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Bigger isn't always better, but for anyone who enjoyed Pitch Black, a nominal sequel like The Chronicles of Riddick should prove adequately entertaining. Writer-director David Twohy returns with expansive sets, detailed costumes, an army of CGI effects artists, and the star he helped launch--Vin Diesel--bearing his franchise burden quite nicely as he reprises his title role. The Furian renegade Riddick has another bounty on his head, but when he escapes from his mercenary captors, he's plunged into an epic-scale war waged by the Necromongers. A fascist master race led by Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), they're determined to conquer all enemies in their quest for the Underverse, the appeal of which is largely unexplained (since Twohy is presumably reserving details for subsequent "chronicles"). With tissue-thin plotting, scant character development, and skimpy roles that waste the talents of Thandie Newton (as a Necromonger conspirator) and Judi Dench (as a wispy "Elemental" priestess), Twohy's back in the B-movie territory he started in (with The Arrival), brought to vivid life on a vast digital landscape with the conceptual allure of a lavish graphic novel. But does Riddick have leadership skills on his resum¨¦? To get an answer to that question, sci-fi fans will welcome another sequel. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • For the Necromonger in you!
    by far my favorite vin diesel film especally with the return of Keith David as well, this is the 2nd installment of the chronicles of riddick series and the best one *until the 3rd movie release this year*
    I own the regular version and unrated special ed dvd and yet I HAD to buy the umd for the portability and ability to plug the psp into your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/insert friend/insert relative
    a great item for taking on vacations etc.
    superb for watching on a plane to pass the time quickly. this is an absolute must for psp owners because it's one of the best films on the psp. buy it here and now before it's too late. feed the Necromonger in you, keep what you kill and snag these films.
    The film starts with someone (riddick looking a bit more furry then usual) running from a pursuing ship full of Mercs.
    then riddick finds out there is a new bounty on his head and this time from the very holy man he took off that planet, he only told one man where he might go.
    so off to planet helion prime (the planet of light) to confront the holy man (keith david) and find out why he has put a bounty upon him after saving his life.
    riddick finds outfrom an elemental race that a sinister force only known as the "necromongers" are coming to "convert" or "kill" everyone everywhere unless riddick can stop them. sometimes it requires good to fight evil. and to fight a great evil sometimes you must use a greater evil.
    a 5 star film all the way!

    Buy the 1st film Pitch Black: the chronicles of riddick here.(UMD for PSP)
    Pitch Black - The Chronicles of Riddick

    AND buy the Chronicles of Riddick Here! (UMD for PSP)
    The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) (UMD Mini For PSP)

    get em both I did.
    ...more info
  • Good review
    The previous review it good except for one falsehood - the opening menu. Fight is the short, theatrical version - convert is the extended version. I didn't realize this myself until after having this disk for almost a year....more info
  • The Chronicles of Riddick

    This is one of my favorite movies, if you are a Vin Diesel fan
    you can't go wronge with The Chronicles of Riddick. The action
    and special effects are great.

    Barbara...more info
    I must confess, this movie is a guilty pleasure. I mean just to see Diesel and the great Judy Dench in the same sceen is worth the DVD purchase. This movie is very well done, the special effects are first rate and the story is fascinating. I had not seen Pitch Black so i was a bit lost at first, but the movie gets you up to speed quickly. I didnt go into this movie expecting much, so i was shocked at how well i liked it. The DVD extras are good, they explain some of the back ground on the characters and locations, which i appreciated, because the movie moves fast. Highly recommended, especially if your into sci fi, though frankly if you are, you've probably seen this movie a million times, verdad?...more info
  • Regarding The Chronicles of Riddick
    Fans of science fiction literature and cinema will surely appreciate the aesthetics of The Chronicles of Riddick, but the film itself has little to offer the viewer in terms of innovation or substance....more info
  • From Criminal to King
    I didn't think a movie like pitch black would ever have a sequel, but they pulled it off. The Chronicles of Riddick is a sci-fi thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, at first I was like, another stupid sequel, but after I saw it, I was hooked, I must have watched this movie 70 or 80 times since I got it back in September. Vin Diesel delivers an explosive performance as Riddick, awesome fight scenes, a must have for your personal movie library. I'm hoping there will be a part 3: "Riddick Takes Over". But until then I'll continue to watch this one till I learn all the words....more info
  • Very Entertaining
    This is the sequel to Pitch Black and wow, was it good.

    My husband and I watched it together and we were both thoroughly entertained by the effects, the characters, and the storyline. Although there were some parts that I thought were just plain silly like (SPOILER) Riddick and Jack trying to prove who was the better killer (END SPOILER SECTION), overall it was a good movie. Not a deep, oscar-worthy movie, but good enough to watch and recommend to others....more info
  • The Necromongers Are Coming! The Necromongers Are Coming!...
    Vin Diesel is back as Riddick, savior of the universe, in this titanic sci-fi blowout! He's not just up against hordes of flesh-stripping monsters this time around. Nope, this time he's stumbled into the middle of a galactic takeover. Riddick must somehow face the Necromongers, an army of planet-killing warriors, bent on converting all to their insane religion or simply wiping out those who dare to resist. Riddick appears to be up against an unstoppable force here! Fortunately, he's also got a destiny that even he knows nothing about. Riddick is here for a reason. His very purpose is tied to this overwhelming army of zealots! The Necromongers have messed with the wrong guy! THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is big, loud, and very entertaining. Highly recommended... ...more info
  • Hd-dvd transfer is awesome. 5 stars plus
    The best sci-fi movie of all time. great story. great action. Guns, swords the works. This is a must own....more info
  • Sci-Fi Heaven. 84 out of 100.
    The Chronicles of Riddick is sci-fi heaven. This movie has it all. An awesome anti hero/hero. Evil villians that are unique/half deads, trying to conquer planets for a dark, dark side. Brutal fight scenes. Plenty of goodies for the space addict including great ship/world designs, unique planets, etc.

    On my list of best sci-fi of all time, this flick is in the top ten. It is the complete package, and brings a much needed darker space opera world to the big screen.

    Call the Chronicles of Riddick the anti-Star Wars, if you will. I mean that as a compliment. I love Star Wars, but this is definately the anti-hero version. The Chronicles of Riddick is gritty, dark and intense. There are no "beww, beww" laser beams here. Nope. The good and bad guns fire hefty guns, and carry knives and axes. Here's hoping that 2-3 more Riddick films make their way to the screen.

    Total Score (out of 100) = 84

    43 (out of 50). Enjoyment. A rating based on my overall enjoyment of the film.
    6 (out of 10). Acting. How good was the acting?
    8 (out of 10). Immersion. Did the movie suck me into the story?
    8 (out of 10). Intangibles. Special effects. Movie pace. Is the movie forgettable, or something you will talk about and remember for weeks? Years?
    10 (out of 10). Must see. Is this movie worth seeing/renting?
    9 (out of 10). Must buy. Is this movie a must buy/purchase?...more info
  • It's An Animal Thing
    Ok, so most of what passes for science fiction in movies is merely amped up fantasy tricked up with some really cool hardware and ultra flashy readouts. And maybe this Riddick dude is actually some sort of galactic Conan. But so what? As much as the snob in me was loathe to bother giving this a look, the pure primal entertainment junkie that occupys my soul could not help being amazed. Action packed and spectacular. How I wish either version of Dune and its boresome sequel were on a par with this offering. Grandiose effects, superb lighting cinematography, a thrillingly heroic score, sets and costumes and altogether suitably melodramatic acting and, and...ahh, you get the idea. I cannot wait to find out what happens next!
    If enough of you other animals out there agree, let's help make it happen! Are you with me?...more info
  • Better than the movie
    This movie actually put me to sleep. The original movie, Pitch Black, was a terrific movie and I've watched it several times. While Pitch Black had a tight story that comes from what had to be a fairly low budget, this one was too long and difficult to follow the story, typical of a big budget movie that was only trying to milk the original story....more info
  • best HD DVD transfer available
    The more times I watched this movie, the more I appreciate how interesting and unique it is. It is true no-compromise sci-fi for fans of the genre. The extra scenes on the DVD help flesh out the movie as well.

    About the HD DVD transfer. It is the best one on the market for the Toshiba player. I have about ten HD DVD movies and have been very disappointed with a lot of the transfers. Not sure if its the compression some use or the original source material. Most don't do the format justice. This is the HD DVD that I use to show off the system. It has amazing clarity. They took their time and did it right....more info
    it's hard for a sequal to get anywhere near as good as the first one, or in some cases surpass it as well. well this one almost did for me. pitch black and the chronicles of riddick are both so different, but are still along the same lines. the chronicles was very good, i didn't think it was going to be such a big deal, but i'm glad i was wrong. vin diesel, does what he does best. the big action hero, with an "i don't care about anybody but myself" attitude returns for some more. he's a great actor, and these are the kinds of movies he should do, because all eyes are on him the whole time. the follow up story was good as well. a few years later he's back and only he can save the world. he meets up with an old friend, and together they must beat this leader of the half dead necromongers. he finds love, but at what a cost. in the end good must prevail over evil. great movie, fantastic scenes, and riddick does it again. i want more....more info
  • riddick
    I received my order quickly. It always seems like I'm getting a gift, even though I pay for it. I mean there it is wrapped up in the mailing packaging. is it my movie. something else? surprise....It's my movie. better pop it in my hd dvd player. Also this place is one of the last places to find hd dvd movies. Thank you amazon!!! The movie by the way was in great condition. has extra footage to actually help you understand the movie better. very creative. I hope they continue the series....more info
    I must admit at first I didn't like CHRONICLES. But little by little the movie grew on me. I kept coming back and re-watching the DVD many times a year. Honestly, I didn't realize I was even doing it.

    Every time I re-watch CHRONICLES, I pick up something I missed the previous 30-40 times I watched it. The movie is different and now I've come to see the genius of the writer who made this film. CHRONICLES was ahead of its time. It's a thinking film with a big budget. It is definitely darker with no moral goals like Star Trek. It's like Mad Max in outer space.

    I can see why this movie did better on video. It is a movie you have to buy because you'll need to rewatch it a few dozen times to get the whole picture. It is too overwhelming and thought provoking to get in just one sitting. At first, you won't like it because you won't understand most it the first time. You need to watch it again and again.

    This is just my opinion. I can't wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray for a great price.

    ...more info
  • The Bigest Piece Of Crap Ive Ever Seen
    Pitch Black was no masterpiece but atleast it had some mystery and maintained some moments of unpredictability. here in this suposed sequel we have an over blown big budget sequel that doesnt resemble the original in anyway.

    this sequel takes place some years after the events of the first movie. this time around Riddick is on the run from some mercenaries who want to capture him alive. Riddick in search of refugee finds help from one of the survivors of the first movie Abu "Imam" al-Walid (Keith David) it seems the refugee is futile, this is due to the unexpected attack by some outlanders known as Necromongers; their task is to conquer,conquer like the romans..funny thing is they are dressed in a similiar fashion.

    anyways the movie does have some good points,such as descent visual effects,nicely choreographed fight scenes. but the rest is stupidity beyond imagination. the acting is stale,the lines are that of someone with no experience. the ending is abrupt and tedious. Its beyond me how both Thandie Newton and Judi Dench acepted to work in this garbage. as i said the effects are cool,so is the designing of the whole movie...but thats it;the remaining of the film is just crap and more crap. the editing is also very cheap..which is wierd for a big budget movie like this one. just watch it if you are a fan of the first,dont exprect a masterpiece,expect a dumb sci-fi movie.

    MY PERSONAL RATING: 1 OUT OF 5...more info
  • A Late Review For One of My Favorites
    At the outset I will admit that I am really late with this review of this movie. I won't go into all the detail about the movie, as there has been many others who have already done that. What I can tell you is that this is the kind of movie that people either really love or really hate.

    If you are expecting a completely fast paced action movie, this is not that kind of movie. If you are expecting part 2 to be exactly like Pitch Black, this is not that kind of movie. What this movie is would be best summed up as a continuation of the lives of the 3 characters who survived the events of Pitch Black. I liked it as a sequel as it didn't get into revisiting the alien planet, but instead you now see what the universe from this time period is like. You also see more of what drives the characters as they interact with each other.

    I had a friend who didn't like this film mainly because he wanted them to go back to the alien planet from Pitch Black. He essentially wanted them to do the Alien and Aliens franchise. Based on Pitch Black doing something like that would have made no sense. So I for one am glad that they did not try to remake Aliens. I like the idea of taking the same characters and continuing on, since it is more realistic that their lives would not revolve around a planet where the aliens would only come out when it was night.

    I liked this movie as an adventure more than just an action movie. Thus the additional scenes in the Director's Cut seem to explain things that wouldn't make sense without the additional 15 minutes that were added. I never saw the theatrical release, but based on the director's commentary the missing scenes really helped the movie. I also liked the special effects with the environments, since they looked really good and played into the mood of the movie. I also felt that this movie was more character driven and was also similar to the Greek tragedies. This is especially true in the context of Riddick not really being a typical good guy, but more of an anti-hero.

    Some people say they didn't like the movie because it had no plot. To each their own, but I felt it had more plot than Pitch Black. I liked Pitch Black, but I wouldn't want to see a part 2 with the same Aliens and the same planet. Also, Chronicles to me had various plot elements found in Greek tragedies. It also can related to those who study Roman history as the Necromongers almost resemble elements of the Roman army. Also, this is a sci-fi movie so when people say certain parts of the movie are unbelievable, the question becomes how many sci-fi movies are actually believable?

    You may have to rent the Chronicles of Riddick, Dark Fury cartoon in order to transition from Pitch Black to the Chronicles of Riddick. There are events that are somewhat explained in Dark Fury that help understand this movie. There is also a video game called Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay that explains things for both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick.

    I have watched this movie a number of times and I still enjoy watching it with the slow build up to the main point of the movie. This may not work for everyone, but it really did for me. I felt myself feeling connected to the characters, even the bad ones. The last fight scene is interesting in that it is different in terms of execution from typical action movies i.e. good guy mops the floor with bad guy for most of the fight. Watch it and see how Riddick transitions from being the one in control, to not having control, and at the very end gaining more control than he expected at a heavy price.

    I really hope they make another Chronicles of Riddick. This type of movie has the potential to do a number of additional films or such....more info
  • Riddick Part Three
    Got the three Riddick movies as a gift and watched all three over the weekend. I can't believe I liked them so well. I enjoyed this third Riddick storyline best of the three. It is very different than the first movie and the cartoon middle tale. The scenery on each planet visited is beautiful but very different than the other settings. Riddick's character has grown. So has Jack's. (I wish they could have used the same actress as the first movie.) This movie is less the immediate danger of fighting monsters and more about religion and old-style conquering. Riddick prevails in the end, and I think we are set up for more sequels. Yay! I am looking forward to them....more info
  • Watch this movie twice to soak it all in....
    The first time I seen this movie, I was amazed and abit confused. After watching it a second time, I understood everything it was trying to portray.
    I was simply blown away. Great action, great special effects, great storyline. I could go on and on about this movie, but I would be cutting into your valuble time of watching it. Sequel or not, this is the best Sci-fi film I have ever seen!...more info
  • Is this sci fi or is it just an updated version of Islam?
    As I watched this movie and its major religion gone bad theme, I was reminded of Islam and their quest to conquer the world and convert you and me. Muslims are the original Necromongers! What an uncanny parallel between the Necromongers and our Muslim neighbors.

    Islam means to submit, or else! This movie deals with forced conversion of everybody all over the galaxy. In Islam, those not part of the faith are to be converted, or subjugated, or put to the sword. In this movie, you become a Necromonger or you die! Islam is trying to wipe out the infidel (those in the west especially Jews and Christians), the Necromongers are trying to do the same. The Necromongers practice intergalactic genocide, as I write, Muslims have been killing Christians by the truck load in Africa.

    Watching this movie after recently reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And The Crusades) was very startling.
    ...more info
  • SLICK....
    This sequel-of-sorts to Pitch Black finds Riddick (Diesel) arriving on New Mecca, there to battle an invading empire of Borg-style Necromongers (!), aliens who seek to eradicate the entire human race. If it's slick, stylish and slightly bonkers sci-fi you're after, this one will fit the bill.
    ...more info
  • frani's rev.
    Great flick! Wonderful effects, great cast, good story. Cant wait until the third installment. f...more info
  • Good mileage from Diesel
    This is a popcorn flick, but well above average. Its really a re-working of Flash Gordon but with Flash being "meaned-up" and without a big camp sound-track. Which is a shame really. Oh, by the way, this review is a bit spoilerish, so if you are sensitive to plot details, look away now.

    The plot starts with Riddick being hunted by Hellboy who is a Bounty Hunter. Failing to track down any coconut flavoured chocolate bars, he turns his attention to Riddick who has spent the last 5 years on the Planet Chillywilly 5, playing the steel drums in a Caribbean calypso band. Riddick promptly offs the crew and steals the ship leaving them only some jerk chicken and a chorus of "Island in the Sun" as he zooms off into the ether. He is soon to bump into the baddies.

    The baddies, the "Necromongers" (who thankfully didn't hail from an aquatic planet which would have made them the less terrifyingly named "Fishmongers", "We carry the word of Cod"!) are so remorseless, they are like the Borg from Star trek without the wooden tennis racket, long permed hair and headband. And like the Borg (the tennis player, not the Star Trek ones) they are cool and remorseless in their quest to destroy civilisation. The whole quest is a little vague, the main bloke once went on his holidays to a place called the "Underverse" and thought it would be a cracking wheeze for everyone else in the Galaxy to go there whether they like it or not. You know, a bit like that place in The Beach that got ruined when everyone wanted to go there after the film. Anyway....

    The assault on the main planet at the start is fantastic, with the lacklustre French like defenders collapsing weakly within a day of the attack. Riddick who had been unfortunately caught up in the invasion when he had stopped off for a packet of cigarettes, zaps a couple of the Necromongers and in a quite hilarious sequence takes down one of their baddest boys with no effort whatsoever.

    Escaping the Necros, Riddick is recaptured by Hellboy and they all whiz off to a prison planet called Crematoria, and bloody brilliant it is as well. Its all hot and that. And the guards are really mean, and Riddick and his youthful Ward (from Pitch Black, but I don't think it was the same actress) escape and then they go and have a bit fight with the Necromongers and Riddick kills the main chap, King Necro the 32nd or something ands they becomes King Necro the 33rd or something like that. Then get this, he has command of the entire army of millions of serious Necromongers who have nothing to do with themselves now. The comedy possibilities are endless. Riddick turns up at restaurants and then refuses to pay as he can destroy the entire planet when faced with an irascible Maitre'D, it really needed the Queen sound track though...
    ...more info
  • Riddick is one bad mutha... SHUT YO MOUTH!
    This is a great sci-fi popcorn flick. If you go in expecting Shakespeare, then you may be disappointed, but if you're looking for action and AWESOME special effects, with an interesting science fiction premise, then you'll be in heaven. The HD-DVD looks great, and this movie is an awesome showcase for the fidelity of HD-DVDs....more info
  • You keep what you kill
    "Pitch Black" was a brilliant piece of sci-fi -- dark, brutal, eerie, bloody and full of moral quandaries.

    But even when you don't compare "The Chronicles of Riddick" to "Pitch Black," the former comes out lacking. It's a ponderous, bloated expanse of special effects, with a plot that is stretched to the breaking limit. They're just hoping audiences don't notice.

    After killing off some pursuing mercenaries, Riddick finds that someone has put a bounty on finding him -- it's Imam, the man he saved in "Pitch Black." When Riddick arrives on Helion Prime, Imam and the Elemental Aereon (Judi Dench) explain why: the death-worshiping Necromongers are sweeping through the galaxy, destroying whomever they don't convert.

    And when the Necromongers invade Helion Prime, Riddick learns that he is a Furian -- and that it was prophesied that a Furian would kill the Necromonger Marshal (Colm Feore), the "Holy Half-Dead." He escapes the Necromongers, and has himself shipped to a brutal prison world where Jack/Kyra (Alexa Davalos) is being held captive. But even with her help, he may not be able to defeat an army of death-worshiping warriors.

    Basically, "The Chronicles of Riddick" is an extension of the story in "Pitch Black," but grown much more bloated and self-important. In fact, there's a very basic, simplistic plot once you strip away the creepy visuals and CGI -- and an end that just feels like "To Be Continued."

    It has to be admitted, there are some truly great creepy moments -- panoramic views of burning planets, high-octane chases, and the eerie use of half-dead corpses as communicators (although it gets silly when they start screeching "KILL THE RIDDICK!") and even kissing through them. Weird, freaky stuff.

    Unfortunately, overdone CGI is spread as thickly as peanut butter on this movie, and much of it is less than convincing. The scriptwriters also got lazy in places, loading down the dialogue with excruciatingly lame dialogue ("I'll kill you with my teacup") and a distinct lack of plot for long stretches.

    As usual, Vin Diesel can't act -- he basically smirks and growls his way through, just as he did in "Pitch Black." But he can't, can't, can't pull off some of those cheesy one-liners ("It's been a long time since I smelled beautiful").

    The Necromongers aren't much better, although the idea of a death-worship religion is intriguingly original, but Feore is just a basic baddie, Thandie Newton is a 2-D vamp, and Karl Urban just seems totally confused by what's going on. At least there's Judi Dench, even if she seems as confused as Urban.

    "Chronicles of Riddick" is both too much and too little -- too much action and CGI, too little plot and dialogue. Sister, they didn't know what to do with just one Riddick movie....more info
  • Plenty of World, Not Enough Depth
    Vin Diesel reprises his role as Riddick in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. The character first came to life in the movie PITCH BLACK. In the first movie, Riddick is portrayed as a cold-hearted killer who happens to have the skills to get himself and a few survivors off a deadly world. In CHRONICLES, he gets remade into a brooding loner/anti-hero whose destiny is to save worlds. It's a huge step, and not one most moviegoers -- including fans -- can take in a single swallow.

    On the other hand, the upgrade to cutting-edge computer generated imagery is absolutely stellar. When you see Helion Prime and the other worlds and sets on the screen, the tendency is to believe that they really exist. The world just comes across as incredibly real.

    The problem is that the film is somewhat lackluster, depending on the star power of Diesel (not a bad bet) and some of the other supporting actors and actresses to move the story along. Unfortunately, not much character comes to light. Riddick is busy telling everybody that the fight with the Necromongers (who come entirely too close to the Borg from Star Trek for my liking) isn't his. He tells them this while standing in the doomed city the Necromongers are currently taking over. Talk about timing!

    Personally if I'd been Riddick, I'd have just found a new place to hide and disappeared for another five years.

    Still, the film delivers on more than the CG and visual splash. There are plenty of over-the-top fights and near-death escapdes that will keep you in your seat waiting to see how it all turns out.

    There's a cliffhanger of an ending, though, but Diesel has stated that there will be two more films in the Riddick continuity. He hasn't said when those will be coming out. But for a B-grade SF movie night with your buddies and a generous portion of whiz-bang graphics to show off your new HD DVD player, you can't go wrong with this movie....more info
  • Exceptionally good
    This movie isn't perfect....but when you have only two hours to put together a cohesive narrative about a universe so complex, things get dicey.

    As it stands, CoR is probably not the best sequel for Pitch fact it's a genre departure of collosal proportions, revealing a universe which is almost infinitely more complex than the very restricted one seem in Pitch Black. PB was a man vs. nature type Alien horror movie. CoR is a sci-fi mythology...showing the bigger picture of where Riddick's destiny lies, as well some interesting clues into into his origins.

    In the process, you get a glimpse into a universe which has a richness and complexity rarely seen in modern sci-fi space opera. It's a world in which medieval gothic motifs blend in seamlessly with futuristic steel and machinery....a world where magic and the supernatural meld in effortlessly with the science. The result is a movie which is hard to categorize...and yet is compelling enough that you want to learn more about it.

    On the surface it's a story about balance, but adds the twist that enacter of balance (Riddick) is himself not so very balanced. Billed as an anti-hero, Riddick is really hard to pin down....however, the viewer knows deep down that he is just the hero...driven by passion and hatred, but also ultimately caring for the ones he loves.

    Vin Diesel does a remarkably good job in the movie reprising his tough guy criminal Riddick, but he's also helped by a superb supporting cast. The dialogue in this movie is interesting and well paced. The effects and action are well orchestrated. Understanding the movie requires multiple viewings, and watching the Director's Cut is a explains a lot of backstory.

    Most of my friends panned this movie...for various reasons. Some simply had it in for Diesel, some wanted to see Pitch Black II, and some simply didn't understand it. Whatever the case, when I saw it, I was very impressed, impressed enough to buy the DVD and watch it multiple times....more info
  • Mediocre
    Pitch Black was great. It was edgy and had a tight narrative. Director's cut or theatrical cut: Chronicles of Riddick was bloated, slow, and just flat out mediocre. Not a bad movie but average all-round. I don't know if making a PG-13 movie was intended to bring in more of a broad audience, but it definitely lost out on the hard core sci-fi fans from Pitch Black....more info
  • Exciting and entertaining flick
    I enjoyed this movie although I wasn't familiar with Riddick from my sci-fi reading--I assume it's an idea from the graphic novel genre. The story visually and thematically combines elements of Egyptian theology, Greek iconography, and good old Roman military theory and ideals, along with some tried and true elements derived from traditional fantasy and science fiction. Along with the stunning visual effects, the result is a visually appealing and action filled movie that held my interest for the full two hours.

    I don't know who designed all the sets or the visuals, but he did a spectacular job, and the whole the movie has a unified and consistent look that is very convincing. The prison world is also very well done. The escape scene on the prison world where they show the effects of the deadly solar terminator is just terrific. Vin Diesel is perfect in the role of Riddick and seemed made for the part. Overall, I thought this was an exciting and entertaining movie based on the Riddick story line that I'm sure won't disappoint the fans. I give it four stars here, but really, I think it rates four and a half....more info
  • Riddickulous
    If you're looking for a truly entertaining and well developed sci-fi movie, watch Pitch Black, the first movie in this series. The first film explores an alien world with lethal creatures and pits survivers of a crashed space ship against them and one another. Great characters, visuals, and story. Chronicles doesn't hit even close to the high marks of the first film.

    Chronicles can most easily be summed up as a brainless sci-fi action adventure popcorn flick. Even the impressive visuals cannot save this film with its sub-par acting, bad dialogue and terrible story. It's just too over the top and ridiculous, and if you don't feel that way by the time Riddick & crew are running from the scorching sunlight on Crematoria, then there is just no use debating films with you.

    This movie might have had a chance if they had just left out the whole Crematoria story arc completely and just focused on New Mecca instead. But even then it would probably have been average at best. All in all, very disappointing....more info
  • awesome hd experience
    great movie, even better in hd! a great addition to your hd dvd collection for fans of not only sci fi but hi def in general!!!...more info
  • worth watching over and over and over!!!!!
    I will not go into a big long review. The movie is too well put together, and executed to have any amount of words do it any justice. To put it planly and blunty it is visually stunning. It is incredibly well thought out. The action is fantastic. Vin Diesel is Riddick!! You can see and learn more and more with each and every viewing. Those that do not get it, simply don't want too. That is there choice and so be it, but I have not seen many movies that can top this one in any area. It should be remembered right in line with the Lord of the Rings movies in scope and depth. WoW wow WOW. Cannot wait for number 2 and 3. No movie deserves more consideration for sequel than this one and it was meant to be a trilogy from the start....more info
  • Sci-fi at its best...
    The Chronicles of Riddick has a great cast playing from a rivetting script in a superbly crafted world of special effects.

    What's not to like?...more info
  • HD-DVD - This one is wonderful
    A lot of diverse comments have been written about this movie. I just plainly love it. Don't mistake me, I don't like Vin Diesel this much but in this movie, he is part of a greater good. I really liked the interaction between Vin Diesel, Judi Dench - one of my favorites actors, Thandie Newton and Karl Urban. No, it's also the perfect picture quality of this HD-DVD which makes me really want to watch this film. The CGI is amazing, the sunrise on Crematoria, the exhaust plumes of the starships of the Necros and more. This is really stunning! I also own the directors cut DVD but this is far away from what we see on this HD-DVD. I enjoyed the whole movie much more and felt much more in the movie than with the SD-DVD. This DVD doesn't have the emotional touch of Batman Begins but it is as good from picture quality.
    If you are into Sci-Fi and Action and want to see a consistent story, I highly recommend the HD-DVD for you.
    Be prepared to 'see more' on this HD-DVD than you saw before....more info
  • One of my favorite movies...
    I LOVED this one. It is great as a stand alone or an add on to Pitch Black. I can't wait to the next one comes out! I LOVE Vin in this role!...more info
  • From here till underverse come . . . Are you with me, Kyra?
    Those are just 2 memorable lines from this great scifi flick. There's little things that you can pick at that make it less than perfect, but overall it's a killer movie. The scenes with Riddick are, of course, action packed but for me the scene stealers were the secondary characters like Dame Vaako (perfect timing), Aereon, & Kyra. Will definately transport you to another underverse for an hour or so....more info
  • What a painful movie
    I saw Pitch Black in the theaters when it came out, and was blown away by the character development and story, I thought it was the best sci-fi movie since Alien. Intelligent and engaging, two words that can never describe this mess.

    This movie is so painful to watch in light of the superior Pitch Black. A clunky storyline, with some of the most embarrassing lines ever to stain a movie. The FX is very good most of the time, but good FX does not make for a good movie.

    The "plot" has been rehashed over and over so I will spare you. Riddick was a very interesting character before this movie. In this movie, he is turned into a shallow superhero with a bad attitude. Yeah, I know he changed at the end of Pitch Black because of "the captain", but this is not the same character at all.

    If you are in the mood for a mindless action flick, this will probably serve you well. If you want a well written, interesting movie, look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Keep what you kill
    Well I waited 5 years for a sequel to Pitch Black so needless to say I was excited when this movie came out. The movie disappointed on some level because it was nothing what I expected it to be. However, if you can accept that the flick will be nothing like Pitch Black, aside from some familiar characters, then its worth a shot. I guess its best to describe this movie as something like Pitch Black meets Stargate....more info
  • Enjoyable sci-fi yarn
    Richard Riddick is a token anti-hero. Brash, uncaring, ruthlessly skilled, but still fun to watch. Years have passed since the events in Pitch Black, and Riddick is still a wanted man. Now he finds himself up against a deadly religious cult of undead-like "Necromongers" whose sole mission is to convert or kill. These guys thing they're tough, but they haven't met Riddick.

    I liked this movie a lot, but I have to complain how different it is compared to its prequel. In Pitch Black, the technology and the semblances of human society were at least the same level as the Alien series. People mentioned places on earth, the ships looked very Syd Mead-ish, and the weapons were mostly updated firearms. In this film, however, humanity has taken massive leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time. New technologies and cultures have appeared, as well as people with supernatural abilities. The ships look more like they're straight out of Dune or the newer Star Wars films. It doesn't quite fit with the first one.
    Still a fun popcorn movie though....more info
  • Suspend your disbelief and have fun
    The Chronicles of Riddick is the sequel to Pitch Black. That said, it's absolutely not a continuation of Pitch Black, but rather, another episode in the life of it's main character, Riddick. This movie moves away from the pure scifi of the original and incorporates an element of fantasy, as well. I'm never sure about the mixing of the two genres, but it mostly works in this instance. The only thing I really didn't care for was the implication that Riddick's eyes weren't something he got while in the slam. But even that can be looked at from the viewpoint of how likely would it be for a prisoner in a hellhole of a prison to be able to acquire the type of technological tools required for such a delicate operation, so maybe it's not so bad after all if his eyes were a gift of the gods instead....more info
  • Worth it
    Surprisingly, this was my introduction to the Riddick series. Watching this led me to Pitch Black, a truly great film. It's true, the Chronicles storyline is skeletal, but the action keeps the pace moving along so there isn't a great deal of time to wonder "why...?" Its not until after the film that thoughtful reflection reveals how thin the plot is. The ending was a surprise, which is a pleasure in this era of movie-making. The special effects are stunning and believable, an especially impressive feat with Sci-Fi films. Vin Diesel is great. Granted, he doesn't need alot of range for the role, but he makes the most out of it. His marvelous voice conveys as much nuance as character development allows, and his physique is impressive. He really is deft at conveying feeling (or lack thereof) through body language. Actually, the action films I own are for watching while I exercise, and this is one I have watched more than once and will undoubtably watch again. Its a good specimen of its' genre....more info
  • A fantastic sequel that is so underated.
    I bought this on video from the pound shop, I wasn't expecting much but last night I watched it and I was blow away, what a brilliant film, even better than Pitch Black which frightened the life out of me.

    Vin Diesel is brilliant as the brutal yet tender convict Riddick who finds himself once more on the run across the Galaxy, this time with a bigger price on his head than before.

    Enter an old friend from Pitch Black who has settled down with his young family, a planet about to be subjugated by the brutal Necromancers, an elemental race who predict probabilities based on cause an effect, Judi Dench is wonderful in this cameo role, elegant, stylish and full of secrets, she alone knows WHAT Riddick is and why the Lord Marshal fears him so much.

    Karl Urban as the fanatical Lord Vakko of the Necromancers pushes all the right buttons to enrage Riddick and Thandie Newton as his scheming ambitious wife is a delight to behold along with a troubled Necromancer Commander, Linus Roache, an understated actor by the way, with secrets of his own along with an agenda that could the herald the end of the reign of the Lord Marshal. And then there is Kyra, the girl that Riddick loves but will never admit to loving, a girl he will go half way across the galaxy to find and save even if it means his own demise.

    This is an action packed movie from beginning to end, with state of the art special effects, some fantastic fight sequences, some hilarious moments that make you laugh out loud, some briefly gross out moments and some eye popping stunts that have you on the edge of your seat, oh and the monster dogs on the prison planet are fantastic!

    This is a great movie, get the Director's cut though, it rocks! ...more info
  • Facedestroyingly awesome.
    You remember that scene where the guy walks into the sun and's destroyed by the unfailing rays of violence and doom?

    Every time I watch this movie, I'm just as blown away....more info
  • Wow! One hell of ride. We want more Riddick!!
    I must admit that had my doubts about this film. After all Vin Diesel? Come on. My friend - another sc-fi lover who can tell the difference between great Sci-fi (Alien, Bladerunner, 2001 SO) and [...] sci-fi (Total Recall) surprised me by recommending it and left it at my house for me. It sat there for weeks until I realized I had to get it back to him the next day. Anyway was intending to give the film just ten minutes of my life but soon realized I was in for a hell of a ride.

    And boy what a ride. Sure, I can see why many people love or hate this film. Vin Diesel has no range as an actor other than to play a tough guy sort of role. Yet what limits him in other films works really well here; he's exciting, unpredictable, and yes tough and I guess not much more. But I don't want anything more. I'm not expecting anything else from Riddick other than to be tough and to get the bad guys.

    The story is a hackneyed tale taken from any fantasy/history book - murderous, ruthless invaders being brought down by the actions of a single person. But the level of detail that went into the creation of the various civilizations, armies, and characters keeps one's attention. I loved the contrast between the relatively human/modern technology of the New Mecca civilization and the fantasy/ghostlike/medieval technology of the Necromongers right down to the corpse-tech communications system, and creatures the Necs used to flush out human beings.

    And what about Crematoria? A fabulous creation - a planet that burns by day and freezes by night. The special effects - the Nec invasion - WoW! Stunning CGI done to a scale one couldn't imagine before in the old school days of Bladerunner or Alien.

    No, this isn't cerebral, arty or original, but an exciting adventure, great to look at and a hell of a lot of fun....more info
  • Much better than "critics'" common perception...
    3.5 Stars

    The problem with comparing this film to its predecessor, the terrific "Pitch Black," which everyone inevitably does, is that "The Chronicles of Riddick" really isn't even the same "type" of movie. "Pitch Black" was a sheer suspense sci-fi/horror, in the vein of "Alien," while "Chronicles" is much more of a grandiose, star-wars-esqe sci-fi. That said, "The Chronicles of Riddick" is far better than any of the recent Star Wars' prequels, and it is a movie that should be seen and will likely be enjoyed by any "Pitch Black" fan, because the fundamentals of what made "Pitch Black" great are still here; chiefly, Riddick himself. This is the only role that Vin Diesel truly shines in, and he plays the character well enough in the sequel that everything else is secondary anyway. In any case, while it may not be as solid as the original, "The Chronicles of Riddick" shouldn't be passed up by fans of that movie due to critics' generally lesser tone regarding the sequel, and as far as sci-fi of late goes, it's one of the better ones....more info
  • Love this movie
    Not going to go into the plot or any of that. Other reviewers already did that well. I find this plays a lot on movie channels but it's the theatrical version. The director's cut is far better and watching it finally brought my husband over to my side about this being a great movie. He keeps promising a second one and eventually a third. Here's hoping he keeps promises. FYI, just in case I confused you Pitch Black is considered a prequel, so technically COR isn't the sequel. Think Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit + 3 ;-/ ...more info
  • Riddick rules!
    Riddick is just a great character,and this movie shows it. I loved Pitch Black and this movie is just as good. Vin did a great job in this movie. Awesome movie!...more info
  • "The Chronicles of Riddick is good sci\fi camp"
    There is a camp-quality to "The Chronicles of Riddick that I liked about it. I do prefer the Director's Cut over the Theatrical (depite I like the ending the Theatrical more.) And I for one don't mind a sci\fi action movie that's all about action and special effects over story and character developments, as long as there's a sense of entertainment to itself. And it's just better well served in the Director's Cut. I throught The Chronicles of Riddick was a good movie in that respect....more info
  • Best sequel I've seen in years
    I loved Pitch Black and was hoping for a great sequel. I was astounded. This sequel far exceeded Pitch Black. Riddick has stepped from somewhat amazing in Pitch Black to truly supernatural in Chronicles of Riddick. I'm a Sci-fi and Action movie fan and this ranks slightly better than the Matrix and so far one of the best movies I've seen. I wish they would finish the trilogy with "Chronicles of Riddick 2: The Underverse"....more info
  • A watch it again and again movie
    This is the kind of movie you don't get tired of watching over and over again. The characters are all loveable, even the bad guys. Parts of it seemed to be left unfinished, but that may be fodder for a second movie. All in all, I obviously liked it or I wouldn't have ordered it for my collection....more info
  • Fun entertainment for action fans
    Chronicles of Riddick, the sequel to Pitchblack, is a Sci-Fi movie with a Mad Max feel. It is very different movie from the original, Riddick is of course, still Riddick: hard-edged and full of attitude. Chronicles Of Riddick takes place after Riddick's escape from the planet where Pitch Black takes place. It starts with his recapture after being in hiding for many years and propels us intot the futuristic universe of the story where a large sect of religious fanatics called Necromongers are taking over, moving from planet to planet, converting the willing to their faith and killing those who will not convert.

    Necromongers are borg-like half-machine half-man beings from many different original planets. Unlike Borgs, they retain their individuality when they are converted. Riddick gets caught up with the Necromongers after he is taken to the prison planet of Crematoria. Crematoria is a sort of reverse to the world of Pitch Black. Here daylight, not nightfall, is the killer. Overall, this is a great movie for action fans....more info
  • Dazzling visuals and a cool story.
    I vaguely remember this receiving quite indifferent to positively damning reviews when it hit the cinemas, but I love it. Okay, it's the usual clich¨¦ - misfit relents and saves the day, but just sit back and revel in the magnificent sets, the sheer scale, the superb special effects, the thrilling action... I know most people prefer Riddick's first outing (Pitch Black), but this is a great movie and deserves much more appreciation than it generally gets.
    ...more info
  • Better than I expected
    This film was much better than I expected it to be, it was an allegory if I ever saw one. Vin Diesel seems to be getting better as an actor through films with more depth than merely explosions but this at least has something for everyone in it. I say give it a shot....more info
  • Broke the Mold
    The Chronicles of Riddick steps outside the traditional SciFi box. Good and Evil are blurred. This film is Vin Diesel's best performance by far. The best part is that this film built on top of the weaker film , Pitch Black. Sequels are usually disappointing, but like Empire Strikes Back, and Godfather II, this film trumps its forbearer. If you are looking for an original SciFi action thriller this movie is for you....more info
  • Pointless and Boring
    I like science fiction, but not this! It was the silliest movie I have seen in a long while. It made no sense, even on its own terms. Therefore, it was hard to care about the characters, and the action scenes left me cold. ...more info
  • Hd-DVD winner
    I received this one as one of my free Hd movies, and it's an action film, sci-fi film winner. Excellent sound and crystal clear picture. I hadn't seen this one in a long time, and I must admit that the Hd movie experience is fantastic on this one. I liked it a few years ago, but love it on on HD. ...more info
  • The Chronicles of Riddick!
    Finally. The first rated R movie ever made for children. Enjoy kids!...more info
  • Flush this smelly turd down the toilet.
    Im just going to get to the point here.Chronicles of Riddick is an awful movie. Why you ask? Because of the bad acting, cliche' story and action. Ridiculous one-liners and acting. Basicly, bad everything. Bottem line is this, CoR is a realy bad movie. Avoid seeing, I mean suffering through it at all costs....more info
  • Fun, dumb movie
    Chronicles of Riddick is a big budget upgrade from Pitch Black, with more money for lavish effects and sets. While Pitch Black was a much smarter movie, in my opinion, this film is still a lot of fun -- brainless action and visual effects eye candy.

    Original sci-fi, this movie is not. Twohy seems to have spent most of his money on the SFX here and little of it on the writing. Watching this again on HD DVD the other day, I couldn't escape the feeling of deja vu at a number of points in the film. It takes quite a bit from other more successful films and just mushes them together. I spotted bits from Predator, Aliens, Star Trek's Borgs, the Matrix, and several other films... Maybe even a bit of Bladerunner. The machine w/ the comatose people lying down feels like a direct rip off of the clairvoyant triplets in Minority Report, for example. So do the sonic blasters.

    Another big complaint is Karl Urban. He's pretty useless in this film. Lots of teeth gritting and speaking through his shut jaw. I suppose that's what he calls emoting anger. I could also live without the "Director's Cut", as the inserted 15 minutes of film actually take away from the story. The theatrical version of this film was much stronger. The tacked on footage feels out of place and really disrupt the flow of the story.

    Dame Judi Dench is her usual commanding presence, even though it's a small part. Nick Chinlund is also good in this. As for picture quality, this HD DVD boasts a stunningly beautiful transfer. For $14, just pick this up. Sure, it's dumb, but it's also fun....more info
  • Great HD DVD movie. Hi Def done right. Si-Fi is awesome.
    I loved Pitch Black on HD DVD and I love this movie even more. I like the fact that it's a Mad Max style film. I have both The Chronicles of Riddick on SD DVD & on HD DVD. The SD DVD is a great video transfer, but the HD DVD has just fantastic picture quality & audio quality, it really is so much better than the standard version DVD.

    I love Sci-Fi, and I recommend this title to anybody that likes Sci-Fi or not. Well worth the money....more info
  • Interesting but Puzzling
    After fending off a bounty hunter, Riddick decides to pay a visit on those that put a price on his head. There he runs into old acquaintances and meets an Elemental (Judy Dench). There is a terrible danger to the planet and they feel Riddick can help. The danger is a group known as Necromongers. They basically believer there is an underverse were death is perfect unlike the flawed life of the universe. Their leader, the Marshal, has actually been to the underverse and returned a changed man. They travel from planet to planet recruiting new members and killing all who do not join. Now Riddick is on their next target.

    Riddick's unique brand of self interest and order drives him through the movie and the conflict with the seemingly unstoppable foe. We see political intrigue among the upper ranks of the invaders. We learn more of Riddick's past (no mention of his being a government trained assassin). We learn how Riddick and the Necromongers crossed paths in the past. We learn almost nothing of the Elementals. It all comes together in a somewhat confusing ending that leaves plenty of loose ends and unanswered questions.

    This is a strange and confusing film. Much of it seems like there was no real overall plan. The Necromonger Marshal is one of the anomalies. The Marshal is replaced every few years yet the current Marshal is practically a god. Many of the Necromongers seem a little preoccupied by the pleasures of life. I would like to have known a little more about the Elementals but there is almost nothing about them. Then there is the ending. Just what does it bode? How does it resolve the situation? What happens next? We don't really know and it is frustrating. Plenty of action and plot pieces but it just didn't seem to hold togther they way it should. But if you like action, you will find plenty of it here....more info
  • It's not interesting in my opinion.
    It's not interesting in my opinion. The action and acting are over the top. The plot is like that of a bad science fiction. Pitch Black is more entertaining....more info
  • Let's have a part three!
    Although I liked Pitch Black more because of its darker nature, Chronicles of Riddick is absolutely an entertaining movie to watch. It is a little disturbing that the character of Riddick was changed into somekind of SF Chuck Norris, but still the movie holds together very well as the special effects and the costumes look impressive. If they could find a director that is able to return to the atmoshere of Pitch Black, I even think there could be a succesfull part three. (SARR)
    ...more info
  • My kind of science fiction.
    Follow-up to sci-fi horror Pitch Black in which Vin Diesel once again plays anti-hero Riddick, this time called upon to save the universe of mankind from the seemingly invincible armies of the Necromongers, aliens who demand that all men convert and become as they are or die. This film is a very different beast to Pitch Black, as it is not set on a single planet but on various planetary locales, and the action is much more epic in scope. The special effects in this film are second to none, the Necromongers make for excellent villains, there are some great set pieces - watch for the sequence on the burning planet - and the final showdown between Riddick and the leader of the Necromongers, Lord Marshal (played by Colm Feore) is outstanding. We also get to hear more of Riddick's back story, origins that were merely alluded to in Pitch Black, and a touching relationship between Riddick and his prot¨¦g¨¦ 17 year old Kyra (played by Alexa Davalos), one of the characters from the first film who here with Riddick makes a formidable fight partnership. All in all, my kind of science fiction film. My only complaint is that there was no explanation given of what the Necromongers were, and what being converted to one of them meant, which meant that an extra edge of horror that should have been in this film was lacking. As a result, I can unfortunately only give this film 4 stars out of 5 but still, a very, very good film. ...more info
  • Great movie, especially in HD
    Short and sweet. This movie is great. If you're faced with the decision of getting either the DVD or HD-DVD, then this is a no brainer. The HD-DVD blows the DVD away in pure picture quality. I can't judge sound since I don't have a good sound setup....more info
  • An Entertaining, If Imperfect, Pulp Science Fiction Action Throwback
    [Spoilers abound, so be forewarned.......]

    The pulp fantasy/sci-fi approach is nothing really new. Lucas flirted with it with Star Wars, 1980's Flash Gordon gaudied it up, and John Milius pumped it up with his take on Conan the Barbarian. However, it's been sort of dormant recently, with movies opting for a "serious" epic treatment (Lord of the Rings), playing it safe (Chronicles of Narnia), or aiming for a post-modern, grim tone (The Matrix). 2004 saw the release of "The Chronicles of Riddick", an unlikely sequel for the modestly performing "Pitch Black", a science fiction survival movie about the survivors of a crashed transport on a desolate planet. Unlike Pitch Black, "Riddick" is not a smaller movie in the line of Alien. For some people, this is why they don't like it (which is understandable). For me, Riddick was great as a revival of the pulp sci-fi style of movie-making, with the obvious benefit of modern special effects delivering the visceral appeal needed for this kind of movie.

    "The Chronicles of Riddick" sees director David Twohy fleshing out the universe hinted at in "Pitch Black", where humanity's rapid expansion throughout the Galaxy has resulted in both the creation of a sanctioned mercenary/paid criminal storage system of law enforcement, and the rise of some bizarre fringe cultures, one of which is a nomadic army of crusaders called the Necromongers. Cloaked in the trappings both medieval and futuristic, the "Necros" have been going from planet to planet, laying waste to worlds and "converting" survivors into new members for their ranks. Meanwhile, Riddick (Vin Diesel), one of the three survivors left at the end of "Pitch Black", has been hiding on an ice-covered world for years, due in part to the fact that he's a ruthless killer. When a "merc" named Toombs tries to nab him, Riddick hijacks his ship and goes to the world of Helion Prime to find out who put a private bounty on his head. It turns out to be the Imam who he left with at the end of Pitch Black. The Imam, along with an "Elemental" called Aereon, think that Riddick is the "right kind" of bad guy to stop the Necromongers from wiping out humanity in their crusade. As it happens, the Necros are already heading for Helion Prime, and end up conquering the planet. Riddick, who wants nothing more than to slip through the cracks, ends up being swept into the conflict, and barely escapes the Necromonger's mobile citadel, only to end up being captured by Toombs, and sent to Crematoria, a hellish prison world, where he runs into Kyra, who was the other survivor of the "Pitch Black" incident. It's only a matter of time before the inevitable confrontation occurs between Riddick and the Lord Marshal, leader of the Necros.

    Visually, this movie is something else. The movie's massive budget was partly used to build massive sets, with computer graphics shouldering the rest of the burden. It's the visuals that keep the movie pumping along as Riddick heads from one situation to another. While there's a sort of underlying thematic unity to the movie's universe, no one motif is overused. The harsh, purple-lit, arctic wastes of Planet UV-6, the sun-drenched sands and Middle East-inspired city streets of Helion Prime, the gothic, metallic blue of the Necropolis city-ship, the grimy caverns of the Crematoria prison, and the weird, frozen lava floes of Crematoria's surface (where Riddick tries outrun a 700 degree sunrise)- these various settings keep the viewer from losing interest. Where the visuals end, the two-fisted action picks up. Whether it's the massive (if too short) battle for Helion Prime, Riddick trying to evade capture, or Riddick and other prison escapees making a desperate stand at dawn against a Necromonger squad, the movie delivers some kinetic scenes. Even many of the "quieter" scenes, such as the Imam talking with Riddick on his balcony about the coming crisis, or the Necro Vaako searching for Riddick's trail in the sands of Helion Prime, kept my interest.

    With a pretty good cast at hand, including Colm Feore, Keith David, Judi Dench, Karl Urban, and Linus Roache, it's surprising that the dialogue doesn't really rise to the actors' level. There are some groan-worthy lines here, and not necessarily in a "so bad it's good" sense. Sometimes characters will try to talk tough, only to have it fall flat in a big way. On the other hand, it's the naked contrast involved in putting prison bull Riddick smack in the middle of the high-falutin' pretentions of the Necromongers and Helion Prime that ends up keeping this film light on its feet. David Twohy keeps you guessing whether he takes this too seriously, is playing things for laughs, or is balancing both approaches. The ongoing interplay between the Dune-on-steroids, Byzantine attitudes of the movie's macroverse, and the sweaty, more earthbound hijinks of Riddick, the mercs, and the goons who run Crematoria keep things from ever getting too esoteric or conversely too mundane. By the end of the movie, when the ending of Milius' "Conan the Barbarian" is expressly referenced, I felt I had gotten my money's worth. Though the often stiff dialogue handed to characters like the Imam, the Lord Marshal and Vaako dares you to laugh at what's happening, the overall package delivers the pulp, sci-fi novel experience in high doses. Those who have only seen the movie in the theater or cable will notice changes and additions, including scenes that add a bit of "pseudo-mystic" to Riddick (and his true origins) that may aggravate fans of Pitch Black's gritty approach, but do serve to help the movie's epic pretentions. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings don't have to worry about being replaced, but there's plenty of room for a newcomer to at least share the same shelf space. I only hope that the not so great initial box office return won't discourage studios from giving the green light to another Riddick movie of the same scope....more info
  • Good show
    Good show, but like most shows I've discovered that I don't like to watch them more than once....more info
  • Eww. Eww!
    I rarely watch a movie that is so atrocious as to startle me out of my usual good humor long enough to write a bad review, but this one succeeded, which is something of an accomplishment, if you think about it. Now, I am not a fan of Vin Diesel's films at the best of times (excluding the HILARIOUS "Pacifier"), but I always go into a movie with an open mind. In this case, a very open mind, since Karl Urban co-starred!

    What a slap in the face! From the seizure-inducing beginning to the boorishly predictable finale, there was not one enjoyable moment, aside from the times that the dialogue veered on the side of unintentional farce. ("Take them before the quasi-dead." I was so reminded of "The Gods Must be Crazy" that I fell off the couch laughing.) Judi Dench was completely thrown away on this travesty of film-making. Karl Urban, the Norse god from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and the irresistably HOT bad-boy from the "Bourne Supremacy" seemed to be somnambulating, and what is worse, his disdain for his own character is highly visible at some points. If you must play an annoying half-dead man, at least have the artistic integrity to play him well! Not even Mr. Urban's breathtakingly good looks could survive the double onslaught of mohawk and ponytail. *insert hair-raising emoticon here*

    Now, as regards Vin Diesel. I have nothing against him. I even found "XXX" reasonably entertaining, and was proportionatly upset when he was replaced in the sequel. The problem is, he always plays exactly the same character, with minor variations in the name. In this movie, he just didn't quite play the character as well (ha) as usual.

    I love action movies. I am a sci-fi junkie. Well, maybe not "junkie," but something close. Sit me down in front of a TV playing "Stargate," and I'll love you forever. Just don't ever make me suffer through this film again!...more info
  • Mixed feelings about this movie....
    I did not like the storyline in this movie as well as "Pitch Black". Although, I have to say the special effects and visuals in this movie are awesome! I watched it the one time, and that is all I care to watch it; unlike Pitch Black, which I have watched several times! I liked a couple of the characters in the movie, but overall, the story just was'nt as good as I would have liked....more info
  • (:D) ....ok
    This is not a great movie but I certainly enjoyed the ride, the effects and the awesome costumes and scenery. Thandie Newton steals the show along with Colin Fiore......check out his great costume. Just accept it for what it is and enjoy.

    IF u ask me though i think the game is way better while i give the movie 4 stars the game for me is 5...more info
  • My Choice For An HD DVD Demo Disc
    Simply stunning flick on HD DVD. Considering early reviews that downplayed the difference between standard DVD and HD, I wasn't expecting such an incredible image (and some HD DVDs aren't that much of an improvement over regular DVD; see SERENITY). This is the disc I'll throw on whenever I want to show someone what HD DVD is all about.

    As for the movie, this is what sci-fi should be: daring and way over the top. After PITCH BLACK, who would have have thought Riddick's story would have taken such an epic turn? I don't know whether it's an ego trip, creative cliff diving, or a just a return to "old school" sci-fi where writers created new myths, unique worlds, and bizarre technology (and tread dangerously toward embarrassment with coining their own vocabulary -- can it get any better than "Underverse" and "Necromongers"?).

    I hope it's the latter, but it doesn't matter. Just enjoy the ride. With all the tired sci-fi thrown at us by Hollywood, it's great to have something fresh given to us. Forget what you've read from critics and the fanboys out there; THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is the real goods. Great HD DVD....more info
  • A watch it again and again movie
    This is the kind of movie you don't get tired of watching over and over again. The characters are all loveable, even the bad guys. Parts of it seemed to be left unfinished, but that may be fodder for a second movie. All in all, I obviously liked it or I wouldn't have ordered it for my collection....more info
  • This Sci-Fi film I just took into stride.
    I thought this movie wasn't bad. It did start a little slow, but soon thereafter caught my full attention. I had to change mental gears from expecting a Pitch Black sequel/clone, but not in a bad way at all. And there ARE tie-ins with Pitch Black plainly evident unless you aren't particularly observant or haven't seen Pitch Black. I thought the special effects were some of the best I have seen quite some time, and after I began to become adjusted to the more involved background story, I found it engrossing. I felt that the characters had some depth to them. Enough for me to care a little about a few of them anyway, and Riddick became a little less of a cardboard cut-out, and a little more intricate in this movie. Some of the action sequences are also pretty impressive. I find it quite disappointing that this did not do better in theaters. I hope that they continue the series with the next one? or two? movies that have been rumored to be following.

    Those who found the movie itself disappointing, I would guess would be: 1) Hardcore sci-fi, or action movie fans who spent way too much time making mental comparisons to their favorite storyline/universe, or acting star during a movie to actually just enjoy the movie. 2) People who just wanted straight up action without all of the intricate details of a sci-fi storyline. 3) People expecting a sequel to Pitch black that didn't grow or expand on the storyline or character, who couldn't switch gears.

    I took this film as THIS film, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not spend the entire movie making mental comparisons to other sci-fi or action movies or stars. Yes some of its ideas have been used before. So what? Plumbing was an idea used by the ancient Greek and roman civilizations. Should we not use plumbing, because someone else used it before? If you spend all of the time during the movie making comparisons, then you might not give the movie the full attention it deserves.

    For any who enjoy a good sci-fi action movie with a little thought behind it, and don't have some holy grail to compare it with, I would highly recommend this one.
    ...more info