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Bell Hands Off Bike U-Lock
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $11.99

You Save: $3.00 (20%)


Product Description

5-year warranty. Pin tumbler cylinder lock. Unique cylinder keys. Hardened vinyl-covered shackle with mounting clip. Deluxe blister.

  • 8-inch hardened steel shackle and crossbar for maximum security
  • Vinyl coating helps protect against scratching
  • Includes bike carrying bracket with quick release
  • Includes standard, non-lighted key

Customer Reviews:

  • Good way to loose a bike
    My bike was locked right outside my door to a metal railing with this lock. Went out, came back 4 hrs later and bike was gone, all this in broad daylight in the middle of the day. Unlike one of the other reviewers, I dont know how the lock was broken, but if you live in an area where many bikes are stolen, buy a better lock.
    ...more info
  • Get what you pay for.
    This lock does the job. It is a good U-Lock so thieves can not cut through it. However it is cheap. On one night with rain and then a freeze the lock had ice in it and the key would not turn. I had to twist the key for 10 minutes to get it to work. Not good for use in cold weather but if you want a cheap U-Lock this is a great buy....more info
  • doesn't work
    i don't usually have the time or bother to write reviews, but i just thought i'd let everyone know that like several other reviewers of this lock, i too had my bike stolen using it. another bike locked to the same post as mine with a different u-lock was left untouched.

    the lock doesn't work. reason enough not to purchase it i think. i'm getting a more heavy duty one this time. ...more info
  • Cheap but no durable.
    It rusts easily and the plastic cover is so loose that it often cover the key hole.

    Recommend more expensive lock if you have more budget....more info
  • Great lock, good price!
    I bought this lock for my bike, and I am very happy with it. It is big enough to lock my front tire and my frame (but not the back tire). I like that it comes with an extra key as I am prone to losing things. The lock also comes with everything you need to mount the lock on your bike frame....more info
  • Same complaint as others - used this lock and my bike was stolen.
    Several others have said it, but it bears repeating. This lock cannot be trusted to protect your bike.

    I locked my bike just outside my door. Left for work and the bike was there. Came home from work and the bike was gone. Only had the bike for a few weeks. I learned my lesson.

    I'll be getting a much tougher lock (actually locks - at least two different ones) for my next bike....more info
  • Heavy
    It's a little bit heavy but I guess you do not have to worry about someone taking a hack saw to it unless they have all day. It comes with hardware to attach it to your bike but I just keep it in my bag. ...more info
  • Do yourself a favor and buy something else
    I'm on Amazon to return this product right now. The key is very fickle -- I can only get the darn thing unlocked 1 out of 20 turns of the key. There might be a trick to it, but I don't know what it is. Also, as far as I can tell from reviews (that I should have read), these things do not keep your bike safe!...more info
  • Sturdy indeed
    I bought this when I bought my woman's bike, and made a mistake. It is definitely for use on man's bikes without a doubt. It made a great gift to the spouse and is really strong and trustworthy. The price is right and it is really practical....more info
  • bike stolen
    i suppose i should be greatful that it didn't get stolen sooner, but judging from the marks left on the only remaining part of my bike, this u-lock, it looked like it was pretty easy to pop open. next time i will spend the extra money to buy a heavier duty lock....more info
  • it locks..
    it's a bike lock and it does exactly that...
    locks my bike.
    good price and works exactly as advertised....more info
  • incredibly weak
    my bike and my girlfriend's bike were next to each other, locked up, outside of my apartment. mine had a kryptonite u-lock, hers had this one (the bell hands off bike u-lock).

    we went outside and he bike was gone, mangled bell u-lock left on the ground. my bike was still there, but the u-lock was slightly bent.

    the thief obviously tried to get mine, couldn't do it, and went to hers and had no trouble at all. i definitely DO NOT suggest this lock at all if you live in an area that bicycle theft is a problem. FYI - i'm in chicago, so it's not like this is a rare occurrence, just keep it in mind. ...more info