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Bet Me
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Setting: small city in Ohio

Thirty-three-year-old Minerva Dobbs is annoyed when her current boyfriend dumps her three weeks before her sisters' wedding. But she's downright furious a few moments later when she overhears her now "ex" boyfriend bet hunky Calvin Morrisey that he can't take her home and bed her. In fact, she's so angry at them both that she lets Cal take her to dinner and decides to string him along until after her sisters' wedding. Minerva pegs Cal as a handsome "used car salesman of seducers." Cal thinks Minerva is a "cranky, starving, risk-averse statistician." But Minerva's hormones keep whispering "this one," although she knows the gorgeous Cal isn't the man for her practical, white-cotton-bra, several-pounds-over-thin, self. And Cal is blindsided by the lust he feels for the voluptuous, sensual woman he glimpses behind Min's actuary exterior. While Cal and Min struggle to deal with their mutual distrust and attraction, their friends and families try their best to interfere and direct the progression of the unlikely romantic connection.

Bet Me is unabashedly, irrepressibly romantic. In the wacky, wonderful world of Min and Cal, author Jennifer Crusie leaves no humorous situation unexplored--no potential comedic cauldron left unstirred--no hysterically funny complication left undeveloped. The reader is treated to a seemingly mismatched hero and heroine who fling caution to the winds to explore their unexpected attraction. The sexual tension is hot, the dialogue witty and wickedly sarcastic, and the supporting cast of secondary characters hilarious. Like Min's favorite Krispy Kreme donuts, this novel is rich and sinfully delicious. Indulge. Enjoy. --Lois Faye Dyer

Minerva Dobbs knows all about risk management, which is why it's such a shock when David, her extremely logical choice for a boyfriend, dumps her three weeks before her perfect sister's wedding: David was not supposed to be a wild card. So when Min overhears David make a bet with his old nemesis--the gorgeous and successful Calvin Morrisey--that Cal can't get Min into bed in a month, she decides that fate has just handed her a stacked deck: she can make Cal sweat his sex appeal and get a date to the wedding, if she plays along and doesn't fold. What follows is a novel of destiny, chaos theory, Kripy Kreme donuts, the spirit of Elvis, Chicken Marsala, and a gamble for the highest stake of all: true love.

Customer Reviews:

  • Funny,Sexy, And completely engaging tale!
    This book is everything you expect from Jennifer crusie and more. This book was full of hilarious dialogues and characters. Every character is weird in their own way and real too. The important thing is that nobody is normal and that's the fun part because what's the fun in being normal?
    Cal and Min were great together. All their confortations from starting were full of witty dialogues and sexual tension. Both of their families were horrible. Min always used to ask her mother 'who are you and what did you do to my mother?' she was convinced her mother was really her step mother because her mother would never let her eat anything good. When she met Cal's family she thanked God for her own family because although her mother was interfering and dominating type but at least she wasn't as cold and heartless like Cal's.
    This Hilarious tale is full of Elvis's songs, Krispy kreme doughnuts, funky stylish shoes,a single intelligent cat, chicken marsala, a lovesick psyciatrist who kept analysisng everyone and Cal was her favourite subject,a fairy tale beleiving best friend and another protective fairy godmother of Min, a sister who is more excited about her wedding than about the man she is going to marry,a mother for whom food was enemy.
    I loved this story. it was hard for me to put it down before it was finished. Cal was Great and Min was sweet, inspite of her man hating attitude, but you can't really blame her after what she witnessed two men trying to do to her for a bet.
    Go for this one definately if you are Jennifer Crusie's fan and even if you are not and you would be one, if you like funny romances....more info
  • A winner, but not big time...
    This book was a fun little romp, even though it offers no truly exciting plot or heart tugging emotion. It is the witty dialogue that keeps you reading. The hot love scene happens nearly at the end of the book, so you will need to have patience here....more info
  • Great Book!
    Crusie shines in this modern day fairy tale that makes you happy you read romance. I love all of her books, but this is my all-time favorite! Get ready to laugh!
    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    As a latecomer to the chick-lit genre, this book totally hooked me. Loved the smart, "zaftig" heroine, the friendship and camaraderie, the critical mom (who is so my mom, and I say that lovingly), and for once, the outwardly "not so perfect" woman got the man of her dreams....more info
  • A good Crusie, albeit not my favorite
    I enjoyed the interaction of the main characters and their friends in this story. Some of the plot wore me out, though....more info
  • A Great Surprise
    When I first bought this book, I was sure it was going to be an offbeat book that is decent enough of a read for a bargain price. What I got was an author who knew her business and how to grab the attention of this skeptic. I really do not like romance novels, but she paired it with real life situations and comedy, and the timing was perfect. That fact alone is what will keep anyone who reads this book in hysterics. Worth 22 bucks, and worth the time to read it....more info
  • At least it's a quick read?
    I don't normally read romance novels, but I'm in a book swap club and we were challenged to pick something that we wouldn't normally read. I found the story pretty far-fetched and the characters all sounded like the same person. All the voices seemed like slight variations of the main character. As long as the author was just writing story, it was an okay read, but as soon as the dialogue started, I really had to struggle to keep reading.

    It also probably doesn't help that I'm a statistician and the main character is an actuary who uses "statistical terminology" in her everyday conversations. I'm pretty sure the author did not study statistics, because this is how I imagine a non-statistician thinks statisticians speak, but the terminology was all wrong. But this is a point that probably won't bother most readers of this book.

    The number of times Krispy Kremes and chicken marsala are mentioned were irritating. Can't the characters eat anything else? This took place over a four week period and how many times did Min have chicken marsala? It had to be 2-3 times a week!

    I also found the shoe references pretty awful. When I think of a cool impractical shoe, I think of 4-inch Manolos, not clear plastic mules with molded cherries.

    I really found it hard to believe the author was a New York Times bestselling author, but I guess romance books are read more for the fantasy than as great literature. In truth, my idea of fantasy is more Sex and the City than this. This seemed more like a very weak Bridget Jones imitation....more info
  • My favorite Crusie!
    I am a crazy Jennifer Crusie fan, and this is by far my favorite. The characters are quintessential Crusie, and as with any great book it's not just the main characters which are appealing and real, but all of them. ...more info
    Finally I've found a book with a chubby star who doesn't think her body is the most important and horrible thing of her life. Usually, when the main character of a book is a fat woman, story runs around the fact she hate her body, wants to change it, and nobody loves her untill she loses 20 pounds.

    In Bet Me, the main character is a strong and zaftig woman, Min, who has a good life. Yes, she's overweight, but this is only a problem for her because she has to fit in a bridesmaid's dress. She has the problems all women have with our looks, but she's still sexy, go clubbing and has good friend and even lovers. Yes, she dreams about lose a few pounds, but she likes to eat and hate her mother and is ex boyfriend, whom are always watching what she eats.

    The love affair between Min and Calvin is full of misunderstandings, and have a slow progress, like practicaly all the real romances. Calvin don't want to fall in love with Min, but it's inevitable for him. He HAS to love her because she's different, not for her body, but for her funny personality.

    This is a book with strong characters, a funny story, a good amound of strained momments, and a sexy love story. Perfect for a quiet weekend and for today's women without complexs. I loved it....more info
  • Quirky delightful fun!
    This is my favorite Jennifer Crusie book so far. I listened to the audio book and loved every minute of it. The cast of characters are a riot and you can't help but root for Min and Cal to get their act together. Alot of "laugh out loud" moments and my favorite books are the ones that I never know what is coming in the dialog & it takes me by surprise and makes me laugh at the same time. Charming story!

    I always listen to audio books on my commute and there are several Jennifer Crusie books available. I wish more authors would follow suit. Makes for a terrific and uplifting drive to and from work.

    Fun! Fun! Fun! (You'll have strong cravings for Krispie Kreme donuts so have some on hand.)

    ...more info
  • I'll bet you, you'll love it!
    Look beyond the cliches. Beyond the "plump gal" and the "handsome hero." These two characters compliment each other. THAT is what makes this book stunning. There are some readers posting reviews who's names i wont mention, even tho i REALLY want to (!), who think that guys that look like Cal don't fall for girls that look like Min. YES THEY DO!! Cal falls for Min because of her personality (despite her initial prickliness) AND because she is beautiful in a soft, womanly way. Min falls for Cal because he is confident and charming (and that is some what because of the way he looks). Once you get inside this book, you will really root for the two romantic leads. Not because one is considered handsome by society and the other plain, but because they are interesting and brilliant people. I wont linger on the plot as you;ll know it more or less by now but I will say that this is an absolutely delightful read and I would have given it 5 stars were it not for the fact that at times these characters talk too much (says me) and i prefer less wordy exhanges. However, the sexy scenes are definetely not too wordy at all! Take a chance on this book. I'll bet you love it....more info
  • Plump plain girl lands gorgeous successful man
    This book is every overweight girl's fantasy in print. The author must have pitched this book to the publisher as "Plump plain girl lands gorgeous successful man - and I have included much product placement for Krispy Kreme donuts (maybe we can get them to pay us for advertising)".

    The plot: gorgeous successful man asks the woman out on a date to win a bet with his friends. This is the only true note in the book, because, in real life yes, a man like that would never (without some sort of financial/social incentive) hit on a plump, plain, frumpily dressed woman in a bar and ask her out.

    The heroine is unpleasant and snappish, eats half a dozen donuts a day, doesn't exercise, and then blames "her genes" for that fact that she is not slim. The gorgeous, successful man loves her because, it seemed to me, she is the supportive Mommy that he never had who protects and defends him.

    The book was filled with contrived family dramas which are supposed to be both amusing and poignant and end up being neither. He meets her parents and it is a disaster. She is invited to dinner at his parents, and she uses the opportunity to lecture them about what bad parents they are to her new boyfriend - this is supposed to show how 'spunky' she is, but just showed what a supremely rude know-it-all she is. At the end of the book, the heroine's parent's freak out on being informed that their 33 year old daughter might be having her boyfriend over to stay the night, and they run over to her apartment to stop her. From what? Being `ruined'? What is this, Victorian England? Also, everyone falls in love in a matter of days, and the heroine decides that she doesn't want children because she would never lose the pregnancy weight. It was all supremely irritating.
    ...more info
  • Possibly the best romance that I have ever read!
    I can't believe that I just discovered Jennifer Crusie last year! I really, really enjoy her novels and her heroines! They are intelligent, full of personality, realistic, human, and (most importantly) never skinny, over-highlighted, complaining "it" girls. In a literary world full of the woeful tales of starving, depresseed, and delusional heiresses, Jennifer Crusie is such a relief to find.

    Bet Me is about Minerva Dobbs and her attempt to find Mr. Right without losing her integrity and self respect. I would talk about the plot more, but you, if you enjoy romances, all you need to know is that you should just read it. Minerva is an incredibly likeable character, and the writing and the plot are just hilarious! This is a romance for intelligent, witty women who want something more literary that Harlequin and less glossy than Jackie Collins or Danielle Steel. ...more info
  • Another great Jennifer Crusie book!
    This book is by Jennifer Crusie who is an author that I just love to read. Her books are fun and light and yet have a great story. The only problem with these books is that I tend to start laughing out loud while I'm reading them which really makes people look at you funny! 384 pages.

    ...more info
  • I'll take the bet
    What a great romantic comedy. I absoultely fell in love with JC's sense of humor in this book. I also had the biggest craving for chicken marsala after reading this book. It was refreshing reading about a not so perfect main character. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • A chubby girl gets a chance!
    Minerva Dobbs has self-image issues, which is not shocking considering the grief her mother gives her over every carb she puts in her mouth. Min's a sensible girl with cheeky taste in shoes, and she's met her match in Cal Morrisey, who's hot enough to melt the cherries on her shoes.

    After being dumped, Min's in a man-hating state of mind the night she overhears her ex bet Cal that Cal won't be able to get "frigid" chubby Min into bed within a month, and is too furious to hang around and listen to the outcome. So when Cal approaches her a few minutes later, she can only assume the worst.

    Horrible families, ten-dollar bets, and over-protective friends aren't enough to fight the fates that seem to want Cal and Min together. Bet Me is a wonderfully light and enjoyable read. If I had a rating system, this one would get top marks!
    ...more info
  • Sure Bet (sorry, but I couldn't resist)
    Really, you can get this fabulous book for $4.99? Rush, go get it now!

    I love Jennifer Crusie but was so disappointed with Dogs and Goddesses that I felt compelled to go reread something wonderful of hers, to remind me of good times...

    I've read this book many times, it has a warm, comforting glow to it, full of friendships and laughter, and meeting for drinks in bars and bets and jokes and then, true love. What could be better? There's even ice cream and a bit too much veal marsala. And some passionate sex. Really who could ask for anything more. This is a keeper and reread for me - and now it's only $4.99 (I have it in hardcover, but with no hard feelings, I so love it, I'm happy to have paid for it) read and enjoy

    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    I loved this book. I found it was funny, charming, and who doesnt love a happy ending!! ...more info
  • I was hooked!
    I'm not a big fan of romance novels. However, I couldn't put this book down and I lost a few hours of sleep trying to find out how Cal and Min were going to end up. Because Crusie writes from both characters' POV, you really root for them because you know what's REALLY going on. Some of the events were a little far fetched, but it just added to the fairy tale part of the story.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story. Be prepared to lose some sleep because you just can't put this book down....more info
  • My first and still favorite Crusie book
    "Bet Me" was the first Jennifer Crusie book I ever read. Now, after reading them all, it's still my favorite.

    I adore Min Dobbs. It's rare to find a main character in chick lit who's overweight and doesn't end up having to lose pounds to get the guy. Plus, Min is funny, sarcastic, and a solid woman. The guy in this (Cal Morissey) is a bit of a cad at first, but he gets to your heart and manages to win you over. And the plot is great- their friends and family remind me much too much of my own sometimes.
    My only complaint would be that the major sex scene comes fairly late in the novel, but it's worth the wait, and Crusie keeps you laughing and reading until the last page. A great read anytime....more info
  • Fantastic Contemporary Romance
    I've been wanting to read Bet Me for some time now after seeing all the good reviews- despite the fact I tried one or two other Cruise books awhile ago and wasn't all that hip to them. I liked them well enough but nothing really demanded she become an "autobuy" author. Bet Me might change that.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

    Min Dobbs has everything a girl could want, good, stable job, close friends, who cares if she has less than ideal weight? And okay, in the men department, she's a bit lacking too.

    The story starts off with Min being dumped by a less then perfect boyfriend, David. Immediately her friends try to help by getting her to hook up with the handsome man standing on the balcony- right next to recent dumpee boyfriend.

    When Min decides to take on her friends challenge and meanders over to meet the admittedly attractive man, she freezes in horror when she overhears Dumpee Dave making a bet with sexy new man, Cal Morrissey, that he can't get Min to sleep with him in a months time.

    More horrifying, Cal promptly follows Min after she returns to her girls. Because she wants a date for her sister's wedding in 3 weeks, she decides to take him up on his offer for dinner- figuring she'll play the bet against him.

    One problem. Cal's not a bad guy. He's smart and more down to earth then Dumpee Dave ever was. And yep, she falls for him- hook, line (well, maybe not every line) and sinker.

    Cruise does a fantastic job of characterization and dialogue and I couldn't put this one down. I really loved Min and Cal, especially Min and Cal together. The side characters were just as much fun and I wonder if Min's friend Liza is going to get her own book eventually??

    I think what I liked most is that her characters felt so real. Min and crew could be any one of us modern girls trying to make their way in shark-infested waters. Cruise also plays around with our desire for Happily Ever Afters and how that struggles against the fact that those are hard to come by now-a-days.

    It's a fun, fast read and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet- which is admittedly very few!...more info
  • Bet Me
    This is chick lit at it's best.Cal Morrisey asks Minerva Dobbs to dinner to win a date. While they clash at first, they soon discover they're perfect for each other (not that either will admit it). Add to that infuriating parents on both sides, exes plotting to get them back, Min's sister's wedding, an eight year old nephew who throws-up a lot, a slightly deranged looking cat and some great friends and it's the perfect love story. ...more info