Pacific Play Tents I See U 6' Tunnel
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Product Description

Kids love to wiggle and squiggle through these playful tunnels. Great for muscle development, the I See U Tunnel stimulates the imagination and provides hours of creative playtime. From room to room, connect several tunnels together to make a never-ending maze. Then slither around corners and pretend that you are on a secret mission.

Tunnel comes with mesh-like ventilation panels at the top for airflow on hot days as well as for easy viewing. Tunnel folds down into itself for easy storage. Includes secure ties to keep it closed. Measures 6' long.

  • Excellent fun for developing cooperative, great for muscle development
  • This new design incorporates or new ?padded interior? system, for more comfortable playtime.
  • Half nylon & mesh act as ?peek-a-boo? tunnel or for keeping an eye on the kids
  • Tunnel has a connecting lip on one end to enable you to extend the length or connect other Pacific Play Tent tunnels
  • Tunnel folds down flat and closes with Velcro tabs for easy storage when not in use

Customer Reviews:

  • Great fun!
    LOVE this toy for our 2 year old! Wish we had it when she was learning to crawl! Mesh (see-through) helps with children who may be nervous crawling through. However, we are curious to see how well the mesh itself holds up. Would question the durability of the mesh. The company that makes this particular tunnel also makes one without mesh. My recommendation is that if you have a cautious child who may appreciate the see through feature of the mesh, go with this one. If you are purchasing this tunnel for a fearless toddler, the one without the mesh may be the best product for you!
    Overall, we are completely satisfied with this tunnel! Lots of fun! Perfect for the cold winter months or hot summer days when you cannot be outside!...more info
  • Happy Mommy
    This is a great tunnel. My daughter was afraid to crawl in tunnels for awhile but with the see-through section she went through as soon as it was out of the box. So easy to put away and I can even store it under the couch....more info
  • Tunnel
    great for kids younger than 4. Our 2 year old grandsons absolutely love this tunnel. They like that they can see out of it (a big plus). Great toy....more info
  • It rocks!
    I ordered this online for my out-of-town one year old niece's birthday. She is a first grandchild, first great-grandchild and it's really hard to buy for her, especially since I don't live in the same city. I took a chance and got this even though the recommended age was 2 or older. It was a HUGE success according to pictures I've gotten and the thank you from the parents who said they only had 2 words to describe it--"IT ROCKS!"
    Older kid cousins also enjoyed it....more info
  • peek a boo tunnel
    Great toy. My daughter (who just turned 1), has a tunnel that is enclosed on all sides. She would't go into the tunnel and was afraid of the enclosure. This tunnel allows her to see out as well as for us to see her when she is inside. She loves it!!!...more info
  • Great
    The tunnel is allot of fun and nice cause we can see her in it....more info
  • Great product!
    This is an awesome product for a great price. My two year old daughter plays in it for hours and her 10 yr old cousins love it too! I love how it folds flat for storage and is very durable. I would buy more in this series and the tunnel again if I had too!...more info
  • Great Tunnel
    Great tunnel! My baby loves hanging out in it with her toys and crawling through it. I love that you can see through half of it. I also love that you can flatten it and put it away when it isn't being used....more info
  • Love It
    I got this tunnel and the matching tent from amazon for my nephew's Christmas 2008. He loved it. It is very durable and easy to set up. I left it at the "Grandparents" house. It is so easy to set up, that they actually put it away when he is gone and get it back out when he comes over. ...more info
  • Great fun for kids!
    We purchased this tunnel for our son's first birthday. It has proven to be a great deal of fun not just for him but for his two older sisters as well. The tunnel is a good size and is large enough for my one year old son to crawl in and sit up in the middle of it. The mesh allows him to see outside of the tunnel which helps him not be claustophobic. I'm very happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • My boys enjoy playing in it
    We gave it to our son on his 1st birthday and he loved it right from the beginning. His brother (2 1/2 years old) enjoys it too. I'm glad that I got one that has the see through mesh so that I can monitor their play. They are usually in it together. They also like me playing with them and the mesh helps with that.

    I only gave it 4 stars because it doesn't hold their attention for a long time, usually 30 minutes at the most....more info
  • Great Tunnel !! Fun and well made.
    Very nice product. you can tell they spent some time making / researching to make these. from the padding on the wires, to the Velcro on the ends, to the stitching all looks very well made and its holding up to my 2 year old abuse ( and a couple of crazy parents crawling inside once in a while too) I will be buying from this company again hoping that the other products has the same quality as this one !...more info
  • Great for crawlers
    I got this for my 9 month old who has mastered basic crawling. She loves to have her "secret" hideaway and I love that I can still see her. She'll pull toys or snacks into the middle of the tunnel and play. We have fun as I chase her through the house and she always makes the tunnel part of the route. She just learned that if she faces towards the fabric, she can crawl and use it like a hamster ball. Sometimes when she crawls through, I start to move it side-to-side for a challenge. She really enjoys compensating for the movement. ...more info
  • Lots of fun!
    I bought this tube to use with Pacific Play tent super duper deluxe for person tent. My daughter just loves the tent and tunnel together. She plays in it constantly and it wasn't too difficult to set up either. The tunnel rolls around a little but that's not a bad thing as it teaches her balance and the use of dexterity so all in all it's a good thing and a teaching tool. She puts her dolls and other items in the tube as well as herself. She and her friends will enjoy this product for a while! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Lots of fun...even for a 9 month old
    My son loved to crawl back and forth and the mesh lets us see him and him see is a little wobbly if you don't get it with the tent, so just put pillows on both sides....more info
  • Happy Mommy
    This is a great tunnel. My daughter was afraid to crawl in tunnels for awhile but with the see-through section she went through as soon as it was out of the box. So easy to put away and I can even store it under the couch....more info
  • Tunnel of Fun!
    We bought this to help with weight bearing for our daughter. She has a Brachial Plexus Injury due to birth and she needs to put weight on her arm so it will grow in a normal capacity. The tunnel tends to roll from side to side when she is in it but we just hold it and encourage her to keep crawling! ...more info
  • Great Tunnel
    We bought this tunnel for our daughter's first birthday. She loves to crawl under things, so we thought this would be great for her. She was a little unsure of the tunnel at first, but soon realized that she could crawl through it and play in it. Now she loves it! Her cousin (2 years) also loves playing with it. I would recommend this tunnel--I love that I can see through it and see where she is....more info
  • Great for toddlers!
    My 2-year old son loves crawling through this tube. He received his as a gift and after seeing how much he loved it, I bought one for my niece. It does roll around a bit, but that makes it more fun! I also like that I can see him when he goes inside of it....more info