Rival RC61 3-Cup Rice Cooker, Red
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6 Cup, Finished Rice Cooker, Cook & Keep Warm Settings, Non Stick Removable Bowl For Easy Clean Up, External Steaming Basket, Accessories Include: Measuring Cup & Rice Ladle.

  • 6-cup rice cooker with nonstick inner pot and steaming basket
  • Cook and keep-warm settings
  • Red and yellow indicator lights
  • Domed glass lid keeps in moisture; stay-cool side loop handles
  • Measuring cup and plastic rice paddle included; handwash only

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice and Cheap
    I would have to say I had no problems cooking rice with this unit. It cooks rice allmost flawlessly everytime. You cant leave the warmer on too long though. For the Price you cant argue, but it is cheap. At around $14 you could replace it every year easy enough which is about what it needs. After 8 months of use the non-stick pan is flaking bad. Trust me a metal spoon as never touched this pan, we only use soft plastic spoons on it. Cleaning it, never been in the dishwasher, mild soap and sponge everytime. We use it quite often, everyday. The plastic hosing on the switch has cracked for no apparent reason. Again for the price its a great rice cooker, however next time I think I will try something better since we eat rice so much....more info
  • Perfect for a small family or to make sushi
    I purchased this at target and I love it. I have had it for a week and have used it everyday. Its perfect for a single person, apartment living, small family or to make sushi, I made 5 sushi rolls with the 6 cups. The rice comes out perfect everytime. I use less water than the instruction manual says to use, just enough to cover the rice. If you are making japanese or sushi rice make sure you rinse the rice several times and then let it soak. I would recommend this to anyone. It is small so it is easy to store.

    I have now had this rice maker for 3 months and still use it very often. I absolutely love it still!! As already stated, this only makes 6 cups of COOKED rice so if you need more purchase there 16 cup rice cooker. But for me and my family this is perfect. I use less water for white sushi rice than the booklet says too, I basically just put in enough water to cover the rice, otherwise it comes out soggy. ...more info
  • Can't beat the price
    I've had this rice cooker for about a year and a half and it's held up great. It's perfect for a single meal or for when guests come over (it easily makes enough rice for up to 8 people). I really like the red design and the price can't be beat!...more info
  • Great Rice!
    I read about this rice cooker on a forum and then read reviews. I must say that I almost didn't get it based on some of the criticism, but others loved it so I took a chance. Brought it home, washed it up and used it for supper. It worked perfectly with no hassle and the rice was great.

    I will say, however, that the instruction booklet is a little cryptic, but just follow their instructions as written and don't second-guess it and you'll be fine....more info
  • Awesome for the price
    For 16 bucks you can't go wrong. After years of cooking rice in a saucepan and dealing with boil overs and runny rice, I broke down and bought this unit. On the first try the rice was better than any I've ever made. The small size is perfect for a family of 4-6. The only downside is that you have to stir the rice once it switches from cook to warm to avoid scorching....more info
  • horrible! spits everywhere!
    caution: this is by far the worst rice cooker i've ever used. it spits starchy debris through the steam release hole in the lid AND from all around the edges of the lid. it makes a huge mess. ...more info
  • I first throught it's a toy...so small!
    I've ordered this product based on a comparison with an 8 cup rice cooker we already have. Turns out that it means for this item here 6 cup COOKED rice. Our current one keeps 8 cups UNCOOKED rice and it's then 15/16 cups cooked rice.

    When I opened up the package I first thought about a wrong item, as this is really a very small rice cooker compared to the one we have. Really thought it to be bigger.

    Will have to use this one as an 'add-on' rice cooker for a time when 15/16 cups COOKED rice is not enough. I felt I wasted my money, as I could have gotten the big one (the one we have) for 20 dollar at Walgreens!...more info
  • Loved it until . . . .
    I loved this rice cooker, and used it weekly for 4 months, until it just stopped working. Surely the life span should not be only 4 months....more info
  • Great value & performance!
    My family and I have been impressed with this attractive and inexpensive rice cooker. Very easy to use...simply put the rice and water in and press cook. The cooker pops off cook cycle and keeps rice on warm cycle until ready to serve. The unit also comes with a steamer you can opt to place on top to steam veggies while the rice is cooking. Perfect rice every time (add a little extra water when making brown rice). Easy to clean the non-stick pan. Occupies little room to store in cabinet...and can highly recommend as a small kitchen applicance that will be used often....more info
  • Not that great
    I'm surprised at how poorly this rice cooker works, considering all of the great reviews posted here. I followed the instructions provided, filling up the cooker with the appropriate amount of water & rice, and after about six uses, it hasn't cooked properly even one time. I always have to add about twice as much water. The manual also states that brown rice takes longer to cook, it should also say to add a lot more water. The cover doesn't seem to fit very well and inevitably, water collects on the outside of the lid while cooking.

    Finally, rice always burns on the bottom because the unit gets so hot - it doesn't burn so that it's not still edible, but it becomes brown and a bit rubbery.

    Overall, I'm not impressed with this unit at all and I would not recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Makes a mess and horrible for Basmati rice.
    I was very disappointed with this cooker. I bought it solely to cook Basmati rice for Indian food. The instructions are confusing because it has you measure with their little cup but then you're supposed to fill the water to one of the lines in the pan, depending on how much you want to make. That and the wording is just very poor. A small, at a glance chart would be helpful instead of having to dig through the booklet to find that one paragraph.

    You can only cook about 2 cups cooked rice in it if you don't want a mess on your hands. Anything over that boils over onto the counter. The lid is loose and does not fit securely. And by time it's done, the rice at the bottom is burnt, and the rice itself is nowhere near as nice as you can make on the stove. I've used it 8 times and have yet to come up with a successful batch of rice. I'm done and going for a higher priced, but hopefully better quality cooker....more info
  • If you've lost your instructions/cup, look here -- simple and effective
    This is a very simple device that does its job very well: cooking rice for people who don't want or need to cook several cups at once. Do read the description and realize that its limit is six cups of COOKED rice, so you aren't going to get large capacity. However, it is perfect for two or three people.

    Rival did a disservice to its customers by writing the instruction book in such a way that it makes you think you MUST use its squirrelly measuring cup and internal markings for the nonstick basket. You don't. All you need to do is put in a 2:1 ratio of water to rice. For two people, I cook 1 1/2 cups of dry rice to 3 cups of cooked rice, and get about 6 servings' of side dishes, or 1 night of side rice and 1 night of fried rice for 2.

    That's all. Just put in rice and double the amount of water.

    I wouldn't want to try to cook a lot more than 1 1/2 cups of dry rice, as at the top of the cooking cycle it was bubbling through the vent hole in the cover and probably would have made a mess on my counter if I'd done much more than that.

    But it does what it does: throw in 1 1/2 cups brown rice, 3 cups water, turn to Cook, come back in 1 hour, and you have a pot of perfectly cooked rice. It spends 45 minutes on the Cook cycle, and 15 minutes on the Warm cycle, which yields rice that isn't too dry or too gloppy.

    It's not fancy, and I probably would never use their included recipes. I don't intend to use it for steaming. But given how easy it is to cook rice in it without having to monitor it or turn down the burner or worry about boiling over, I'll probably make rice a lot more often....more info
  • Correcting the Advt caption
    Please change the title to 6 cup final produce.We thought it is the Input we need to give for cooking....more info
  • Worked well but...
    I got this rice cooker as a wedding gift. I loved it. It was just the right size for my husband and I. However, we've used it maybe 6 or 7 times and now it just won't work. For no reason whatsoever, the heating unit stopped heating. Still not a bad cooker for so little money, but beware....more info
  • Perfect For the Single Life!!
    If you live alone and have a healthy lifestyle then this is the kitchen appliance for you!! I wanted to start eating healthier by eating more steamed veggies and brown rice, so this appliance fulfilled both of those needs!! It is very easy to use and my rice comes out great! I've made rice on the stove before but I would always seem to burn it or not put enough water in or just somehow royally screw it up (I can be a klutz in the kitchen haha). Its very convenient because you don't have to worry about burning the rice when you are making other stuff in the kitchen, especially since it automatically clicks over to the warming mode when it is done cooking. It even makes great sushi rice! The steaming basket is also fantastic! I've steamed everything from veggies to home-made chinese dumplings in it! I haven't steamed meat or fish in there yet but I would love to try some day! I live alone and this is PERFECT for a single person or a couple. I really love it a lot and I would recommend it to anyone!! It is hands down my FAVORITE kitchen appliance!! GET IT NOWWWWW!!...more info
  • rival rice cooker
    i love this product i wish it was a little bigger but other wise it work find it did a wonderful job it cook very fast too.

    i guest any one who would like to try it a it a must try !!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful product...more info
  • It works for me!
    This little red cooker is great! I was a little worried by some of the reviews i read, but i found the measuring of rice and water to be a cinch. I would defiantly recommend this product if you love rice, are on budget and don't want to be hassled or bother with messy clean up. ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    At 12.99, you get what you pay for... a crappy rice cooker. Even after it turns off it still cooks at a very high heat making the rice brown on the bottom. Usually mushy. I'd much rather cook rice in a pot. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more....more info
  • great gift!
    i bought this rice cooker as a gift for a coworker that left for graduate school and i must say... it was a huge hit. she pulled it out of the box and plugged it right in with delightful results.

    rice is the food staple for over 4 billion worldwide, and it's a step up from top-ramen noodles for the college bound. the veggie steamer and red color was the bonus for this inexpensive workhorse....more info
  • cute red rice maker steals my heart
    it's true: it works just as i imagined it would (i.e. cooks rice efficiently) and it's soooo cute and red :)...more info
  • Not worth even the low price
    We have used this rice cooker for about the past year to make white and brown rice a few times per week. It was not our first cooker, and replaced one I had previously used for several years. Nothing about this cooker works well. The non-stick coating has become quite scratched, despite using only the plastic paddle included. Rice is unevenly cooked, and always overly browned and stuck to the bottom, making a large portion of the rice cooked inedible. This is particularly a problem with brown rice. Water sprays out of the hole in the lid, dirtying the counter (and anything we've mistakenly left nearby). Save your money and cook your rice on the stove top instead of buying this model. ...more info
  • Rice...Rice... Baby
    OK I think I'm funny... I am very happy with this product. Great Bang for your buck & I like that! Easy to use & makes great rice. ( I am in heaven w/ the non stick pan!) I have not used the other functions yet... but worth the $ as a rice cooker alone! ...more info
  • Ok for a cheap rice cooker
    I just bought this rice cooker on a whim, from Target, without having read any reviews. I started making 3 cups of rice, and decided to check out Amazon reviews just to validate my purchase. :) As I was reading the negative reviews about the rice bubbling over, I heard my husband yelling from the kitchen that my rice cooker was "going insane." Sure enough -- steam/water was spewing from the vent hole, making a continuously growing mess on the counter.

    BUT, the rice was delicious and perfectly cooked, so I guess it fulfills its purpose. Hence the three stars.

    ...more info
  • Great little rice cooker!
    Perfect for 2 people, this little rice cooker works beautifully on white or brown rice. My only complaint is it sputters out the lid when cooking brown rice because more water is used. Not a big problem, I just put a paper towel over the lid. Haven't used the veggie steamer yet but it will come in handy....more info
  • Rice Cooker good, customer service horrible
    I've owned the 6C Rival Rice cooker for several months. During moving, I lost the measuring cup included with the cooker. This cup is necessary to use the cooker, as they never tell you what the dimensionless numbers (1,2,3) on the cup really mean (oz., gram, cups, etc.) and I never thought to determine that for myself.

    I wrote the company an email explaining the situation and asking if they had a replacement, offering to pay for it if need be. I was told, simply, that they didn't have one and that they were sorry. I wrote back to ask if they could check with their manufacturer and/or supply house to see if they could find one, again stressing that I wanted to use their product but couldn't without the cup. They replied again with no, and that they were sorry.

    Now I have a semi-worthless rice cooker (I can still steam things in it) that I only got to use for a couple of months....more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful!!!!
    This product is a dream. I was quite skeptical to try it based on some terrible reviews but it was the right price so I took a gamble on it. I am so glad I did. I get perfect rice every time. No mess whatsoever. I place a drop or two of olive oil (on the reccomendation from a previous reviewer) in the pot before I begin then I add equal amounts of rice (3/4 cup) with water (3/4) cup. I use the cup that came with the product to measure the rice and the water. I never have any problem. Within 15 minutes I have perfect delicious Asian rice. Thank you Rival!! I am very pleased with this product....more info
  • Good but...
    I have used this cooker for mainly one and a half cups of rice, so about half the size of the pan inside of it. I've not experienced messy rice or sticky rice. I've cooked white rice, wild rice, jasmine and brown rice and they've all turned out perfectly except for one thing; the rice near the bottom of the pan is gray or brown. I think it is because of the teflon in the pan not because of overcooking. Because the more I use it the lighter the gray/brown gets. I am leary of using it because of teflon poisoning but it could just be that it's over cooking but it doesn't taste overcooked. (I just don't know???) The verdict is it works great if you're on a budget or only need a cup of rice but otherwise I'm going to find one that does not use teflon. That is the reason for my 4 stars otherwise I would have rated it a 5 star product....more info
  • Stopped working after two weeks
    It made good rice (though it could be a little wet/gummy at the bottom) and steamed food well, for the two weeks that I had it before the heating element inexplicably stopped working. ...more info
  • It's ok, but I was hoping for more.
    This product was a bit disappointing. I was really looking forward to using a rice cooker, but it just never seems to come out right with this one. I find it always sticks together in a clump on the bottom and gets that papery stuff stuck to it--not very appetizing. I have tried following the directions exactly and even adding extra water, neither really worked any better. I think I would opt for another model....more info
  • Great for its price
    I just wanted a little rice cooker and I found it. It saves me energy and time from putting rice on the stove, and is very easy to clean. The rice is nice and hot when it is done, while the warmer just slows down the cooling process, it doesn't keep it warm for very long. But it's great since you can choose to make only one cup of rice!...more info