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Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money--That You Don't Learn in School!
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Product Description

The #1 New York Times bestselling authors of the blockbuster Rich Dad Poor Dad series reveal their groundbreaking financial advice to teens. This special just-for-teens edition based on Rich Dad Poor Dad builds a foundation of self-confidence from which readers can realize their dreams of financial security in an increasingly challenging and unreliable job market. Teen-friendly advice, examples, sidebars, and straight talk will supplement all of Rich Dad's core advice: Work to learn, not to earn. Don't say 'I can't afford it'-instead, say 'How can I afford it?' And, don't work for money-make money work for you! No matter how confident or 'good in school' readers consider themselves to be, RICH DAD POOR DAD FOR TEENS makes financial intelligence available to all young people with its streamlined structure, clean design, and accessible voice. Here's a book that teaches teens what they don't learn in school-and what many of their parents have yet to learn.

Customer Reviews:

  • good book, small size
    Very small book and easy to read. Size is tiny, but words are mighty. My kids (and father) looked at it and started reading just because it was so small. anyway, seems to be pretty good, normal advice which is obviously delivered in "rich kid" series mind set....more info
  • Rich dad Poor dad
    I am 44, a friend told me about this book, and I bought. it has a agreat lesson on good money management. I wish I had read it when I was younger. But even though, I think I still benefits from it. i think parents should get it for their children. ...more info
  • Just Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad
    I'm 16 and I've read many books about finance and investing including Rich Dad Poor Dad but this book is just to simple it's just a cut down version from the original book if you want to read a Kiyosaki book just get Rich Dad Poor Dad...more info
  • Excellent -- Would Highly Recommed!
    Bought this as a followup for my daughter after letting her read "Rich Dad Poor Dad." She is highly-motivated to save and invest. We try really hard to teach our kids about not getting sucked in to all the "stuff." This gives some good reasons in black and white(that aren't coming from mom and dad) to do so, and how it can really pay off in the future....more info
    I bought this book for my son and he surprised me by reading through it soo fast! He loved it and I can tell he retained a lot of what he learned. He constantly talks about it in our everyday life. His philosophy has changed regarding so many things. I cant tell you how much this has done for him! Robert K... thank you for writing this!! ...more info
  • Gets Kids Thinking About Themselves
    After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I bought this for my 12 year old nephew who is a real "idea man". Before giving it to him, I read it and gave it to my 17 year old nephew to read. It's essentially like re-reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, but it stops periodically to ask questions of the reader, and my 17 year old nephew really thought about what was being asked.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens gets the reader thinking about himself/herself, where they "fit", what special gifts or talents they may have, and what they might need to improve on. Anyone with teenagers knows kids are all about themselves at this age, so this approach really seemed to strike a chord. The kids could relate.

    This is an excellent place for kids to start, but keep in mind that after the book has been read through, that's all you've done - start. You've peaked their interest. Without some sort of follow through and guidance, kids probably won't know where to go from here.

    If you want to introduce your teens to some of the inspirational ideas in Rich Dad Poor Dad, if you want to get them thinking about who they are, what there strengths are and get them started thinking about money, assets vs liabilities, saving vs investing, etc., this is a great place to start....more info
  • great present for teens
    I gave this to my 15 year old brother in law after I had read the Rich Dad Poor Dad orginal. I didnt think he would even read it but he did. He said it kept his interest and showed him the importance of things he had been taught at school but never knew how to use the knowledge.

    He normally only plays video games so to find a book that suited him made me very happy....more info