority of these problems. Once you buy the game, make sure to download the latest patch, and you should be fine. After installing the patches, I stopped experiencing the problems described by the other reviewers.

    Other reviewers have claimed that this game requires the latest and greatest hardware. This is also untrue. You can tweak the settings to turn off the ugly post-processing effects (bloom/depth of field) and lower the resolution to 800x600, and things should run very smoothly. The game still looks great at this resolution, and, in my opinion, very little is lost by disabling bloom or depth of field. Disabling post-processing may create an annoying white flicker if you have an older system, but there is a fix for this that can easily be found by googling "gothic 3 white flicker".

    Gothic 3 is, for the most part, fun. The gameplay is still open-ended and innovative, but there are some downsides to it as well. The game's biggest shortcoming is a premature release: another month or so in development would have fixed the bugs that now have to be patched by the end user.

    I was a bit disappointed that the dialogue system has been "dumbed down". In Gothic 1 and 2, talking to anyone would bring up a dialogue window; now some NPCs ignore you by saying "I'll talk to you later" or something similar. This decreases believability to me.

    The combat system has been simplified as well, and this is something that I bemoan with the other reviewers. Gothic 1 and 2 had a refreshingly different combat system from most RPGs. Gothic 3 has replaced it with what is essentially point-and-click. You win or lose based on your attributes.

    The world is larger and more detailed than any other Gothic game to date. All of the villages, forests, and cities I've visited are rendered in stunning detail. A complaint I've often heard of Oblivion is that buildings are uninteresting places. Not so in Gothic 3! And forests are teeming with plant and animal life. The level designers really did a fantastic job. Whether or not you disable post-processing, as discussed above, make sure to keep at least near detail on high, as low detail bypasses rendering a lot of the foliage.

    In my original review, I wrote that Kai Rosenkranz's music was too melodic to be enjoyable; I assumed I would soon tire of it. Familiary, however, does not breed contempt in Rosenkranz's case. After traveling to many locales and hearing Rosenkranz's themes and variations repeated over a few weeks' time, I realized that his music suits the game perfectly. It is not, as I first asserted, too melodic. Melodies are ethereal - often left unfinished and extensible - and the music fits the genre perfectly. My only gripe is that the fight music is always the same.

    Gameplay is addictive. When comparing to previous versions of Gothic, there is nothing particularly innovative that sets this game apart; but standing alone, or when compared to the other RPGs on the market today, Gothic 3 is a great choice. It's not my all-time favorite game - and Gothic 2 may have had better gameplay - but it is a great game nonetheless....more info