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Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest game franchises of all-time. Now the fun and incredibly addictive strategy game reaches new heights in Civilization IV. It has new ways to play and win, along with new tools to manage and expand your civilization. Civilization comes to life like never before in a beautifully detailed, living 3D world -- with all-new easy to use mod capabilities and intense multiplayer modes and options. It's a must-have for gamers around the world! Rule throughout time and create your own legacy as you guide your civilization from the dawn of man through the space age and beyond. Implement new technologies, conduct diplomacy or wage war to grow your society and become the most powerful leader the world has ever known. Flexible Tech Tree allows players more strategic choices for developing their civilizations Team play offers a new way of setting locked alliances that result in shared wonder effects, visibility, unit trading and shared territory Over 70 in-game movies and animated sequences advance the story

  • Rule throughout time in this exciting strategy game
  • Implement new technologies, conduct diplomacy, or wage war
  • Become the most powerful leader the world has ever known
  • Detailed, vibrant, 3-D living world; RTS-style, intuitive interface
  • Multiplayer gameplay supported

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice game but you have to be aware that is not for the current OSX Tiger system so you may have some problems
    Sometimes while playing the game, if you have the ibook with OSX Tiger you may experience some problems because this game is not designed for the intel procesor. But dont worry, at least the game has autosaving.

    The game as usual, is great, you can spend hours playing...more info
  • Civilization IV
    This game is a must have for fans of the Civilization series or Sid Meier. The gameplay is great and there are plenty of options and settings so you can personalize your gaming experience. Graphics are great, music is fine, and there are multiple AI difficulties. Be forewarned though, if you have the minimum system requirements the game does not run great. It is a turn-based game so it doesn't make a huge difference, but it really starts to slow down if you get a lot of units or have a bigger map size. If you are committed to getting the game anyway, make sure to get the patches available that resolve some of these issues. Overall a great game and certainly the most addicting I've ever played....more info
  • Would be good if it didn't crash
    Even with the latest patch from Aspyr this game was unplayable for me. It crashed (requiring a reboot) every 10 minutes.

    During those 10 minutes the game seemed like it would be fun, but it was simply too frustrating to try to play through the crashes....more info
  • Same Old Civilization.
    Civ4 is pretty much the same thing as Civ3. Nothing but hype. Buy Civ3 and save money. The game is very addictive so be careful, you still have to go to work and school, the kids still have to be fed. Once you drop a Nuclear bomb the tiny map in the corner goes haywire, that sucks. As the game progresses it slows down. Oh and Aspyr does a bad job converting the game for Macintosh computers. A lot of the hints that pop up are obviously meant for Windows computers. I am no computer wiz, but installing it was a hassle, only because i didn't know that i had to copy the game files from the CD to my HD. The installation instructions said nothing about doing that....more info
  • The Best of Civ
    As a long time Civilization fan, this title has me totally enthralled. The new elements of religion, great people, promotions, and civics are excellent additions to a game that has been solid for many years now. The combat is dramatically improved with less emphasis on stacks and a new paper-rock-scissors element where certain units fair better against certain units. Even the game speed seems much improved. You spend less time on the tedious aspects in this version and can play out a whole game in under a week of free time. If you've enjoyed past Civilization games, I'm confident you enjoy this too....more info
  • Stick With III
    There are a couple of bells and whistles with IV that are nice. The little wonder movies are cool. The overall look of the game is more fantasy like - softer. I prefer the look of III. The real downfall is the AI, which has far more advantages in IV. I play CIV for fun. That means I want to enjoy myself. I enjoy the exploration and building more than anything else. In IV, you are immediately inundated by wild animals who kill off your scouts. Shortly after this, the barbarians descend. They know exactly where your weak points are and they never stop attacking. In III there were five settings for barbarians. In IV there are three: Off, raging or insane. If you start to get ahead of other civs in the game, don't worry, the AI is set up to inundate you with barbarians and keep you in check. And just try to win through war. Good luck. I attacked a city of three spearmen with ten horse archers and a bunch of catapults and lost every single battle. Then, another civ, my ally in the war, rode up with three horsemen and took the city - no sweat. In short, this game will only infuriate you with its gross unfairness, its limited playability, and it crappy custom game controls. Let's put it this way, I unloaded this game from my computer and tossed the discs into a file drawer. Then, I reloaded Civ III. Now I'm happy....more info
  • BUGS! Dell laptop users Watch out!
    Great Civ game but a bug rendered it unplayable past a certain point. I've been playing on a new-ish(newer than the game) Dell Inspiron notebook with an ATI Radeon x1400 thingie and plenty of memory and I'm still waiting for the next patch (last one is 1.61). I've tried the most reasonable of the fixes on all the various boards to no avail. I'm not alone....more info
  • couldn't load it on a maacbook 2006 laptop
    It might be ok for windows but it didn't load on my macbook without significant problems. ...more info
  • First CiV game and love it.
    I bought this game over steam and have spent countless hours playing it as well as the mods it shipped with (not sure if that is offered with amazon). If you like turn-based RTS games this game is for you. If you enjoy enjoy games like starcraft, empire earth, and age of empires but prefer building rather than warfare then this game is even more for you!

    Games are often very long, and it has a pretty steep learning curve. I for one have to play on an easier difficulty to have fun and still am not very skilled. But i love the game. It is a very details and in depth-game. I have bought it twice, once over direct2drive and then again over steam because i was not happy with my D2D purchase. Will probably end up buying this game a third time so i no longer have to run boot camp to run it. If you like the things i mentioned about this game I sincerely suggest you either buy it or play a demo; you will love this game....more info
  • Not as fun as the old versions
    I used to really like this game about ten years ago when I had a pc. This version is terrible. It seems that Firaxis has focused more on attempting to make the graphics fancy as opposed to continue with the great gameplay this used to have on the pc version. You would do better not buying this and maybe playing anything else....more info
  • Great Game - Poor Quality
    Well, I've been playing Civ since 1.0 and this is indeed the best version yet, but there are a few quality and performance problems. Starting with the latter, the performance is horrid, though admittedly I am using a machine below the standard. That said, the Windows team managed to create a game which runs on machines which haven't been made in years, the Mac version only runs on G5's or machines made in the last two months. With an already tiny audience, I can't see how they're gonna make any money.

    As to the quality, it's pretty obvious that they were in a rush to ship. On the cover of the "Quick Start Guide" is a note "Note: Full Manual Located On Game Disk", only it isn't. What's on the disk is the pdf of the Quick Start Guide - but with the printer's crop marks still in and the date it was exported - May 25, 2006. Looking through the diagrams on the Game Play and Spec Chart, you can find multiple editing problems which make it somewhat hard to determine what things mean. Hey, I was in the QA department of a major software corporation for 5 years, what can I say?

    On the whole though, I really look forward to getting a new machine and losing months to this game - as I did with Civ 3, Civ 2 and Civ (which also cost me a significant part of my GPA). They have done a stupendous job of improving and flushing out the game play and concepts, I just wish they hadn't tried to force ship it in the second quarter, taken the financial hit and spent some time QA-ing and improving performance. A must buy when and if you have a new machine....more info
  • Great game for the strategists of the world
    My title says it all, basically. This is not the type of game for those who just want to quickly build up an army and crush the opposition. This game requires a good amount of patience, but for anyone who likes to relive history, and build your own custom empire, or just to play a game that plays somewhat like chess, but also like a war game, this is for you. A very fun game for those who appreciate strategy....more info
  • civ, not as good as it looked
    I have a pretty powerful mac that matches all the recommended specs for this game and it still runs pretty slow unless I am zoomed in all the way. It could be a lot more fun if it wasn't so slow....more info
  • Endless play
    Civilization 4 is a game you can play and play. I had an earlier version on an old Mac and never tired of it. I stepped up to an IMAC with OS X so it required a newer version. Each time I start a game I'm warned that my computer is below the minimum requirements. I asked a Mac Genius and he said it should work and it does, but it is occasionally unstable and will shut down. The game itself is amazing. I marvel at its detail, complexity and historical details. Somebody must be a lot smarter than I am to have put this string of code together....more info
  • Civilization IV is another triumph for Sid Meier
    Sid Meier is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest game designers of all time, and is well-known for the creation of what many would say is the greatest strategy game series of all time. I refer of course, to Civilization. Civilization I was a revolutionary game, and created a new genre of strategy gaming, spawning many imitators, but none that could rival it. Civilization II built on Civilization's success, blowing away all competition in the field of turn-based strategy. Civilization III built further on Civilization II, leaving many asking the inevitable question. "Can Civilization get any better?"

    The answer, as proven by this, the latest installment, the fourth in the inimitable series, is "Yes". If you had a major gripe about Civilizations one through three, it's probably gone. The core game mechanic is the same, and yet so vastly improved in almost every area, so as to make the game a treat from the introductory video which is incredible, through the menu music (that can bring tears to your eyes), through the setup of a new game. But the real improvements are to the game itself, which is a visual feast, even at the lowest graphics setting.

    Make no mistake, this game is graphics intensive. I am running it on an iMac G5 with a 2.0 Ghz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 128 MB VRAM, and there are still some points where the game is choppy. However, I am capable of overlooking that, because the game is so incredible, that I still find my jaw dropping every now and then. Also know that I have seen the game run on one of the latest MacBooks (not MacBook Pros), with the Pentium Core Processors. (2.0 GHz, 1 GB Ram, 128 MB VRAM, etc.) The game runs literally without a hitch. So if you have a Pentium Core Machine that meets all the specifications, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy it. If you meet all the specifications without a Pentium Core machine, you can be prepared for the occasional frustration, as there will be some choppy animations and video.

    Enough with the processor requirements. Those are important, but it's the gameplay that is the most important thing about the game, and Sid Meier has once again outdone himself in this glorious game.

    For New Players: Experienced Players can skip this bit if they feel like it. If you've never played a Civilization game before, you've picked a great point to jump on the bandwagon. Civilization is well-established by now as perhaps the greatest strategy series of all time (my apologies, Age of Empires fans) and for three straight reincarnations, has only gotten better. The goal of the game is simple. You start with one settler, who founds your capital city in the year 4000 B.C. Your goal is to create an Empire that stands the tests of time, and win the game in one of many different ways by the year 2050 A.D. If you enjoy the smell of cities burning in the morning, perhaps the Conquest route will pique your interest. If you prefer the bloody battles at the Diplomacy Tables, then getting yourself elected ruler of the world by the U.N. member nations should be just fine. If it's a cultural juggernaut you wish to create, you can win that way too. Scientific and Territory victories are also possible. You develop technology, and upgrade your cities from tiny things that can barely be called villages into sprawling metropoli. Your army goes from club wielding warriors to machine-gun toting marines, with every step in between. Join the craze, and get ready to lose some sleep.

    For Experienced Players: New Players can read this too. Fear not, your game is still intact. It's still the same turn-based game it was. Well, it's still turn-based, and nearly every aspect has been improved. There is a lot more customization to the governments, as the governments themselves are gone. Instead, you have "Civics", with five categories, from Economy to Religion. Do you prefer to break the backs of the serfs, as they bend to your whim? Or perhaps you are a more enligtened leader, preferring to let your people choose their paths? Each civic has a time when it is good to use, advantages and disadvantages. Don't worry, aspects of your favorite governments are still intact, from Despotism through Democracy, throwing Fascism (for those of you who, like me, felt it was missing from earlier incarnations of the game) into the mix as well.

    The military system has recieved a complete overhaul. There are still units, but gone are the seperate defense and attack scores. Each unit has a "Strength" score. (For example, Cavalry has a strength of 15.) That doesn't mean that all units are used equally for attack and defense. Archers are better for defense than for attack, recieving a bonus when defending hills, and/or cities. (Hilltop cities are impossibly difficult to breach if you've got a couple of archers there, especially if it has a wall. Well, until you develop gunpowder of course.) Now instead of the "Conscript, Regular, Veteran, Elite" unit types, units earn "Experience", and get "Promotions". You can key them to whatever you like. For example, one promotion will increase the military unit's ability to attack cities, while another will improve the unit's combat in forested terrain. Others will allow the unit to heal itself and others even in enemy territory. A highly experienced unit may even be able to heal itself while moving through enemy territory. Additional units exist (macemen for example) and have their own special abilities. As far as upgrading, the units need only be in your territory. There is no longer a requirement for them to be in a city with a barracks. They cost a substantial amount of gold, but all their promotions and experience carry over, so there's no longer any reason to hold onto that really experienced Warrior unit.

    Science has also been a bit overhauled. It's no longer a requirement to research all or nearly all the technologies in one age before going onto the next. Many technologies can be entirely bypassed, though you will find yourself eventually going back and getting the techonologies you dropped on your way upwards towards your original goal. Many scientific improvements have an impact on the game just through discovery. For example, the first person to discover Music recieves a free "Great Artist" (see below).

    As far as Empires go, there are now 18 empires, and 26 leaders. Yes, some empires have more than one posible leader. (For example, the Americans have George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt.) The Spanish Empire is back, for those of you (who also, like me) felt they were missing from Civilization III. Every leader has their own personality. Where Louis XIV may bow graciously to you as he proposes a trade of spice for wine, Napoleon may sneer at you as he demands tribute to keep his armies out of your territory. Some leaders are absolutely serious when they demand tribute of one kind or another. Others' barks are worse than their bites.

    That brings me to the subject of Diplomacy. It is much more open this time, but also, options open up slowly. While "Alphabet" is the only technology required to trade technologies, map trading requires "Paper". (I'm putting them in quotation marks because that's the technology name. It's not like I think it's some mystical fictional item.) As I said before, each leader will have their own personality. Catherine the Great will flirt with you if you are friendly to her, and when at war, she refuses to back down, even if you are marching through her territory, burning cities as you go. Not all leaders are as stubborn. Some will quail before your threats, while others will laugh in your face. Of course, even the most stubbourn of leaders can be crushed through military action, or through economic sanctions if you have a lot of friends. Speaking of friends, some of your friends may give you free things if you ask. Never underestimate the power of a few friends willing to lend you a strategic resource, as opposed to having to pay extortive prices (or conquer them) like in Civ III.

    Great People are perhaps the most notable addition to the game. These people are born from time to time in your larger and more wonder-filled cities. Each of the five types (Prophet, Artist, Scientist, Engineer, and Merchants) have special abilities that make them immensly valuable. For example, a great Scientist can establish a special institution to increase scientific output of any one city, or he can use his "one shot" ability to instantly discover a technology for you. Each one can also become "Super Specialists", much like the specialists from the older games (that are still present in this game) but super-enhanced. For example, a Scientist "Super Specialist" will produce 6 Science and 1 Hammer (Production).

    Religion is the other really notable addition. Each of the seven religions (Taoism, Confuscianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Chirstianity, Islam, Hinduism) is exactly identical, but they can be important. If you have fallen under the sway of a "Heathen Religion" some cultures will be less inclined to deal with you, whereas, if you have the same religion as someone, they will be more inclined to be kind to you.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go Capture Moscow. Enjoy yourselves. Order this game if you haven't already....more info
  • Outrageous system requirements
    What else can one say. My PowerBook is barely a year old and this game drags it to a complete halt. Very sad....more info
  • Much Better than the reviews
    Been a Civ fan since the original.. Best civ yet. I've been playing for 3 months straight now. Almost didn't get the game based on the reviews of it being slow.

    Not a problem!

    I have one of the new Intel Dual Core IMacs with the standard RAM and the game runs smooth all the way to the end. I downloaded the patch before starting the game and have very few problems. If I play for a long time (as we all do as civ addicts), the map (lower left) starts to degrade. Easily solved by closing and reopening.. Not an issue for me after playing 6 hours straight......more info
  • I've been slapped by Catherine the Great!
    An absolutely beautiful game! In many ways Civ IV is more a sequel to Civ II Call to Power, returning to the game concepts of religion and stacking units. But the graphics and functionality take the advancements of Civ III to a whole new level. The music is great, the movement detail of the sea faring units is fantastic, the new resources: stone, marble, copper, silver, gold, pigs etc. add to the depth. The wonders... All the new wonders. I love this game. To war! ...more info
  • Sid's Greatest Victory
    Sid has truely out done himself on this game. The graphics can zoom all the way to see the exspressions on the faces of combatants. Game play is a little slow but well worth it. ALL Civ fans MUST BUY THIS GAME!!!...more info
  • CIV IV for Mac
    Civilization has always been one of my all-time favorite games on the PC so when I discovered that it was available for the Mac (which I recently switched to) I was very excited, but also a bit skeptical. Mac's aren't necessarily known for gaming but after reading a few reviews I decided to give it a try and I'm glad that I did. Civ IV on my Mac runs better then it ever did on any of my PC's. It looks virtually identical if not a little more crisp and playability is excellent. There are a few minor differences, like the way units are animated when they move (some units seem to float from one square to another instead of actually walking) but other then that it is a spectacular rendition of a world class strategy game. If you own a Mac and are a fan of the Civilization series, don't even hesitate to pick this one up!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!
    This game is truly amazing. I played it on my PC and when I got a mac, I just had to get the mac version, I missed it so much....more info
  • Fun, but broken on powerpc (G4, G5)
    This *is* the best civilization game to date, Fraxis did a good job in making it both more realistic and playable. It's a great deal of fun!

    However, Aspyr did a very *poor* port of the game. While the windows version runs on machines 2+ years old, the mac version only runs on the *latest* hardware. Performance is slow and painful on an iMac G5 and worse on G4 machines. Aspyr needs to release a patch soon to fix this game.

    Updated 7/21/06

    Seems that there has been an update to version beta 1.61 Rev A. This does fix a lot of the speed issues on powerpc. Could be faster, but still appreciated since now the game is playable. However, there still are quite a few bugs in this release, and seeing that this is a beta release, Aspyr still has a way to go....more info
  • Wow...I mean, "WOW"
    OK, turn based strategy games are not for everyone, so if you've played them and don't like them, move on. If not, then keep reading.

    The Civ franchise is probably the single most successful turn based game in computer gaming history. I've only played the last two iterations of Civ, and nothing I've played in the genre compares. I've actually bought the PC AND Mac versions, and Civ IV brings a lot to the table and will not disappoint fans of the originals.

    The subtle change of adding religion and "civics" to the mix makes a big difference, especially in terms of diplomacy. Religions are framed in a politically correct context, and there is no inherent superiority of one faith over another -- something fundamentalists of any faith will sure take issue with. They simply help a society manage the happiness and economy of their culture, and aid in diplomacy (cultures with the same faith tend to be more closely aligned).

    The addition I like most though was the "Great Persons", who spawn over time based on the priority one sets in governing a city or the wonders built. Graphics are also very stunning, and players will LOVE zooming in and out of their world. Fight animiations are also much more entertaining. The voice of Leonard Nimoy adds a charisma lacking in the earlier versions.

    The autosave feature is also a great bonus, as sometimes you forget to adequately defend a city before someone declares war on you...nice to be able to go back a half dozen turns and send reinforcements.

    Now the negatives...this game requires a fast processor and a lot of RAM to play smoothly, and there are advantages to the PC version over the Mac. I'd suggest it for only machines with a duo-core processor and a minimum of 1 gig RAM, otherwise the end game will be so sluggish you'd rather start a new game than let the last 50 turns drag out over four days.

    So if you've got the right system, and want to play the span of human history as your dominion, then get this game, and prepare to become addicted!...more info
  • Amazing
    The version of Civ that I last used was 2. It was as its name - 2D, 2 ... bad, overall. Civ 4 is amazing. With whole new aspects of the game, such as religion, culture, more units, etc., CIV is a whole new world....more info
  • slow on my 2.0 GHz G5
    Like almost every version of Civ, Civ IV is a GREAT game, that's for sure. I mean, how many of us have said "just one more turn" at 3am when we had to be at work the next day? Too many of us. Thanks Sid Meier!

    But Civ IV, at least on my Mac, doesn't cut it. I've got a dual 2.0-GHz G5 and this game runs slooow. Specifically, towards the end of the game (once you've built up your cities and developed lots of terrain...all of which needs to be rendered and animated by your graphics card), the game scrolls very slowly and choppily. And I've actually got a better video card than the stock video card (cuz I run a 30"). Even if you turn all the graphics settings way down and play on a tiny planet, it's still slow and choppy at the end. And because scrolling is such a major part of the user interface in this game, it means that game turns near the end take forever to conduct.

    I've heard this game runs just fine on Windoze. It's just this Mac port that's slow and choppy, videowise. Maybe with a faster computer and better video card it'd be fine, but on my machine it's just *barely* playable.

    ps: I should mention that at the beginning of the game, the thing runs zippy. It's just that the more things that get built and devloped, the more things slow down....more info