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Twenty-four hours of an agent's attempt to stop a terrorist plot while caught up in a conflict between government agencies.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 6-DEC-2005
Media Type: DVD

Oh boy. Here we go again! Just another exciting day in the life of 24 super-agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). The season kicks off with a deadly terrorist strike resulting in the kidnapping of his new boss, the U.S. Secretary of Defense James Heller (William Devane). Although a fired, ex-employee of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), it is no surprise who is going to shift into full gear to bring the terrorists to justice. However, it doesn't take the super-agent long to discover the kidnapping of his boss is part of a much larger plan, master-minded by Habib Marvan (Arnold Vosloh) the middle eastern terrorist cell leader the US government has been trying to track down for years. Considered by many to be the best season of the first four, 24 - Season 4 is a definite departure from the first three seasons. First, the cast is almost entirely new. Second, the pacing of each episode does not seem as frantic. There appears to be a shift from the reliance on plot-shifting cliff hangers (which in some ways dragged down the quality of Season 3), to a focus on complex, over-arcing, multiple storylines, albeit very violent. What may be missing in superficial action clich¨¦s is definitely compensated for in a richer plot. That's not to say the show has slowed down; it's still amped up beyond anything else on TV, but compared to the previous seasons, 24 has gotten a lot smarter, and in turn, better. --Rob Bracco

Customer Reviews:

  • great dvd
    My nephew is crazy about the show and so am i he said it was the greatest birthday present he ever received....more info
  • DAY 4: Abduction of The Secretary of Defense
    After an attack on a train and incrypted chatter on the internet is discovered, agents of the Las Angelos Counter Terrorist Unit are left baffled. Jack Bauer however, knows there is some sort of connection. A connection that leads to an even bigger threat. Taking matters into his own hands, Jack peforms intensive interogation tactics on a suspect. Once the prisoner breaks, Bauer learns that the U.S. Secretary of Defense has been targeted. And Jack has only a few minutes to counter-act the abduction....

    This season is by far from being the best out of the series. Kiefer Sutherland gives an outstanding performance, but the story is just not as well put together as previous ones have been. Once again, the writers tried to out-do the previous year by having tons of incidents for the characters to go through. These are interesting, but there are so many of them; that the show really looses its once film feel. This season is really episodic in its storylines. Even more characters are added and perform really needless actions. They are really there to just take up time. The sad part to this season are the conflicts Jack and his colleges go through. They are basicilly recycled material from the past three years with slight differences in the cause and effect aspects. The highlight to this season is the heart pounding return of the assassin Mandy. Except this does not occur until the last few episodes of the year. 24 SEASON FOUR is action packed, but its main story just does not connect with the individual hours as well as in previous years....more info
  • Hit the road, Jack...
    ..an' don'cha come back no mo', no mo', no mo', no mo'... Or, as that avid fan, Johann Sebastian Bach, having seen it, put it, in the words of BWV82, "Ich habe genug" (That's enough). I think I've come to the end of my "24" road.

    It's not that it isn't exciting and often tense; it is. The action scenes are well executed and adrenalin-filled, and the cliff-hangers frequently, agonisingly cliff-hangerish. In addition, I've become fond of some of the characters - Chloe, amateur computer genius, professional social disaster, is my heroine. By opening her mouth only to change feet, she adds the only glimmering of humour in an otherwise relentlessly serious show. Admittedly, it can be hard to see the funny side of being blown up, infected, shot, poisoned, gassed, tortured or irradiated, but a little levity helps to offset the grimness and provide some welcome contrast.

    However, I want some plot. Some sensible, semi-plausible plot. And that is absent in this season. We get not one terrorist plot, but a multiplicity of interconnected plots, in defiance of the real world principle that the more complex is a plot, the more likely it is to go wrong. Moreover, all of these occur in the same 24 hours and all are run by the same Moriartyish figure (any resemblance to previous Moriartyish figures, living or dead, is purely coincidental). Given what we now know of US intelligence competence and inter-agency cooperation, I guess we can be glad that such people don't really exist. If they did, they'd watch television, know to avoid the LA area and Jack Bauer completely and do their dastardly deeds on the East Coast - given the 24-hour real-time format, Jack couldn't get over there for 3 episodes, by which time the audience who survived the terror attack would have died of boredom. (And of course if Moriarty blew up D.C., nobody might actually care).

    Anyway, the individual plots themselves vary from improbable to totally ludicrous, their combination is daft beyond measure, and all culminate in the final six hours or so in a conclusion of such mind-boggling absurdity that one (this one anyway) shakes one's head in disbelief that anyone could write such stuff. As the old Dilbert line has it; I admire their ability to get paid for this. Suspension of disbelief sometimes fails catastrophically.

    Then there is Jack Bauer. Jack of the Charmed Life, Jack the Invincible, the Indestructible, the Inexhaustible, the Miracle Worker, the All-Wise. I find the character (and I do think Kiefer Sutherland plays him well) appealing and appalling in equal measure. Do people as utterly ruthless and single-minded as Jack exist? I hope not. In any case, I find Jack less and less credible as a normal mortal and more and more like a superhero. I would dearly love to believe that we are protected by superheroes, capable of leaping tall buildings with a single bound, but recent history has shown that the world is somewhat bereft of such people. Thankfully the world seems equally bereft of Moriartys.

    One bothersome aspect is the ever more frequent recourse to torture, and as a first, rather than a last, resort. Moreover, it always works in getting the right information at the right time. Amnesty Who? But then this show is probably so popular at least partially because it's a picture of how post-9/11 America sees itself, surrounded and infiltrated by nasties with Middle Eastern accents, and fighting for its existence, with no holds barred. One could nearly be forgiven for thinking that the show is US Administration propaganda, designed to fuel Americans' paranoia and keep up the atmosphere of fear so necessary to sustain the current Administration.

    In short, in order to enjoy "24", it seems one simply has to be in on the joke, as it were, accepting both Jack and plot(s) and the basic principle of the show that nothing exceeds like excess. A sort of escapist fairy tale for grown-ups, if you like. I find that I don't like so much any more. And so I bid a fond farewell to any more "24" purchases, with slight feelings of sadness. It was good while it lasted, but I simply can't justify buying what will most certainly be More Of The Same. (If I feel the need, it's bound to be on one of the German channels). However, for (a) lovers of whiz-bang entertainment, lots of explosions and a never-ending mortality rate, and (b) Dick Cheney, arise, go forth and buy.
    ...more info
  • primetime pro-torture fun for the family
    It is an entertaining show at times and pretty stupid.

    Ohh those darn bureaucrats! Releasing a known terrorist BEFORE he could be properly tortured. Well at least they KNEW, like had real metaphysical certitude it was a bonified evil doer. Often in the real world part of the problem is they don't know. But we're not dealing with reality here folks. Oh, I'm sorry, does that bother any fans out there? Just moments before they can do what in "24" always must be done to save the day, guess who shows up to mess up everything? You probably guessed it: a liberal. Well a guy that is a sort of talk radio Fox news sterotype of a liberal -- a lawyer from an organization called -get this- "Amnesty Global". Lol, For those not familiar, there is something in the real world called Amnesty International. It is an "international non-governmental organization which defines its mission as 'to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights'". Amnesty International does wonderful work throughout the world. But back to the show, so like this weasel lawyer spouts off a bunch of stuff about the Geneva Conventions and millions of people almost die because of it! Luckily lonestar Jack Bauer (J.B. are popular initials for super-agents) does the right thing, quiting the Terrorist Unit, Counter Terrorist Unit, becomes a private citizen and then is free to break the suspect's fingers. I was reading about an event sponsored by the ultra-rightwing Heritage Foundation at which "24"'s producers along with three cast members appeared with Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff. A discussion was moderated by Rush Limbaugh about the public image of US terrorism policy.

    "24" repeatedly made the argument that torture works. "24" put forward to the American television viewing public the "ticking time bomb" case for torture: we must torture a suspect, or else thousands, maybe millions will die soon. Probably within the next hour. There has never been a ticking time bomb case but lone super-agent Jack Bauer faces them all the time. Yea it's just a TV show, but it's funny how TV has always both reflected and shaped the attitudes and views of the American public ain't it? Funny too how many of those who would shout the loudest it's just a TV show and unconcerned with violence and torture, are also often those more bothered by a naughty word or "wardrobe malfunction". "24" is the ultimate Bush post 9-11 America War On Terra TV series. Time for Bauer to retire....more info
  • Great Gripping Show
    24 is one of the best TV shows. It never fails to keep the viewer on the edge of his/her seat. Each season is as suspenseful as the previous ones, but with new twists and turns that you just can't predict. Season 4 is easily the equal of all the other seasons. Highest accolades are reserved for a show of this caliber....more info
  • The military infotainment complex strikes again.
    I guess people get excited to watch Jack Bauer run around, and everybody else running around saving us good people from the bad people coming to do harm to our good and godly military empire. "24" offers a lot of people running around to an emotionally manipulative soundtrack, and lots of cell phones beeping (maybe the cell phone industry paid for the endless product placement), and Arab people plotting our destruction. The storyline runs like a press release from the Pentagon. I wouldn't be at all surprised if people in the bowels of the Pentagon were writing the script. There is an entire book about how the Pentagon "shapes and censors" what comes out of Hollywood. Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies
    So, I take offense to this show. Programs like "24" advance the delusion that the U.S. is just some sort of innocent global superpower trying to protect itself from the axis of evil. I'd like to see a show where there is a Jack Bauer type of character in some part of the Global South trying to defend his country from the endless assault of the US military, the CIA, and the economic hit men of transnational corporations. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man But a show like that wouldn't be "entertainment," it would be a real-life documentary.
    Fidel: The Untold Story
    I only watch this series to learn some Spanish. The discs offer a Spanish dubbing option. This season has been particularly awful. It was such a drag to see two actors who were in the excellent HBO drama "Six Feet Under" having to lower themselves to "24" to land an acting job. Six Feet Under - The Complete Series Gift Set

    The producers of "24" are now doing some lame right-wing comedy news show on Fox, with appearances by America's Humpty Dumpty - Rush Limbaugh, among other servants of the power elite.
    People who enjoy this sort of show (it probably appeals to many people who have careers in the NSA, FBI, DHS, ICE and other parts of our growing state apparatus) should at least warn their kids that it is propaganda in the service of big money interests.
    If people are interested in learning of an honest effort to save this country from evil doers, look no further than this revelatory DVD Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media

    "If you're not careful, the media will have you hating the people you should love, and loving the people you should hate." -Malcolm X...more info
  • Kim is OUT (why'd it take so long?) But a Kimless 24 doesn't necessarily make it worth 40 bucks
    Firstly, I want to thank the profit-maximizing, selfish, money-hungry producers of 24 for coming to their senses and writing Kim out of the show...entirely!

    That is the best thing about this season.

    Sadly, however, there aren't many other positive things that can be said about it. And when I say that, please don't misinterpret me: While there isn't anything flagrantly wrong with this season, there isn't a lot of things remarkable about it.

    As some previous reviewers have said, the beginning is fast moving, clever, and exciting and so is the ending (probably the BEST ending to a 24 season ever). But the middle is the weakest because the writers recycled old ideas (and didn't execute them as well as in previous seasons anyways): As in Season 1, there's a mole in CTU. Like in Season 2, Arabs are the villains and nuclear technology is a part of their plan. As in Season 3, a spouse must decide whether to help save their loved one or do their job. And the president should realize by now that it will save some time if he simply gives Jack a bunch of immunity papers to put in his pocket and hand out as he captures the the bad guys who are (as always) only going to give information in exchange for immunity.

    I don't think that the show has reached the bottom of the barrel just yet, but there's no denying that it isn't as fresh as it once was. Probably the most memorable thing to happen in the middle is Chloe briefly showing off her Rombo side (I won't spoil it and trust me, it's cool). And because the middle portion takes up the bulk of the time, I can't give this a high rating or recommend that you buy it.


    I say this every time I review a 24 season, but THE only true season of 24 that is worth absolutely every penny is the first season. The rest are for die-hard 24 fans....more info
  • Caution: May Be Addictive
    Season four of 24 is even better than the previous three seasons, and that is amazing!

    Set in real time, one season of 24 encompasses one day. The main character, Jack Bauer, sees more action in one hour of his day than any 50 normal people do in a lifetime. Multiply that by 24 hours in his day and you have an action packed blockbuster.

    This season includes the following and more: kidnapping, murder, assassination attempts, escapes, rescues, and corporate treachery. There is much more, but other parts are difficult to discuss without spoiling the plot.

    Although there are some weak points such as another mole at CTU, overall it is great.

    If you want to watch a great action drama, this is a great one to buy....more info
  • Solid and effective thriller hovered of beating actuality!
    Jack Bauer is the prototype of the efficiency per excellence, he represents the new archetype of the hero of the modernity. His untiring fight against the myriads of powerful international organizations of fanatics and mercenaries who hate US and want to destroy it, infecting it with poisonous gases, bacteriological attacks or a nuclear Apocalypse.

    According the great tradition of the best magazines of the XIX Century (Dumas or Salgari) or cavalry novels of thundering actions, Bauer is the contemporary hero who has nothing to do with bureaucratic procedures, he knows the time is vital for many innocent lives. Every chapter of the series is excellently featured. The superior authorities in general lines, is dull, clumsy and slow thinking.

    It's hard to miss every one of the chapters that integrate this new classic, loaded of breathtaking beating, spectacular locations and imaginative scripts.

    Absorbing and frenetic rhythm. We really hope and desire a long and productive existence of this original proposal.
    ...more info
  • Now THIS is TV!
    24 has to be the most thrilling show on TV. If you're tired of shows like Lost or Desperate Housewives, which while good, seem to take perverse pleasure in beating around the bush to the point where you want to put a brick through the screen, take a look at 24. This is how TV should be made. Sharp dialogue. Sharp Characters. Sharp action. But that's not the best of it! What's the most riveting and yet satisfying aspect of 24? The fact that something happens week in week out and, at the end of the series, instead of EVERYTHING building to a cliff-hanger with which to tease you till the start of the next season, 24 delivers the goods and resolves the entire season's storyline. What could be more satisfying? Season 4 is superb. Once you slap a disk in your DVD player, it's so difficult to turn the thing off and stop watching - you just want to keep going and going and... What greater compliment to everyone concerned in its production....more info
  • Buyer beware
    Beware of the quality of this set of DVD's. Three of the discs were defective, froze up, skipped, unviewable. And amazon would only refund 50% of the cost. Beware!
    ...more info
  • Gets better and better
    SPOILERS AHEAD: I thought this season started out very lamely with some implausible situations and uninteresting characters (Erin Driscoll and her daughter being the most annoying characters in the history of the show and Secretary Heller being the dumbest; William Devane was hilariously stupid--I laughed my head off everytime he spewed one useless comment after another), but it got so good that by the end I was virtually on the edge of my seat. Things started to look better when Tony Almeida suddenly showed up and the show went into high gear and got even better when Michelle Dessler (those two have great chemistry together; you could feel their love), Mike Novak and President Palmer turned up. My favorite scenes in the season were when Jack held up the gas station store, Mrs. Araz poisoned Debbie, when that couple camping in the desert came across the "football", when Jack forces the doctors to save a witness' life and let Paul Raines die, and that absolutely riveting scene where that first deadly female assassin impersonates an FBI agent. Also, I don't watch much TV, but this is the first time I ever heard Chinese nationals speaking official Mandarin Chinese rather than Cantonese. I thought that was so cool, and also that they didn't use any of those stock Asian American actors you usually always see on other shows and movies. My only disappointment with this season is that there was no scandalous side story to make things interesting; bring back Sherry Palmer!...more info
  • 24 Season 4
    I bought it for my brother and his g.f. for Christmas. They're addicted to the series and they love it. ...more info
  • Really What Can I Say?! Theres nothing like it!
    Honestly does 24 even need comments to go along with the stars?? I mean hasn't America and Other counties caught on that this tv show is AMAZING/ENTERTAINING/ONE OF A KIND etcetc . Just in case you've been living in the jungles of Brazil, let me tell you- call your tv provider and find out WHAT CHANNEL/ WHAT TIME it airs in your location ...What are you waiting for?!? A.S.A.P! But no really this show has no dull moment, once the clock hits its last few mins your screaming at the tv wanting more and looking at your clock thinking "REALLY AN HOUR IS OVER..NO WAY". SO don't missed out , buy the dvds and catch up and tune in next season!! You won't regret it!...more info
  • Simply The Best There Is
    I avoided watching any of the '24' series for the first three years of its existence. I mean really, how good could a show based on a single 24-hour day be? Then a buddy of mine told me how hooked he and his wife were on the shows, and he lent us Season 1 to watch. It took one episode.... Ever since, my wife, daughters and I have consumed every season as soon as we could get our hands on them, with each season truly being even better than the one before. I am not a TV junky, and quite honestly, I couldn't take watching this show once a week without being able to go at my own pace. That's why we wait until the DVD of the full season is issued before we watch. Bottom line: This is the best damn entertainment available on DVD, be it TV or movie. BRING ON SEASON 5!!...more info
  • Multi-layered Plot Makes Season 4 One Heck of a Ride!
    All Jack Bauer wants is to enjoy his new job as an advisor to Secretary of Defense, Heller. He's even become seriously involved with the secretary's daughter, Audrey. He's been out of CTU for 18 months after the new director fired him because she didn't trust him after his heroine addiction. Jack is obviously happy with his new job and new relationship. However, one has to ask, is this really the kind of life that Jack Bauer wants? It might be. But even he realizes very quickly that he's much better at something else: stopping terrorists. Right from the get-go, Jack is visiting CTU to discuss the budget. There is a situation brewing, and Jack can't help but give his input on a mission. Someone during these season says that "Jack is the best at what he does."

    CTU is a different place now. Tony is gone. Michelle is now assistant director of Los Angeles Division of CTU. Kim is happily settled down with Chase. There are new faces at CTU now, and a new crisis that may very well be greater than anything they've faced before.

    Jack faces the most cunning and dangerous terrorist to date. His name is Habib Marwan who is brilliantly played by South African actor, Arnold Vosloo. This is a plan that has been in the works for years. There are many terrorist cells involved, and they've got many attacks ready to go. However, as with many "24" plots, not everything is as it seems. It may take a good number of episodes to really grasp what the overall goal of the terrorists is, and what they're doing. I won't give away any details here about the different plots. It's important that viewer be given the fun and suspense of finding that out. But just when you think one crisis has been averted, a new one pops into place. But is there a connection between them? Or are they separate?

    New faces here are Erin Driscoll, played by Alberta Watson, as the new director of CTU branch in Los Angeles. She's a hard woman who is not very bending or compromising on things. She is not at all comfortable with having Jack at CTU, and even less so when he becomes involved. But, even Driscoll can't deny that Jack is needed. She's a smart, professional woman, who seems seasoned and knows what to do.

    Chloe is still at CTU as their top analyst, whose annoying personality is still fully present. She always manages to state the obvious at the wrong time, as if she's the only one who sees what everyone else already understands. Many of her interactions are funny, and she's still likeable because she's so good at her job. I'd hate to think how the terrorists would be stopped without Chloe at the helm of analyzing data and finding links.

    A new computer analyst is Edgar Stiles, played by Louis Lombardi. I like Edgar because he represents everyone. He represents the common employee. This isn't to say he isn't good at his job, because he is. He is simply a bit naive to how things work. He doesn't know when to speak up sometimes or when to keep his mouth shut. Either way, Lombardi plays him with an almost child-like innocence; a man who is finally being baptized by fire during this crisis.

    Season 4 pretty much starts right off and never lets up. This is a thrill ride that pauses only briefly before taking off again. When it's finally over, you almost have to remind yourself to breathe again. It's that intense, but in a good way! I don't think there is any other episodic television series that keeps the thrills, action, suspense, and overall intrigue going for 24 straight episodes. Season 4 is the same as other seasons of 24; once you start, you find it very difficult to stop. I don't know anyone who watches 24 on DVD and is able to stop after a single episode. You always feel that you HAVE to find out what happens next! The genius of the writing should be credited for that.

    Once again, the performances of everyone, especially Kiefer Sutherland, is top-notch. Jack Bauer isn't the guy you want for a friend, but he is the guy you want in situations like this. The biggest reason for that is that he is willing to do whatever it takes, whether it be putting himself in a hornet's nest of terrorists, or risking the lives of those he cares about to save the country. Secretary Heller explains to his daughter, "we need people like Jack who will do whatever is necessary." Americans have truly found themselves a bonafide hero in Jack Bauer, and I think that's one of the reasons that people love to watch "24."...more info
  • Better than season 3
    Season 4 is well directed, and there are some episodes that I had to just pause and take a breather from because of the intensity. That said, I felt the writing was weaker than seasons 1 & 2, but stronger than season 3.

    The bad guys are the Islamofacists again, but we have no clue as to their motivation, except that they hate America for whatever reason. Maybe the villians next season will be college professors or liberal Democrats, because they hate America too.

    There are several new characters at CTU, the usual lineup of social cripples, moles and skilled field agents. William DeVane plays the secretary of defense, but he mysteriously disappears and returns for unexplained reasons. Jack's love interest is a wimpy, confused woman, a character I could have done without. Jack continues to offer presidential pardons to get the location of the bad guys.

    Season 4 does not suffer from the morally liberal and problematic themes of the previous season set....more info
  • Still One Of The Most Thrilling Series on TV!
    I was hooked from Series 1! My girlfriend bought the first series for me so that I would have something to watch for the weekend that she left Germany, and ever since then, I have not been able to just watch one disk per day like I had intended. The episodes are so realistic they grip you by the seat of your pants,(or skirt) until the 24Hours are over! Kiefer Sutherland is an outstanding actor!...more info
  • All that's new this season is that Kim is gone.
    Ah, How refreshing that Jack's daughter is out of the show. Unfortunately she isn't dead. She really is the Jar Jar Binks of 24 (albeit an much better looking one), and it would be just as satisfying seeing her killed as it would have been to see him beheaded by a lightsaber. Maybe they won't think to bring her back, or if they do maybe Mark Hammil could guest star as a washed out stick up man, and shoot her in a robbery gone bad.

    Without going too much into the plot, this show has all the elements of 24 that make it good, cliff hangers, violence, torture, infltration of CTU, superiors that are disagreeable, plot twists, immunity papers, good presidents, bad presidents, Tony (who by the way has always reminded me of Moe on the Simpsons) etc. Unfortunately, all these things were used in other seasons. At least Jack isn't usning the "H" any more.

    I was also starting to like agent Castle. He was shaping up to be the "Wedge" character that survived all the episodes, but didn't really have that large of a part. Unfortunately, he was killed giving in to a terrorist. I would like to see somebody tell one of the bad guys NO, and just get shot, rather than help the villans and die later.

    There really is nothing new here, infact you could skip many of the middle episodes, and just watch the previews and probably be as satisfied. I did also enjoy watching the son of the Secretary of Defence (aka the man Ted Kennedy always wanted to be) repeatedly tortured.

    I am giving this season 4 stars because I guess 3.5 rounds up. It is entertaining, however the ending could be better in that Jack would have stayed dead and they revived him at the start of the next season, or had a special summer episode where he came back to life again.

    My recommendation is that if you are still watching this show after last season, you will be satisfied renting this one.
    ...more info
  • Thrilling and addicting!
    TV really hasn't much to offer anymore, but this series is the exception. The fourth season kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, and I anxiously awaited the next week to see the next episode. I am excitedly awaiting season 5! It certainly is nice to see the "good guys" win and the bad guys get what they deserve. And I love it that the ACLU/peacnik types get kicked in the butt like they deserve!...more info
  • stupendous
    Just when it seemed that 24 couldn't get any better, it did. A lot better.

    Season Four introduces the usual agonizing plot twists but adds several exceptional new players: 'Edgar', Chloe's geeky (and ample) sidekick, Secretary of Defense Joseph Heller, his daughter Audrey, and the steely, purposeful terrorist Marwan.

    Jack Bauer continues as the show's pivot: preternaturally principled in defense of his country, tactically beyond the pale, always on the edge of love but never quite achieving it.

    The show is riveting, compelling, addictive. Superlatives need not apply, we've already got most of the available ones on salary and hard at work.

    Good grief, this is excellent television, a periodic DVD treat that's right up there with fried scrapple, my mother's macaroni and cheese, and just one or two other really good things....more info
  • Another excellent DVD of 24
    I was reading the previous comments on it, and somehow prepared for a poor performance of this season.
    However, I was very glad to watch all the DVDs, and finally I was not dissapointed at all.
    Maybe if you know alredy the "recipe", you will see very few surprises...but nobody can really tell you that it's boring or with slow action. Perhaps phrases and key words are not so distinguihed as the other seasons. Highly recommended if you are a 24 fan....more info
  • Heart-stopping, pulse-pounding action
    I'm another latecomer to 24. Watched the first episode of season one and wasn't sure I wanted to invest the time. Decided this summer to begin the DVD's so have been plowing through one season at a time. Wow. This is amazing TV and even better when watched on DVD with the clear picture and sharp sound - not to mention all the extras and lack of commercials. While I was mildly disappointed in season three with the 'all over the map' storylines, season four is absolutely excellent and the most enjoyable and exciting edition of 24 since season one. Highly recommend....more info
  • Can too much happen in one day?
    Even though it's one of the more popular shows on TV, I kind of stopped watching 24 around the start of season 3. After missing a couple of nights and being impatient about episode reruns, I kind of grew out of the show, watching the occasional episode. Being bored and hearing great things about season 4, on a complete whim I decided to buy the season and sure enough I got my money's worth. While it does have some non-nagging issues, it's compelling TV anyways.

    Fired from CTU, Jack Bauer is now the advisor for the Secretary of Defense, James Heller while in a long relationship with Heller's daughter, Audrey. But he gets called into action when a train derails and Heller and Audrey are abducted by a terrorist faction. He quickly gets pulled back into CTU in trying to find the perpetrators and finds that the terrorist's leader has a lot more planned than a kidnapping.

    Despite the fact it's one of the more compelling shows on TV, it's also one of the more difficult to revisit. On first viewing, you are hooked, period watching most likely several episodes or in my case, several discs at once. However since you already know how cliffhangers and plot threads will play out, you're more watching it for fun rather than an urge to find out what happens next. Not to mention because it's a season-long story and not mini-stories a la CSI or Law and Order, it makes the show difficult for specific episode watching. You might go "man that one part with that firefight, that was cool!" but you'd go "wait, what episode was that on anyway"? But then again you're so completely enthralled you probably wouldn't care after awhile.

    The show also requires massive suspension of disbelief as you're almost quite sure not this much can happen in this time, let alone this quickly. Leads immediately connect to each other in record time and then of course there's a larger plot than just a kidnapping which makes you wonder if the season's main villain is just super intelligent or really lucky. But you knew that about 24 already right? As long as it'll be good TV, it'll work and luckily for us, they find ways to make it work.

    I'm not sure if it's the best season since I haven't really watched most of them but despite its questionable rewatch value and the incredulous events, no show can hook many a viewer than 24....more info
  • Didn't hold my attention
    I can honestly say I'm HOOKED on this series. I found it just within the last month and loved it so much I ordered EVERY season off Amazon.com right away. I had just watched all of Season 2 but had not received Season 3 yet so I jumped to Season 4. It just didn't hold my attention. Way too many soap opera moments for this to be an action series. I couldn't get through the second DVD before I gave up. I haven't given up on the series though and I've enjoyed all the other seasons I've watched....more info
  • Excellent
    Almost nothing on TV is worth the time consumed to watch it. 24 is a very rare exception. I have watched the first four seasons on DVD and thus haven't seen the 5th Season yet, but of the first four, Season Four was the best. They are all good but each season seems to exceed the previous one....more info
  • Good DVDs but Don't Watch the Menus
    I like the 24 series, but the DVDs for Seasons 1-4 have a problem that almost every sub-screen for each episode is a spoiler for what will happen in that episode. Even the opening menu sequence for season 3 gave away secrets. So while the show is great, I'd recommend not looking at the scene shots that are part of the DVD menus too closely. I haven't watched Season 5 on DVD, so I'm unsure if it suffers too....more info
  • LOVE 24
    Season was a great, Season three was better, and Season four even outdid the other two seasons (don't ask me about Season 2 - it wasn't good). Definitely worth the watch!...more info
  • 24 Season 4
    EXCELLENT!! I don't know how they do it but each season is better and more exciting than the last. Keifer Sutherland is fantastic and my new favorite actor, move over Cruise, Affleck and Damon, here comes Keifer....more info
  • All About Relationships
    Just like the previous three seasons of "24", Season Four will take you on a 24-hour thrill-ride, with mind-blowing action, drama, and twists and turns in every episode. Though the basic formula of the show is the same (CTU is still fighting terrorism, Jack Bauer is still really intense, etc.), the writers/producers are still able to produce some fantastic dramatic scenes, not exactly an easy feat after three years.

    However, what really sets this season apart from the previous three is its focus on the relationship between characters. First, there is the relationship between Bauer and Audrey Raines, who is pulled into the terrorism when her father, the Secretary of Defense, is abducted early in the day. Her relationship with Jack is tested in nearly every episode, and that pairing ultimately provides the most drama of the entire season.

    Also, agent Michelle Dessler is back, this time as head of CTU, and her rocky relationship with former CTU agent Tony Almeida is showcased throughout the season. Though I won't give away all of Tony's involvement in this fourth season, I will say that he at least plays a part in the day's activities.

    So far, after watching the first four seasons of "24", each season has had a certain plot or character "thread" that really made the show come alive for me. In Season One it was the confliction of President David Palmer. In Season Two it was the all-out intensity of Jack Bauer. In Season Three it was the downright horrors of biological terrorism. Thus, in Season Four, the "thread" I enjoyed the most was the relationships between many of the main characters. The terrorism-stopping plots were still interesting, and the action scenes were still intense, but (at least to me) this season really was all about the relationships.

    I am very interested to see what "thread" will hook me in Season Five!...more info