Mobile Edge Express Backpack
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Product Description

The ultimate backpack for the college or corporate campus with just the right amount of color. This backpack features plenty of room for your laptop, books, files, MP3 player, water bottle and all the accessories that you use throughout the day. The back panel features the ultimate in mesh padding to support your lower back and provide comfort no matter how much you carry

  • Padded notebook compartment
  • Media pocket with pass through for headphones
  • Water bottle sling pocket
  • Fits up to 15.4 notebooks
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Overall
    This is a great product for anyone who does a fair deal of traveling with a laptop, i.e. student, professional, or anyone wanting to have their laptop on hand at all times. I use it about everyday or so and it fits my 15" laptop great. It has a velcro strap to keep the laptop snug and plenty of extra room for powercords, external HDs, and i can even get my bluetooth keyboard in it with the mouse in the top pouch. Not only does it accommodate my laptop and all my accessories, but its incredibly comfortable on the shoulders too. I have not had any problems with straps breaking off or anything like I've read about in other reviews so no worries there. If you're looking for a laptop case that's convenient, comfortable, plenty of space for your stuff, and looks decent too without a bunch of labels sticking out in annoyance this is definitely the one you should use. 5 stars, no complaints, and i rarely do reviews on products unless they really deserve it bad or good, so in my opinion this pack is really worth every penny. Enjoy!...more info
  • Lots of storage space
    I was very pleased with this laptop backpack. It has ample room for my widescreen laptop and lots of pockets and places for storing items both inside and in outside pockets. Great product!...more info
  • Great Backpack
    My son absolutely loves his backpack. Has many pockets and keeps his laptop safe. Good for organizing and protecting his posessions....more info
  • Nice backpack.
    Very pleased with the Pack. only complaint is that 1 of the zipper handles broke already....more info
  • Average Backpack
    This is an Average quality backpack.. it looks quite faded out in actual as compared to the pictures shown on websites. I read a lot of reviews before actually purchasing this product from Amazon and I found other ppl's quite useful.. esp about the Zips in the bag (not good quality zips at all) and the looks (really looks faded out and dull). The back straps are comfortable but not much as compared to other bags like Samsonite and the top handle is very lousy! Space wise, I found it good.. as I can carry my 14" laptop, some books and a lunch pack inside it with ease; and its fine to manage with just 1 compartment.. I would say if you're not so concerned about the overall looks, you can go for this particular model.. keep in mind the zips though, I am not sure when they would go bad for me ! And for the price, I can safely say that it would be a good pick if you got it for under 20 bucks (I did). otherwise u might want to give other bags a thought....more info
  • Mobile Edge Express Backpack
    Great product, even greater price!!! It's light, has a lot of room, and my large laptop fits just fine. Very pleased.

    Frankidee...more info
  • Sturdy, but not hep
    I bought the silver-black bag. I like the build quality and the compartments. The straps are nice and comfortable too.

    But its not very hep. Looks like any other ordinary black backpack. Wish they have cooler colors and patterns...more info
  • Nicely designed laptop carrying case
    Bought this to carry a fairly large laptop, along with extra battery, cell phone and ipod. I liked the looks of the bag when I first saw it and I was happy with it when I received it. Seems just a bit larger than I would have liked but overall it's a very nice backpack....more info
  • It more than does the job
    I purchased this backpack to carry around my HP Pavilion laptop and other portable electronics. It serves this purpose fairly well and is comfortable to wear around town. The construction is solid it is overall quite functional.

    My only real gripe thus far is the fit of my laptop in the bag when I have a lot of items in it. The opening is rounded around the laptop sleeve which makes it difficult to fit the corners into when there's little slack. If you don't intend to fill the pack it will not be an issue....more info
  • Excelente Producto
    justo lo que necesitaba y a un buen precio, todo lo esencial para llevar tu laptop...more info
  • Awesome backpack
    I recently got this backpack (red), and I love it. The padding is very adequate for the laptop compartment, the back is nicely padded, and wearing the backpack is very comfortable even with a heavy load. I am 5'11, with a lean build, and again it fits wonderfully. I like the side pockets - I can fit my flash drive, sunglasses (in its own case), and all my other stuff (MP3 player, headphones, laptop AC adapter) in all the little compartments all over. It's great. The red trim is pretty snazzy too....more info
  • Nothing extraordinary about it
    I bought this bag last december when I purchased my HP Livestrong Laptop. The bag is not one of the best out there. You can get much better bags from competitors (Targus etc) with better feature sets. As I am a student, the bag has not withstood the rigours of my student life and already the seems are bursting on the side exposing the low quality workmanship.

    The padding at the back is nice though especially when I am biking around. The side pockets on the outside are nice as you can store the power supply, PDAs etc in them so that they do not scratch the laptop or books inside.

    Overall, it is not worth the price you pay for it. I would rather buy something better next time around for the same price....more info
  • looks nice and functional, but a little dirty
    the bag looks nice and functional. i havent used it yet, still waiting for my laptop shipment. its nice that there arent multiple large zippers for security reasons. you can loop the zipper string together and make it harder for a pickpocket to just unzip your bag while you're wearing it.
    i dont really like the small back pocket where you're supposed to put your mp3 player. the headphone logo just makes it an invite for thieves to come and take it.
    if you want, you can loop all 3 strings together, making it hard to get to the small pocket too.

    the backpack did not come wrapped in plastic.
    i was surprized that the reflectance of the bad was alittle dull so i patted it and dust flew off of it.
    also, my hands got dirt on it after handling the bag for a while. im not sure if it came from the rubber handle on the top of the bag or what, but the paper label that was attached to the bag was dirty, like its been exposed to a dusty environment.

    it could have stayed clean if it were wrapped, dont know. maybe i can wash the bag?

    the padding for the laptop is good, a little lacking on some areas, like the part where it meets your back, and the edges. the shoulder strap could use a little more cushion.

    overall, it seems like an ok bag, although probably not worth the 40 but it seems like bags are expensive these days....more info
  • Buyer Beware...Quality is Shoddy...
    I got 2 of these for my kids in October, ages 16 and 11, and both of them starting breaking after less than a couple months of daily use. My son's top strap snapped after one month, then one of the arm straps unraveled. My daughters zippers broke in several places, and the same top handle and arm straps are starting to unravel as well. I bought them because of the 4 star rating and lifetime guarantee. I am beginning to doubt the validity of the star rating system, since I bet few people come back to comment after these back packs are in tatters. ...more info
  • WoW a MUST BUY!!!!
    I bought this bag back in December, and its still in prime condition i use it for my 17" hp notebook, one AP stat book, one AP calc book, and a us history book, a 1" three ring binder with paper a ti-84 calc and various objects. it All fits the extra pads feel great (no sign of wear and tear) Looks Great! (looks better than the Picture)...more info
  • not bad
    the product according to the safety of laptop is 100% good,
    it is gud for 17' laptops too...
    but its not a good looking back pack, its not shiny
    very dull and looks heavy...more info