Peerless Universal Wall Mount for 23"to 46" Displays - Black
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Product Description

The SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount supports virtually any 23" to 46" flat panel screen. The ultra-slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align universal brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to a single wood stud, two wood studs up to 16" apart, or concrete. Includes a Sorted-For You baffle pack with all screen hardware and security fasteners.For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site.

  • Features - Mounting Components: Wall plate, mounting adapter; Recommended Use: Flat panel; Recommended TV Set Size: 22in - 49in; Max Load Weight: 150 lbs
  • Product Type - Mounting kit - wall-mountable
  • Color - black

Customer Reviews:

  • good quality - adjustable side to side
    I bought this mount after trying 2 different ones purchased at big box stores. I needed to center my LCD between the bathroom and closet door in my bedroom. Most of the other mounts I found only anchored to a single stud & had limited ability to adjust side to side. I found this surprising, because even in a large room, your eye can easily tell if a TV is not centered. If you're only choice is to mount to studs on 16" centers, how is that supposed to work? In my case, none of the studs was even close to the center point between the doors. This mount anchors to two studs & has several inches of side to side adjustment. It is very solid & comes with a good assortment of hardware for the different VESA mounts (mine was 200mm x 200mm). Tightening the set screws was a little tedious as another reviewer mentioned, but it's a one time thing so not a reason to avoid this product. This does not pivot or tilt, but I wanted a flush mount anyway. I would recommend buying one of the recessed outlet plates that has a 120V outlet & an opening to pull your cables through for a clean installation. Haven't done that myself yet, but I plan to....more info
  • does the job for much less
    I've got a Sony 40 inch W series mounted on the bedroom wall with this for about a month now with no problems. Installation was fairly easy. Just didn't have the correct length of screws so I went ahead and used the longer ones included in the package by adding additional washers to tighten the fit. Overall a good experience and a good buy. I recommend it....more info
  • good products
    "Product shipped as described. All I wanted is a simple mount. I have space to hook up cables to my TV in the back and I have big palms. Comes with set screws, big plus I live in an earthquake zone. Great product shipped relatively quickly I picked least expensive option. I recommend product for people of simple needs and a low budget. Seller sent more parts than I needed with instructions. Simple to install you will not need instructions. Great buy!"...more info
  • TV wall mount
    Exactly what I was looking for. Had someone else mount it so not sure how that went, but it is up and working well. Close to the wall which is what I was looking for....more info
  • Amazing....
    I almost paid someone to install my TV. The price was too much for my liking so I decided to take a stab at with this greatly priced wall mount. The packaging was good and the directions were simple to follow. It took me all of 15 minutes to mount the TV. I honestly find it easier to mount a TV than hang curtains. As long as you have the necessary tools, leveler, stud finder, drill and a helper - you will find this task very easy....more info
  • LCD TV Wall Mounting Bracket
    It's a great product at a reasonable price. Easy to assemble and install. It's simple, practical, adequate, and priced low enough unlike other companies that sell very expensive mounting brackets that has several capabilities that you don't need....more info
  • Excellent value in a basic flat screen wall mount
    I ordered this for a friend to help mount his VIZIO 32-inch plasma HDTV on the wall. The mount came with an extensive set of mounting hardware for compatibility with multiple brands and models of flat screen TVs, and sure enough, one set was a perfect fit for the VIZIO VP322's metric mounting holes.

    It's pretty basic - two parts mount to the back of the TV, one piece attaches to the wall. Hook the TV brackets onto the wall mount, tighten a couple of screws to lock it in place and you're done. The securing screws that fasten the TV bracket to the wall plate are a little hard to reach, but Peerless thoughtfully includes a long Allen screw driver which makes this pretty painless.

    By the way, for those concerned about whether or nor this will fit your TV, the SF640 mount supports TVs with "mounting patterns" up to 17.73" wide and 12.94" high. This means that the mounting bolt holes in the back of your television can be no more than 17.73 inches apart (width) and no more than 12.94 inches apart (height). If your TV's mounting pattern is larger than this in either dimension then this is not the mount for you. The load capacity of the mount is up to 150 pounds so this should accommodate most flat panel TVs 46 inches or below (assuming the mounting pattern fits your TV and you mount it properly).

    There is no tilt capability, but for the price this really can't be expected. All in all, a great value (with a 5-year warranty) and a high quality product....more info
  • Great mount for the money
    The mount came in black (no matter to me). The instructions were EASY. Basically, make sure you screw into wall studs or concrete. Bought a cheap stud finder from HomeDepot (good little investment). Had the mount and the TV onto the wall in less than an hour to hang a 32inch TV. Make sure you have your cords connected in the back of the TV before you hang. Perfect for my needs and the price was great. Highly reccomend. Only issue would be for adding cords in the back of TV, will have to take TV off mount otherwise. No tilt but can slide a bit left or right for adjustment. GREAT MOUNT!!!...more info
  • Great Price Easy Install
    Best price yet, easy installation, easy LCD/TV mount. 1,2,3 it's done. This is my 2nd purchase.
    Peace...more info
  • LCD TV Wall Mounting Bracket
    It's a great product at a reasonable price. Easy to assemble and install. It's simple, practical, adequate, and priced low enough unlike other companies that sell very expensive mounting brackets that has several capabilities that you don't need....more info
  • Olevia 32 inch mount
    It was great. the right price and the right equipment. I had no trouble figuring out how to attach the TV and the hardware was an exact match to what I needed. I was impressed with the extra hardware to cover multiple tv's.

    Great buy!...more info
  • Excellent .. for the price and for my need
    The package had came all the different screws that will fit all the TVs that it can be used with. That means, if I change my TV and get another one that's compatible, I can use the same mount.

    It's a very basic mount and easily to install. (You'll need a stud finder and a ratchet, unless you are Mr. Universe then a regular philips head will do.

    I docked 1 star because it's meant for 46 inch TVs and even with my TV being a 42" I couldn't reach the two bottom screws with the long allen key that comes with the mount. These two screws are not load bearing, so I didn't bother to get them fixed. ...more info
  • Good product
    This wall mount does exactly what it is supposed to, and it is extremely secure if assembled as per the instructions. However, it is extremely hard to hang, and will make it difficult to get to inputs if they are in the middle of the back of the tv. ...more info
  • Perfect for our 32" Sharp LCD
    We bought this to hang our new 32 inch Sharp LCD on the wall. It only took about fifteen minutes to screw the mount to the wall and hang the TV. My wife was amazed how simple it was to hang the TV with this mount....more info
  • Fantastic value TV mount!
    This mount came with an array of fixings for different TV's, is well built and easy to install.

    You have to be patient when tightening the security screws as they are very awkward to get to, but that is to be expected for such a low profile mount.

    Top value!...more info
  • Great Flush Mount for 37"
    I ordered this for my new 37" Panasonic after verifying the fit from the Peerless website. Came in 3 days and went up on a sheetrock wall with wood studs on 16" centers in about 45 minutes. Great product, easy install. Fits very cose to the wall which looks great but requires a little planning on where to have your connections emerge from the wall if you are going to fish them. The clearance is about 1.5" so be sure and have your HDMI and cable and possibly power (depending on the tv) come out of the wall directly behind the TV connection point. No problem with the locking screws. There is enough space to angle the allen wrench a little to get it to make a full 360 without cutting it off like some other reviews have suggested....more info
  • Easy install so far so good
    Works great with my 32" Philip LCD TV. You need a drill and a stud finder to finish the installation work.
    No complain about the product.
    My wife doesn't like the expense of a wall mount at first. But after I finished the installation, she loves the result....more info
  • Peerless mount with our 26" Samsung was super !!
    This was the best TV wall mount for the money - anywhere !
    We hung our new 26" Samsung 450 series TV on a small wall in our kitchen area.
    It took me a couple of hours as finding the stud was a bit more difficult than anticipated.
    The end result is perfection !
    As mentioned before, the hex tool provided is cumbersome to use but it finally did the job.
    Thanks !!
    Bill in FL...more info
  • works fine
    I mounted a new 42" hdtv on this sturdy and inexpensive mounting bracket and it worked perfectly. No problems and very confident....more info
  • Easy TV Wall Mount
    This Peerless Universal TV wall mount is one of the easiest wall mounts to install. I have a 40 inch Sony Flat panel tv and it was a pleasure to work with a product I could install myself, with easy instructions....more info
  • Very frustrated!!!!!!
    Amazon you guys amaze me for allowing peerless to mis lead this would NEVER mount a 42" NEVER buy this!!!!!!! Why would anyone want to do business with a company that is so willing to mislead?? ...more info
  • Compatibilty Information Missing
    Since the description says "Universal Wall Mount for 23"-46" Flat Panels" people tend to assume that what it means. What a waste of people's time and effort to leave out the important compatibility information that this cheap pile only fits some plasma TV's....more info
  • simple installation.. gets the job done
    Installation was surprisingly easy.. and it is very easy to take the tv off the mount without any tools. It feels very sturdy and hugs the wall pretty close. Also you can easily slide it to the left or right about a foot either direction to center it in the room better. I wanted a simple hanging mount.. no swiveling etc.. and so it does exactly what I wanted it to do. By the way I have a 32" Samsung LCD.. fits perfectly. ...more info
  • great bargain - works well
    Excellent value. Arrived early. To make sure it will work for you, I would suggest you find the studs in your wall before you order. With the dimensions from the manual (seller's website) you can put a cardboard mock up on the wall to figure out where and how your tv will look. Plug in your wires and then do the final tv mounting as space is very tight. Regarding the bracket that attaches to the tv -- find and use a a long straight allen wrench or long screw driver to get them to finger tight: Then use the L shaped allen wrench to finally secure it. Great product overall....more info
  • Simple sturdy design
    This wall mount surprised me with the screws that it came with. I think every screw you may need for your TV is included. I used it for a 32" Sony no problems at all.
    Only possible problem you may have is the unit is a little narrow; hitting studs and aligning in the center of the wall may be difficult.
    Simple sturdy design, I would buy it again.
    ...more info