Breville CT70XL Ikon 2-Slice Electric Toaster
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Product Description

Let's toast Breville for producing a durable and practical toaster that is a perfect kitchen accessory. If you love toast, this 2-slice capacity toaster has a unique Lift-&-Look feature. It lets you lift the toast level to monitor toasting progress without interrupting the cooking cycle, an electronic browning control dial and a cancel button to let you stop toasting when done. It beeps to tell you that your toast is ready, and a lighted LCD display indicates toasting progress. Use this toaster with a wide variety of baked goods with settings for reheat, defrost and crumpets, plus extra-deep and extra-wide self-centering slots. A removable crumb tray and cord storage help keep your countertop looking neat. And of course, it's brushed stainless steel body just looks great in your kitchen. It's far more than just any toaster. Let's make toast! High lift lever Reheat and defrost settings Cancel button Electronic browning control dial Removable crumb tray Tidy cord storage 110 Volt AC powered

  • 975-watt 2-slice toaster housed in premium brushed stainless steel
  • Wide, self-centering toasting slots; "toast ready" sound alert; high-lift lever
  • Lift-and-look function for checking progress without interrupting cycle
  • LCD display; browning control dial; bagel, defrost, and reheat settings
  • Measures 11 by 5 by 8 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • nice toaster but power plug is bulky and weired
    First, to add to description: this toaster is steel and dark grey. See image I uploaded. Though name and Breville's story, made in China.

    What I didn't like about this toaster was it's bulky weird 3-prong power plug which protrudes ~3" and thick cord. If your space is limited, this plug is a disaster. Not sure what's the rationale behind this plug (such appliance doesn't even need grounded plug), but I am deciding between replacing the plug or sending the toaster back......more info
  • Same results every time.
    We love the electronic control that does not change even after multiple back to back repetitive uses. Same results every time. ...more info
  • Makes great toast
    Very nice toaster. Worth the money. I like the way the control is on the front and not the end like on most other models....more info
  • Great Toaster
    I've been looking for a good, reasonably priced toaster for quite awhile. This is it. ...more info
  • Not what I would expect from a $80 toaster
    We have one of these cool looking toasters for over a year. It does not get much use, just the occasional bagel at the weekend. When I went to make toast recently I discovered that it is permanently stuck on bagel mode. We contacted the company and got the "too bad so sad" you're out of warranty story. This is not what I would expect from a $80 toaster. They have a one year warranty, wow,these people don't have much faith in their product, why should you? ...more info
  • Evenly toasted each time!
    This is the only toaster I have ever owned that performed consistently and toasted evenly each and every time. I always bought the more expensive name brand specialty products that cost three times as much thinking that they would be better.

    After reading the reviews I thought I would try this. I have used it for several months now and I am very impressed.

    Buy with confidence!...more info
  • Toaster Burned Customer
    The Breville toaster was disapointing from the very first, as the bread wasn't browning evenly on both sides. I was willing to accept that as I very much liked the design of the product, the dial switch and the led light. But when the dial which calibrates the degree of color for the toast stopped working, I figured it had to go. At that point there was no way to program it and it would have to be returned. Form follows function and this toaster simply wasn't doing what I paid for it to do. Look good on my counter? No. Toast bread. Not asking that much, really. ...more info
    I completed a very thorough research on which toaster to buy and I am very glad that I did because this one does exactly what it says that it does and then some!! WELL WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY!!...more info
  • 3 strikes and out
    We ordered and returned 3 Breville Ikon toasters, all of which were defective. They worked for a couple of days and then just quit -- no lights, no toast. After reading the good reports on this toaster, I can't believe our bad luck. Perhaps Amazon got a defective lot. I am very disappointed as it is a beautiful machine but I don't need a kitchen decoration!...more info
  • Could be a great deal better, a little worse.
    I had read positive reviews for this product while looking to replace our previous, now dead, toaster. I did appreciate the step up to electronics yielding more consistent results, however a number of other shortcomings, at least in the unit we purchased, prevents me from rating it highly.

    1. There is not enough difference from one setting to the next. On our unit, '3' results in just barely toasted bread, '4' yields charcoal. Where are the settings for a nicely toasted piece of bread suitable for butter and jam?

    2. The location of the knob makes 'inadvertent adjustments' predictable and inevitable. The knob sticks out to the side and moves too easily. Detentes at each setting would be a great improvement or at least a less easily adjusted knob. All too often one ends up with no toast or, again, charcoal.

    We have learned to live with this toaster, mainly because it costs so much, not because we enjoy it. When this one dies, we will look for a better solution....more info
  • Great Toaster
    This toaster is one my families and I's favorite small appliances. The blue LED lights and controls are great and you can veiw the toast without turning it off. The number dials are easy to use, even for my kids. They know what settings their toaster pastries or toast needs to be on. I also like the very sleek and modern look and feel, you can't go wrong with this toaster....more info
  • A toaster that works great and looks great, too!
    We've been very happy with this toaster. It has a neat timer control setting. Now each of my kids just sets it to "his number" and it comes out consistantly to his liking each time. Looks great with a modern Euro-style kitchen, too....more info
  • Great if you want burnt toast
    I have had this toaster for over a year now, it was given to me as a Christmas gift. I have not eaten a piece of toast that wasn't burnt since I got it. I like my toast lightly browned on both sides, but to achieve the doneness I prefer, your toast always comes out nicely browned on one side but burnt on the other. This toaster has a digital display that goes from 1 to 9, but anything past 2 burns the toast. Other than looking great on my counter, this toaster is not worth the price....more info
  • Much better than your average toaster
    This toaster has a few features that really stand out:
    -Consistent Results.
    If your partner likes their bagel lightly toasted, and you like yours golden brown, you can both get what you want without any guesswork.

    -Digital Readout
    There is a digital readout that gives you unambiguous feedback. You can see at all times what darkness you have the toaster set to. It also gives you a little count-down timer so you know how long you have left.

    -Cancel button.
    You don't have to pry at the handle to cancel your toast. Of course, since you get consistent results, you probably don't have to cancel that often.

    If you do pull the handle up, your toast comes up for you to look at it without having to cancel the toasting. Just let go, and the toast drops back down to continue the cycle.

    -Audio feedback
    It beeps when your toast is done. Sometimes the pop-up sound can be lost over the sound of the coffee machine. The beep is much easier to hear.

    -More options I don't use.
    There are some more buttons in the front that I've not had to use. Defrost and warm, I think.

    I'm very pleased with my new toaster. I like over-engineered devices- devices where someone has thought of nearly everything and found an elegant solution. This toaster doesn't disappoint....more info
  • A Great Toaster, Just a Little Heavy on the Dark Side at Higher Settings
    This is a nicely built toaster which does almost as good of a job as a toaster can of evenly toasting bread.

    It is well thought out. The slots are longer and wider than most. There are plenty of tightly packed heating elements inside. You can pull up the toast and inspect without interrupting the toasing or lift when done for small bread items. It has buttons for warm, defrost, and bagels(toasts on one side then). The brushed stainless sides will not burn your hands.

    The toaster uses a timer. You can choose from settings of 1 though 9. However, although this is potentially one of the toasters best attributes, this is also where it also falls a little short, forcing me to give it a 4 and not a 5 star rating.

    If you select the number 5 which the manual suggests as a good starting point, you will get burned white toast and a little overly dark but not quit burned whole wheat toast. (level 6 set off the smoke detector even with the whole wheat bread which came out slightly burned at that level). Sadly, although you can still choose between 1 and 4 for white bread toaster settings (or 1 to 5 for dark), almost half of your toasting options are for degress of darkness which fall into catagory of overly dark, or down right burned. Apparently the people who wrote the manual didn't know the timer would be calibrated to burn white toast at their suggested starting level, 5.

    However, at level 4, the white bread is not burned, and has a nice even golden brown, and whole wheat toast is just about right also. So, pratically, you can only use 5 of the 9 toasting choices unless you want to delve into varying grades of burned toast in the 6 through 9 catagory. It is stange that a product would be so well thought out and designed, and fall short in such a critical area where it should and could have excelled with proper timer calibration. Brickbats to the timer calibration department!

    However, don't look at the hole in the donut. This is one of the best toasters out there regardless and I do not hesitate to recommend it. ...more info
  • As Good As It Gets!
    Without a doubt the best toaster we have ever owned. Automatically centers the toast and evenly toasts the slices of bread. The feature of being able to lift whatever is in the toaster to see if it is done to your satisfaction is very useful. You can do this with out having to disrupt the toasting element. Dialing the number to toast various items like bread, bagels and the defrost option is all you need. When it starts to toast it has a digital timer counting down until it's done. neat feature....more info
  • Fails to cook toast evenly
    I bought this because our 22 year old toaster oven wasn't cooking toast evenly anymore. I was very disappointed to see this toaster be much worse than the old Black and Decker dinosaur to the point of being unusable. The toast was black at the top and white at the bottom - regardless of settings. I should have paid attention to the prior reviews :(
    I chose this toaster because I'm a gadget freak and it looks really cool, but I returned it after only a few tries (wasting bread).
    I just ordered the new Black & Decker ST9999 Infrawave 2 Slice Black Toaster. It has only 2 reviews so far, but it sounds promising. I will also review that - good or bad - when I get it....more info
  • Wahoo! A pretty toaster that works.
    Lovely to look at. I've toasted bread, English Muffins, bagels, and dinner rolls and all come out perfectly. They say to start at 4, but I like 5 for a medium toasting. But, you learn as you go. Love the little chime the toaster makes because it's so quiet when it finished toasting. It's not like the old toasters that had ejector seats for toast, launching the "shingle" into the air.

    And, I've read somewhere that people complained that the toaster didn't toast both sides of a bagel...ummm, that's how it's supposed to do it--toast just the inside, sliced sides. It's kind of amazing; you follow the directions and it works perfectly....more info
    JOANNE N....more info
  • Finally...
    Finally found a toaster that can toast a bagel before my coffee gets cold. It's fast, it's consistent, it's predictable, and the blue LEDs are cool-looking....more info
  • Breville CT70XL Toaster
    I have used this toaster for about a half-year now to see if it didn't degrade or die after a short time like some reviews that I saw. This toaster has performed flawless in all that time and it browns evenly. I only have two minor complaints. The first is that it needs a secondary lift to be able to extract small baquette toast. The second thing that it needs is the ability to use half-step of the numbers. It used two steps counts for each number as it counts down, so I think that this should be a "no brainer" for Breville. This is important because, depending on the consistancy of the bread, different brands may toast slightly different....more info
  • A taste for toast
    Call me impatient. I wish toast happened instantly. This toaster does the next best thing -- it has a display that lets you know how much longer you have to wait till the toast pops. It toasts bread evenly, and the setting for bagels works nicely, too. The feature that allows you to peek without interrupting the toasting process is handy as well. I also appreciate the crumb tray, which is easy to remove without spilling crumbs on the counter. All in all, a quality product....more info
  • Love the small piece ejection trick
    We picked the toaster after reading many positive reviews and have used it for over a year. Yes, there is a feature that allows you to lift the toast to view while it's toasting or get it a little higher to reach it. But if you have a very low-sitting piece - like our carrot bread - there is a better way I discovered.
    (1) Start with the lever in the down/toasting position. (2) set your plate in front of the toaster) (3) tilt the toaster towards the plate at a low angle (4) press the lighted pop-up button (5) watch your toasted bread eject onto your plate!
    No more digging it out with your fingers or butter knife. Very slick....and FUN.

    Overall, just a great working and looking toaster....more info
  • Impressed in Washington
    I too like the first review bought the toaster to match my juicer and didn't expect much.

    This toaster surpassed any toaster I have ever used, even the top of the line import for Sweden. It isn't one of those toasters you need to pop down two times for thick bread. It has a lighted dial and it WORKS GREAT!

    Everything I have tried in the Breville line has been quality and worth every penny. ...more info
  • Don't touch my Breville!!
    We wanted more counter space and a good toaster. We got our counter space and it looks great! This toaster turned out to be great! We have a black counter and stainless appliances and it fits right in. My husband and I use it for different things and it does it all. We had a toaster oven and I thought I would miss it but have not. I do bagels and you just have to put them in correct direction and they turn out great. The reviewer that stated how bagels are to be toasted is correct, middle is toasted. In another review the complaint was the cord, yes it is big I quess but safe and doesn't stand out any different then other cords. Cords just are not attractive in general but this one is black which I like. ...more info
    A perfect toaster -- has its own brain, toasts beautifully and evenly, and is attractive to boot. I looked for a long time before I decided to spring for this model. Considering the ridiculous range of cost, you definitely get what you paid for with the Breville. I was not familiar with this product line from Canada, but am glad to know about it now! You will not be disappointed....more info
  • So far, so great. . .
    I've always used toaster ovens for their flexibility, but the last one(though a great mini-oven) took forever to toast. I read gazillion reviews and settled on this one because of the consistency of reviews and some of the features of this model.
    It gets very even toasting in under a minute, and I've not even tried any setting above a '4'. I've used the bagel setting - works as advertised. I've found I need to use the warming setting before toasting those frozen toaster strudels in order to get the filling warm without over toasting the pastry. It does a great job on English muffins, where the extra lift is really useful for getting smaller things out. The only reason I've not given this a 5 star rating is that I simply haven't had it long enough to comment on how it will hold up, and since this isn't a cheap toaster, I consider that important....more info
  • Excellent Toaster
    The Breville CT70XL is wonderful. We have had multiple toasters over the past several years. Regardless of the cost, we have yet to find one that toasts like this one. The toast always browns evenly and doesn't ever burn - even when the kids make it! We are very pleased with our purchase and would highly suggest anyone looking for a toaster to consider the Breville CT70XL....more info
  • Way better than you can find in discount stores
    I was tired of toasters that sort of worked, fine the first time but burnt or just warmed the bread the 2nd or 3rd time. This toaster does a great job of consistancy and the popup checker is a GREAT feature.
    I highly recommend this toaster for home use....more info
  • Great Toaster!
    First the looks:
    This is a very stylish toaster, If your tastes run toward the sleek and modern. The knobs and buttons are very straight forward and user friendly and I really love the lift and look feature allowing you to sneak a peek at you toast without having to start the cycle over again. Overall the whole unit feels well built and I am very pleased with the performance. 4 stars only cause I have only had it for a month and have only used it a few times....more info