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How does PhotoBlocker Spray work? A majority of red light & speed cameras utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car. Once sprayed on your license plate, PhotoBlockers special formula produces a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your license plate, rendering the picture unreadable. With PhotoBlocker, your license plate is invisible to traffic cameras yet completely legible to the naked eye.

  • REFLECTS traffic camera flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!
  • FAST spray-on formula! INVISIBLE to the naked eye! EXCLUSIVE formula!
  • ONE TIME application! 100% Legal! Get a can before you get a ticket!
  • 500,000 CANS IN 23 COUNTRIES! 500,000 CANS IN 23 COUNTRIES!
  • 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS IN FINES AVOIDED! BEST alternative for when you can't use an anti-camera license plate cover!

Customer Reviews:

  • Snake Oil
    There's a sucker born every minute and I am a BIG one!!! This stuff doesn't work and although we tried not to test it, in DC and Maryland, it is virtually impossible. Needless to say, I received the tickets in the mail quickly.

    Save your money for the tickets you will have to pay!

    -Amy...more info
  • [...]
    i bought the spray and it turned my plates yellow after a few weeks and i've received two photo tickets so far. I contacted the sellers and got no response. I did a little searching on the net and have found that the same thing has happened to dozens of people accross the country. Also, I went into my local paint shop and found out that the spray is just some type of acrylic spray paint....more info
  • this is a waste
    Sprayed on like half the can.Took picture with digital camera numbers were clear still.Bad buy doesn't work period....more info
  • it's worth the cost!!!!!!!
    Confused??? What is it with this product? People either hate it or love it. Some people swear by it and some think it's a ripe off. I have seen all the testimonials and test results they have on their website and I must say the police test videos, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CBS news reports are very, very compelling. Unless they were all doctored. This is highly unlikely as I have personally seen some of the original reports. On the other hand there are those who claim it does not work at all. There are reviews left by customers who claim to have tested the product with their own personal cameras and they got legible images. If that is the case, why does it work for some and not for others? Is it because, the police are using actual speed cameras to take the photos while most of the reviewers are using their personal digital cameras. Shouldn't the car be speeding by when the picture is taken? Anyways I have not seen one single review that says I got a ticket while using the product. Besides what's the alternative? $30.00 for this spray or $400 for a radar detector or drive unprotected. I think I will feel much better with the spray....more info
  • No Stars
    This stuff is ridiculous as is the company and it's other products. Those distortion shields are a joke; your plate will only look normal if you're directly behind it at it's level. A few degrees off to the side and anyone behind you can see the obvious distortion plate.
    The spray is a joke as well. Around here, CalTrans uses simple photoshop brightness and contrast filters on the digital images to remove the glare, read your plate and issue a citation. Also, this spray will turn your plate into a crazy "look at me" beacon. I was driving behind this car with a sprayed rear plate and the sun's reflection was so blinding I could hardly see the car make and model. It looked as if he replaced his plate with a rear-facing million candle-power spot light and he'll never realize it until a law enforcement officer sees it.
    Stay away from these products, stay alert and safe on the roads and pay all your tolls like good boys and girls and keep looking out for each other. That is all....more info
  • Not all photo equipment, spray paint, and plates are the same... might work in Denver
    Folks, please, please, please, PLEASE be aware that there are several types of these 'photo paints' on the market - some DO NOT work, others have proven effective under CERTAIN conditions and in only a few markets. Hence, this is why some folks say it works like magic, while others say it's a bunch of crap - I'm sure both are correct given their specific circumstances and product used. I live in Denver, and I've been caught by the photo radar van several times on the way to work (they're only allowed to photo inside the Denver city proper limits, not the suburbs by the way. I've also seen the Fox 31 Tom Martino report (since I live in Denver) - you can also watch it on YouTube if you so desire. You can also watch three other videos from different states (Oregon, New York, and another) that test the product and say it doesn't work. So what does this all mean. Probably that the type of camera equipment that the Denver Police department uses, and HOW they use it, and the type of photo paint you use may keep you from getting a ticket... in Denver. The vans in Denver take a bright flash both day and night and the flash is mounted on the side of the van about half way up - the flash goes off just before your car's front end reaches the back of the van, which by the way the van is parked directly on the side of the road about 3-4 feet from your passing car. I believe this type of scenario leads to the chance that you're plate may not be viewed properly in many circumstances when the spray is used and the flash goes off - just as the Denver Police tested and discovered. Now, as far as the traffic light cameras, I don't know if this would be effective - I wouldn't rely on it. I do know that I got "flashed" by a photo van a few months ago and did NOT get a ticket in the mail like I normally have before, so I assume it worked... who knows.
    Also, as a few others have mentioned in their reviews, please keep in mind: I was at a start-up neighborhood Watch meeting where the district policeman comes and talks to the group for 1 hour and provides the Neighborhood Watch goodies, etc. After the meeting I asked him about the paint/license covers and their experience (he seemed pretty laid back and a good fellow...). He said that in fact they tested both out using their radar vans - and that most all city police departments that rely on photo radar test these items for both effectiveness and also what to look for - it's normal procedure. He said that the paint did in fact work under certain circumstances - not 100%, but it did sometimes work (he wouldn't elaborate on what circumstances it did work), and that the department has actually tested out different mounting angles of their flash devices and distance/picture times - I don't know what the results were as again he didn't elaborate - but that tells me that if these actions were fully effective he would have commented that these products do not work, etc. and save my money. He also mentioned that they can usually tell if someone has glopped on the photo spray over their plates - it's not illegal here, but it won't help your case if you're pulled over - it might be the difference between getting off on a warning and getting a ticket. Again, I would just say that if you live and drive in Denver, then you might be saved a few times from the nasty photo van, if you live elsewhere with different flash/camera equipment and different plates and camera angles, or for traffic light photo radar, then it might not be worth the investment/time. There are too many variables from the type of paint used, the background color of the plates/numbers, to the type of photo equipment and distances used - a wonder drug for some, a pure waste of money for others...

    YouTube Denver Fox 31 Report: [...]
    ...more info
  • Photoblocker spray
    i am a visitor to this site who came here after doing a search for "Photoblocker" and it's quite silly that some people are so intent to prove that this product does not work whilst there are so many who have actually used it and have shared from personal experience that it does indeed work. The person(s) that is arguing that it is a hoax probably never even tried out the product and (for some strange reason) is asserting that it does not work. i have not tried the product so i won't comment on whether it works or it doesn't. it is annoying when a person mouths off without having personally tested or tried something. it shows the person to be a fool and an insecure one at that, no matter how eloquent his/her arguments. these are the opinionated ones that you meet on occasion who enjoy a verbal sparring, and who think that their well-constructed reasoning is based on justifiable reasons and pure motives, while they fail to recognize that their need to do all this stems from a deep need to compensate for some inner insecurity. they are driven (and even revell in the "challenge" of every conflicting opinion, no matter how objective nor experiential), and they will argue to the very end...more info
  • Turned my plates yellow
    There is a traffic camera near my office. One of my coworkers blew through the red light and got a ticket in the mail. I don't normally run red lights but I saw this product and thought I'd give it a try. I bought one can last summer and sprayed it on my license plates. I haven't run any red lights since then but the product turned my plates yellow. I live in Maryland and our plates are off-white with dark letters. Several people have seen my plates and thought I was from a different state. In fact, one fellow asked me about the weather in New Jersey. I just spent $40 to get new plates for my two cars. I'm sorry I bought this product....more info
  • False Advertising
    The PhotoBlocker Spray DOES NOT WORK!!! I purchased the product last year and just received a speeding ticket. I am normally very careful when it comes to speeding and red lights, but I slipped. I was going 76 km. in a 60 km. speed zone. I saw the camera flash, when I was leaving the intersection, but hoped I wouldn't receive a ticket. I am extremely disappointed with this product and would never recommend it to anyone. I did use the product in the way it was described on the can, but obviously this made no difference. Do not buy this product, it is a complete waste of money!!!...more info
  • Photoblocker..Expensive and useless
    Bought several cans of Photoblocker for our cars and it was a total waste of money. My wife now has 4 radar camera tickets in two months here in Maryland. Even though we treated her plates twice, that did not fool the camera. Save your money and slow down. ...more info
  • Photoblocker spray is a RIP-OFF
    Don't waste your money, this product doesn't work! I just got a speeding ticket in the mail from a stop-light camera, you can see my license plate clearly in the photo on the ticket... all their claims about "distortion" just aren't true. I even sprayed more heavily than the instructions called for. Of course, the company won't give refunds. Maybe the license plate covers work better, I guess I'll try one next since this product is worthless. ...more info
  • Absolutely Illegal!!!
    This product is 100% illegal to use in the state of New York. The Vehicle and Traffic Law was recently amended to prohibit the use of these sprays and anyone caught using the spray or who has a plate with the chemical compound on it is subject to a traffic infraction. Read the company's website. It doesn't directly answer "yes" or "no" when asked if the product is illegal - it just avoids the question and uses the terms "most" and "many." Don't bother with this junk. Just obey the law or pay your ticket....more info
  • Spray DOES NOT WORK, tag lense cover DOES WORK!!!
    Does not work; I received a ticket from a flash camera my tag number was clearly visible in the photo. The tag lense that distorts the tag number from an angle DOES work. I have also had a traffic photo taken at the same spot and NO ticket. Hahaha, its great....more info
  • encourage the use of photoblocker
    I encourage everyone to use PhotoBlocker Spray and products like it. I have personal experience that faulty cameras can issue uncalled for tickets. I'll be happy when the red-light cameras disappear permanently from every intersection in North Carolina.
    Fair studies show that any gains in safety can be attributed to longer duration yellow lights rather than the cameras. Worse, the entire program is a profit-making venture involving deals between our government and a private contractor that creates incentives to issue more citations than is justifiable.
    ...more info
  • paid for itself
    I bought PhotoBlocker to avoid photo-radar tickets. And so far no tickets. What a product. It has paid for itself. Thanks guys...more info
  • Snake oil
    I generously sprayed this on my plate AND have a distorting cover over the plate. No, not to break any laws. But it is extremely annoying to receive those letters every time my Sunpass toll transponder is not detected even though it is in place and fully funded. Lo-and-behold I received a photo citation letter today saying I did not pay the toll. It will be retracted once I respond to them, but what an annoyance. The point, though, is that neither product worked. My plate was clearly displayed in the photo. Save your money. All this spray is is varnish to make the plate shinier. If you insist on trying this defense, save yourself some money and buy some spray varnish at Home Depot for a fraction of the price....more info
  • Photoblocker is worthless
    Don't be fooled by all the bull written about this circumstance or that circumstance; this camera system or that camera system. It's real simple folks just go to the company website and see what they claim. Basically they tell you that, once painted, your plate will reflect flashed light in such a way as to render your plate unreadable. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CAMERA - IT'S THE LIGHT AND THE REFLECTION. Either the coating reflects the light and obscures the plate or it doesn't. PERIOD!

    To try and be fair, maybe back in the early days of digital photography the computer systems in the cameras couldn't compensate for such a great exposure difference and you ended up with the "hot" spots you see in the company material. Personally I think this excuse is a bit of a reach.

    Yes, I'm speaking from experience. I purchased a can and applied several generous coats to my plate. Just recently fixed cameras were installed near my home and, during their test phase when no citations were being issued, I blew through the cameras. Yep the flash went off. YEP, I GOT A NOTICE IN THE MAIL ADVISING ME OF MY SPEED. I can't imagine a situation wherein you could more clearly read my license plate.

    I called the company and faxed them the notice I received. I'm not holding my breath on this one. SAVE YOUR MONEY, THIS PRODUCT IS A TOTAL CLUNKER! I guess I should have figured as much when, in their own advertising, they essentially tell you that you have no way of testing this product but must simply take it on faith....more info
  • 99.9% certainty that the product worked
    I know with 99.9% certainty that the product worked for me about 2 months ago when my wife was trying to stay behind me while we were driving separate vehicles at the intersection of Clinton Highway and Merchants Drive. I came through the light when it was yellow and she came through just as it was turning red. She was following me because she did not know where we were going. I saw the cameras behind me flashing as she came through the intersection and I'm certain one of them was taking a picture of her license plate, and maybe even mine. So far, we haven't received any ticket in the mail....more info
  • great product
    I bought the photoblocker spray about four months ago. When I first bought the spray I applied the spray as directed on the instruction. I took my digital camera and took a picture of my license plate. I tested it several times and my license plate numbers showed up clearly. I was very upset because my wife and two of my kids where averaging 2 tickets a months and I taught I have found a solution for this problem but obviously it didn't work. When I called the company for a refund they told me that you can't test the product at home because it only works with actual photo-radar equipment. They also told me to look at the testing done by Tom Martino from FOX 31 and the Denver police. The result from the Denver police test was very convincing. I sprayed all three of our cars and haven't received any tickets for the last four months. Thanks photoblocker for saving me hundreds of dollars....more info
  • They don't work
    Mythbusters did a whole show on these products. They do not work. Save your money....more info
  • I live in Texas
    I have had Photoblocker on my plates for well over a year. No tickets, and NO YELLOW. Texas plates are also white. You can't tell a difference between my plates and someone else's who may not have it applied.

    I think something else turned your plates yellow. ...more info
  • great stuff

    I saw this product in the Washington Post and went on the website to order a bunch of these things to test. Let me tell you, its great stuff. The spray seems like an extra glossy spray. You put a few coats on it and then viola! You're done. If you want, you can go the extra mile and mount the clear polarized license plate cover on top of it to get extra protection. If you are behind my car, you can see my plate clearly. Heck, w/ the gloss, its even more clear than most other folks. But at certain angles from the side AND top, parts of the license wash out due to a polarized sticker that's on the license plate cover. Great idea!
    ...more info
  • This Product Does Not Do Anything
    I sprayed three coats of this stuff and I recently received a ticket that clearly shows my license plate. I also owned this company's reflective license plate cover. Although it works, it is so obvious that every police officer will know it is on the car....more info
  • excellent product
    Excellent product, thank you for bringing such a product to market. I have been a victim of short yellow lights at traffic intersections and received several tickets in the past two years. I have been using your product for 6 months and have yet to receive one. No news is good news in this case. The 30 dollars I have spent has paid for itself several times. I would defiantly recommend your product....more info
  • Something else to consider
    I know that unfavorable reviews are often not well received, but let's be honest about a problem here . . . Thanks to the educational function of these reviews, police are becoming aware that use of this product will often "TURN PLATES YELLOW". So . . . whether or not you can defeat a photo-radar camera setup, I'm not sure. But in my state you will likely eventually receive a ticket for "Improper Display of Registration Plate", or maybe even a hand written ticket to the tune of "Speeding 58 in a 55 Zone", if you get my drift. Remember that as they meet oncoming traffic at night, patrolmen look at that reflective front plate. If it doesn't reflect back, they'll be taking a second look. I have personal experience that this is true. And if you are involved in a speed related traffic crash, and have telltale signs of this glop on your license plates, well . . . ....more info
  • Product illegally shipped first class mail
    The folks selling this item illegally shipped it first class priority mail.

    The only way to legally ship this via USPS is labeled as hazardous material, marked GROUND SHIPMENT ONLY, with documentation as to the contents. The package had no labelling of any kind to indicate that it contained anything potentially dangerous.

    Priority mail is often carried on commercial airlines, and spray cans are banned from such shipment. I contacted the company, ZUMI45. Michael's complete, word for word response was "WHO CARES?" We'll see if he cares when the postal inspectors slap him with a $5000 fine for shipping hazardous materials illegally.

    Or you can ship this by UPS or other commercial carrier, but they require that anyone shipping stuff like this be HAZMAT trained, and meet complicated requirements, plus they have a $20 surcharge for each such shipment. I deal with Hazmat shipments all the time, so I know that legally shipping stuff is a pain, and illegally shipping this stuff is just plain STUPID, which Michael will realize when the postal inspectors catch up with him and his bank account.

    Oh, yea, the product itself was totally worthless. I tried taking before and after pictures of the plates with a flash, and in both cases the photos are as clear as could be....more info
  • got a ticket
    Got a ticket, my plate was clear as a bell on the picture, did not work. ...more info
  • Does not work
    I applied this to my plates as instructed and got a photo radar ticket.

    This is a ripoff avoid it...more info
  • stop discrediting the product
    whoever is arguing against this product could very well be working with legislative bodies who are out to discredit or discourage use of this product... like the ones who infiltrate file-sharing sites and upload bogus files to disrupt and discourage new users from fully discovering the benefits of a broadband-integrated life....more info
  • great stuff
    I read about photoblocker spray in the Washington Post and went on the website to order a few cans to test. Let me tell you, this is some great stuff. The spray seems like an extra-extra glossy coating. You put a few coats on it and then viola! You're done. If you want, you can go the extra mile and mount the clear polarized license plate cover on top of it to get extra protection. If you are behind my car, you can see my plate clearly. Heck, w/ the gloss, it's even clearer than most other folks'. But at certain angles when the sunlight is reflected off the gloss you can't make out a single character. The reflection is so strong all you see is white blob. What the heck even it saves me from on ticket it's paid for itself. Great idea!...more info