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TRENDnet 54Mbps Wireless G Broadband Router ( TEW-432BRP Version D1.0R)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $22.99

You Save: $27.00 (54%)


Product Description

Creating a secure wireless network at home, office, and beyond may be easier than you think. Simply plug your workstations and your broadband modem into the Wireless G router, and configure your broadband connection using its built-in Web Interface. Use the Virtual Server feature to configure any workstation as a Web Server or FTP server easily, allowing users to view files from the Internet. You can also protect your Wireless LAN using 64/128-bit WEP encryption or industry standard WPA-PSK with TKIP or AES algorithms. Increase security by enabling MAC, IP, or Protocol Filtering as well as setting Firewall Rules to limit Internet Access or block malicious intruders from accessing your network. Supports MAC Address, Protocol Filters and UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) Traffic Control with Virtual Server, Virtual PC mapping and DMZ Provides Additional Security with SPI / NAT firewall and Attack Alert via emails Provides Additional Security of Enable/Disable SSID, Password Protection Supports Static and Dynamic Routing Flash Memory for Firmware Upgrade, Save/Restore Settings, and Traffic Log Compliant with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux and Mac OS Easy Management via Web Browser (HTTP) and Remote Management Range for Indoor of 30 ~ 50 meters or about 90 to 150 feet (depends on the environment) Range for Outdoor of 50 ~ 200 meters (depends on the environment) Trendware USA 3-Year Warranty LED Indicators - Power, System, WLAN - ACT WAN - Link, ACT & Speed; LAN - Link, ACT & Speed Frequency 2.412 to 2.484GHz (Industrial Scientific Medical Band) Receiving Sensitivity 11Mbps 10 - 5 BER @ -85 dBm (typical) / 54Mbps 10 - 5 BER @ -70 dBm (typical) Channels 11 Channels (US), 13 Channels (EU) Unit Dimension (L x W x H) 147 x 115 x 35 mm (5.8 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches) / Weight 226g.(8 oz.)

  • LAN Ports - 4
  • WAN Ports - 1
  • Weight - 226 g

Customer Reviews:

  • Always drop connection specially on heavy usage. UNRELIABLE!!!
    Always drop connection. Buy some other routers. Not this one!! I only have one computer connected to the wireless and suddenly when you are in the middle of something it will just stop your internet connection! So ridiculous!!! Even if it sells cheap. Not worth it!...more info
  • Excellent value after rebate! Great low budget wireless G router.
    I was shopping for a good low-budget router with wireless-G. Mainly it's used for a wired LAN and occasional notebook connection. For the price i paid (just mere tax after rebates), i didn't expect much out of the TEW432BRP. However, the overall experience has by far surpassed my expectation.
    First, the installation is too easy and bloatware free. I consider myself computer savvy and have always been trying to avoid using the installation CD from any device i have purchased in the past. The reason, i just don't want any junk software installed along with the device driver on my computer. When i got this Trendnet router, i was curious and pop the installation CD in to see what's in it. It is absolutely clean and contains just a install wizard and a trial network software. You can choose not to install the trial software. The instruction is easy to follow and i successfully installed it in one shot. One thing that surprises me. I use DSL connection. The wizard didn't even ask me for my DSL login/password for the PPPoE setup but connects away successfully. My other routers did. Trendnet is Awesome!
    Second, the wired connection is as stable as any major brand's routers. Of course, nobody expects anything less. (I do have a Belkin router that disconnects/reconnects every 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds!)
    Now the wireless part, i use a Linksys wireless-G adapter and a Airlink+ wireless-b adapter. I set the WLAN on the router to Auto and both notebooks connect fine. I have not thoroughly tested the range yet but from my bedroom to living room, there's no problem so far.
    For everyday basic needs, this router delivers. For hardcore gaming network configurations, Linksys or Netgear is your safer bet. I am extremely happy with this Trendnet wireless-G router, and the 3-yr warranty is very generous. The price i paid couldn't even get a Linksys antenna. Instead, i got myself an awesome low-budget wireless-G router. ...more info
  • TrendNet == Buy another router
    My Netgear just went bad and I fell for a cheaper one.. Turned out too bad.

    The Router often resets for no good reason.. I can't stay connected any longer than 10 minutes.. the router gets heated up..

    I'm returning and buying a linksys....more info
  • Bad Tech Support
    I was trying to setup my new router and had to call Trendnet Tech Support. The tech was really really rude and not helpful at all. I am still trying to figure out how to set it up own my own and am really frustrated....more info
  • Complete Junk
    This product is a piece of junk. Wired routing works OK, but wireless is worthless. It keeps dropping my connection every few minutes. Called their 24/7 tech support and was told they will call me back when they can. I updated the firmware, but that didn't help. BTW, my laptop worked great with two other routers I had (D-Link and Linksys), but this one is complete junk. Save your money. I'd give this 0 stars if I could....more info
  • trendnet 54mbps
    I baught this router for dsl use its great it keeps up great for the the size of the pipeline works great and us user freindly unlike the linksys that i baught and didnt even work out of the box.. ...more info
  • Great Router for the money
    This is a great little router for the money. It has a very easy to use interface and is very quick to setup....more info
  • Very Nice
    I just got my product today. I have great wireless connection and it was really easy to install. I on it right now I hope it last without any connection drops....more info
  • A good cheap choice.
    Works fine. But I don't like the manual coming with the router. It's too simple, most of the configuration are mentioned in the pdfs. ...more info
    i love this router excellent range 5 bars any where in my house. also great wired connection. IM IN LOVE TIS THING IS AMAZING I RECOMMEND!!...more info
  • not good
    not as good as I want, and sometimes it is slow sometimes it is fast, bad thing....more info
  • It's perfect
    The internet connection is very fast.It's easy to work with it.It looks very good.I'm happy that I bought it!...more info
  • TRENDnet great router
    Easy to install and great distance . No complants at all for this router. My netgear router kept dropping connections, not this puppy . Pick this router over much higher brands and you wont be disappointed...more info
  • Cheap PoC
    This router is slow and unstable and I had DHCP IP-address issues with it (both wired and wirelessly and with both Windows XP and Vista). The price is right but you definitely get what you pay for with this PoC. Save yourselves some heartache and get the Linksys WRT54GL (and load Tomato). This thing was nothing but trouble (mine was hardware revision D1.1R and came with the latest firmware (v3.00 build 0028)). I have since returned it....more info
  • good router, with unique options in firmware
    Upgrading finally from my B router. Probably the last one in the neighborhood to do so.

    There are three versions of the TEW-432BRP (the outer casings look slightly different). They're roughly labelled A, B, and C. I wound up with the C one. Its the best G router i've ever seen, for a few reasons:

    1. "Easy CD" actually worked and led me through a wizard that had me running in under 5 minutes. It was even intelligent enough to figure out that my cable company's router needed a reset.

    2. When you go into the firmware, there are some interesting and unusual settings you can tweak. It has the usual things like 'dont broadcast ssid' and all the rest of it. But it also had unusual settings that I'd never seen before, like the ability to set the output of its signal at "full power" or "half power" or "quarter" or "eigth" or "minimum". Seemed like an interesting option; I usually sit 10 feet from it, maybe I can reduce the microwaves bombarding my brain? I tried it on the various levels and did throughput tests. Interestingly, it was at "quarter power" that I had the fastest throughput. I dont know why, but I can live with that. I was glad to have that option to reduce the output signal's power level in the router, though.

    3. Excellent transmission spread, strong signal, and fast. I know the bottleneck is supposed to be the dsl/cable conneciton itself, but I would swear my browsing is faster and snappier now. And my connection speed to my local network drive improved five-fold (which was why I got a g router in the first place).

    Its a great deal under twenty-five on sale. ...more info
  • Great router but range may be an issue
    Let's put the highest praise first: I just bought my second TEW-432BRP (first is at home; second is for work/office). Why?

    1. Major selling point for me: Configuration is very easy. As a linux user, hardware often becomes a trouble point. Although the manual accompanying the unit suggests you need to run a Windows package off of a CD to set up the router, the entire configuration can be done via the web. It's hard to imagine things getting much easier... To top it off, the configuration is pretty comprehensive, allowing you to configure the device from a number of different angles (WEP/WPA support, filters, firewalling, ...)

    2. Second major selling point: I'm cheap -- the price is definitely on the reasonable side

    Other notes:

    - The range is just fine if the building is "wireless-friendly". I have no problem connecting from one end of our 4-bedroom home (2000+ sq ft) where the router is situated at the other end of the home. On the other hand, the router I bought for work is problematic. When the router is on the first floor of the building and I am on the lower floor but otherwise nearby, the connection quality is very poor. This may be related to the construction of the building - lots of metal in the walls with cinderblock structure for the weight-bearing walls.

    - having 4 LAN ports is nice if you want to plug in an internet printer or other internet devices

    - my first router has lasted many months w/continuous use - reliability doesn't seem to be an issue - we'll see how the second one does

    ...more info
  • Does what I wanted it to do
    I purchased this specific router because it was a good price, and wanted to be able to get online on my laptop. It was easy to set up and has worked from the get-go. I get about 75% signal strength on my laptop when I use it about 50 feet from this router. Have had no problems with it....more info
  • Never ever trust Trendnet rebates
    This product works fine just like every router! The reason why I choose this over Linksys was that I was getting for $9.99 after $25 rebate. But guess what the rebate was valid till 08/31 I bought it like on 08/25 and I sent the receipt(dated 08/25). The condition was it should reach them before Oct 1st or at-least it should have been post marked. Everything I sent was fine and while signing on the TrendNet I signed the September date which was fine since nowhere they mentioned tht signing with Sept date would invalidate the rebate and now they are not honoring and returning the money.

    Bottom line is this Trendnet rebates are scam, they seduce u to buy their product by using this rebate thing and they never honor it. ...more info
  • Super Value & Easy Setup
    This was my first time using a wireless router and the set up could not be easier. I used the supplied CD-ROM which gave a simple step by step video setup. The whole setup took about 10 minutes.

    I am using this to connect my PS3 to the internet. So far I have only lost the connection once, and all I had to do is reconnect which took less then 15 seconds.

    I got this on sale from Amazon and after reading the reviews I was a little concerned, but it works, and it works great. The signal however does vary, I saw it as low as 65% and as high as 85% but it stays connected during those times.

    All in all, I am happy with the router....more info
  • Looking for Frustration?
    If you love a good day at the computer, not on the internet, this is the router for you!!! It doesn't even set up on most computers, and after spending 5 hours trying to set it up, computers can't connect to the internet through it. A real deal!...more info
  • A solid router for a reasonable price (especially with the rebate)!
    My wife and I have had this router for a day or two now and so far it has not given us any problems. I was able to set up the router with our Roadrunner cable broadband box very easily because of the CD that comes with the router. It has a step by step tutorial that allows you to install everything with ease. However, make sure you do install the Network Magic program at the end, especially if your main computer with the router is your desktop, because this program makes setting up the security for your router sooooo much easier! I have not experienced problems with the signal not going through walls, but my wife uses her laptop in our living room table close by to the desktop, so I can't really comment on the signals ability to go through walls. We have an older house, it was built in 1926, so since the walls may be thicker than newer homes if I see a problem, or not, I will edit this review at a later time. In general, buy this router and especially while there is still a $20 rebate won't regret it! I can also say that my wife's parents and her sister have the exact same router as well and have had no complaints!
    *Since I last wrote this review I tried to see how it would do in other rooms throughout the house and it worked fine. I can also add that my wife was able to connect onto the internet at her parents' house from outside as well and they have the same router. So walls were not a problem.*...more info
  • GREAT Router for a GREAT Price!!!
    This is a Great little router w/ a great price. I agree with another poster that my connection actually seems faster now. Easy setup, just pop in the disc & follow instructions. You won't be disappointed with this router...more info