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Cyberpad 8.5X11 USB Black Digital Notepad Pen Win Xp 2K
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Product Description

Records what you write digitally without special paper / Can be transferred to computer for various purposes Power Presenter RE II turns the screen into a Blackboard with Microsoft PowerPoint. Its just like working with a natural pen on paper. Save all handwriting, annotation and notes whenever necessary within a presentation. The Power Presenter Kit provides the best functionality to record notes and replay presentation. Pen Soft Pro writes a letter or takes a note. It converts handwriting into text. Any handwriting is recognized accurately. Write in cursive or print, or a combination of the two. Office Ink is a special software that creates digital signatures in almost any software application. Features - Active Area - 8.5 x 11 Works with any type of paper including regular letter size & A4 size Writing Height - Around 135 Sheets of paper Built-In Memory - 32 MB (Over 150 Digital Sheets) Expandable Memory - SD Slot Power Saving Mode - 5 Seconds Auto Standby Connection - USB 1.1 Resolution - 1024 LPI (Lines Per Inch) Reports Rate - 160 Reports Per Second Digital Ink Pen - 15 Months battery life with LED low battery indicator Battery Life - Includes 4 x AAA batteries with 20hrs writing time and 68hrs standby time Requires - Windows XP, 2000, Pentium III or equivalent or higher, 128MB of RAM or higher, 32MB of Hard Disk Space, Available USB port, Bundled Software Dimensions - Length 13 x Width 9.9 x Height 0.5 inch Weight - 1.5 pounds

  • Bundled Software Include -
  • EverNote is a note management application for all your notes. EverNote provides a single place where you can easily record, categorize, and instantly locate any kind of notes, including text, web clips and handwritten notes, and access them on multiple platforms and devices.
  • riteMail 2.5 offers smoother lines, automatic shape correction, and calligraphy pen styles in different colors. Create high-res, interactive emails and drawings and send them instantly to any email address.
  • PhotoImpact XL unleashes a powerful set of creative tools including hundreds of effects and tools for montages, creative design, Web graphics and more.
  • Free Notes show off real handwriting and drawing skills in e-mails. This program allows you to create reminder notes for display on your desktop. You can customize and personalize the size and colors of notes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality of device and driver questionable
    I bought this for my husband thru Amazon. The one we received wouldn't even turn on (tried 3 sets of batteries...). I promptly returned it, but since it was a Christmas present, I went to microcenter and purchased the same Cyberpad. This one turned on at least. That is about it. He spent the next several hours trying to load the driver off the cd included in with the notepad. The USB cable was not a problem (as evidently it is for other people), but the driver info wouldn't work. In an attempt to try all things, he uninstalled the driver so that he could download the software from Adesso's website. This in turn screwed up Norton. He then spent over an hour uninstalling and reinstalling Norton... Finally that worked, so he downloaded the driver info from Adesso's website. The computer simply wouldn't recognize the hardware. Keep in mind, that we called Adesso's help line - which you get a recording to leave a message. We left a message and (48 hours later +) we have still received no return call.

    The idea of the Cyberpad is excellent, thus the star. However, whether you are the one who receives the Cyberpad and it won't turn on, the one who tries to use the USB ports that have issues, the one who tries to load the driver info from the CD in the carton, the one who tries to download the driver info from the website, or just the one who wants to ask a tech support question ----- you will at some point have a problem with the Cyberpad. Adesso needs to improve the quality of their products or at least the quality of their help desk so that consumers can get answers.

    Finally - we returned the 2nd Cyberpad to Microcenter where we were refunded our money and now I'll need to go shopping for a Christmas gift for my husband.

    Overall very disappointed with the Cyberpad.

    ...more info
  • Great for my needs, but for yours?
    I am a chemistry graduate student who takes tons of notes. These notes are not all text, but graphs, equations with Greek letters, integration symbols etc.. I dont give two hoots about being able to convert to text. So why did I give this four stars?

    I am organizationally challenged. I have this ornate ability to write something down, and in two minutes, I can not find it. Now I just take my notes, and with the purchase of a third party program, I import it directly into MS one note. One note is another review all in itself, but I love it. I can take my written notes and organize them however I wish, add links to my voice recorded lectures that I take from my digital recorder and BAM, "insta" organize.

    There is no way I would even think of buying a tablet PC, so this was my only choice. Plus I have been doing a better job of keeping track of my hard copies which gives me two choices to view my notes.

    All in all I love this product, but it isn't perfect. The pen is HUGE. I am a 6'2" guy with oversized hands, and it feels uncomfortable in my hands. With a little practice, I got used to it. I do not know if a person with petite hands would ever feel comfortable using the pen or not. The software stinks!! I think I could get a few buddies together, and in a few weeks, we could probably write better software than some of the ones provided. You can get around this by using Blueeuclid ( They charge $5.99 for a license. This program allows you to import your notes directly to Microsoft One Note.

    For me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I hope this has helped you make your decision.
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  • Poor quality and usage model is questionable
    I bought this Cyberpad originally to use it as a notebook for work. Well, the product came in defective - usb interface didn't work. (I ended up returning it to Amazon for refund.) And then I found the usage model very questionable. 1) have to keep track of the page numbers so the physical pages and the electronic pages are in sync - not intuitive, especially if you need to tear off/retire the pages. 2) the pad is very bulky - didn't feel like carrying it around. I imaging this system is probably good for survey people or jobshop people who needs to fill out the forms but I don't see it being used as an electronic notebook....more info
  • Amazing little performance enhancer!
    Let me preface this review by saying that I'm a very visual person and am a firm believer that if you can draw it, you can understand it.

    As a software designer and architect, I'm often required to produce analyis and design models that represent the system being investigated or built.

    These models usually run the gamut from structured Unified Modeling Language diagrams (such as use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc.) to back-of-the-napkin type adhoc diagrams that are used to communicate concepts to team members.

    In my pre-CyberPad days, modeling required the use of software which was expensive in terms of transcription effort. Diagrams would remain on my whiteboard or sketchpad for a while before I had the time to redraw them into the computer.

    With the CyberPad, I can now diagram at will. I can email copies of pre-digested conceptual models to colleagues and solicit feedback early. The entry barrier of transcription has all but disappeared.

    In the months that I've been using this tool, I have been continually impressed with how easy it is to go from concepts in my head to actual images that can be represented on my computer.


    Road testing:

    I decided early on that I didn't want to monkey around with the gimmicky features of this device - such as hand writing recognition. So I chose to focus on its primary advertised benefit - its ability to convert free hand notes into an electronic form for transmission and archival.

    Here are some of my impressions:

    First the good:
    1. The recording is phenomenal - it clearly records every single pen stroke that I make. The image is a bit fuzzy, but even my normal writing in cursive is clearly legible. However, the best results come from true diagrams - i.e., larger than usual text, with lots of white space in between. The results from taking detailed meeting minutes is a lot less thrilling.

    2. I love the security of having a normal pen-and-paper backup in case the device has failed in some unnoticeable fashion.

    3. Its faux-leather case fits well, is padded nicely, has enough compartments for odds and ends (like extra batteries), and looks professional enough to carry into meetings.

    4. The ink in the refill has not run out yet - and I've used it pretty aggressively, with over 75 detailed diagrams drawn.

    5. The accompanying My Ink software is adequate and zippy/reliable enough.

    Next, the not so good:
    1. You need to be consciously aware of the page boundary - text close to the edges of the page will not be recorded. For safety, leave about a half-inch margin all around the writable surface.

    2. Standard letter size (8.5 inches x 11 inches) paper does not extend all the way across from the clip to the elastic page holders on the other end. Instead, I start with Legal paper (8.5 x 14 inches) and then use a guillotine to chop off about 2 inches from the length (about 8.5 x 12 inches). This ensures that my pages fit like a glove into the holder.

    3. To conserve batteries, the CyberPad turns itself off if no activity is detected for an extended period of time. While focusing on my drawing, I often overlooked that the pad had fallen asleep. A much needed enhancement would be to make the device power up automatically if it senses that the pen is being used - but for now, you need to watch the LCD screen closely.

    4. It is very easy for the SD-card to unintentionally get ejected. The retaining elastic band at the top right of the pad actually runs directly over the card slot. So, even if you don't seat the card correctly, the band still holds it in place making it look like everything is okay.

    This slot is also difficult to get at, since it is hidden by the zipper of the case.

    5. The power button is hard to reach and use since it is hidden behind the retaining elastic band at the top left of the pad. Why wasn't this simply added along the top surface of the pad - along with the 5 other buttons there?

    6. The battery compartment is a similar issue. Rather than making it accessible along an edge, you must remove the pad from its cover before you can access the battery slots.

    7. The My Ink software product is particularly "oopid-stay" as it doesn't remember anything about its past invocation. It won't remember the drive letter, the last location used, or the file type that was previously saved. What this means is unnecessary clicks each time you start up this software.



    Despite the cons, I'd still recommend a buy on this one. I can't imagine any other tool in the past 5 years that has helped improve my productivity as much as this device.

    The price is also lower than what I initially paid for it (about $50 less), making it an even better bargain today.

    However, it is not for everyone. Whereas, I found it life changing, some of my friends aren't sold on the concept in the least....more info
  • Great Product
    This pad has done everything that it claimed to do. As long as the user understands what the rules of the game are, it is fine. ...more info
  • Not Recommended
    I cannot recommend this product. The software is difficult to use and very proprietary, and calling Tech support will get you nowhere. THey want extra money for a converter to export your notes to Onenote 2007. This converter is also a crappy piece of software. ...more info
  • Could not install the USB1.1 driver on 3 different XP computers
    I would recommend staying away from this product and company. The USB1.1 driver shipped with the product and the latest driver downloaded from the support website both produce the same error while installing on 3 different Windows XP SP2 boxes. ...more info
  • Notepad almost great
    I have been using this pad for about six weeks and am pretty happy with it. I only use it to capture and store my handwritten notes. The EverNote software that comes with it makes a good filing cabinet and it is easy to group handwritten notes. I did purchase the plus software to try the handwriting recognition...don't bother it is horrible.

    Some things I would change about the hardware:
    1) The pen is way too fat, a friend has the AcaDad and its pen is much slimmer. Unfortunately, the pens are not interchangeable. Just as a comparison, his AceCad is almost the same size as the Adesso with less writing area.
    2) Adesso should just sell replacement ink cartridges, $35 for a replacement pen when I run out of ink will make me angry.
    3) They should put a date and time in system so that the files created come out time stamped.

    All that having been said, I continue to use it and it does solve the problem of what to do with all those notes one takes in meetings....more info
  • Don't waste your money like I did.
    I purchased the Cyberpad 8.5x11 digital Notepad with the expectation that I would be able to digitize my sketches and notes I made at work. Unfortunately the product did not live up to my expectations. The first unit that I received did not function, the usb connection to the pad was defective (the connector would not insert all the way hone). I returned it and received very promptly a new unit which at least functioned. As far as being functional that is another story. I proceed to try to use the it in either using the memory in the pad itself or using it directly connected to the computer. Either way the unit produced images that were useless. The lines that look fine on the paper pad were incomplete or missing in the digital version. Drawing a straight line was impossible even with the help of a straight edge. I let a friend try to use it and he had similar unsatifactory results. Unless this performance is a function of this manufacturer's design, I would say that this is one technology that is not ready for 'Prime Time'....more info
  • There is no Free Lunch of Software Extras
    Just allow me to add the following:

    The unit is an impressive package.

    It is a far more economical alternative to a tablet.

    Just for notification before you purchase, the software extras you receive are either trial versions or older discontinued versions meant to persaude you to purchase the newer releases from the the publishers like Evernote.

    I thought I would use the software outside of the tablet. I did with limited satisfaction. Many of the graphics of the bundled software look quite outdated.

    I would give this a whirl if I was a serious student or a professional.

    In my humble opinion, I believe we should all try to eliminate paper (at least after the initial draft) and digitize our information.

    I would supplement the 4 AAA rechargeables that are included so you can instantaneously rotate then when the batteries die.

    I would have preferred a finer point pen, some pen accessories and choices and easy to find std. replacements if pen is lost. ...more info
  • USB Suggestion
    If, as others have stated, your computer doesn't recognize your CyberPad, try pressing the the USB cord (small end) into the CyberPad until it actually snaps into place. ---I had the same problem, believing both ends were securely in place; they weren't.

    As well, load the software before plugging in the unit.

    I gave it 5 stars because it does everything as advertised. No additional software is necessary to transcribe your handwriting into text, and if a word isn't recognized here or there, your handwritten notes act as a reminder for corrections....more info
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
    The note-taking feature works great, but there are 2 small problems with it.
    1) The output files are proprietary TOP files which can't be used with other software.
    2) The included software just gives you a raster image of the page rather than vector format that could be scaled and rotated (and would be far more useful).

    The unit works well as a tablet, just make sure that you push that USB plug in all the way (really odd design decision there). But my biggest criticism here is why didn't they include a pressure sensitive pen? They mention in the manual that it's compatible with pressure sensitive pens, but don't actually go on to mention which ones (I've tried a couple of different types, but they didn't work).

    It tries hard to do both jobs well, but not quite hard enough for my money.

    Note that you can also get this under a different brand name for $50 less....more info