Motorola C139 Prepaid Phone (Tracfone)
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Product Description

If you need a simple, no-frills phone that keeps you in touch, the Motorola C139 deserves a serious look. Sacrificing neither function nor style to meet your everyday communication needs, the compact, easy-to-use design is pocket friendly. The C139 also features up to 8 hours of talk time, text messaging, 20 preloaded ringtones, and a vivid color TFT display for easy viewing. It's the perfect complement to Tracfone prepaid wireless service.

The candybar Motorola C139 feels great in the hand with easily accessible keys. See an overview of the phone's functions.
Tracfone Service
Tracfone provides nationwide prepaid wireless service using the nation's leading cellular providers to create a national footprint covering 99 percent of the U.S. population. This gives you service everywhere cellular service is available.

You can buy bundles of minutes (which must be used within a set time limit of 90 to 365 days) from the Tracfone web site on your home PC or directly from your phone's web browser. This phone ships with a number of handy Tracfone services, including free voice mail, free caller ID, and free call waiting. And perhaps most importantly, the integrated TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left, so you can control your costs.

Phone Features
The basic black Motorola C139 has a cool, aerodynamic candybar design with rounded corners at the top and bottom and rubberized sidings for a good grip. Its small shape fits comfortably in your hand and the backlit keypad is designed for easy dialing. The 1.25-inch screen has a 96 x 65-pixel resolution and support for 65K colors.

The C139 supports storage of up to 100 phone numbers and contacts within the phone's memory as well as 250 contacts stored on the SIM card. Equipped with multiple organizational features, the Motorola C139 is a one-stop shop for on-the-go time management. Offering daily and weekly calendars, calculator, currency converter and stop watch, this mobile keeps you on top of your game in both your business and social circles.

If you need basic messaging capabilities, the C155 has you covered as support is built-in for sending and receiving SMS text messages. iTap text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built-into the unit-- a plus for text messaging users.

Other features include:

  • 20 preloaded ringtones
  • 3 preloaded games
  • Analog clock screensaver, calculator, currency converter and stop watch
  • Lantern for illumination when you need it
  • Auto keypad lock

Vital Statistics
The Motorola C139 weighs 2.8 ounces and measures 4 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 16 days of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/1900 GSM/GPRS frequencies.

  • Lightweight candybar-style phone with 65K color LCD and internal antenna
  • Pay for only the calling time you use with minutes purchased from Tracfone--no annual contract required
  • Features text messaging, free voice mail, free caller ID, free call waiting
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time, up to 16 days of standby time
  • Includes: Battery, AC Charger and SIM Card

Customer Reviews:

  • Phone is OK, but cutomer service is frustrating.
    I too had one of the older model phones, and after letting the battery drain to zero I lost everything, including phone number and service minutes. Tracfone did acknowledge problems with the firmware of the older phone, and they sent me a new one with a postage paid mailer to send back the bad one. They also gave me 60 bonus minutes of airtime to replace what I lost when the phone lost its mind.

    Although they did everything right, the customer service is very, very frustrating. The people read from scripts word for word like robots, which will get you to the ultimate goal of your call but it personally makes me crazy.

    Technically (and coverage wise) the phone works well, and the price is certainly right. After several months of buying air time cards, I signed up for a $9.99 a month plan that gives me 50 minutes each month automatically. That is plenty enough time for a very casual cell phone user such as myself, and is way cheaper than any subscription plan I could find. ...more info
  • tracfone is great
    I have owned a tracfone for a long time now and find it gives great service. It's very economical on my budget with no monthly bill to pay. It gets good reception and I have no problems making calls from any location. I highly recommend the tracfone to anyone who doesn't want to have a monthly phone bill. try a'll like it.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Phone - Don't understand the poor reviews
    I bought this phone because I was sick of Sprint's contracts. It has been great for the following reasons:

    - cheap ($13)
    - superb coverage: I travel coast to coast and even get service in the backwoods of rural Alabama (Costa Rica too)
    - battery lasts and lasts (and lasts)
    - easy to use

    All I wanted was a phone that worked. After previously owning the $700 mini-computer type phone I was ready to kick 'em all to the curb but this has been great. If you're tired of the high charges and contract hassles, give this a try. I spent $100 on 1200 minutes and a year's worth of service.

    The only caveat to this service is that you get dinged for an entire minute even if you only used 2 seconds of it. But with all the other good stuff that it does have, that little detail doesn't bother me a bit!...more info
  • Only good to be used at home and they are STEALING YOUR IDENTITY
    The connection is good only at home. 20 miles away from home, you get connection only by LUCK. Do NOT depend on it.

    To add airtime from Tracfone is extremely painful:

    If add it from their website (most of time it ends up ERROR and ask you to call the service representative), the webpage asks a lot of unnecessary information, then sends hundreds digits you have to key in to your cell phone.

    If add it thru calling their service representative, the representative will try to STEAL YOUR IDENTITY by ask you all unrelated information. Besides credit card and your cell phone ID, they ask:
    * Name
    * Address
    * Other cell phone numbers
    * Social Security Number!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    * Birthday?????????????????

    If you refuse to answer the question, they will argue that 'Our System Requires It'. Who cares about their system? I do care about my own IDENTITY SAFETY.

    However, if you still want to jump into the trap, there is a way to beat their stealing:
    ***** Besides credit number and you cell phone ID, give them all FAKE information. ****

    I tried the strategy, and it works
    ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY IT!!!
    The phone may work fine but the company managing it is awful!! Get ready to waste all your minutes on 611 calls. (Unlike other companies 611 customer service calls are not charged as actual phone units.)
    Took forever to get to customer service, which is not properly trained and cannot understand plain English (some do some don't).
    Charged me for calls not connected etc...
    Really disappointed.. I lost close to 60 not so cheap units in a customer service call and they did not take care of the issue. I could not make international calls like advertised in their website. Really sad. With Tracfone you really get what you pay for...that is their motto and that is the reality.... Google tracfone and below the links to the company you will see a webpage with tons of bad reviews and problems with the company....more info
  • TracFone Service: Utter garbage.
    Let's be clear about one thing. If you subscribe to TracFone service, telemarketers will begin calling you from day one. And your minutes will begin ticking away. There is no way to stop this. There is no way to modify your voice mail settings or reject voicemails. For this reason, do not purchase a TracFone, unless you like spending your day listening to telemarketers!...more info
  • Can't believe i waisted $15 on this...
    I got 200 tracfone minutes from my sister this past christmas. I went out and picked up a phone, seeing as it was only $15 anyway. When i turned on the phone i got an 'insert sim' message. i went through troubleshooting and did everything it told me to. i then called and after a few robots, talked to someone. they told me it was normal and would work by tomorrow. he set up my account and put in my minutes while i was talking to him. days went by and still nothing. i called again and they forced troubleshooting on me. i couldnt get one answer out of anyone so i talked to a supervisor and they sent me a new sim card. now i have this new sim card but all my info is on my old one. i talked to someone for about an hour, putting in codes that accomplished nothing. they told me i had to wait 2 weeks so they could file an investigation on my case. i needed to talk to a supervisor to add minutes to my phone and the entire time i was treated like a liar and called ma'am every 2 sentences despite my obvious deep voice. the entire process of being able to have a quick and affordable phone took over a month. overall their service is terrible, and their product hardly works. my mother also has one and i tried to set up her account online but it wouldnt go through. i needed to call and put in a handful of codes again. after all this trouble I can only make outgoing calls. I was able to get a call earlier today... but when i called it half an hour ago and when my friend called me the other night, there was a message saying i'm not taking calls. also, if you ever want to set up a voicemail or anything on your phone, you have to use YOUR minutes. you cant use a LAN line or anything. thats a long time with the elaborate "you're probably a moron so let me slow it down for you" instructions they give for setting up a voicemail. I set mine up and the voice went on about different features of the phone, trying to drag out your minutes so you can go buy some more. and if you decide to buy this phone you'll most likely be put on hold while you see what the problem with your phone is and you'll hear them actually say "with tracfone, you really do get what you pay for" in between the holding music. I recommend this product to anyone who has done me wrong. go get virgin mobile if you want a cheap, reliable and easy to use phone. my girlfriend sets all her information online and everything works the way its supposed to. ...more info
  • Never pass the airtime due date
    If you do decide to buy this phone, never let the airtime due date pass. Every time you add minutes to the phone it adds a certain # of days to the expiration date of the minutes. I barely missed the date and it has been total chaos trying to reactivate the phone and buy airtime since. We've had to call customer service several times to try to get the phone working again. It's still not working at the time. Well, if your commited to not letting the expiration date pass, then I would say it is a good phone. If you don't need all the extra features like web access and things, I would considerate it a good, simple, easy-to- work-phone....more info
  • Pick another TracFone reciever
    This review is for the phone unit itself - Not the TracFone service.

    Folks, stay away from this phone. I liked it a lot for the first 60 days, then it 'died' and lost my call information, my minutes and everything else. TracFone says that they are having big problems with the C139. They're sending me another one, but that doesn't make me comfortable. What happens when it dies?

    Meanwhile, I'm without a phone for over a week now.

    Save yourself some headaches. Pick another phone.

    ...more info
  • Beware! Still not working after 1 year.
    Beware Tracfone. I regret that Amazon won't let me give them 0 stars. We got this phone for my wife's aunt last December. After 1 year of trying to get this working, she still cannot receive calls. She can call out, but no one can call her. Tracfone support is useless (and generally only marginally speaks English). You also cannot manage the phone or minutes on line. You have to call in and give them about 60 digits that the phone shows you to do almost anything. We're letting this one die with over 400 units left on it because it is basically useless. Coverage isn't good either, but who cares if you can't receive calls anyway? There has got to be a better option, because I doubt there are many worse ones....more info
  • info.
    My tracfone has good reception. i like that it has free call waiting and free caller id. if you haven't activated your tracfone yet then the 'refer a friend program' will give each of us 120 free minutes. please send me an email and i will send you a fast referral( i check my email
    ften). it's a win/win! thank you.
    UPDATE: as of october 2006 tracfone has cancelled the refer a friend program.

    ...more info
  • review.
    My tracfone has worked out good so far. Customer service is fine and the free voicemail was easy to set up and use. If you decide to get a tracfone, please email me for a quick referral before activating it- we each will get 120 free minutes from the 'refer a friend' program. I'll also send you the simple instructions to follow. I've used Tracfone for quite a while, so i should be able to answer any questions you might have.
    ps even if you have activated in the last few weeks i should be able to get us the free minutes....more info
  • Back to Basic Calling
    I needed to buy my mother a new cell phone so I could cancel my account with my existing provider and still keep the same number. I was a Tracfone user a few years ago while I was in college, and I found their services to be good. I went to the store and saw this phone priced very low; not so long ago you had to pay $70 for a Tracfone, and now they have them for less than $20. I decided that since she wasn't going to use the cell phone very much, this would be a good way to go until I could find something else.

    I bought this phone because it was cheap, and I could get it activated right away. This phone is very basic; most of the features that are now common place are missing on this model. The screen is microscopic; it can only display a few lines at a time. There are no polyphonic ringtones, and it can only hold 100 entries in the phonebook. They keys are so firm that they are hard to press down, and the menus are tedious and somewhat counter-intuitive. It is very sturdy, but also a little heavier than should be for a phone its size. There is no web browsing like there is on other phones. The text messaging feature is really tricky to use. I think Tracfone has good service, but in many ways, this phone feels like a step back from where Tracfone was going to.

    I have noticed that Tracfone has moved away from using the CDMA network and towards using the GSM network. I don't think that is bad, it just means slightly less coverage overall. Tracfone's service is not bad. I think this phone is a decent choice for someone who is wanting a very basic phone to talk on. It is less than $20, so I can't complain too much. However, if there is any way that you can afford it, I suggest if you are going to use Tracfone's service, go with a pricier phone with more features. ...more info
  • Great Low Cost Cell Phone for Low Usage
    In the past I have had contract phones with monthly charges, cancellation fee etc. For me that was not worth it as I only need the phone for infrequent use. I have had two tracfone (C139) for a few months now. I am perfectly happy with them. Each Tracfone only cost $20, and that will also include free minutes...10 with the phone...10 if your activate online...and 120 if you allow me to refer you...we both will get 120 free minutes. I also have 2 additonal codes for 30 and 60 more free bonus minutes. The service will last 2 months when first you activate, and 2 more months when you add the free minutes. After that point if you have not used up all your minutes you can roll over your unused minutes when you buy more minutes...for as little as $20 every 60 days. If you decide your don't need the service after you have used up the time and you phone and reactivate it at a future fee...just buy as little as $20 for 60 minutes...however, you will be assigned a different phone number, which I don't think is a big deal. Contact me (matman713 at hotmail dot com) for my referral and get started with a bunch of free minutes!

    ...more info
  • Cell service for around $7.00 a month!
    This was a great little phone (more detailed review in the next paragraph), I say was because I am a bit of a Tracfone new model junkie and tend to purchase their latest and greatest (in the last year I have been through the W376g, the V170, the V176. I am mainly writing this because Tracfone is an HONEST company and will NOT steal your identity as previously noted by another reviewer who I think is rather disgruntled with Tracfone. Because I have been a customer for at least 8 if not more years and have dealt with their customer service more times than I can count. They never ask for your social security number...NEVER!
    I actually miss this phone which I used for about a year...yes, it's basic, no bells and whistles phone, but the reception is great. It is a tad slow to start up, but I keep my phone on all the time so that wasn't too much of a bother.
    Great signal reception! It is nearly impossible to get reception in our local WalMart, however, this little phone never had a problem. Employees used to ask what kind of phone it was because their own fancy schmancy phones wouldn't work. My current Tracfone (an LG225) does not get reception their either. So that makes me want to dig out my c139 and reactivate it...It also never dropped a call and back then I was on the cell a bit more than I am now. It's solid, durable and the battery time is awesome.
    My heading does say I pay around $7.00 a month for my phone. I should point out that my current phone came with double minutes for life of the phone. I buy a 60 minute card every 90 days for around $20.00 and I get 120 minutes. Most of the time I can find a promotional code where it will give you bonus minutes. Another great thing with the tracfone is that you NEVER lose your minutes as long as you purchase airtime by the due date. Even the best rollover plan out there for pay by the month cell plans only lets you roll over for 12 months.
    I will take the time to write my reviews on the LG225 and others, but the more I write, the more I think I will reactivate this little phone (and add that double minutes for life card!) because even though the bells and whistles are nice and fun for a while, what I really want is a reliable, solid phone. And that is what this phone is. ...more info
  • Love Tracfone
    First of all, I am not a cell phone person. I only use mine for out going calls. I buy the yearly service from Tracfone, $96 for 400 minutes and a years service. BUT, before you order do a search on "Tracfone coupons" or "Tracfone promo codes". There is always a promo code for 200 free minutes out there. Now you have 600 minutes and a years service for $96 plus tax. You can always add minutes if you exceed the 600 minutes. Also if you don't use your 600 minutes during the year, the remaining minutes will carry over to the next year when you purchase another years contract. So, if your use your cell phone on a limited basis, I would recommended Tracfone. I have never had a dropped call or not been able to connect....more info
  • Tracfone C 139
    I have a Motorola C 139 Tracfone which I bought for emergencies since I have a heart condition. I have found the phone to be reliable and sturdy. I dropped in on concrete twice and never phased it. I can hear better on the Motorola C 139 then I can on my land line house phone. I text message which is great because I'm partially deaf. It is basic phone, but for what I use it for, it is just what I need and at $6.66 dollars a month I pay for service, you can't get one any cheaper that works as good. ...more info
  • Avoid Tracfone
    May rating would be 0 stars, but Amazon doesn't allow that option.
    While it's convenient to have a pay-as-you-go phone plan, the service and equipment provided by Tracfone is abysmal!

    I have had three Motorola phones that have not even lasted a year. Customer Service - no such thing. The solution for most issues is to sell you equipment. Most representatives speak, but do not understand English.

    FYI - Net10 is the same company....more info
  • Big step up!
    I've been a Tracfone customer for about 8 years. I have two very old phones plus the Nokia I just used for 6 years or so. It still works well, too!

    The phone I had before this C-139 was a small Nokia. It worked well but kept turning on and dialing numbers, while hanging freely in a pouch inside my purses. This one does not.

    I like Tracfone because I can buy time for a year and a double minute card and I'm good to go! My account & tel # stays the same for a year. And I don't have a monthly bill or a phone growing out of my ear! Yes, I do not appreciate those (idiots) who yack on the phone while they try to pay attention to their driving, discipline kids,...all the while; turning corners and drinking take-out coffee. The possibility of them hitting my car while they're arguing with someone or reviewing last night's date scares the hell out of me!

    This Motorola has been out for a while but I just got it. It's great! The color background is much nicer and clearer than the Nokia (mono color and limited light.)

    They are about the same size. The Nokia is a little slimmer, but heavier than the Motorola. The Motorola has grips on the sides and has a gr8 feel in my hands. It is Bluetooth compatible and the options are more sophisticated and plentiful than the Nokia. I feel like I went from Bedrock to the 1990's.

    I know there are better phones out there (without a service plan)...maybe next year we'll get camera phones with newer features that aren't even out yet! But for now, they do the trick...calling AAA when one of the cars break down....more info
  • Good Starter Phone
    If you have a child who you want to carry a cell phone, but don't want to pay lots of money for all of the extras (or if you yourself just want a "basic" phone), this is a good value for the money. Large screen displays numbers very clearly. Sound quality is good. Battery life is a little short and the phone cannot be used while it is charging (that's a pretty big negative, IMO). But overall, this is a good starter phone and serves the purpose. If you just want a dependable phone to carry with you in case of emergencies, this phone fits the bill nicely....more info