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Executive Power
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CIA superagent Mitch Rapp battles global terrorism in a high-octane follow-up to The New York Times bestselling Separation of Power -- another chillingly authentic adventure from the master of the political thriller. Mitch Rapp's cover has been blown. After leading a team of commandos deep into Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from joining the nuclear arms race, he was publicly hailed by the president as the single most important person in the fight against terrorism. But after years of working covertly behind the scenes, Rapp now lives in the glare of the public spotlight, lauded by the nation and an easy target for virtually every terrorist from Jakarta to London. As special advisor on counterterrorism to CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy, Rapp is ready to fight the war on terrorism from CIA headquarters rather than the front line. That is, until a platoon of Navy SEALs, sent to the Philippines to save an American family kidnapped by radical Islamic terrorists, is caught in a deadly ambush. The mission had been top secret -- so who told the enemy? All evidence points to the State Department and the Philippine embassy. But a greater threat still lurks. An unknown assassin working closely with the highest powers in the Middle East is bent on igniting war. Now, with the world watching his every move, will Rapp be able to overcome this anonymous foe and once again keep the flames of war from raging? Transporting us into an intriguing geopolitical puzzle full of deadly motives, covert operatives, and all the true-to-life insider detail we've come to expect from Vince Flynn, Executive Power is a high-flying story that delivers shattering suspense with the velocity of a 9mm bullet.

Customer Reviews:

  • I Feel Like A Real Spy
    This is the first of Flynn's books I've read, but it certainly will not be the last! Former CIA insider turned author Vince Flynn holds nothing back, and after reading Executive Power I feel like I myself was the spy and government assasin. I've read other thriller novels by other authors, but NONE has ever matched the level of authenticity, reality, and gritty detail.

    Our main charector, Mitch Rapp, is a top level CIA agent who's main job is ending the lives of real nasty people. He's a real old-shool, hard line, no-nonsense kind of adventurist with little tollerance for self inflating politicians who have no idea what life is like on the front lines. In fact, if this book has one flaw (note I said IF) it's that Rapp is a little too super human. But hey, considering how much fun the entire experience was, I'm more then willing to suspend my disbelief and accept Rapp for the hero that Flynn wants him to be.

    Bottom line: If you are looking for an author who can give you a fantastic, thrilling, insider spy-thriller ride, then look no further. Vince Flynn is your man....more info
  • Another good plot
    This is the latest in Vince Flynn's "series." Super-spy Mitch Rapp is married, and settling into his "desk job" with the CIA. A Palestinian terrorist has teamed up with a black-sheep Saudi Prince to stir up more trouble in the Middle East.

    The plot thickens as the head of the Israeli Mossad is unwittingly makes himself a co-conspirator to the scheme. OF course, Mitch and his commando buddies save the day.

    The story involves a daring rescue of American hostages in the Philippines, during which Rapp is shot. This was almost like a sub-plot--it wasn't really important to he rest of the story.

    I won't go much into the plot, lest I spoil it for those who haven't yet read it. Suffice it to say that I thought this book was on par with his previous tomes, and if you enjoyed htem, you won't be disappointed with this one....more info

  • no-brainer
    This book was kind of fun, but only when I kept my brain switched off. Clunky writing and shallow characters are expected in a genre book like this, but there were two points that really didn't work for me.

    First, the Phillipines and Palestinian plots were totally unrelated. Almost as if he took two incomplete book outlines and shoved them together to make deadline. Lazy lazy lazy.

    The worst for me was the alternating self-righteousness of the main character about thoughtless Washinton bureaucrats who thought they were above the rules and are therefore bad, as compared with the self-righteousness of the main character about his own definition of his own rules to govern his own actions which must be good. It's ok for him to reveal details about his operations to his wife, for instance....more info

  • enjoyable wallpaper
    Pretty forgettable read for me. I think based on other reviews I shouldn't give up on Flynn since this sounds to be one of his weaker efforts, but I seriously have trouble even remembering the storyline, it seemed so generic. Lots of middle east/Israeli intrigue, but so over the top that it lost plausibility for me. I will say it was enough of a page-turner that I finished it, but it definitely didn't leave me wanting more. I'd advise starting with one of his other books, if like me this is your first Flynn. ...more info
  • Not Flynn's Best
    While this book is good--it is not as good as Flynn's previous books. Does give good background on the Middle East and Special Forces. Vince Flynn does know how to write a political thriller....more info
  • Hooked
    First Flynn book I read in the Rapp series and it hooked me from Chapter 1....more info
  • Rapp's a married man
    Vince Flynn now has to deal with the problem other authors have run into as they try and develop their characters...Mitch Rapp is married. Having a spouse can change the character. You can see it some in "Executive Power" but so far, Flynn is managing it.

    What I think he might have more trouble with is keeping Rapp from the action. Rapp is best when he's in the thick of things so if he takes a step back, it might hurt the character.

    All in all, I enjoyed the book. However, the hostage rescue storyline seemed a bit gratuitous, a way to keep Rapp in the story while the main story was being set up.

    The premise of "Can Middle East peace be achieved through war" is an interesting idea explored in this novel and once Rapp turns his attention to the novel's main story, it raced quickly to a great end.

    Enjoy it. I did....more info
  • Mitch Rapp struggles with career and marriage, and succeeds.
    Mitch Rapp, a CIA SuperAgent is entering a new phase on his personal life and his career. Previously he was a secret assassin, and had just thwarted an attempt by Iraq to procure nuclear weapons. In "Executive Power", we find that Rapp's exploits have been (partially) leaked to the press. Now he must deal with being a well known entity as well adjust to life as husband to Anna Reilly, a national news reporter based in Washington DC.
    Despite promising Anna to give up his high risk career, Rapp quickly involves himself in a hostage rescue of an American family that has been kidnapped and is being held in the Philippines by terrorists. He sustains an injury which infuriates his new bride, and requires the intervention of his boss, CIA Director Irene Kennedy, in order to placate his wife's sullen mood. But Rapp is soon deeply involved in tracking another mystery involving Middle-East terrorists, Israeli strongmen, and a hedonistic Saudi Prince. Before long Rapp is advising the highest levels of our government, including the Executive Branch. As a complex plot of the Palestinian and Israeli power struggle reaches a climax, Rapp is soon exercising his power to carry out lethal justice in order to restore some sense of peace in a turmoil filled world.
    This is Flynn's 5th novel with Mitch Rapp. I appreciate Rapp's steely resolve, and the gradual character development - now involving marriage to a liberal news reporter. I also like Flynn's realistic presentation of how the world really works - behind the scenes. But in "Executive Power" the final story line wraps up rather quickly. And the reader may feel overly immersed in the Palestinian/Isralei conflict, which is so vividly reported on in the real world. Also, the reader may be left wondering if Rapp is still an unflappable assassin trying to right some of the world's wrongs, or just a politically expendable killer that is having a hard time putting his gun down. I prefer to believe the former. I'm already looking forward to Flynn's next installment in this series....more info
  • (4+) It Is A Shame No Real Life Mitch Rapp Exists
    This is the first book I have read by Vince Flynn, and it is totaly understandable why it was on the bestseller list for several weeks. The action is fast paced, the two interwoven plots are timely, Mitch Rapp is an interesting character, and the political implications and philosophical questions which it raises are fascinating.

    Mitch Rapp, the central character of the book, is a Special Services operative whose cover has been blown in a highly sucessful commando operation in Iraq and is now a special advisor to CIA Director Irene Kennedy and with strong ties President Hayes. When a team of Navy Seals is ambushed during a a top secret mission to rescue an an American family kidnapped in the Phillipines by Islamic radicals, the President charges Rapp and Kennedy with the responsiblity of discovering what went wrong. A man of strong convictions and decisive action, Rapp devises a plan to both rescue the family and discover the source of the leak which led not only to the failure of the raid but the deaths of two of the sSeals involved. And despite his promise to his new wife, news anchor Anna Reilly, that the time of his direct involvement in such dangerous incidents is past, he cannot resist the opportunity to participate. Meanwhile, there is a greater international crisis brewing, as an unknown conspiratorial group is engaging in assassinations of political figures, apparently intent on sparking a Middle Eastern war that will involve the United States.

    Both plots are at the extreme limits of credibilty (the main one is nevertheless quite clever) , but Flynn's style and the interesting nature of the geopolitical questions which the book raises make for a fascinating read. I certainly learned in a very interesting manner not only facts about Phillipine history and politics of which I was ignorant, but also some additional background historical details regarding Iraq, Jewish and Palestinian relationships, and Jerusalem. The two threads run in parallel, and the narative technique is quite effective as the reader views the events from the perspective of the key participants.

    While I don't want to reveal any details of the plot, one of the most interesting aspects of the book is that various readers will probably react differently to the story depending on their individual views concerning the causes of global terrorism and their sensitivities regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rapp is a character who sees things in black and white with few shades of grey, while "David" , the key Palestinian character is developed in great detail and in a relatively nuanced way. What I really enjoyed about the book was the questions which it implicity examined concerning the political expediency which often passes for policy in governmental affairs, the examples of bureaucratic hypocrisy and incompetency which it highlighted, and the rejection by Rapp of today's widespread moral relativism and situational ethics and the policy paralysis which often results. Rapp knows in what direction his moral compass is pointing and acts accordingly despite the potential consequences. Even more controversially, he is also willing to attempt to provide severe retribution to those whom he believes deserve it.

    Thus, I highly recommend this political thriller both for its engaging action and it's examination of many of the relevant issues with which we are faced today regarding what are the allowable limits of government action in the face of the threats of terrorists. I did not feel that it deserved five stars for two reasons. First, while I understand the context for the inclusion of the sections involving Anna and they were helpful in some ways to both Rapp's character evolution and the plot, they still often seemed superfluous and a distraction. Second, while I cheered him on, some of Rapp's actions and viewpoints seemed so extreme and doctrinaire (even to me) that he almost became a charicature of himself. The final point I would make is to emphasize that this is my first Vince Flynn/ Mitch Rapp book. Upon perusing the previous reviews, I noticed that the several low rankings and expressions of disappointment were from reviewers who were already familiar with the author and his protagonist and felt that this was a disappointing sequel. So, if you want a great read revolving around international political intrigue and the author is new to you, you should really enjoy this book. (Based on my enjoyment of this book and my attraction to Mitch Rapp,I have already purchased one of Flynn's previous novels.) But if you are a previous reader you might want to weigh the advice in some of other the other reviews....more info

  • Page turner that disappoints only at the end
    A friend gave me EXECUTIVE POWER, a political thriller
    by Vince Flynn . . . he said it was a real page turner, and
    though I'm not a big fan of books about CIA superagents
    (in this case, a character named Mitch Rapp), I decided
    to give it a try.

    I'm glad I did, too . . . I quickly became interested in
    Rapp's character, particularly because he had a human
    side to him . . . he even gets married, and some of the
    troubles that this causes him actually had me
    chucking . . . such as: how do you explain a bullet
    wound to your bum when you've supposedly been on
    the sidelines directing a rescue attempt?

    My only disappointment was in the way that the other
    major character, an unknown assassin, gets written out of the
    story toward the very end . . . nice guy that I am, I won't mention
    how . . . yet when that happened, I somewhat lost interest . . . the
    ending also left something to be desired, in that it attempted to
    bring together several subplots in too abrupt a fashion....more info

  • Executive Power, Vince Flynn
    Another good book by Vince Flynn. Once again Mitch Rapp and "Company" are out to solve many of the post 9/11 problems of the world. If you like Tom Clancy, Steven Coonts, David Hagberg, you will love Flynn. As with other writers his stories get better with each new book. Executive Power is a good read, but Flynn definitely gets better with his books after this one. Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Transfer of Power are the best books so far by Flynn. If you haven't read Flynn, start with his first book and read them in order, it is the best way to read his books....more info
  • Good story, offset by so-so pacing
    Vince Flynn's latest thriller has government assassin Mitch Rapp taking on terrorists in a novel that is unevenly paced but is nonetheless a fun read.

    The plot has a Palestinian terrorist named David creating an escalating series of events with the intent of forcing the creation of a Palestinian state. While in certain ways a man of integrity (he does not directly target innocents), he also is aware that his acts will beget additional, less discriminate violence. Meanwhile, Rapp is off in the Philippines, taking on different Islamic terrorists who are holding a family hostage and have already killed members of a previous rescue mission.

    Flynn keeps things moving, but the big flaw in the story is the pacing. The rescue/revenge mission in the Philippines is clearly a secondary (and independent) plot, yet it dominates over half the book. By the time Rapp gets involved in the main story, it is already around page 300. That's a long time to get the story to kick into full gear, and it's only Flynn's adept writing that is able to overcome this problem.

    While it is not essential, it is helpful to have read the other in the Mitch Rapp series to fully enjoy this book. While not exceptional enough to merit five stars, this novel is a solid four star effort and a good way to be entertained for a few hours....more info

  • Flynn Makes a Good Point
    I found this book to be very moving and exciting. Above all I think Flynn makes a good point about the need to be supportive of those who risk their lives for this country. Overall it was an enjoyable read....more info
  • CIA Anti-Terrorist Advisor Mitch Rapp Has More Adventures
    The reader is confronted with a rather wimpy Democrat President who had the good sense to bring in as an Advisor Mitch Rapp, a real all-star hero. The book starts off with an ill fated attempt by a Navy Seal team to rescue an American family being held by the Abu Sayyaf guerrillas. The enemy was tipped off by a corrupt Philippine general. The Seals were ambushed. Rapp comes into the picture and carries out a successful rescue operation that dispenses with the general. The story then shifts to the middle-east (Israel,Palestine, Saudi's). A somewhat sympathetic character is the Palestinian terrorist David who orchestrates some very clever plots. Irene Kennedy, the CIA Director is fighting the good battle. Rapp's wife, a tv reporter is a bit too much. It's hard to imagine a guy like Mitch Rapp going for her. Anyway,it's a fairly good read. ...more info
  • a lukewarm thriller with a pathetic marriage
    the on-the-rock marriage scenes are pathetic, making this already lukewarm and loose thriller become even worse. from the very beginning, this female washington reporter knew what mitch rapp did for a living, yet she continuously whined, intervened, demanded, complained, pried into her husband jobs and duties. what is this? trying to make rapp look more humanly realistic, making him look more like the stereotyped american husband? making us enable to enter rapp's bedroom, wathching 'war of the roses'? come on, this is a thriller, not jackie collins or danielle steele's 'honey, no sex tonight'. get rid of the nagging wife pronto! also, this novel is not up to the standard of a good thriller. a story falling apart in many ways....more info
  • Executive Power
    Enjoyed this book, but would suggest waiting for paperback as it is a bit heavy to hold. Mitch Rapp shares the stage with Nash, who is a warm, interesting character....more info
  • Relentless pacing with nonstop action
    The hero of this superb series of political thrillers, CIA agent Mitch Rapp, has two problems to deal with. First of all, an American family is being held hostage by rebels in the Philippines. The Philippine government appears unable or unwilling to help. After a Navy SEALs team is ambushed while attempting the rescue, Rapp decides to attempt the rescue while exacting revenge on those who are responsible for the leak causing the ambush.
    The second problem concerns a Palestinian assassin attempting to force Israeli concessions for a rapid peace by taking out top Arab leaders while making it look like the Israelis are involved. The question is: who is the assassin and who is he working for? The result of his actions might lead to war.
    What sets Vince Flynn's thrillers apart from most others is the timeliness of the topics and the realistic and plausible settings. There is little doubt that any of these events could occur in the very near future. Rapp is an ideal thriller super hero, yet, he appears more human than most. As with all of Vince Flynn's thrillers, the pacing is relentless, the action nonstop and the length perfect for entertainment on a long flight or an afternoon at the beach. All his books are highly recommended....more info
  • One of the Best
    This was one of the best Flynn books and I've read them, in order, needing only to read Memorial Day and Consent to Kill. Once again, a good share of violence, sneaky politicians, and backstabbing. This book has a scene in the Phillipines that is really well done. Irene Kennedy's character is becoming much more well rounded and the "wife" is still a pain. I keep hoping Mitch Rapp will dump her....more info
  • Vince Flynn is simply fantastic!
    My dad, who is 84, my wife and I all just finished this book. And each and every one of us LOVES Vince Flynn novels. My wife usually dawdles through a book taking months, I kid you not, to read a book. Vince Flynn books, on the other hand, she literally devours and this one was no exception. My dad finished it in three nights. I have now finished reading ALL of Vince Flynn's novels and not one has disappointed.

    I just love Mitch Rapp. He's a terrific character unburdened by the PC constraints that are crippling our current anti-terrorism efforts from the presidency all the way down. The remarkable thing about Mitch Rapp is that this outrageously un-PC protagonist was conceived BEFORE 911!! We are introduced to Mitch Rapp in Transfer of Power, written in 1999, and he is fighting and killing Islamic terrorists at least two years BEFORE 911. While most of us were contentedly sitting back and enjoying our lives oblivious to the extremes to which Islam and its adherents would eventually take us Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp was fighting the good fight. To say that Vince Flynn was prescient would be an understatement.

    The book starts out with two Navy seals getting killed because of the loose lips of American diplomats. Mitch has apparantly abandoned active undercover work at the request of his beautiful wife, Anna, but unfortunately for her (and fortunately for us) Mitch is drawn back into the world of espionage to avenge the lives of the two seals. He eventually tracks down the leak that caused the deaths of the Navy seals and takes care of the problem in a typical Rapp fashion. His confrontation with the State Department bureaucrat is priceless.

    Another story line develops from the beginning which is unrelated until the very end of the book. A renegade Saudi prince enlists the help of a Palestinian, David, to carry out various assassinations to drive a stake between the Israelis and the Americans.

    Robert Hays is a centrist Democratic president, unlikely to say the least in today's political environment. Not since Truman, and possibly Kennedy, have we witnessed such a political animal as a centrist Democrat in the White House as Hays.

    Flynn concocts a great tale that will keep you utterly mesmerized until the last page. I highly recommend this very satisfying book. The story is extremely well crafted, the charcters are engaging and interesting and the pace is relentless. It is just a rollicking good read....more info
  • No Comparison to Flynn's Earlier Novels
    I totally enjoyed Flynn's earlier novels. Couldn't put them down until finished. This book, however, was a huge disappointment. I found myself skimming pages to get through the plot. Rapp's character development has apparently been stunted, and Anna was nothing more than one-dimentional and completely annoying. The plot contained too much news and history intertwined with what little action was included. I'm still a Flynn fan; I just chalk this up to a need to fulfill a publishing contract since this novel does not resemble his earlier novels....more info
  • Couldn't put it down.
    Patriotic terrorist fighting storyline. Exposes the political games played in Washington, that many times put our military in dangerous situations. This book inspires me to patriotism and also deep gratitude to the Special Forces men who are so brave. I know the book is fiction, but I can't help but feel that it is more truth than fiction. Mitch Rapp's wife Anna is getting a little hard to stomach. She is a good example of how an aggressive woman can nearly neuter a strong man. Again, hard to recommend to absolutely everyone because of the explicit sexual situations. I hate to encourage my teenage boys to read it, although 95% is absolutely wonderful and inspiring, portraying men as REAL MEN. ...more info
  • Not his best work
    Of all his books I found this the weakest. It's a good book, but it's a 'let down' after you've read his previous four books. Luckily he went back to his normal excellent writing for the next five books....more info
  • an enjoying read -- just don't question. :)
    a surprisingly good effort from flynn (All Is Relative, of course). he still can't correctly use semi-colons to save his life (to him, they're synonymous with commas), and sometimes it's painfully obvious when he rediscovers a "big" word: "vaunted" will appear twice in two pages and then never reappear in the book. but mitch rapp and irene kennedy are always good for a thriller, and add a mitch-like palestinian assassin named david/jabril, some corrupt members of the house of saud, an abu sayyaf hostage situation in the phillipines, and you've got a good yarn going. unlike flynn's previous efforts, this novel didn't flag and fold before the denouement. flynn seems to be improving??...more info
  • Good but lacking...
    This book is entertaining and fast-paced; however, I do agree that the two plots in the story are completely unrelated and throws the reader back. I think the hostage plot was an attempt to fill space and to build Rapp into a more of a macho hero. Of the two plots, neither is fully developed. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is more interesting. David's character is fascinating and an equal match for Rapp. I was expecting the climax to be some kind of David/Rapp faceoff, which never happened. This was a disappointment. The ending was a cheap shot, it's as if Flynn didn't know how to end the book. At the end the reader feels manipulated.

    I love the Mitch Rapp character but in this book, he is at times, too over the top. He makes everyone seems moronic. And what is that fear he has of his wife?

    The book does a good job in portraying two sides of the coins in issues. Overall it was exciting and a page turner. I liked Memorial Day better....more info
  • today,s world
    Mitch Rapp again takes us to the world of action based on today,s headlines. Through fiction he relates that religious fanatics from all religions only are interested in their beliefs and will destroy willingly all who stand in there way. Flynn shows us more of Rapp,s personality in this book with his reaction to his new bride,s inquisative mind and strong personality. A nice blend of action and information-possibilities and results. Well done!...more info
  • Dissapointed
    The thumbs up from Dan Brown on the front cover enticed me to buy this book in addition to the fact that the book was considered to be a post 9-11 thriller. I almost expected the book to flow like the 24 Hours TV Series, but instead it turned out to be a jumble of different sub-plots that really didn't flow well at all. Some of the characters / sub-plots (Phillippines, the love story) didn't come together quite well. The "hero" was a little too macho and not too likeable. It seemed like the author ran out of steam toward the end.

    My fav character: Prince Omar!

    Mark ...more info