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Altec Lansing iM9 inMotion Mobile Speaker Dock for iPod (Black)
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $64.60

You Save: $35.35 (35%)


Product Description

In less-than-ideal surroundings, you can't count on every room to have concert hall acoustics. The iM9 speaker system is a good choice for the dorm room or any room. It's compact, so it fits just about anywhere and is easy to carry while delivering high-volume, high-quality sound. Shockresistant, rubberized elements ensure durability. It comes with a rugged backpack-style carry bag and it fits, syncs & charges all dockable iPods and links iPod video and iPod photo players to a TV set. An amplified extension of your iPod, the inMotion iM9 replaces headphone listening and delivers high quality, crystal-clear sound. Folds to close at Width 11 x Depth 3 x Height 7.8 inches, 280 mm x 76 mm x 198 mm Input jack for second device connection, including CD & DVD players The compact, lightweight speaker system that goes just about anywhere you want to listen to music Designed to be tough, the inMotion iM9 is durable enough for advanced outdoor use Backpack-style carry bag Dimension - Width 13.27 x Depth 12.48 x Height 6.93 inches, Width 337 mm x Depth 317 mm x Height 176 mm Weight 4 pounds (1.8 kg)

Share your music wherever you go--and we do mean wherever--with the Altec Lansing IM9 portable speaker system for the Apple iPod, which includes a rugged backpack-style carry bag. The iM9 is compact, so it fits just about anywhere and is easy to carry. Shock-resistant, rubberized elements ensure durability. And it fits, syncs and charges all iPod models with dock connector and links iPod with video and iPod photo to your TV. It's compatible with color display iPods, iPod nano, iPod mini, and iPods with a dock connector.

It features an advanced Class D amplifier for maximum power and superior MaxxBass technology for quality bass without a subwoofer. It runs on four C batteries (not included) for more than 24 hours of battery life. Its compact design easily folds close for convenient mobility--and it weighs just 4 pounds. It also offers an input jack for second device connection, including CD and DVD players, and video output for iPod photo and iPod with video

What's in the Box
iM9 speaker system, universal power supply, deluxe backpack, printed user's guide, and quick connect instructions

iPod Compatibility
iPod nano 1G, iPod mini, iPod 3G, iPod 4G (Clickwheel), iPod Color, iPod 5G/5.5G Video

  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G [NOTE: There is no video support for iPod nano 3G or iPod classic 6G.]
  • AC or battery operated
  • Charges iPod while docked
  • Features Maxxbass technology
  • 15mm ported, high-power neodymium earphones

Customer Reviews:

  • Great speaker dock
    I've owned mine for over 2 years now and it still sounds as good as the day I bought it. I don't blast it, so I don't hear the variations in sound that some of the other users describe. I've taken it to many events and we use it outside regularly and I always have someone comment on the sound and quality and wonder where they can get one. Currently on sale for less than $60 - totally worth the price. Get it now!...more info
  • Great iPod speakers!
    I used to plug in my iPod to the stereo speakers in our family room with a $9 splitter cable. But earlier this year, my husband upgraded his Tivo & moved the old one into the family room & there were no more jacks for me to use for the iPod. (BOO! OTOH, it's nice having two Tivos, now, too!) I already had the iM600 speaker dock which is nice for small areas & very portable due to the light weight & rechargeable battery. But for our family room (which is where we do most of our entertaining), the acoustics are not good & the ceiling is about 20 feet high. So the iM600 sounded like "a radio" in that room. So I went on the hunt for something to use when I'm cooking, entertaining or doing housework, since I can no longer hook up my iPod to the speakers. This speaker dock sounds great - it really does "fill up a room" (MUCH more so than the iM600.) I'm not an audiophile, but I do like a good sound. I'm hard pressed to tell the difference between this speaker dock & when I used to use our speakers.

    As others have said, it would be nice to have a remote for this. OTOH, the iM600 has a remote & it seems whenever I want to use it, I have to think a few minutes & figure out where the remote is, unless I velcro it to my body. IMO, remotes are only good when you're "planted." If you're up & about, doing housework, cooking, entertaining, I tend to lose track of the remote anyway, so in one respect, NBD to not have a remote. ...more info
  • Altec Lansing iPod InMotion speaker system
    This system is relatively small, making it very portable and also has the capability of "charging" so that it does not have to be plugged into a wall outlet. The sound is wonderful and extremely clear. A "must" for your iPod. ...more info
  • NOT compatible with 2nd or 3rd gen Ipod Nano!
    What a disappointment. I received this as a Christmas gift. This item is NOT compatible with the 2nd or 3rd generation ipod Nano. You can put the ipod in the docking station but it is loose and moves around every time you adjust it.

    There is a very small green sticker on the box stating "Free adapter available" as the nano adapter included in the box is for 1st generation nano only. But, as another reviewer reported, the website for the company is not active. I found Altec Lansing's technical support number on line (800- 258-3288) and waited 20 minutes to get what seemed to be a lazy, unsympathetic customer service rep. I have low confidence that he got my name & address correct and the company does not give reference #'s for calls. He claimed to be sending out the 2nd generation nano adapter but stated it would take 3 weeks, which will be beyond the 30 day return policy with in the event it doesn't work or doesn't arrive (my gift was purchased in early December). What a mess. Nano buyers beware!

    On top of that, this item is heavy and bulky with no handle for carrying and no remote. The kickstand to set it down falls over more than it should (especially when I have to press on my nano that is not docked properly). The sound quality seems good and I like that it is portable with batteries. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Got it as a X-mas gift and didn't even want to take it out of the box-thought it was gonna be cheesy because of it's size....Boy was I wrong! Great sound and it is way louder than I expected. Nothing like my sister's iBoom-which cracks and sounds distorted! My 80GB fits perfectly even with it's girly "gizmobies" outfit on-I don't have to take it off everytime. Without having to do any research myself-I got lucky! I love it and it's gonna be perfect for home and traveling!!!!...more info
  • Great sound but a little heavy.
    This product puts out great soud for its size but it's a little heavy for travel (5 pounds). But I'll still take it along because the quality of the sound makes it worth it....more info
  • Altec Lansing im9 inmotion mobile speaker dock for ipod (black)
    I am completely impressed and satisfied with my purchase. The sound is rich and full. I recommend this product....more info
  • Doesn't Fit 2nd Gen. Nano
    Despite that Altec Lansing promotes that the IM9 is compatible with iPod Nano; be advised that it does NOT fit the 2nd generation Nano model (with the aluminum case). This misleading information left me wishing I could have given the product a zero rating because the omission made the product unfit for it's intended and advertised purpose for me. It might be a great product but I was unable to judge it's performance because I don't own an iPod the IM9 would accommodate. If like me, you have a 2nd gen. Nano, you're out of luck. I'm surprised to find only one review that mentions this incompatibility. I returned the IM9 to Amazon for credit....more info
  • no better sound
    This little ipod stereo blows the bose away and can run on three c batteries for months. I play mine 16 hours a day at work and everyone thinks that I have an actual hifi stereo system...more info
  • It Makes Me Dance
    once you get it all plugged in, it works like a champ charging my ipod while I exercise in the pool. fun....more info
  • Great design, Poor performance.
    I purchased this for work and home yesterday and will be returning it promptly.

    Pros: Great design. Simple and organanized buttons and functions. Very portable and rugged. Feels well built.

    Cons: Aparantly due to the transformer type they decided to build it with as another reviewer stated, there is defintely a very audible hiss at any volume level with or without a signal.

    In summary, I love the product design and though I really wanted to believe this would perform as good as other lansing products, it plainly fails compared to my older original inmotion speaker when placed side by side.

    I'd only buy this if it were $30 new for trips to the beach, but even at work (construction) I want a better sound. ...more info
  • Awesome Bass and reasonably portable
    I was looking for portable speakers that didn't sound tinny and thin. It was important to me that it had solid base sound and balance on the mid and high end. I listened to these speakers in the Apple store and they blew away everything else I heard in portable speakers. It's a tad heavy, but i think still offers great portability for travel, around the house, your hotel, picnics, whatever. If you want big sound and portability, get this....more info
  • Partial solution to the pop...
    When I first heard it, I knew that it was the one for me. This little guy had much more powerful bass than other things its size. In fact, it's so powerful that it can be a little overbearing unless you turn down the bass in the setting/EQ menu.

    But the thing that I wondered about most was the "pop" when one song ends and another when the next song starts (yeah, it bugged the heck out of me too). I don't hear that from the headphone jack, either on the back of the im9 or in the iPod itself, so I knew it had to be coming from the im9 & amps. Close listening indicated that when the pop happened after the song started, the bass became much more powerful, which indicated to me that the "subwoofer" amp was switching off at the end of the previous song (first pop) and then on after the next song started (second pop).

    What is apparently happening is that the output from the iPod into the im9 is being switched off between songs as the iPod checks the level, which then shuts off the amp. If you turn off the "check level" option way down at the bottom of the settings menu on your iPod, the iPod will not switch off to check the level. That should get rid of most or all of the pop and it made all the difference in my 30GB classic/im9 combo. It still doesn't take all the transition noise away, but it is a noticeable improvement.

    ...more info
  • Pretty good item thus far.
    I purchased this product about 2 weeks ago. So far so good. It is heavy on the bass, but the overall sound is very good, so I can overlook the heavy bass. The carrying case (backpack) is almost too small. The player barely squeezes in and can hardly get the bag zipped. ...more info
  • Awesome Machine
    Great sound; ultra portable; easy to use.
    Perfect! The battery system makes it very
    convenient to use anywhere. Sturdy (so far)~...more info
  • excellent speakers!
    I have been very happy with the sound and the quality of this portable speaker system. Have only been using it a few days, far, so good....more info
  • Outstanding!!!
    I listened to all the units in the apple store. This was by far the best value. GREAT SOUND and $ 35.00 less through Amazon. ...more info
  • Best portable player on the market
    Hands down. I recommend this to every one of my friends. I love it so much that when I lost my first one, I ordered another one the next day. The fact that you can plug it in or pop in some batteries and carry it around is great. It hold you iPod inside it so you don't have to be too careful when you carry it around either. This thing will run off one set of batteries for an extremely long time. I took it to the beach and played it all day everyday and it made it the entire 3 day trip on 1 set of Energizers. Nice batteries do make a difference....more info
  • Perfect portable Speaker System
    I love it! I bought it to use on my motorcyle. I take it with me to work and have had many compliments on it. Excellent sound and volume. I do not understand why when i bought it some of the reveiws said it was not loud enough, WOW, it has lots of volume. If i did not think it had enough volume, i would have not bought it to use on my motorcyle.
    Again I love it!
    Thank You ...more info
  • great sound
    The sound that the speakers generate is great, I've listen to others and nothing comes close to the Im9. With the carring case it goes with me everware I go. Just turn it on and enjoy! ...more info
  • This thing is amazing
    Terrific sound (really terrific), rugged, compact, as simple to use as it gets. As shipped, none of the holders will work quite right with the Ipod Nano G2 (2nd generation). However, you can still fit the G2 in there without any trouble. I got on Altec Lansing's website, and sure enough, they have the G2 adapter available and are shipping it to me free of charge with free shipping. I couldn't be happier. info
  • Awesome Item
    This Portable Speaker System Rocks! Ok-Seriously-You want really good feedback-here it is. It sounds better then any of the Ipod Docking stereo systems out there. We tested them all out between the Apple store and Target which carries the Ihome line. It even sounds better then the Apple machine or the Bose system. I take it all over the place. My wife cleans an 18 Bedroom/18 bathroom estate each week and she can listen to all of her favorite downloads/podcasts,etc. all over the home. It sounds and looks great. It has preformed better then we had imagined. Enjoy your purchase....more info
  • Great Ipod Speaker system
    Great deal for the $. I was really impressed with the sound quality, volume, and durability but a little too much bass at lower volumes. I would recommend this too friends....more info
  • Superb package, but the sound....
    Those looking for a reasonably priced iPod speaker system may find themselves finding this well-rated bit of machinery, and it certainly gives a feeling of solidity. The reassuring heft combines with an elegantly simple design to house a pair of two-way speaikers, in black (perhaps to go wtih the new black video iPods). It comes with an attractive nylon carrying case so you can take the speakers safely on trips.

    Set-up is complicated by the rather poor instruction booklet, which offers no visual guide to setting up the universal power jack or using the unit itself. A secret: go to the Altec Lansing website, and download a PDF of detailed visual instructions. Using this visual guide, putting the speakers together is (literally) a snap. The system comes with separate plastic sleeves to fit the various sizes of iPods, so don't worry if you own an iPod mini. However, if you have an older iPod (like a third generation), you'll be out of luck. If you use a rubber protector for everyday use, you'll have to remove it each time you use the speakers. (Some may know what an ordeal this can be.) This iM9 has a plastic prop that keeps it upright, but it doesn't take much to flip the speaker on its back; the prop could be better designed.

    You can power the iM9 with the provided external jack, or with batteries. If you use the latter, you'll find it convenient to use recharegables.

    But what about the sound? The iM9 uses the input jack on the bottom of your iPod. As a result, you will not be able to change your EQ settings on the run - an important issue for anyone with picky tastes in sound. Settings like Electronic or Treble Boost, for example, won't be available to you. For most, this isn't an issue, but every potential owner should know this before buying. It's recommended you use the iPod's Sound Check option to make certain the volume levels remain even on Shuffle Mode.

    The sound is very similar to the Sennheiser HD580 headphones - that is, solid detail through its range, with a mid=range that's warm and inviting, and bass that veers ever so close to bass boost without stepping over the boundary. Obviously, this speaker system lacks transparency, but aims for a richer sound. Since you're using the iPod's bottom input, the sound balance cannot be changed.

    Certainly, many have (and will) probably find this system perfectly satisfactory, but it's strongly recommended that you sample the iM9's sound (if you can) with your own mix of songs before buying. ...more info
  • Good Sound Poor Usability
    My wife received this as a Christmas gift from her parents. The sound is very good, easily fills our bedroom with a clean crisp sound. However, there are a few design flaws. First there is no feedback in the volume control. The system should either have more feedback in the button - feel the incremental change - or a visual feedback - volume display. When the button is pushed there is no way to tell what is happening except from sound and ears are slow to detect change. Second - having to push both speaker power and iPod power is redundant and cumbersome. Should only need to push one power button to drive the system. Third - does not auto-off in AC mode. If I play only one album/playlist/artist etc on the iPod, the system should recognize when the music is done and turn off. I find the blue light anoying at night in an otherwise dark roon. Finally, although not specifically a design issue, it should come with a remote.

    Buy for the portability and sound, do not buy for usability....more info
  • Great Value
    This is a very good speaker for the price and I would highly recommend it if you want a portable and versatile ipod dock. However, it is not in the same league as the Bose (not that it should be for the price). Overall sound quailty is good but the bass is a little boomy. It is better than I expected for the money and I would definitely recommend it and buy another. The only downside is no remote but again I bought this for a portable player and it was not required but if you are buying one that will mostly sit in a room I think you need a remote....more info
  • Altec Lansing im9 inmotion mobile speaker dock for ipod (black)
    I am completely impressed and satisfied with my purchase. The sound is rich and full. I recommend this product....more info