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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/06/2007 Run time: 283 minutes Rating: Nr

With its fantastic comedy series Weeds, cable network Showtime finally gave up its also-ran status to HBO and found itself with a controversial, buzz-worthy show that was as hilarious as it was dark, one about a truly desperate housewife. A recent widow with two growing sons, Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) looks like a typical resident of the affluent Southern California suburb of Agrestic. She keeps a clean, upscale house (with the help of a live-in maid), attends PTA meetings, goes to her kids' soccer games, makes frequent stops at the local coffee franchise.... and sells marijuana in order to make it all possible. Left with no way to support herself after her beloved husband's fatal heart attack, Nancy turns herself into the "suburban baroness of bud," dealing to her neighbors in the area, with the help of her supplier Heylia (Tonye Patano) and point man Conrad (Romany Malco). Nancy's clients run from the local councilman (Kevin Nealon) to the just-barely-legal students at the local community college, but many in Agrestic are still in the dark as to how she keeps her family afloat, including her best friend, the sardonic Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), a wife and mother whose blistering, withering put-downs could make Dorothy Parker cringe in fear. But like many small-business owners, Nancy yearns for more success and cash, and like her workaholic neighbors, finds keeping a balance between work life and home life to be extremely precarious at best.

While Desperate Housewives yearned to be a suburban satire with bite, Weeds was the real deal, skewering upper-middle class mores with a sharp eye, a keen wit, and a mostly forgiving heart. In episode after episode, the show's creative team (led by creator Jenji Kohan) pulled back the layers of Agrestic's superficiality to show what lies beneath the squeaky-clean exteriors and smiling faces; it turns out that hunger, fear, desire, and, yes, desperation aren't that far down. However, Weeds forsakes pulpiness and florid drama for biting yet affectionate humor--its heroine is a woman with sliding morals, but one you'll root for to the very end. The effervescent Parker, the only actress who can mix perkiness with morbidity in just the right amounts, anchored the show with her amazing turn as Nancy, who by the end of the first season had become a kind of soccer-mom version of Michael Corleone, entering a corrupt world with both trepidation and fascination--and totally enamored of the power it brought her. Also perfectly cast, Perkins found the role of a lifetime as the bitterly hilarious Celia, and entering the show in its fourth episode, Justin Kirk (Parker's co-star in Angels in America) proved to be a potent secret weapon as Nancy's brother-in-law Andy, a slacker who wasn't above peddling t-shirts to elementary school kids. As icky as these characters might appear on the surface, Weeds made them all immensely appealing and great company to be around. Don't say we didn't warn you: one hit and you'll be hooked on this show. The DVDs feature six episode commentaries with cast and crew, outtakes, original featurettes, a music video, and most enjoyably, Agrestic Herbal Recipes (for entertainment value only, we assume) and the "Smoke and Mirrors" marijuana mockumentary. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Good show; too much foul language
    Good plot; too much bad language though. Picture quality is pretty weak for blu-ray; not the crisp picture I was expecting....more info
  • Pleasantly suprised
    This is a good show, it packs a lot of stuff into each 25 minute episode. Four stars and not five because I think we're all growing a bit weary of these "look how cool and irreverent we are living our crazy lives in LA" shows that HBO and Showtime keep churning out whether we want them or not. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    I'm sure you all know that Weeds is funny as hell, probably one of the funniest shows in the last decade.

    The picture quality on this Blu-ray release is solid, but something seems to be lacking. The image is sharp but the colours are slightly faded. Compared to for example Blu-ray releases of Heroes, this Weeds release could be better....more info
  • Just a Great TV Show!
    One of Showtime's best shows is Weeds. A suburban housewife deals weed in her suburban neighborhood. The show is a great, a dramedy with an absorbing story. The first season seems a bit safe and indeed the critics would praise the show and then go out of their way to criticize it at the same time. Be aware the show is great and it becomes more daring and exciting in later seasons. A great credit to have this show aired and with such a wonderful cast such as Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk. ...more info
  • Naughty fun laced with smarts
    An absolute must-buy for fans of season-length television shows on DVD. The first season of "Weeds" is funny, poignant, sexy, and intelligent, making each 27-minute or so episode fly by. Like "The Sopranos", another show about criminals attempting to shoehorn their illegal activities into otherwise normal lifestyles, "Weeds" doesn't take the obvious approach and make its storylines about learning that crime doesn't pay; rather, it takes the more realistic (some would say cynical) path, essentially saying that people are going to do what they're going to do, stopping or adapting an activity only when their livelihood or freedom is threatened.

    Having said said, however, Mary-Louise Parker's drug-dealing soccer mom character, Nancy (though it's judo matches rather than soccer matches that she attends), is still generally sympathetic, seeming to have gotten into the marijuana business only to support her family after her husband's death. Not that she has any real pangs of guilt over her endeavors... in fact, she positively lights up when she figures out new and exciting ways to deal pot and stay one step ahead of "the man".

    All ten episodes here are fun and involving, and go the extra mile by giving us a variety of interesting storylines outside the "Nancy dealing drugs" thing. In particular, much attention is paid to issues related to a suddenly single mother now having to be her kids' sole emotional support, not just financial support. And there's an absolutely bang-up season-ending cliff hanger, which nicely marries (some would say violently throws together) Nancy's personal life and her "dealing" life. It makes you want to pick up season two of the show immediately, which is what I did.

    Season one of "Weeds" is presented on two DVDs in a cute package. There's also a handful of fun behind-the-scenes featurettes, but the contents of the shorter featurettes are pretty much duplicated scene for scene in the longer featurettes. They should have just included the longer featurettes. But that's the only quibble I have about this very entertaining set.

    And if you need one more reason to purchase this first season of "Weeds"? With her alluring combination of sharp intelligence but frequent deer-in-the-headlights "what have I gotten myself into?" expressions, Mary-Louise Parker is very, very cute here. ...more info
  • Wonderful Show!!!
    The Weeds:Season One looks and sounds great some grainy moments.But this come s in a nice little package.Great Show!!!!...more info
  • Weeds is the best show on the air!
    This show is one of the best shows of its time it gives you comedy and drama all in the same show. Any show where the only way you can make a living is by selling pot makes any t.v. show intresting....more info
  • Awesome Series
    Not something I would expect to like, I picked this up due to the low price on blu ray. The show has me addicted now! Great comedy and each episode makes you want to watch the next one. A must have....more info
  • This show rocks!!! Just buy it & thank me later!!!
    I recently purchased Weeds first season because Amazon had it on special for $11.99 I had never really heard anything about it and figured for that price, it was worth a try and the reviews were great on it. I was hooked right from the first episode! I blew through it in one night and have ordered the 2nd season to get my new fix. One of my new favorite must own shows......more info
  • Addictive for sure....
    This is a quirky series....with a great cast.
    I watched this Season One ..in 2 nights.
    ...more info
  • The Grass Really IS Greener!
    I had heard about the show recently from some friends who, uh, knew about a previous business I'd been involved in many years ago... I figured what the heck and from the pilot episode to the end of the first season, I simply could not stop watching- I stayed up all night! The show reveals what veils suburban America hides behind, and to a certain extent, what it's hiding. More insightful- and more fun- than Desperate Housewives, this is what Kevin Spacey might well have done with American Beauty if he'd been working in a series format. The entire cast is uniformly excellent and colorful- it's as if I had described a bunch of my old buddies to the producers. There is more real America here than all of reality tv put together. I ordered the rest of the available seasons the moment the menu came up showing that I'd sat through every episode. I hope they're this good! Warning! This show is more addicting than growing your own- take it from someone who knows!...more info
  • What are these reviewers smoking?
    I generally hate television. In fact haven't had any TV reception where I live for the last 15 years. A friend suggested The Sopranos which I could watch on DVD. What a great experience that was. I'm serious, it has qualities of being the Shakespeare of our time. So I came across WEEDS in hopes of more great, daring programing. After reading several reviews I ran right out to buy Season One. Well, I tapped a few buttons and ordered it. What a fine concept! When you measure up the harm alcohol does to our society, murder, domestic violence, car crashes...I thought: SHOWTIME good for you!! A single mother surviving off of selling grass. And please, let's not lump all the drugs together, grass is fine and probably helps lots of people in our pressure cooker age. But this show...I found the lead actress SO unlikable! She reminded me of my worst girlfriends. So negative. Those ugly stares and for some reason they decided they needed to move her from one crisis to another. Sure, it's TV, I understand. Sopranos moved fast and had its share. But PLEASE, so many of the problems are so stupid! So improbable. So shallow. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I read too much and books have ruined it for me. Maybe my loathing for cheap TV sit-coms is too great. I thought the writing was plain awful! This writing is not from a person or people who have been out in life. These are from people that have spent 200,000 cooking their brains with other TV shows and trying to build concepts on balloney. The stereotype black family with the drive-by shooting, these people crazy-glued to that kitchen table. And what about the sex on the hood of the other dealer's car? The younger son is great and has a future. I think if you want something with depth, with intelligence, with some vision as in Fellini films (the early ones) and great stories of the human condition with humor mixed with angst, and tragedy blended with lust..forget it! This series is about as shallow as they come. Why did I watch it? I paid for it and I just kept hoping it would get better. It didn't. I'd say that three out of five people would feel about this show as I do. Two out of those five would never buy it. And nine out of ten of those like me that bought and watched and hated it would never go to the trouble to write a review. Bare with me, I'm just trying to understand how a show that is so bad could have so many good reviews and sucker people like me into buying it. All cast members required to log-on and sing praises? Something people are smoking? Search me! ...more info
  • weeds season 1 DVD
    Showtime series "WEEDS" season 1 this is a great TV show which I follow on showtime. It's about a suburban wife forced into dealing pot to suport her family after her husbands death. Well written and funny. I would recommed the series and the DVD box sets for fans of the show....more info
  • Weeds must see
    A great show!!! You don't want to miss this one. Some of the best acting that I've seen....more info
  • Weeds - Season One
    Weeds - Season One I laughted until I cryed. I just couldn't believe I was seeing this, but it was funny and sad at the same time. I can't wait to get the second season.
    ...more info
  • Suburban Decadence on Parade

    For anyone who lives in mostly white suburbia, it doesn't take long before you run into the characters from "Weeds". All you have to do is go down to the local shopping center watering hole or restaurant, and you'll find the slutty moms, the wasted dads and boyfriends, the divorcees and soon to be divorcees, not to mention their screwed up kids.

    That's what's great about this show. It's also what's scary. Oh, yeah, and these are all the people who voted for our illustrious current White House occupants (or is it "occupiers"...but I digress) in the past couple of general elections. You know...."the family value" crowd.

    Can you spot YOUR neighbor in one or more of the episodes? I knew you could. Great soundtrack too, starting with the theme song, "Little boxes" performed by a seemingly endless list of top notch musicians....more info
  • Hesitant at first but delightfully surprised!
    I was struggling with whether to buy this series or not. I mean, could they really make a widowed mother with two boys, selling weed to make ends meet entertaining? It sounds interesting but would it be good? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Very funny, very entertaining series. The characteres are a riot and Mary-Louise Parker should be the poster woman for the word MILF. She is sexy, funny, and really brings this series alive. You will not be disappointed. I've already watched season two and have ordered season three. ...more info
  • a stupid waste of time - who cares about watching jerks living life?
    if it were the last day of your life, would you spend it watching Weeds? no.

    Californication was great [enough already with the sex and drugs - we've seen enough to last a lifetime] - and dexter -

    but this? if you have time to watch this, do you have any kind of good life at all?

    love mary louise parker, always have - but redeeming quality in a show is not a bad thing -

    woud rather watch the Road movies with Bing and Bob, the Thin Man series, the classics, find good people and hang out with them -

    this is the decadence the ends societies with inane Bread and Circuses -...more info
  • You never question Heylia's eyeballing. That's the rainman of weed right there.
    Ah, but when you're dealing with Showtime, that can never be good enough. People want to speculate on whether "Weeds" will bust the pay cable channel into the must-buy arena now dominated by HBO. Many people who are paid to ponder these issues also like to wonder aloud whether "Weeds" is the series that will open the door for more great series, writers and actors to flood into the Showtime family, thus making it particularly hard on working families with good taste to meet their monthly cable nut.

    The answer is, don't worry about it.

    Greatness will out, and when that doesn't work as it relates to the business end of television, there's always the DVD. Let's not overly concern ourselves with how "Weeds" helps Showtime and let's certainly not compare it to "The Sopranos."

    Expectations are a bitch, and it's hard enough to live up to the relentless praise of critics, much less be the series that turns Avis into Hertz in the pay cable universe. Besides, that only detracts from speaking to the merits of television's best pot comedy -- and they are many.

    First, it's important not to think of "Weeds" as a comedy (some might say dramedy) about marijuana and, specifically, a suburban widow who turns to dealing to maintain her lifestyle. That's merely the jumping-off point, the neat trick that sets up a series with a much bigger, less easily categorized agenda. Showtime makes the pot jokes and allusions go very, very far, but it's debatable whether the series wouldn't reach a wider audience by an ad campaign that separates the smoke from the substance. In that regard, it's easy to think, having never seen the series, that "Weeds" uses marijuana as a crutch to hipness and too-easy descriptions of suburban life and a less-than-upstanding existence.

    To make another unfair comparison, marijuana is as important to the "Weeds" story line as the Mafia is to "The Sopranos." Central, sure. Defining, yes. But its main purpose is to be a jumping-off point for bigger issues. Whereas Tony's story delves into his family woes and his psychoanalysis, in "Weeds," the pot selling (and now growing) by Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker in an exquisite performance) is a backdrop to single motherhood, loss, the coming of age of her young sons, situation ethics, red versus blue state morality, sexuality and yes, the deconstruction of suburban lies (and lives
    ...more info
  • "I've got everything under control."
    I don't particularly like "drug humor," so I passed on "Weeds" when it first went on the air. However, the reviews for the show have been consistently very good, so I decided to finally watch a few episodes. I liked them. "Weeds" is about Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a mother who lives in an expensive planned community (fictional Agrestic, California) and was left penniless when her husband unexpectedly dropped dead jogging. She turns to dealing pot to keep up her tony life-style, and it turns out that she's pretty good at it. The first few episodes show her adjusting to the absurdity or her new career and balancing her drug dealing with raising her two sons, teenaged Silas and the pre-pubescent Shane, who are adjusting to their father's death.

    The show relies on this clever conceit of the drug-dealing mom for much of its humor, but at its heart "Weeds" is a devious satire of suburbia. Nancy may seem immoral selling drugs in order to make her Range Rover payments and to buy the steady stream of iced coffees she totes everywhere; however, she is far from being the most deviant character. PTA uber-mom Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), for example, has a cheating husband, an overweight daughter whom she tries to browbeat daily to watch her calories, and a teenaged daughter whom she sends to boarding school after she sleeps with Silas.

    The show is well-written and offers plenty of laughs, and the acting is terrific. I'm not usually a fan of Mary-Louise Parker, as she too often seems depressed and mopey in most roles. However, she's very good in this career-defining role - even sexy at times. She's received two Emmy nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy and a win in that category at the Golden Globes. The crowded supporting cast is joined by Heylia (Tonye Patano), Nancy's sassy supplier, along with her family members, Vaneeta and Conrad. Finally, Kevin Nealon plays Doug, the marijuana-crazy CPA who helps Nancy run her business and also serves on the Agrestic City Council. Many of the biggest laughs are supplied by Heylia, although people who appreciate pot humor will probably also like Doug.

    During the first season, "Weeds" does a great job of examining the hypocrisy of suburbia. Nancy's drug dealing is balanced nicely with plots involving Shane's school problems, Celia's family and their issues, and so forth. Unfortunately, mid-way through the season, Nancy's brother-in-law, Andy (Justin Kirk) arrives. Andy is a juvenile, pot-smoking, responsibility-shirking idiot, and he is on-screen far too often in the second half of the season (and beyond). In particular, as he and Doug become friends, the plots too often involve them being stoned and irresponsible - the very reasons I avoided "Weeds" initially. However, overall, the show still remains strong despite these unlikeable characters.
    ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this DVD on a whim and I LOVED IT! I went through both discs in 2-days and I have been going back to watch them again. I have yet to see seasons 2 and 3 but I can't wait to see what happens next! Very edgy and keeps you laughing... Mary Louise Parker's character is amazing as well....more info
  • Seamless and Addictive
    "Weeds" is a pretty seamless show. It juggles comedy, satire, and drama so successfully that you can never really predict which scene will bring what. It's a tightly written series with a great cast that all comes together in one of the most utterly addictive television shows that is currently on air.

    I love that the show doesn't condone or condemn marijuana. I love that this isn't a show you have to be high for, but it's also so intelligently and thoughtfully written that it appeals to people who just may be high when watching. I love that it isn't afraid to show the petty and ugly sides of the characters we're supposed to sympathize with. And while I usually love long, twenty-five episode seasons, I love that this season is made up of ten half-hour episodes that are more like slices-of-life than any noticeable story arc or anthology. I love that you can pretty much sit down on a lazy afternoon and watch the entire season and still have the night to yourself.

    The first season of "Weeds" is an air-tight, well done show that will appeal to the stoner crowd, the Desperate Housewives crowd, and virtually anyone in between. It's easily one of the finest shows on the air right now, and I can't wait to see what directions this series takes.

    8/10...more info
  • Little Boxes, on the hillside, Little Boxes made of ticky-tacky...
    Weeds was another show recommended to me by friends. Dubiously I began watching, not sure what I was getting into. Comedy? I was expecting drama. What you get is a mix of both and much more.....

    The CAST is what really makes this show work. While at times, at least in season 1, the writing/story may be lacking, you can't help but laugh at Doug (Kevin Nealon), scoff at Andy and shake your head at Nancy and Celia! What's more, is that even the cast that has a slightly more supporting role, is truly talented and gives the show it's life. Happily, the pace picks up through out the season, as does the drama & the laughs. It will have you running to the store to see what is going to happen in season 2, and let me say, it only gets better!!

    Way to go Showtime!...more info
  • Addicting
    This series came highly recommended by co-workers...I was not dissappointed. Days after finishing this I purchased the 2nd Season..which I have heard is even better!! cant' wait to watch....more info
  • Just great tv!
    This is one of my favorite shows, it just sucks you in. Well worth watching!...more info
  • NEVER know who your neighbors are
    This show makes you wonder about your own neighbors. Everyone seems to strive to live in that perfect neighborhood with the best schools and nicer homes. Yet, underneath there lies much deeper secrets. The drug culture is not just lurking in the bowels of the lesser neighborhoods. Nope. Here it is in the pristine, well manicured areas where everyone pretends to be someone else. A real look at what our society has really become. Most people are a bunch of pretentious fools and this show proves that theory. Very entertaining....more info
  • An awesome show.
    I was skeptical when I first picked up this dvd set. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. For that reason I didn't watch it at first. It took about six months before I bit the bullet sort of speak. My first words were just..WOW. The episodes breezed by one after the other. The characters are captivating, the plot is new and keeps you interested. The soundtrack is also wonderful! Glad I finally watched these! Season two will be on my agenda very soon! Great show, one of the best on tv! Give it a try, you won't regret it. Happy watching!...more info
  • Pass the peace pipe ;-)
    Heard alot about this show but never saw it. I figured the entire first season for less than $12 what could go wrong. Loved it from the first episode. I even have switched from HBO to Showtime just so I can watch season 3, lol....more info
  • Ahhh, Nature's way of saying High
    I love this series. I never saw it before i bought it so i was going in blind. But this series is hilarious. The video quality was hit or miss but for the price i wasn't expecting much out of the video/audio department. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new fresh comedy that puts a spin on suburban life. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    What a gem of a show. It starts exactly how it means to go on. Skipping tedious exposition, Weeds dives straight into the messy, complicated lives of its messy, complicated characters. It's funny, it's moving, it's bittersweet. The political and emotional authenticity of the writing will whiten the hair of the average bible thumping mid westerner, but let them take succour from the whitebread lies found in middle of the road network TV shows. This show has a whole more fun rolling in the ditch....more info