Half Life 2
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Half-Life 2 delivers a new level of realistic action and excitement. Players return to the world of Gordon Freeman, as he returns to the Black Mesa research facility. The aliens are pouring into our world, and Freeman becomes part of a resistance group to stop them. New weapons, new enemies and new characters are waiting -- along with major enhancements in animation, artificial intelligence and graphics.

  • Amazing new graphics with pre-rendered cutscenes that look like they came from the movies
  • More realistic physics - Objects have varied and appropriate mass, density and physical properties
  • Incredibly advanced AI as enemies adapt, plan, improvise, and respond
  • Hordes of new aliens and other enemies, plus a plethora of new guns and weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • Now compatible on the 360!
    One of the best, most engulfing FPS games *ever* is now playable on the xbox 360 (until recently the xbox game did not play on the 360 and I thought i'd have to wait for the 360 version to come out - due soon, i believe). Even so, i'm probably going to have to get the 360 version when that comes out; i'm sure it'll be even more amazing....more info
  • Half-Life, FULL game
    The only way to give the XBOX version of this game less than five stars is to have played the PC version of the game. I've read reviews (Gamespot specifically) that talk about near abysmal framerate/slowdown drops... to the point of freezing the system. that's cold, man. and, umm, dead wrong. I have a feeling someone over there reviewed an unfinished product. The game is not flawless. It does have load times every so often (7-10 seconds) but not as bad as Gamespot says (20-40 second load times). I question the validity of what they were reviewing. I've never played FPS on PC and I don't doubt it's better. But I understand to play Half Life 2 on a PC fluidly requires thousands in upgrades, etc. It's just not worth it to me. That's a lot of beer I could be drinking, money to be gambling.

    Anyway, Half Life 2 is just SUCH a playable game. The environments are really stunning. It starts in a train station where you soon learn that this world is throat under boot, a completely fascist regime with civilians walking thoughtlessly like escape psyche ward patients. You'll soon learn that Gordon Freeman, YOU, has a head on his shoulders and is respected among an underground resistance group. This game oozes similarities to dystopian society of Oceania in Orwell's 1984. The enemy in the game, similar to 1984, is a faceless totalitarian one. You'll see resistance posters on crumbling walls. You'll feel the burdens of this decadent society. Moreso, You'll feel respected when people recognize you as Gordon Freeman, the hero.

    I can't say enough for the enviroments. They are so well rendered, such a great world create, to experience it slowly.. EXPLORING is not a chore... Taking your time is what you'll want to do, to enjoy the visuals that have been so well-crafted.
    A big part of this has to do with the putty-like "structure" of the levels, IE the ability to interact with 99% of object on the screen. Breeaking windows and smashing tables never gets old. It's fun to throw garbage everywhere, stack a bunch of crap. And many times you'll need to.

    The acting and sound in this game is extremely well done. It's a relief to come across safe havens with friends excited to see you. Gets you away from the intense action for a little bit, sometimes giving you better weapons.

    The controls of the game are very good, right up there with Halo, Halo 2, Doom 3 on the Xbox. Weapon switching is done via directional pad... It's just real easy to get a feel for.

    To wrap it up, the Xbox version of Half Life 2 deserves five stars. It's not gonna be a best seller and it's going to suck to geeks with PCs. It will appeal to drinkers/stoners alike who take their vices too seriously to spend that much money on a good PC. Yet these creatures of myth also respect the opinions of PC gamers. I respect a PC gamers opinion. Why? Because they do spend all that much money on their hardware. If they rave girlishly about something, I listen. But I don't have a great PC like them. I have an Xbox. You know where my money goes otherwise....more info
  • Still Life in "Half-Life"...
    For those who missed the PC version of "Half-Life 2" (an understandable venture considering Valve's insistence on using their Steam network), the Xbox port is, happily, one of the best shooters available on said console, certainly rivaling "Halo" if not out and out exceeding it. While there are some issues that indicate this was a game designed for PCs first and foremost, it is an otherwise exceptional piece of work that truly captures the feel of the original "Half-Life" while simultaneously ushering it into the new era.

    You once again assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a tight-lipped scientist apparently more in his element carrying machine guns around than beakers or test tubes. Awakening some time after the Black Mesa incident from game one, he finds himself in City 17 - a futuristic slum, mostly, overlooked by a massive tower and policed by a group known as the Combine. The game is a little too careful not to fill in all the gaps, but suffice it to say that a rebellion is forming to combat the Combine, and Gordon proves to be their reluctant leader. The characters and the aura of City 17 and its surrounding areas are enough to make up for the shortcomings of the story, which despite being vague is still pretty engrossing.

    The first "Half-Life" is regarded as one of the best games of all time, so Valve wisely chose not to fix something that wasn't broken. True to form, the game never rips you from Gordon Freeman's point of view, choosing instead to convey the story in a realistic fashion devoid of movie style cutscenes. This is perhaps the series' most innovative and immersive feature, and one that has never been replicated as successfully. You truly feel like Gordon Freeman, surrounded by the sights and sounds that are City 17. The game's story appears to flow in real time, so it all just has this cohesive quality that really gives you a sense of being there.

    The first-person combat is no slouch either. The weapons available all pack quite a punch, and some are truly inspired. The crowbar returns in a nod to the original (and it can certainly come in handy if ammo's scarce), but newcomers like the gravity gun really steal the show. This device is versatile enough to allow you to fling saw blades at approaching zombies or manipulate a stack of crates so that you can build a barricade to protect you from encroaching Combine troops. This is easily the most useful items in the game, as well as one of its selling points. The knockoff in "Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil" can't even hold a candle to it. That said, virtually all of the weapons have their place and are satisfying to use - although the revolver is entirely disposable thanks to its lack of ammo.

    The enemies can become repetitive - much of the game consists of gunning down same-looking Combine troops and, to a lesser extent, zombies (the product of those headcrabs we all loved so much from the first game). That said, there are still some truly inspiring encounters, such as late game battles with Striders, "War of the Worlds" style tripods that are essentially walking gunships, as well as a new and frightening breed of zombie that runs full speed ahead while shrieking with abandon. It's just too bad there aren't a few more of these foes in the game, as the Combine make up the brunt of what you'll face, and they're not nearly as intelligent or as crafty as the human opponents in the original game. It's reasonable to expect artificial intelligence at least as good as the first game's back in 1998, but, sadly, it's not on display here.

    In a conceit to games like "Halo" and "Far Cry," "Half-Life 2" includes a few drivable vehicles, and while these are a nice addition at times, they certainly overstay their welcome. Some portions of the game just run on too long for their own good, but it's an exception rather than the rule. There's usually some new challenge lurking behind every corner, and it provides that rare addictive quality that the first game had in spades. To top it off, the graphics, even stripped to their basics for the Xbox, are quite impressive. Characters are amazingly lifelike, particularly in their facial expressions. Environments are equally charismatic, each one having that sense of being a real place despite the far-fetched nature of the "Half-Life" setting. There's atmosphere to spare. Other first-person games should certainly take notes.

    The graphics come at a price, however. Unfortunately this port suffers from a sometimes unstable frame rate. It's nothing major, but it can be a little distracting at times. It's certainly the game's chief weakness, but to take a pass on it if you haven't already played the PC version would be a major mistake. This is an awesome game - not "Best Game Ever" material, as some legitimate game reviewers have claimed (see PC Gamer) - but nonetheless a worthy successor to a classic that retains the feel of the original in a way that few next generation sequels can. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • If Half Life 2 was a car, it would be a high-end Mercedes.
    Remember when "Doom" first came out? (For younger folks, it may be the first time you saw "Halo") Those were games that changed the status quo, and set the bar high for every game that came afterwards. I have over 25 Xbox games, and even more for the PC. After playing this for a few days, I'm motivated to tell how impressed I am with Half Life 2.

    This is a game that will stun you with it's attention to detail. The level design, textures, sounds, physics, and interaction are on a level of perfection that I've never experienced in any game on any platform. There are times when you will get yourself killed on purpose, just so you can play through a part of the game again... recruiting friends and family to watch in amazement. Here are just a few examples:

    1. Playing catch using barrels with a giant robotic "Dog" and the gravity gun.
    2. Ordering your killer spider/crabs (think of the bugs in "Starship Troopers") to attack the enemy... then watching while they shred the bad guys.
    3. Firing rockets at the "War of the Worlds"-ish walking spider bots, then watching them sway from the concussion.
    4. Moving crates and/or anything metal from a giant crane/lift... and dropping them on the heads of bad guys. Splat!

    I could easily go on an on reminiscing about the realistic rag-doll physics of nearly everything in the game: human bodies, swings, signs, gates and doors, corpses of dead creatures, and more. Everything that moves has a very realistic feel to it. It's not really a big deal as gameplay goes, but the attention to detail and realism just makes this game all the more enjoyable.

    Ever played a shooter where you could see the enemy, but couldn't shoot them because your bullet wouldn't pass through a glass window, floor grate, or other object that was in the way? Grrr! In Half Life 2, if you have a clear shot, and they would take damage in the real world... you can shoot them.

    The game has so many different playability features, it is difficult to remember them all. You can walk and run, jump, drive vehicles and machinery (hovercraft-ish boat, dune-buggy, shipping container crane/lift). There are times when you work alone, times when you have a single companion, and times when you have a squad of admiring troops along to help. Best of them all is when you get to command the killer bugs (mentioned above). Another nice detail: when you climb a ladder, you push a button to mount, and push it again to dis-mount... which always places you firmly on the proper surface you were climbing to (unlike many games that require a perfectly timed dismount/jump/arrow combination in order to properly move from a ladder without falling to your death or serious injury).

    This game is not just a standard mission based shooter. There are plenty of challenging situations where common sense is required. Sometimes you need to drive and jump over ramps. You'll find lots of goodies stashed in sheds, trash containers, buidlings, and crates. You might need to do some climbing, walking across narrow ledges, or even using the gravity gun to lift and/or stack items to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible. This doesn't mean hours of wandering all over the place looking for keys to unlock doors like many other games. In HL2, every challenge has a logical and realistic solution. For example, you frequently encounter doorways that are protected by a electrical field. In some cases, you have to find another way around. If you are paying attention, there are times when you can use the gravity gun to push/pull/throw things around on the other side of the forcefield that might push a button, kill the power, etc... Sometimes, lobbing or rolling a grenade near the power cable would cut the energy source and open the door. It's not always the same solution, and that's what makes it fun and challenging.

    I'm not 100% done with the game yet, but so far here are the cool weapons and gadgets that I've acquired:

    - standard pistol
    - high-powered pistol (9mm or .45?)
    - machine gun
    - shotgun (handy indoors for disposing of the head-crabs, zombies and other bad guys)
    - energy gun (shoots electrical bursts, kinda like in Halo)
    - crossbow (with scope... an instant kill, even from a distance)
    - grenades (can be thrown long distances or rolled nearby)
    - rocket launcher
    - killer bug controller (not sure what it's called, but you squeeze it to get their attention, and throw it to tell them where to attack)
    - gravity gun (can pull items toward you and/or pick things up and throw or drop them wherever you wish)
    - crowbar (good for smashing items, clobbering bad guys, splintering doorways blocked by wooden planks, etc...)

    There's so much more I could say about the details, the freedom to roam and go pretty-much wherever you want, and the quality of the graphics and sound. If you are at all intrigued, then get a copy of this game or rent a copy for hours of engaging fun. Thanks for reading!
    ...more info
    THIS GAME KICKS MAJOR BUTT! IT PROBABLY IS BETTER THAN HAVING ANGELINA JOLIE AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!well, thinking about it, it isn't, BUT IT STILL IS FREAKING AMAZING! IT HAS AN AWESOME STORY, MEMORABLE CHARACTERS, GREAT GRAPHICS, LOTS OF EXCITEMENT, GREAT ENEMIES, AND IT IS JUST OVERALL POSSIBLY THE BEST GAME EVER MADE! YOU MIGHT EVEN WANT TO BEAT IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. I GIVE THE GAME 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T OWN IT YOURE A PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • best. game. EVER.
    if ever there was a reason to own an xbox, half-life 2 is that reason. let me begin by throwing you some details-
    half life 2 is a port of the pc hit of the same name that blew pc gamers and critics away last year. ports of pc games are usually edited in some way to fit on consoles due to memory, framerate, graphics, etc.... half life 2 is ported to xbox in its ENTIRETY! the fact that valve (hl2's creators) were able to do this is reason for applause not only because of making this happen from a tech perspective, but because people without high-end computers can now experience this awesome, immersive and frightening world!
    half-life 2 takes place some time after the events of the original, throwing main character Gordon Freeman into an almost Orwellian world where human beings are herded from one place to another like cattle to benefit an unknown means. Gordon is instantly recognized by an underground resistance- and hours of interactive story, brilliant graphics, awesome characters, and visceral action unfold.
    half-life 2 is unbelievably immersive for four very important reasons:

    #1. Physics. shooting a window, breaks a window. placing a crate on the edge of a table will cause gravity to take over and make the box fall to the floor. shooting a spike through an enemy close enough to a wall will cause him to stick to that wall indefinitely. Valve then goes the extra distance by giving you the GRAVITY GUN! to put into words what this gun can do will never do it justice- suffice it to say, that after using the gravity gun, a can of paint can become a lethal weapon.

    #2. Real Digital Actors. Valve has done the greatest job of emulating real human emotions, by using real actors. Nothing is forced yet nothing is static. Most games have cut-scenes. Cut-scenes are basically movie snippets that help to tell the story and give meaning to the objectives present in the game. Although graphically appealing, cut-scenes are not in-game, meaning that you have absolutely no interactivity once the cut-scene starts until it ends. half-life 2 has absolutely NO cut-scenes and relies solely on it's digital actors to move the story along.

    #3. Gordon Freeman Does Not Speak. You, the player, becomes this character. Gordon is entirely a blank slate for you to obsess. Gordon is placed in a situation where he/you must react on instinct to other characters, environments, and situations. Throughout half-life 2 Gordon Freeman will have no crappy one-liners unless you, the player, shouts them out while being immersed in the game.

    #4. Incredible A.I. there is never a point in half-life 2 where the enemy A.I. (artificial intelligence) just stands in one place waiting for you to shoot it. enemy's dodge, find cover, and even throw grenades at you. the enemy will flank, assess situations, and do whatever it can to take you out.

    i could go on and on about other aspects of half-life 2 that set it apart from the crop of other shooters out there, but if the aforementioned facts don't sell you, nothing will. Half-Life 2 is a must have title for any hardcore gamers.

    onto the negatives.
    no game will ever be perfect, and in my many years of gaming have come to the conclusion that it all comes down to what you will tolerate. as far as i'm concerned, Half-life 2 is as close to perfection as gaming gets, yet here are some flaws that might be of nuisance to "other" gamers:

    1. slight hiccups in framerate.
    2. team a.i. towards the later levels tends to get in the way.
    3. high-end computer owners have absolutely no reason to purchase this game, same goes for xbox live addicts- there is no added features, no multiplayer, and no xbox live gameplay in half-life 2. plus pc gamers tend to think that playing games with a mouse and keyboard is better than with a controller.
    4. half-life 2 has constant, yet short, load times throughout the game.
    5. finally, anyone uptight with violence, mild language, or the first person perspective (can you believe people like this exist?!?!?!?!) should steer clear....more info
  • Good but short
    Really enjoyed this game, good graphics and story line. Wish it was a little longer and that you could play more than one player. Middle levels challegeing but end level to easy....more info
  • The only exquse
    Teh only exquse 4 not bying hl2 is a life threteing situation.BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 g00d! buy it n00bs! buy it! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    ...more info
  • Awesome game, but loses a little in translation
    Half-Life 2 was one of the greatest PC games ever to be released. It was one of the many reasons why I wanted to have a lot of money to shell out onto an awesome gaming computer. But then Valve announced it would be released on the Xbox, so I waited a little longer. Was it worth the wait? Well, I like the fact that I can now play it, but man, I think maybe I should get a better computer to play the PC version.

    Half-Life is a game that really doesn't sit down and tell you a story, most of it you have to find for yourself. Example, when the first game came out, you basically had no idea what was really going on other than the fact that an expiriment went bad and now creatures from Xen are traveling to Earth. To better learn the story, you had to find clues that were, for the most part, hidden from the game. No cutscenes are given to you because you're in control for most of the game.

    Anyway, you start off where Gordon Freeman (no not the actor Morgan Freeman) was sent into a portal and told to wait. Well apparently you've been sleeping for some time now and when you awaken, you enter City 17 where humanity is run by the Combine. You meet up with people from the first game then it kicks into high gear.

    Gameplay is some of the best I've ever seen. When shooting gets old, they add some new twist, giving you a boat to drive or a car. The other neat feature is the Havok engine, which uses the force of gravity. You'd be amazed at how much you can manipulate your environment, in fact a lot of puzzles require you to do so. You even get a gravity beam to use on other objects. I really love this concept. The other thing is that you have team mates that really think for themselves. Which also brings me to the enemies, they are much smarter and will group up if they can't bring you down alone.

    So where does the Xbox version fall, if I like it so much? Well, if you look closely at the character models in this version compared to the PC, you'll see a bigger difference, they're not as blocky. Also the loading times are a pain, I understand that this is a big game, but I really hate how it constantly has to stop and load. Pick this up if you need a great shooter and don't have a quality gaming computer...more info
  • Amazing. Gaming Excellence
    First off let me say I didn't play this on the Xbox. I played it on PC and I recommend you do as well if you can because I heard the loading times on the Xbox are really long. Now onto the game itself:

    Being the sequel to an FPS classic that won over 50 game of the year awards let's admit it, Half-Life 2 had some huge shoes to fill. In my opinion, Half-Life 2 is the most underrated FPS out there. What I mean is, despite huge critic praise and the winning of massive amounts of awards, including 38 game of the year awards, I run into people all of the time who STILL haven't played this game!!! And I'm talking FPS fans like me! Here it is, three years later and I still run into them. I don't get it. You could play this game now and it still has solid enough technology to keep up with the newest games in today's market. You won't believe this came out three years ago when you play it!The physics are incredible, the graphics are top-notch and the levels are a blast!

    Take my word for it. This is probably in my top 5 favorite FPS games of all time. This is a marker for FPS games and for all games in general. THIS IS NOT A GAME TO BE MISSED!! YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TIME TO PLAY IT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!...more info
  • Worth The Wait
    Im sure the lack of multi player (as said) will bother some but i for one think this may be the best game xbox or any other puts out for sometime to come. As a big fan of the original i was wondering if the feel of the game would be the same and yes folks it is. Gordon Freeman is back along with some old and new friends. All of the intensity is there as well as some new enemies. I know everyone has heard how great the graphics are but i must say it....they are the best. Instead of lamenting the fact that there is no multi player, just pick up your crowbar and go on. As i said, its well worth the wait. Just finished it and the way it ends i would say there will be a HalfLife 3......we can hope....more info
  • Excellent adventure
    I love shooter games and Half-Life is amazing! The game allows for multiple actions--picking up and manipulating objects, driving vehicles, and shooting. The game has taken a long time, which I also like..it's not a "quick play." Highly recommended. I can't wait until the next one is out!!...more info
  • Dusted off my XBox for this one!
    I was literally using my Xbox to watch DVD's lately, totally bored by the offerings of the last couple years. My interest was renewed with the XBox versoin of Doom 3, but waned halfway thru the game. Then came this game. I remember the utter joy I had playing the first PC version of the original back in '99 on my 'state of the art' Pentium 3-banger. When Half-life-2 came out last year for the PC, I found my early 4-stroke Pentium would need a major overhaul. Then came the XBox version, and I was first in line at Fry's. I am totally impressed!!! Yes, I have talked to my friends who have the latest and greatest PC's and their take that the PC version is superior (by how much, who knows??) but frankly, this is the best XBox game I have ever played. I hooked it up to our 56" high-definition and am completely blow away!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!!...more info
  • 9.99 across the board!!!
    Half life 2 is by FAR the best FPS I have ever played. To me it blows HALO out of the water. I got addicted to this game and could not stop playing. I got sick of Halo pretty quick becuase of the stupid looking aliens in that game. Half life is def more real and sometimes you actually get chills from the realism. EVERYONE needs to get this game! The only thing I can think of that I dont like is sometimes I get stuck in doorways for a sec and nothing is there to block me, same goes for croutching and crawling forward through vents and stuff. Other that that, 9.99 baby!!! ...more info
  • Ridiculously Good
    This game feels like a combination of the Resident Evil Series and Doom to me. Resident Evil in that although this is a first person game and RE was third (mostly) its has very creepy environs, you are killing lots of zombie like creatures, and there are lots of puzzles to figure out (ie flipping switches to access areas etc). Doom in that it is a first person shooter with lots of weird things to kill, though not near as dark as Doom and doesnt have that annoying flashlight issue like doom.

    Highlights are:
    1 Graphics are incredible. (the underwater scenes with bullets flying by you is my fav) Probably the best on reg XBox so far.
    2 Great story that you just get dropped into and slowly figure out.
    3 Cool creatures to kill.
    4 Great vehicles to drive (airboat definitely rocks)

    Lowlights are:
    1 Like everyone else has said, the load times and frequency of loads are mind-numbing. Its almost like a computer with a bad hard drive that keeps kicking in. You would think that with a 10G Hard drive, the programmers could figure a way to make the loads much less frequent.
    2 No XBox Live. I know this game would be hard to do with a co-campaign (they would have to change it for the dual play experience), but it would be very cool to do it with a friend live, or at least have battles in some of the environs live.

    Overall, though, a stunning game with great graphics....more info
  • Top 5 XBox game
    This is one of the best FPS ever created, now it's ported for the XBox. Great storyline, great action, great weapons. The utilization of real-world physics puzzles gives this game an added dimension that other shooters don't have. The ability to utilize environmental objects as weapons is great, too. The story is so great that replaying the game is like watching a great movie for a second time. The game is proof that there are great looking shooters with compelling storylines....more info
  • Great game.
    Well, I'm a little late as this game has been out for some time now. So long in fact that you can't even buy the XBox version from Amazon itself, but from others in the Amazon Marketplace (new, used), which is what I did. I was a little skittish at first to order it in this way, but it worked out very well. In fact, I may have recieved it sooner than if I had been able to purchase it from Amazon. The person must have shipped it the very same day.

    The graphics are really good for an Xbox title. I also played the PC demo, so I know the graphics on the PC are much better. One of the problems with having an XBox version is you can't play "Episode 2". You also can't play multiplayer, it isn't even an option. I thought it odd it had no multiplayer, then I read in another review that the PC version DOES have multiplayer.

    A few problems I had with this game were minor. I'm not sure if it's the XBox controls, or just the game, but I would have trouble many times trying to do something as simple as get through a door. I'd just get kind of get hung up for no reason that I could see (no clutter around me). There was a lot of clutter in the game. Not so much a bad thing, but sometimes it could make a simple task of walking hard as there was always stuff laying around.

    I also noticed some slow points as the XBox had trouble keeping up with the action. This isn't a game issue. In fact, I have a first gen XBox. You may find a later generation works a little better.

    There are two driving levels. I found them to be a pain. The controls for the vehicles are not very good. And, they just seem to go forever. It may have been better if they split them up a bit. They went on so long I found myself getting dizzy and had to take a break.

    Some aspects of the game were just amazing. As much as I'd like to tell you about them, I don't want to spoil anything. I know I didn't expect them, and it gave me a "WOW!" moment more than once.

    This isn't a straight up shooter like the Halo series. In many places you have to figure out how to get to the next area. This can be frustrating. I found myself in a room for about 15 minutes as I swam to the same places I had been to many times trying to figure out what the heck I missed. And, it's always something really simple that makes you slap yourself on the head.

    One really nice thing about this game is the length. I'm not sure how long it took me to beat it, but it was quite a few hours. This is nice when you think of other games that only have about 7 to 10 hours of gameplay. It really makes it feel like you got your moneys worth, even if it did only cost 12 bucks...lol

    ...more info
  • different
    that is what makes this great. its simply different then the rest. you expect the enemy is going to do one thing but he does somethinonlyy a real person could think of. graphicsawesome. if you have the pc version this one actually comebetter special effects and great ai. no multiplayer but this game doesnt need it to do great. overall rush of action.great game and just in time for christmas.remember to add this to your lists.its does everything halo did and more....more info
  • Half-Life Review by David the wise, tall, good looking, and just.
    Let me start by saying, this is a cool game. Althogh, you'll probably only play it through once. The story is pretty good, but the ending is so dumb. I'm not gonna tell you how it ends, but it's as bad as KOTOR2. There is no closure, no kissing the girl, no seeing the bad guy fall to his doom. The multi-player is awful. Infact, there is no multiplayer (heh heh). The back of my box is raited Mature for intense violence, blood and gore. They forgot to put strong language on it. There is a good bit of language used in this game. If you like RPG's you probably don't want to bother with this game. If you like shooting zombies this is the game for you. If you don't give a rip...why are you reading this? (I'm moving fast I know, but I've got a college assignment due friday, and I need to start working on it. I'm in for Video Game Art and Design, if that helps your oppinion of me any.) The cops in the game are very fun to mess with on the first level. I like to throw cans at them, and make them mad. Anyway, the graphics are good, the gameplay is fun, but the story is lacking, and the music in the game is good, but not used often enough. Hope this helps....more info
  • Excelente
    Es un excelente juego, solo encuentro dificultad para jugar en primera persona - pero ese soy yo. Tambien el vendedor es muy cumplido, el juego esta como nuevo tal y como decia el comentario. Lo recomiendo 100%...more info
  • half life
    This game is awesome! The vendor is top notch....This game as well as others I have purchased from this vendor are brand new and way too cheap. Note: games come from Canada... always select english versions of their games...unless you speak another language of course....more info
  • instant classic
    i don't know where to start. graphics are beautiful, sound is amazing, controls are simple and flawless. mostly of all, the storyline and game action are what makes this game stand out. gravity gun, that is all i'm gonna say (the thing is awesome). perfect christmas present for anyone who likes shoot-em up/strategy kinda stuff....more info
  • Amazing post-apocalyptic atmospheres and fierce action
    Half Life 2 is a FPS (First Person Shooter) which somehow transcends that genre and is an amazing, fast paced run through cities, ghettos, waterways, beaches, and more. Lots of variety on each level, fun NPC's to help you in your missions, a couple of cool vehicles to play with, and some scary monsters to do battle with. The atmosphere is what makes this game, great sound, and the environments are incredible.

    I had problems with the frame rate dropping, even a crash or two, but that usually happened at the beginning of levels. Plus phantom NPC's showing up and just hanging out.

    All in all a great game, took me about 12 hours to complete, and had a blast the whole way through....more info
  • HL2 Review
    This game rocks!! i've heard many people say that Half Life 2 for xbox isnt as good as the pc version but i absolutely love this game. the graphics are amazing and gameplay is WOW! 5 stars! ...more info
  • Great port. Great game.
    Well first off, let me just state that I hope that noone was expecting this port to be graphically superior to it's pc counterpart. The graphics which the pc version harness could pass for next gen. Besides, just how many console ports nowadays are graphically superior to their pc cousins in general (games of which were originally developed on the pc)?

    With that said, the Xbox version of HL2 is phenomenal. Of course the game's not going to look as graphically on par with it's pc counterpart (what games do, with some notable exceptions with titles such as FC:I & D3?) but you must remember that Valve build XB HL2 from the ground up with an entirely different graphics engine. Even so, the game still looks graphically superior to a majority of the games out on the current gen consoles. The physics engine is still intact & looks wonderful along with the character models.

    The only real gripes here are that there's some slight framerate issues, especially noticeable right after the game boots up when entering a new area or after saving your game (very brief, but noticeable). There's also the lack of online play or even a multiplayer sequence. This port isn't exactly like the RE4 transition from GC to ps2, as to where the later port gets a host of special or exclusive features (extra modes, weapons, missions etc.). Though extra modes, weapons, multiplayer, and missions would have all been nice for the xbox version of HL2, the reality is that HL2's(gameplaywise) an exact replica of it's pc counterpart.

    HL2 for xbox is a port developed on xbox for xbox owners (not pc), so if you've already experienced the game for pc, you might just want to steer clear & consider investing in HL2 Aftermath (for xbox version of HL2 is the same as the pc) for pc. However, if you haven't already played HL2 on the pc, you'd definitely want to check it out for the xbox. You simply cannot go wrong with the experience that is of HL2. ...more info
  • Style with little substance.
    Visually this is one of the most impressive games out there, and is pretty much the only element that makes it worth playing. People keep praising how good the story is. Nonsense! This game has very little in story, it has ACTION SET PIECES. Much of them are quite interchangeable with each other, within each of the main acts you pretty much shuffle them around and it wouldn't make much difference. For example, the early chase sequences all look like the L.A. river/Sepulveda basin. The main character is basically a non-entity, so why would he have such a following in that world? You're character seems to contribute very little to the events except for the finale. With all the attention they made to character models you can't even interact with them like in the first game. The A.I. is bad, and clearly scripted which looks more apparent on open sized levels....more info
  • Great XBOX port of a great PC game.
    Half life 2 as a game is incredible. It has this certain feeling to it with a surreal atmosphere, it's ever changing gameplay, it bold and inspired story, and great action and shooting. HL2 for the Xbox is ported remarkably well, it even looks good, it plays good, it sounds good, it's just good.
    In the near future, the Earth has been invaded, and slowly, it's beeing assimilated to the liking of the new alien leadership. Mankind is oppressed, mistreated, basically enslaved. Cities, people, and everything we love are slowly disapearing, being crushed by the alien nazi-esk leaders. You, Gordon Freeman, are reinstated by the G-man, you don't really know why, but soon find yourself taking arms and leading the revolution in an epic story about uprising, rebellion, and the instinct to survive. Through the course of the story, you learn what's happened in the years you've been in stasis, and meet new characters, run into old ones, and travel great distances in a war torn world defeating the tyranical, oppressive regime.
    In short, wonderful everything, a great presentation of a sequal that outdoes it's predecessor in every way. From Chapters that play like a horror game with headcrab zombies and monsters, to WWII like fighting in bombed out buildings. Vehicle chases, huge battles and shootouts, a roller coaster ride of action. Also, it'll last for several hours too. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Hard to believe it is a game!
    There was nothing new much in the Half-Life game engine which was essentially just a modern hack of the Quake game engine, so how could a game that based itself on software that others developed succeed in becoming the biggest selling game of all time? When Half-Life first came out it did a couple of things right that most other first person shooters failed to do... (1)Story,(2)Story and (3)Story. Valve created Half-Life in a period of our lives when Area 51 was a hot topic among UFO buffs and the X-Files was to become mainstream family television viewing. Alien based entertainment media was a craze in the mid and late 1990's, unprecedented since the 1950s. Smack in the middle of what could be considered the most influential era for UFO enthusiasts came HALF-LIFE where YOU get to play as Gordon Freeman, a physics researcher who witnesses a freak accident in an Area 51 type facility. All hell breaks loose and YOU have to survive. No cut scenes. No initial story. No explanation. You where just there and you had to escape. Cue interactive characters that could follow you around and say a few things, maps rich in objects that you could break eventually leading up to rapid action shootouts with monsters and marines.
    The GOOD NEWS is that Half-Life 2 is another world beyond HL1 and is like nothing you have ever played before! This IS the first person shooter 'Game of games', hands down, period. As a stand alone game, HL2 is 100% pure adrenaline, no holds barred, from start to finish. If you own an Xbox then own HL2 because your world will never be the same again. Half-Life 2 WILL destroy lives, educations and marriages and......IT IS NOT A GAME! ... or at least that is the net result. This thing is real. Forget "Doom 3", "FarCry" or any of the best pixel pushers out there - HL2 just mashes `em into the ground and then sets off an amazing fireworks display to welcome you back. How many games within the first two levels have you literally calling friends, family and neighbours to have a look at it? You must LIVE this game.
    Nowhere else will you see anything as amazing as City 17. The game starts right where the previous one left off, as you are dumped into this futuristic eastern European city like something out of Orwell's 1984 following a brief meeting with the GMAN, learning that citizens are slowly going missing from City 17 you must meet up with old friends - scientists from the first game including security guard Barney. As soon as your teleporter goes wonky you are landed right in on the action with soldiers storming apartments looking for you. On the run you manage to land a hovercraft and go on to tear through flood channels ramping over obstacles while seeing full scale battlecrafts flying overhead... and when you hit them, bits break off and explode... slowly... so you give `em more heat... and more bits break off... and then they crash and burn with a roaaaaarrr! The gem of the game though is when you play with DOG and learn a neat trick with a new weapon called the Gravity gun. Not to spoil the fun but let a few disc saws whirl and watch what happens to the bad guys or even throw a petrol canister into a group of zombies and hear them scream. The animation is hyper-realistic and your fps will match your heartbeat. This is THE REAL DEAL.
    The characters all have their own unique personality and walk, talk and act differently. The cut scenes all look great and are done in 1st person as you walk around the event. Like its predecessor, each level is designed with plenty of tasks to do, puzzles to solve and bad guys to mow down. There is also team play in this one like in HL1 but is more organized with much more firepower. Join the resistance in City 17 and win the war! If you have a thing for 1984, conspiracy theory or the New World Order, then HL2 has it all! HL2 also borrows HUGELY from other games and films you have seen, but that just makes it all the better because it seems somewhat familiar, yet ABSOLUTELY NEW.
    The bottom line is that it is, hands down, the best 1st person shooter you can find.


    - It does not feel like a game. It feels real.
    - Totally immersion in a film-like environment.
    - Truly massive maps with PLENTY to do.
    - Action, action, action, non-stop.
    - Lots and lots of variation in the gameplay.
    - A real interesting futuristic story
    - The best 1st person shooter (maybe game) ever.

    - Single Player Only, No Multiplayer!...more info
  • So Close To Perfection!
    Damn this game was almost perfect. I mean it was teetering on perfection. The first twenty minutes of gameplay I spent weeping at its brilliance.

    One major hang-up. LOAD TIMES. I usually don't bitch about load times. Hell, I played "Morrowind" ritually, and God knows they've mastered the art of allowing you to cook a four-course meal between loading screens.

    But in Half-Life 2 the load times will actually devastate the pace of the game. At first I overlooked them, after all it's an immaculate game with graphics that surpass anything seen on the XBOX.

    Then you get to the airboat, which easily rivals driving the warthog in Halo (die, Halo 2! Die!). The action is intense and you really honestly feel like you're right there, driving that damn thing.


    You're back---you're soaring through the water channel being chased by a helicopter. You leap a wall of scrap metal and escape the chopper's gunfire into a sewer tunn---


    You fly out of the tunnel into the open again, but here comes the helicop---


    And it goes on and on and on, until I literally just turned the damn thing off. I'd already played the level for forty-minutes easily, and every four minutes of gameplay was interrupted by forty-seconds of loading.

    Loading killed this beautiful, well-imagined game.

    Damn......more info
  • Awesome game! Tons of fun!
    This is one of the best games I've ever played. It's also very long and tons of fun for hours and hours of game playing. ...more info