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Eye Toy Play 2 with Camera
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $28.14

You Save: $21.85 (44%)


Product Description

EyeToy: Play 2 is the sequel to the USB camera-based collection of minigames. Its innovative motion-tracking and light-sensing technology take gaming to a new level, broadening the audience and challenging fans of all ages. Using the new "SpyToy" game features in EyeToy: Play2, players can discreetly catch trespassers by tracking physical motion as well as audible noises with their EyeToy camera. Challenge friends in 12 new games and 75 minigames as you become a master chef, hit homeruns, battle it out for the table tennis crown and fight off kung-fu warriors, ninjas and ancient monsters. Gamers can even use "mask" technology to reate a 3D model and image of their head, importing it into a variety of games. Enhanced Playroom includes a playable demoos of EyeToy - AntiGrav as well as new technological demos

  • Run, jump, dance, wiggle and more while interacting with colorful 3D characters
  • Variety of new games - Knockout, Mr. Chef, Secret Agent, Air Guitar, Goal Attack, Table Tennis, HomeRun, and more
  • Also comes with 75 bonus games, for up to 4 players
  • Catch intruders in the act by utilizing the SpyToy feature that acts as a room guard security camera
  • EyeToy - Cameo mask technology, that allows players to c which can then be used in a variety of games

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 stars!
    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my kids (ages 5 & 8). They've played it for HOURS! They love the fact that they're actually in the game (i.e. swinging at baseballs, punching punching bags, etc.) I enjoy watching them play!

    I would highly recommend this game. This was certainly one of their highlights for Christmas!...more info
  • fun for the entire family
    Both my teenage son and younger daughter like this game. Fun for the entire family. Great way to get some physical exercise ... true interactive play! Only complaint is we had to bring extra lights into the room for the camera to work properly. ...more info
  • Hysterical!!!
    I think I lost at least 5 pounds from laughing while watching my friends play this game on my 61" TV!!!!!!

    Great for kids, too!!!!...more info
  • Great addition to our playstation
    We ordered this as a Christmas present and the kids love it! The neighborhood kids love it, too! We like that it gets the kids up and moving, instead of just sitting to play their games. My husband and I have actually enjoyed it, also. I've never really enjoyed playing video games with the kids until this. The boxing is very fun, and the kids really have a laugh at the way I move doing it. ...more info
  • Never Ending Fun
    This was my children's favorite game. The kids owe their own bodies instead of the joystick. This keeps them active and in shape. There are tons of games for every age and interest. I would highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • must have good lighting
    has good variety of interesting games; I don't recommend it for 3-4 yr old; the complexity of operating the menus and understanding how to position themselves in relation to the camera is beyond their mental capacity; you'll have to stand by them to get the game going for them; sometimes the game wouldn't operate reliably but I think that is because the lighting wasn't adequate; I had to turn on all the lights in the room and bring in an extra lamp; but if you have enough lighting the camera will work...more info
  • Eye Toy Play 2 game
    We got this for our kids for Christmas. They love it. They really like the boxing game, the do it yourself game (diy), the bubble bursting game in particular. The eye toy takes some getting used to, and sometimes it is a little frustrating because it takes a while for the software to figure out what you are selecting.
    But overall this is a hit with the kids (ages 7 and 11)...more info
  • Get up off of that couch
    This game is so much fun. My kids had played it at a friend's and got it for Christmas. They really work up a sweat playing. It is fun to play and even fun to watch. The only down side seems to be that you have to have a lot of light for it to work optimally and you need room to move around. ...more info
  • Awesome Eyetoy
    This game is amazing. Not as sophisticated as WII, but at this price you can't beat it. The kids love it and they get great exercize when they play. They play it as well. It doesn't sit on a shelf the way so many things do. Too bad Sony didn't get the word out better about this. Grab up all the games while you can. You won't regret this purchase....more info
  • Fun Fun Fun!!!
    The eyetoy is a great for PS2. Gives you so many possibilities to do so many different things. There are tons of games out now that use eyetoy. This is hours of entertainment you won't soon forget.. The games are on here, wow this is just really really fun!!!...more info
  • All you need to keep them moving
    This was the Christmas hit. Now all of the extended family have purchased it so we get to play at home and when we are visiting. They are playing video games and off the couch, we all win....more info
  • Unique and fun but sometimes frustrating
    As you know if you are considering this, this game has a camera and software with the ability to translate the motion of the player's hands into action on the screen.

    It is great in concept and works most of the time. It certainly can entertain my children (6 and 9YO) and gets them moving. However the software is not perfect. Sometimes it won't recognize a hand movement (particularly in the Mr. Chef game where you have to grab various food items and drag them to a plate) and other times it seems to play the game for you (such as in table tennis, where just about any motion hits the ball right back to where it needs to be.) Most of the problems are eliminated if you read this instructions (e.g. don't have a bright light in the camera's view) and giving the player the benefit of the doubt is probably the right choice for fun.

    Being 6 and 9, my children are different heights and this means the camera must be adjusted when each takes their turn. This makes multi player games a bit frustrating as sometimes it starts before things are all set.

    A very minor point. The chef in Mr. Chef is a bit crude, scratching his behind and saying "Damn". Not a big deal but something I'd rather my 6 year old not have to see in her favorite game....more info
  • Eye Toy is great for young kids.
    I purchased the Eye Toy Play 2 game for my three nieces who are 9, 6 and 4. They love it! The game keeps them entertained for hours on end. They cannot get enough of it! The best thing is, it also keeps them physcially active. This is the kind of video game I can get behind....more info
  • Great way to get the kids off of the couch!
    I have to say, I don't have a problem with my 13 yr old daughter playing this game cause it actually gets her off of the couch and gets active! She'll come upstairs exhausted after playing this Eye Toy! I highly recommend this for all kids. Lots of fun for parents too! :o)...more info
  • Great game for kids
    1. good party game for teenages/adults
    2. great everyday game for kids
    3. exercise for the kids; great way to tire out your kids
    4. good variety of gameplay and options
    5. a lot better than the first Eye Toy Play
    6. the kids seem to enjoy this more than the Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution games
    7. easy setup; just plug the camera in and play

    1. well lighted room required for good camera detection
    2. some of the games may become repetitive for the older gamers but the kids don't seem to mind...more info
  • Eye Toy Play 2 Entertains But Sometimes Frustrates...
    In general, the eye toy is very entertaining, but the graphics could be better -- they're a bit fuzzy and don't always move readily as indicated by player....more info
  • physical fun for a video game
    My kids got this game from Santa last year and they have played it all year. They have the original eye toy also and love that. This one is so much fun for them. My 5 year old plays it as well as the 11 year old. They play it alot when their friends are over. It seems to work well as a group thing. I like it because it gets them up and jumping around. Not just sitting there with the controller in their hand....more info