Targus TCM004US Messenger 15.4" Notebook Case
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Product Description

Designed to fit notebooks with up to 15.4 inch screens, the Targus Messenger Notebook case has a protective padded notebook compartment offering extra protection and the fron load workstation includes organization essentials such as media storage, pen loops and notebook accessory compartments. Two separate zippered file sections are large enough to accommodate files and magazines. Mobility is made easy with the easy-grip top handle and adjustable padded shoulder strap. This Messenger Notebook Case offers great flexibility, a simple design that's functional. Easy Transport - Easy-grip top handle and padded shoulder strap Quality Materials - Polyester Exterior Dimensions - 16.25 x 3.5 x 14.25 inches Device Compatibility - 14.3 x 1.6 x 11.8 inches Weight - 1.54 ounces Color - Black

  • Polyester Exterior Material
  • Capacity - Interior padded notebook compartment holds most 15.4 inch notebooks
  • Protection - Protective padded notebook compartment
  • Organization - Media storage, pen loops and accessory compartments
  • Functionality - Two separate zipper pockets for files and magazines

Customer Reviews:

  • Fine Case
    Basic case that is reasonably priced which is why I bought this one. With case prices being so varied, I figured I would get this. Does what is suppossed to do, decent protection for the laptop and able to keep me organized.

    If you are not sure which to get, this is one you cannot go wrong with....more info
  • Good bag. Bad photo.
    For the price this bag does the job. It's not super plush or amazingly designed but it certainly works. I've only had mine for about 3 months but I use it everyday and thus far no signs of wear. My only beef with it is that the photo shows additional folder pockets, but they aren't actually on the bag. [Amazon, you have to get it together and revise that pic.] For me, the main pocket plus side pocket doesn't keep my stuff organized enough and the little outer pockets are not very useful. Still, I'm not looking to replace it any time soon....more info
  • Good quality for the price!
    This is a great laptop bag for the price. It is sturdy and I've taken it on several trips. If you are looking for a Kenneth Cole type bag it is not but it is a great value for the price. No problems thus far. ...more info
    Amazing product that was delivered promptly and has plenty of storage for your laptop and other belongings...more info
  • Excellent Case!!
    Just what I needed for my documents, it is convenient and good quality, I like the different pockets to store different things separately and organized, if you're someone who uses public transport takes into account that it is big and a little uncomfortable if you have to move into spaces filled with people, apart from that it is excellent.
    ...more info
  • We store the Wii accessories in it.
    Real big and roomy lots of compartments. We put Wii accessories in this bag. Love it. Great price too....more info
  • Great Bag and Great Price!
    For the price, this Targus bag exceeds expectations. It comfortably fits my Sony VAIO and all the peripherals as well. You can't beat this deal, I highly recommend this bag. There's no need to spend so much when you get quality products much less. ...more info
  • Great notebook case
    I bought this Targus TCM004US case for my new HP laptop. It is a very good case for a very good price. It is everythig I needed....more info
  • Best fit for less money
    Its a great product with a limited budget. It arrived too early and that exceeded my expectations too....more info
  • Useful & Elegant Case
    The case is very useful and elegant. It is strong and have an excellent price. The service from the seller and Amazon was excellent. The item arrived on time and in good conditions.
    ...more info
  • very pleased
    I recieved my notebook case on time as promised. It was in great shape. no suprises...more info
  • Nice Bag
    I purchased this bag off an Amazon Gold Box deal so the price was too good to pass up. Even at Amazon's regular price it is still a good deal considering how much carrying bags cost.

    The bag looks just like the picture. It is fairly slim, yet has several pouches under the flap for discs, pens, pencils, flash media, cords, etc., plus of course the compartment for your laptop, as well as a large zippered compartment under the flap and a velcro-sealed compartment on the other side of the bag. Design-wise it is pretty basic (as you can see from the picture). Some have commented that it looks very expensive but in my opinion it looks nice but nothing fancy. It certainly doesn't look cheap.

    Another plus: it is made by Targus so you can expect good quality. The stitching is well-done and the straps, handles, etc. are also made well. The padding is adequate and actually very good considering the thickness of the bag. More padding would also make the bag thicker, and then it would no longer be a slim-type model. I'm happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Great laptop bag!
    The Targus TCM004US is a fabulous bag. I put in a 15-inch laptop and it fit snugly and looked great. Best of all, it has a very fashionable design that's not too bulky and looks great on the subway or street. I LOVE this bag!...more info
  • Simple and Effective
    This laptop case does exactly what it needs to, holds the laptop. It really fits the laptop quite well, almost like a glove. I put my laptop in one of the sleeves (not included) and then into the case and it fits really well. The laptop compartment then zips for extra security and is covered by the top messenger flap. The front compartment is not exactly roomy, but you can fit your power supply and a mouse easily. I needed a professional looking bag and this fits the bill. The top handle is very sturdy. Highly recommend this bag....more info
  • Targus TCM004US Messenger 15.4" Notebook Case
    A Very smartly designed Notebook Travel Case : Fits very well for a Macbook or a Laptop PC .
    ( The best price is sell online versus being overcharged by Apple retail ) Targus is the Perfect replacement if you can't afford to buy a travel bag of type or design from Apple retail or Apple.com . Sorry Apple does make great products, however there price are sometimes a bit High Priced, unfortunately.

    I would highly recommend the Targus TCM004US Messenger 15.4" Notebook Case to anyone love getting a valued product for a fair to low price....more info
  • Perfect for the Task & Inexpensive
    I bought this to carry our XPS M1330 and it is perfectly suited for the task. The laptop fits fine and is aptly protected. Another large zippered pocket holds all the cords, mouse, .... plus there are several extra smaller pockets for cds and other assorted items. It does the job and it was a bargain to boot!...more info
  • Great Price. Great Product.
    I had just purchased a new laptop and the laptop bags at Best Buy were too expensive and too small for the computer's length. So, I went to Amazon, of course, and found this bag. It is the right size and has everything you want for a light, well-constructed bag. You can't go wrong with this bag....more info
  • He love it
    I bought this bag for my boyfreind for Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved it. He said it is not bulky, it has just enough room on the inside for everything he needs. It is basic, but fashionable....more info
  • Good Value and Serves the Purpose
    You cannot beat this quality for the price. What else do you need if you simply want a nice bag to hold your computer that has adequate compartments....more info
  • Great Item at a Great Price!
    This was just what I wanted for my personal laptop computer. It is completely functional for all of my needs and has extra storage space & pockets that helps keep me organized. ...more info
  • Notebook case
    Fits my 15"4 laptop perfectly. Good storage space included. Good buy for the price....more info
  • Good price, Good product
    Quality product, well constructed with extra padding for laptop protection, only downside is its not made to be a backpack for books, unless of course you want your mouse, headphones, power cord, LAN cord in same pouch as your books....more info
  • My carry all does it all!
    Perfect size and lightweight for my laptop, charger, mouse and anything else I need to carry along with me for my laptop. Very sturdy; will last forever!~...more info
  • Inexpensive and compact
    Nice fabric, sleek and practical. It doesn't take up too much room but allows space for CDs, pens and papers/folders. Good value....more info
  • Not bad.
    It delivers what it promises. It carries your laptop and some books and pens and CDs. The bag doesn't seem really durable(I rode with it on my bike and the bike tire grinded against the fabric and ripped it; however, it was just a small hole, shouldn't be a big deal and maybe I shouldn't be so careless), but that also means it weighs less too. My laptop fits in it, my books fit in it, and pencils fit in it, and none of them have had problems due to fallacies of the bag. Decent bag for its cost....more info
  • Laptop case
    I really like this case! It has enough room for my laptop and other things I need with my laptop. ...more info
  • Great Purchase!
    I've had this notebook case for about a month now. I've made several trips from Tucson to San Diego as well as around Southern Arizona with this bag.

    Very sturdy construction. Holds my 15.4 notebook securely as well as the power brick, mouse and accessories.

    Highly reccomend!...more info
  • Great Purchase
    I was a bit unsure if my laptop would fit, but sure enough it did, it arrived at an excellent pace and was in perfect condition, I love it, and would gladly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it, it has an specially good price. ...more info
  • Good product for the price, but one annoying thing about it
    This bag is great for the price (I picked it up for 17.99 +shipping) holds my 15.4 laptop fine, padding is sufficient to keep it safe. There is a compartment inside the bag that is able to hold 4-5 folders or maybe one small textbook and a folder, room for pencils and pens and other items. Sturdy bag, have been using it for a month and seems to be able to carry the weight of a full load.

    The only qualms I have with this bag is...

    The hook that the straps hook into is plastic, and the endpoints on the shoulder straps are also plastic....Plastic on Plastic = very bad. When I'm walking I hear *squeak squeak squeak squeak* It can be very annoying. On several occasions I have been walking with a friend and they look around and ask me "where is that sound coming from!?" I'm going to put just a small bit of Vaseline on where they touch and maybe that will dampen the noise.

    Also, the compartment that holds the charger could be a little bigger, but it does the job. ...more info
  • Good Product
    The first thing I can say about this product is that shipping was great! I ordered it Friday night and Monday afternoon the product had arrived at my doorstep. The bag is great. Nice, durable material, lots of pockets, a good amount of space...and it holds my 15.4 in Dell Inspiron laptop perfectly. Great buy for the price...I would definitely recommend....more info
  • Great purchase
    This was exactly what I was looking for. Unbelievable price, well cushioned, and most of all, I no longer have to carry my laptop around in the open like a caveman. ...more info
  • Targus notebook case
    I think this case is a very good product for the money. It has extra room in it for your accesories and is well paded. If your looking for a case that is funtional and well made ths is it. Sam Mi....more info
  • Excellent Choice
    I am very happy with this purchase. The Targus Notebook Case is functional, well-made, and attractive. At the price, it is a bargain....more info
  • Sturdy, Comfortable
    Use this notebook case every day. Light, easy to carry and secure. Doesn't hold a lot, just the essentials but if I had more space I'd fill it with junk. As is, it carries everything I need on a daily basis. Quite satisfied....more info
  • Rebuttal to Negative Reviews
    Just got one of these as a gift, and would like to correct some of the negative comments made by reviewers, here.

    From several reviewers: "The picture is not accurate".
    REBUTTAL: This complaint is out-of-date. The pictures have been fixed. What is shown in the pictures is what I got.
    John "Thug Life" Lertsakultip writes, "Also, watch out for the handle. It's not a padded handle but it's like a weird hard plastic one. I don't think it will be sturdy enough if you have to carry lots of things everyday in the bag and will mess up your hands after awhile."
    REBUTTAL: The carry handle is NOT plastic. It is some kind of soft, but very stiff rubberized material. It is resistant to any kind of bending. Mr. Lertsakultip must have some extremely soft sensitive hands, because I just don't see how this handle would be uncomfortable to anyone.

    Bashar Alnarraie "bashar129" writes: "The hook that the straps hook into is plastic, and the endpoints on the shoulder straps are also plastic....Plastic on Plastic = very bad. When I'm walking I hear *squeak squeak squeak squeak* It can be very annoying."
    REBUTTAL: Yes, the hooks are plastic, but they're a very thick plastic. If his Targus is squeaking at the shoulder strap hooks, then he MUST have it WAY overloaded beyond the recommended weight limit. Even if the strap hooks somehow break in the future, this thing has a lifetime replacement warranty.

    Veruca Salt writes: "I'm concerned long term use will lead to the handle failing and my laptop on the ground broken. I will be replacing this bag as soon as I can because I'd rather spend $70 on a bag than hundreds of dollars for a new computer."
    REBUTTAL: IF--and I say IF--the handle fails, you are going to see stress and wear LONG before it actually snaps. The handle material is very durable. There is NO way it is going to suddenly and "mysteriously" fail with no advance warning, first....more info
  • Case Complete!
    Just returned from a trip and the case did the trick. Easy access and storage. Good way to stay organized!!...more info
  • Brand new laptop bag
    This is a brand new Targus TCM004US Messenger 15.4" Notebook Case.

    This case has NEVER been taken out of its packing bag. In fact the bag is even sealed. This item can be found on Amazon. Amazon sells brand new case for almost $22.00 however, I have put it only for $20.00.

    Don't think i am unsatisfied with the product and that's y i am putting it on sale but that's not the case. I got one close to brand new from my brother since he had two. Thus, I have decided to put it on the sale with out even opening the seal pack. ...more info
  • Perfect
    What a great laptop bag. I got it for a dell laptop and wow, this thing is nice. The price is very low for the nice quality. Has a big full size zipper pocket with lots of extra space for cords, cds, mouse, ect..and small pockets for cds, pens, mouse, whatever. The flap encloses all the pockets so nothing gets lost, even if left unzipped. This bag really impressed me. Targus has nice bags.
    Love it, Highly recommended!
    ...more info
  • Good for the price.
    For the price, it is a very good product. It does all I need it to do-- hold a laptop.

    Perhaps a little more space and padding would have been helpful though....more info