Alcohawk Slim Digital Alcohol Breath Tester
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Product Description

AlcoHAWK Slim Alcohol Detector / Breathalyzer, for easy, accurate, good judgment! SAVE BIG! A digital breath Alcohol Detector / Breathalyzer, quick and effective! So if you want to know how you or someone else stands before getting behind the wheel, this is the deal. It meets DOT / NHTSA model specs for breath alcohol screening devices. It watches like a hawk for safety: Innovative folding mouthpiece. 5 seconds of blowing tells the story; Semiconductor oxide sensor, with range from .00 to .40 BAC (blood alcohol concentration); Accurate to plus or minus .01%; Beeps when ready to use and when sample obtained Electric pressure sensor and Sensor Recognition Technology helps to monitor for abnormal sensor conditions; 2-digit LED display; Includes 3 replaceable mouthpieces; Uses 2 AA batteries (not included); 4 7/8 x 1 3/4 x 3/4"h., weighs just 2 ozs. A great tool for safety and responsibility, helps avoid drinking and driving danger. Get it now! AlcoHAWK Slim Alcohol Detector / Breathalyzer

  • Quick and accurate test results with a simple one-button operation
  • Electronic airflow sensor to ensure a deep lung sample for testing
  • 0.000 - 0.400% BAC (blood alcohol concentration)
  • +/- 0.01% at 0.02% B.A.C. sensor accuracy
  • Semicoductor sensor with 2 digit display for accuracy

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic Breathalyzer
    I can't believe all the negative reviews on here. The Alcohawk slim is FDA approved and works perfectly. There is no need to buy a more expensive breathalyzer. Since you never know where .08, this is something that seemed perfectly reasonable. Now with almost all breathalyzers you will need to wait the recommended 20 minutes after your last drink, which is the only downfall. Very simple to use and small enough to fit in my pocket even though I just leave it in the glove box. ...more info
  • disappointed
    It failed to work just a week after receiving it--but it worked initially, and was small and easy to operate. The mouthpiece folds flat against the machine--but NOT with a cover on it, so you have to carry those separately, which is inconvenient. The return/credit from Amazon went very smoothly. ...more info
  • JUNK!
    DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM... if you are going to buy a breathalyzer, spend the extra buck and get one that gives accurate readings.

    I was PISS drunk one night and decided to see how drunk I really was... I blew a 0.08... I tend to make some pretty bad choices when drunk... but even I knew, in my intoxicated state, that I would not have been good to drive!

    I do not find this item to give accurate results....more info
  • Great results
    I was a bit uncertain that the tester would give accurate results at the price paid. After using the device several times and with different subjects I was surprised at the great results. Only drawback seems to be the 20 minute wait to take the test after eating, drinking or smoking. ...more info
  • Know Your Limits
    While I have not been able to compare the results of this affordable device with more precise breathalyzers, the results seem to be reasonable. I am satisfied with its performance. Its a lot of fun to bring to parties. But also its valuable to gain an understanding of how alcohol consumption affects blood alcohol level - especially since its different for every individual....more info
  • Terrible Product: Keep Shopping
    This is not a good product. I am in the process of trying to return mine to the manufacturer today. The battery case is nearly impossible to use, but after about 30 tries, I finally forced it off with no damage to the unit.

    After installing the batteries and following the directions, nothing happened. So, back goes to the manufacturer.

    I suppose the product is ok if it is not subject to a manufacturing defect (too-tight-battery compartment case) or simply not working , but the item itself is just so cheap and flimsy...for nearly[....], I'd think the manufacturer could put just a tad more effort into the manufacturing details, the materials, the packaging, and - obviously - final product testing.

    If they did the final step I suggest, I'd probably think it was just a cheap (but workable) product.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertized
    Since it's only been a month since I received my Alcohawk Slim, I can't vouch for its longivity. However it has performed as advertised when used about a dozen times by myself, family and friends. I like the compact size and the retracting mouthpiece. Also it is available at a great low price. As for its accuracy, I have no way to calibrate it and therefore don't know if it is giving correct readings although they seem to be reasonably in the ballpark. Based on my experience so far I can recommend the Alcohawk Slim....more info
  • Works as Advertised!
    The device is easy to use and only took 2 AA battery's to get it up and running. The calibration seemed fine and measured consistently from 0.0 to .11 when we tried it out for the first time. It was VERY entertaining to see how long (or how quickly!) it took different people with different body types to reach the legal limit. Quite the eye-opener for several! ...more info
  • Good but not Great
    It's a good product that is more useful for laughs on a night out than it is for accurately predicting your BAC.

    I bought it for my brother for his 21st birthday and we had everyone from my grandparents to my 21 year old brother using blowing into the breathilyzer to test their alchohol level.

    The major drawback of using this is you have to wait a good 15-20 minutes after your last beer or 20-30 minutes after your last shot before testing yourself to get an accurate reading. Though it is fun to chug a beer and see how high high of a reading you can get.

    Just as a heads up, this thing burns through batteries....more info
  • very accurate, love it
    Ive had this breathalyzer for a couple months now
    yes it usually takes about 60 seconds to calibrate each time(sometimes more, sometimes less) but after that it works like a charm giving pretty accurate results within a .01 or .02 every time if you blow multiple times.

    great for measuring intoxication for safety levels...more info
  • Sucks Up Battery Life Like No Other
    Put in a brand new set of batteries and it already alerted low battery by the end of the night. Other than it works fine for what it is...You get what you paid for. ...more info
  • Great Tester
    The device is great. It calibrates automatically once you turn it on, and gives you a quick and accurate reading. This product is great ESPECIALLY when considering the cost. I was hesitant to buy it because of the other review, but am glad I did because its much cheaper than the other devices and works flawlessly so far....more info
  • great gift
    this was a VERY popular gift at a recent holiday get-together! I have no idea how "legally" accurate it is, but it was plenty good enough for some interesting experimentation......more info
  • Alcohawk review
    Great product, especially for the price. You really do need to follow the operating instructions closely but as long as you do works perfect....more info
  • it works
    Don't know what else to say besides that it works. I have thoroughly tested it and the results seems to be pretty accurate. Make sure to read the instructions....more info