Malibu Outdoor Metal Bollard Four-Light Solar Powered Light Kit #LZ635RP4/LZ635RPL4
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Product Description

Utilizing the latest LED technology, the Malibu outdoor metal bollard four-light solar-powered light kit provides light to mark entrances, walkways and darkened areas at night. The fixture stays on up to 10 hours. The remote solar panel provides more power than typical solar lights and can be conveniently placed anywhere. The sun charges the batteries by day and turns on automatically at night with no wiring or cost to operate. Each fixture comes with two LED lights and three NiMH AA rechargeable batteries. The clear, impact resistant globe provides long-lasting durability.With black metal construction in a bollard style and a bright white LED bulb, the fixture adds beauty, security, and safety to your yard.

What's in the Box
Four bollard-style fixtures, four 20-foot power leads, solar panel, and rechargeable batteries.

  • Landscape light kit includes 4 solar-powered, bollard-style path lights with ground stakes; solar collection panel; and 4 20-foot cords for connecting lights to panel
  • Position solar panel for maximum sunlight absorption while placing lights a cord's length away--even in shady areas; panel measures 6-by-5-1/2-by-4.125 inches (length-width-height)
  • Bollard lights stand 8-14 inches tall with a diameter of 2-1/2 inches, are constructed from high-quality aluminum with a black finish, and contain two LEDs behind clear glass
  • Lights turn on automatically in darkening conditions and run up to 10-15 hours continuously when fully charged
  • No electrical wiring or cost to operate; each light powered by three 1,200 mAh NiMH AA solar-rechargeable batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for accent lighting
    The setup instructions were clear, and the product works well. But the amount of light from each fixture is minimal. These solar lights are good for guiding someone down a driveway, but not for accent or safety lighting....more info
  • Work and work well!
    Those little lights are great. They are bright, stay lite for most of the night (8pm until 5:30am - they get a bit dimmer at this hour) and are built really well....more info
  • Great style.....Defective product
    The product design and styling is great; Metal bollards appear to be very sturdy. Lots of wire allows these to be spaced up to 20 ft apart. 2 of the 4 lights were defective out of the box. These are decorative only, the 2-LED light sources are not strong enough to illuminate a walkway. NI-MH batteries need full sun most of the day to charge....more info
  • Great Flexability AAA+++
    One of the best kits for areas that have a lot of shade, I was able to mount the solar panal on the side of my garage to take advantage of full sun exposure....more info
  • High quality cases, but very dim light
    I have several LED flashlights that produce a pretty good beam. So, I was disappointd with the amount of light these lights emit.
    The lamp cases are superb. They look very expensive.
    But if you are looking for illumination, there are much better choices....more info
  • Top Quality for Bargin Price
    Already owned one set purchased from Home Depot, wanted another, but Home Depot could/would not reorder. Looked online and at time of purchase the price for this set of lights ranged from Amazom quoted price up to over $129.00 per set. Bingo! Sets perform beyond expectation but can be increased with (1) better batteries, paid for by the savings on the purchase price from Amazon, and (2) lining the interior of the bollard housing with aluminium reflecting adhesive duct tape...this takes 10 minutes. Bingo! Almost a third more light. And, charge lasts all night, at the very least, with proprer placement of the solar panel in direct afternoon sunlight. Effortless to install. I bought two sets....more info
  • very pleased
    Bought these last year but as we were moving, we only set them up recently. We're very pleased with them and plan to order another set, but they're now selling for twice as much as we bought them so we're waiting. They are very elegant and simple, the construction is solid and they look very pretty in our garden. They're a snap to install. We prefer the white-blue light to the yellow you often find with these lights. We did replace the batteries with others of better quality....more info
  • Great Little Lights
    We have bollard lights in front of our house. It was easy to run wiring and hook-ups there. The back of the house was more difficult. These solar lights were the perfect answer and the style matches what is in front...great! I followed others' recommendations to invest in more powerful batteries and to line the cylinder with aluminum foil. Super ideas. I was astonished that, after one day of sunshine, they lit up and have done so every night since. ...more info
  • Not that happy with this
    It works great, provides light all night long, but the plastic spikes do not go far into the groud on the hard soil we have here. I thought the spikes were metel. That's only my real complaint, I all ready have a broken one and will have to replace it with something to keep it like it should be....more info
  • Great lights for outdoor decor
    I bought these lights based on the price at the time and on previous reviews. After I had set them up during the day,later in the evening I was surprised to see what great lights they were. They are not bright but soft and adds a nice touch to any garden....more info
  • Beautilful Blazing Bright Bollards
    I bought two sets of 4 each to place in front of the house. There is plenty of wire length and I like the way these lights can be connected in different ways (series or parallel). I was nervous for two days, thinking I was going to have to send them back since they did not light up. I even checked to see if they came with batteries (they did). The third day, they all lit up very brightly and have been working well ever since. They are a great enhancement to the flower gardens in front of the house and at $30 per set, a real bargain. Not cheap plastic, real metal! ...more info
  • Great Product
    This Product is a light saver. Works great just like the ones by the pool in Key West I remember. Thanks Gary...more info
  • Good for Decoration and Ambient Lighting... Only
    I got a great deal on these (1/3 of current) awhile ago from the Gold Box for my new place, and I'm glad I did. It comes with 4 rechargeable AA batteries that fit under the solar panel. The solar panel has 4 ports to plug the lights into, and you can also chain them from light to light very easily and effectively. The lights themselves are made of sturdy aluminum/metal with a glass lens, which look and feel high-quality.

    On the first night, I was only able to get it under the sunlight for 2 hours, so it gave off a very feint glow. However, with only about 5~6 hours of direct Californian sunlight the next day, it was bright enough to light the pathway leading up to the front porch the same evening. It held the charge well, and my guests thought they looked pretty nice =) Note that while they look great and are bright enough to light the pathway, they may not be strong enough as the only source of light for your visitors.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with them - for the price I paid. Retail seems a bit high IMHO, but if you are looking to decorate your lawn or walkways with some white, high-quality ambient lights, these are a good choice....more info
  • Love them!
    I bought set about a week ago. I have to say, I am impressed. I have many other solar lights in my gardens but these are to light pathway to my door. The light is more than than I had expected, I am buying another set. They are great!...more info
  • Think twice before you invest in these
    I bought 2 sets of these lights about 14 months ago. After spending an afternoon setting them up, including digging and laying the wires for them, I found that they were dimly lit after a few days of charging. They never got any better. In addition, one set quit working after the first month. The second set: 1/2 the lights (2) stopped working 11 months later. They are useless and a waste of my time, finances, and aggravating to boot. I am sure many people are happy with them. I have had no luck with them and will be investing in electric lights now....more info