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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Under intense scrutiny, the debut season of Enterprise earned a passing grade from critics and Star Trek fans alike. Voyager ended its seven-season run just four months earlier, and fans were skeptical when Enterprise premiered (on Sept. 26, 2001, on UPN) with a theme song ("Where My Heart Will Take Me," composed by Diane Warren and performed by Russell Watson) that defied Trek's revered theme-music tradition. This and other early reservations were dispelled when "Broken Bow" got the series off to a satisfying start, beginning in the year 2151 and establishing a pre-Federation focus on humanity's delicate relationship with the Vulcans, the controversial launch of the NX-01 Enterprise on an exploratory mission, and the potentially devastating consequences of the mysterious Temporal Cold War involving a time-traveling splinter group of the Suliban, a nomadic alien race. While establishing a testy relationship between Enterprise Capt. Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) and his smart-and-sexy Vulcan Sub-Commander, T'Pol (Jolene Blalock, in a short-banged wig and form-fitting "catsuit" that were later redesigned), the series introduced engineer "Trip" Tucker (Connor Trineer), whose surprise development in "Unexpected" made him a fan favorite; communications officer Hoshi Sato (Linda Park); helmsman Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery); weapons expert Lt. Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating), and chief surgeon Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley), a well-mannered Denobulan recruit from Earth's Interspecies Medical Exchange.

As a "prequel' series that predates the original Star Trek by 150 years, Enterprise built upon established Trek lore with episodes involving Vulcans ("Breaking the Ice"), Klingons ("Sleeping Dogs"), the blue-skinned Andorians ("The Andorian Incident," "Shadows of P'Jem"), and the Ferengi ("Acquisition") while offering stand-alone episodes (notably "Dear Doctor," "Fortunate Son," and "Shuttlepod One") that further acquainted fans with the Enterprise regulars. Early Trek technology is also introduced (including "phase pistols" and the rarely used, still-risky transporter), and the series drew strength from what many felt would be its primary weakness: unwritten history and the initial indecisiveness of Archer's bold foray into the unknown. Ending with a dazzling "Shock Wave" cliffhanger that leaves Archer stranded in a decimated Temporal Cold War future, Enterprise set a strong foundation for the events of season 2.

The bonus features included on the Enterprise: Season One DVDs are almost worth the price of the set, if only to see nearly nine minutes of hilarious outtakes, maintaining a beloved tradition of Star Trek bloopers. The sight (and sound) of Jolene Blalock laughing out of character is pure gold, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that Blalock is just as smart as she is sexy, as proven by her astute observations (along with the rest of the Enterprise cast) in the "Cast Impressions" featurette. It's the usual complimentary fluff included with all Trek sets, but it's obviously sincere, confirming fans' conviction that Enterprise should have lasted beyond four seasons with this close-knit ensemble. Series creators Brannon Braga and Rick Berman deliver a typically dry commentary on "Broken Bow," setting the record straight on debate over the show's "not retro enough" production design (as Braga notes, "you can never please everyone") while defining their concept of "The Right Stuff of Star Trek." As always, Mike Okuda's text commentaries offer a wealth of Trek trivia and detail from Trek's historical canon.

Fans will love the "Enterprise Secrets" revealing low-tech solutions to lighting the warp core and dispensing "replicator" beverages, along with an entertaining profile of Vaughan "Admiral Forrest" Armstrong, who holds the record for Trek guest appearances. The other featurettes are perfunctory, but "Creating Enterprise" provides valuable first-season perspective, and the "Time Travel" feature offers a handy reference for the many time-travel episodes from every Trek series. As usual, Easter eggs (three of them, titled "NX-01 Files") are hidden on the special-features menu, offering short interview clips culled from the primary featurettes. The deleted scenes demonstrate how non-essential material can be sacrificed, and because they don't include post-production sound or visual effects, fans can see and hear the actual soundstage atmosphere of Enterprise's principal photography. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Over-/Review on all 4 Seasons
    Awesome cast, great atmosphere, but the quality of the stories varies from the best
    that science fiction has to offer to the most boring imaginable.

    Main review
    The concept of a series taking place shortly after the First Contact Movie is a brilliant idea. But it seems a long way from the idea to realisation. Already at the end of the pilot (Broken Bow) I missed the greatness this concept potentially has. You get thrown into "business as usually" (rescuing, exploring etc.) way too soon. I would have loved a pilot movie plus some more shows describing the time from first contact to the launch of Enterprise. That would have been something truly new. But this pilot is just an extended version of a 08/15-show.

    The cast delivers frequently - Scott Bakula is on hell of as sovereign captain, Jolene Blalock is sexy as she is intelligent and plays T'Pol with a huge amount of depth. I could continue endlessly with Phlox, Hoshi, Trip, Malcolm... It's an outstanding team with no need to fear comparison with a Picard, Spock, Scotty...
    The set designers and the costume designers all did a great job (thanks for avoiding more romper suits).

    But it is difficult when there are too many boring scripts.
    Especially in the first two seasons contain too many shows following the pattern:
    "Landing on an alien world, been taken prisoner, making an escape." Even the visit to Risa follows this.
    Also there is "being boarded, been held hostage, chasing away the enemy".
    Then there are some episodes like "Shuttle pod one". The whole show consists of a rather dry talk between Malcolm and Trip. I can't imagine something more boring.
    And a lot of the shows contain just a recycled script from "Next Generation", "Deep Space 9" and "Voyager", such as "Terra Nova", "Sleeping Dogs", "Dawn"...

    But on the other hand you can't skip those episode - they sometimes contain important information on the characters. Therefore the waiting for the good and outstanding episodes is somewhat painful. These are the shows "The Andorian Incident" (I love the duplicity of the Andorians and there development into the 4th season) , "Shockwave", "First Flight" and the continuing plot about the Xindi (finally a few more star battles than in TOS, TNG and DS9).

    Then when the series was already near its death the 4th season hit with power. The plot about the Augments could have been an Oscar-winning movie, and so would have been the story about the Vulcan's not been that perfect after all. The Andorians continue to deliver and the racial conflict with "Terra Prime" is the kind of stuff I waited 4 seasons for.

    Seeing the 4th season there is defiantly potential for three more seasons.
    But with the experiences of the first two seasons I can't blame the network for discontinuing the show.

    I bought the slime line boxes and paid for each 13 British Pounds (18 US-Dollar). If I had paid the regular price for the first editions (80 Dollar) I would have been very upset.
    ...more info
  • The curtain rises...
    Many fans hated this show, a prequel to the original "Star Trek" telling the story of Earth's first starship and the foundation of Starfleet and the Federation. It was castigated for violating established chronology and rehashing storylines. I agree with those criticisms but also found much to enjoy as well. I felt that the retro-look of the show was done successfully, the cast was very good, and I enjoyed the tensions between the humans, the Vulcans, and the Andorians. In overall quality, this series still ranks below DS9, the Next Generation, and the Original Series but still provides many enjoyable moments....more info
  • I actually love this show, but the price is insane!
    Okay, I'm sure a lot of you are going to be mad at me for giving this a low rating, but think about it. The only reason the Star Trek series it so over priced is because they know they can get away with it on all those hardcore fans out there. This is INSANE. Shows like 24, Stargate, Smallville, Buffy, Angel, and Andromeda don't cost nearly what these do. I loved this show. It was awesom, but I can't afford to pay over a hundred bucks for just one season, and I sure can't afford the 400 bucks they're asking for all the seasons. I can't believe they're able to get away with this. Almost every other show out there comes with just as much or more special features than these do and cost half or less. What are they burning these episodes to, Gold discs? I don't understand how people are able to pay for these without questioning "why?" I had waited untill the show was done to look into buying these, then I waited hoping the price would go down, but instead I find it's still costing way too much. Smallville on HD-DVD doesn't even cost this much and it's in HIGH DEF (beautiful by the way). I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to rate this product based on the ridiculous price it's being valued at.

    EDIT - Glad to see they finally came to their senses and lowered the price....more info
  • Finally purchased Star Trek Enterprise and glad we did!
    We've been talking about ordering this for a long time and couldn't decide between individual seasons and the boxed set. After reading many reviews with problems people had with sets being foreign releases, we opted for the individual season. It was exactly what we expected and we're having fun watching it and looking forwarding to ordering the following seasons! Shipped in the time frame expected and received ptomptly. Thanks!...more info
  • Resurrection
    Guys, is there anyway we can Get the Heads at Paramount to Bring this show back ? I was not a T v guy when this show was introduced; however, I have watched in re-runs (Esp. the HD episodes) and have found this show to be brilliant. It was killed off because in America it was just a bad time for the show. This of course would be unprecedented ( bringing a show from the Ashes after 3 years) but I feel with the right support and enough fanfare it could happen. The Actors who were featured in Enterprise ( with the exception of Ms. Blalock ) Found a special place in their heart for this show and would jump to be part of "Enterprise" again be it through movie or a "Correctly" done feature film. In the "out there" that we call the world we need a "Star trek" show of some kind ,why not a version that was vastly popular but never had the chance to flourish? Let me know what u guys think , I think anything is possible. And by the way The DVD is fantastic...more info
  • better the second time around
    Even better the second time around. We must have missed some of the episodes since some are unfamiliar (or failing memory), this time we are watching it with a surround receiver, a bluray player and a 52" LCD and there is no comparison to local broadcast (with occasional bad reception) and viewed on a standard def 27" TV. The filming was obviously done well and the newer equipment is able to show that. I am enjoying the story at least as much as the first time so we've ordered the second season....more info
  • What were they thinking?
    To me, Star Trek has always been about the future. What made The "Next Generation" wildly successfull was the fact that it takes place farther in the future than the original series. You get to see the progress that the Federation has made in regards to technology and its relationships to other races. So why did they decide to make a prequel? Talk about boring and redundant. The producers had a chance to make something that could have pulled in another generation of viewers and completely blew it. Now the franchise is basically dead in the water.
    The actors try their best but the characters are static and uninteresting. The writers try to take some half-hearted chances in the final two seasons but by then it is too late. I grew up watching Star Trek and love the concept but its old and stale. I think that the franchise owners need to watch shows such as Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. Maybe then, they will get a clue and take some risks with the storytelling and the direction of the franchise. ...more info
  • Awesome Trek!!
    Enterprise really surprised me! I am a die hard TNG fan and thought for sure that Enterprise would be less than entertaining. I certainly was wrong! Enterprise gives us deep characters that are energetic and fun with great plots and story lines! I highly recommend this series to any Trekkie!! Enjoy!...more info
  • Bland, awful, lifeless Trek
    Count me among those who "just don't get it." Enterprise bored me from the very first episode, and even with the handful of better episodes that emerged in the fourth season, the show never came close to other Trek series. It had no sense of awe, no sense of humor, no original stories, and a wasted premise. Plus, Scott Bakula is without a doubt the worst starship captain ever, a one-note character played by a bland, boring actor. If you want good Trek, look to Star Trek Voyager instead. If you want great sci-fi, wait for Battlestar Galactica (the new series) to come out on DVD. Enterprise is one long snooze, and I'm glad it's over....more info
  • It's ok
    Enterprise was an interesting show. Despite the criticism, I watched the entire series while it was on television. The writing improved in the last season. The problem with this show was that it failed to follow previous Star Trek canon. Many people found this disturbing. Someone not interested in the other shows may enjoy this.

    I personally like the first season the best. My favorite episodes from the series are in this season with the exception of the mirror universe episode at the end of the series. There are one or two episodes that will put you to sleep. The acting is top notch, although the vulcan character is not very good in the first season.

    If you can ignore the problems with the story line and remember there is a lot of time travel episodes, it's a good show. I deal with this by pretending this show has nothing to do with the rest of the star trek universe. In fact, it wasn't even called "Star Trek Enterprise" the first season. They changed the name to improve ratings. I think B&B should have done a different space show without star trek using time travel. That was their mistake.

    And remember, whenever you see the security officer, think "Vidal Sassoon ." (search for the 80s ad, it's funny)...more info
  • Mankind enters the Final Frontier! A great show!
    First, the disclaimer: I loved both The Original Series and The Next Generation. (I'm still working my way to Deep Space 9 and Voyager, which I missed when on television). Enterprise, however, is far and away my favorite. If this show had been presented in 1966, it would probably still be in production. "Enterprise" embodies everything I love about the Star Trek is new and largely unknown, and humankind has just really begun to master space travel. The "transporter" is highly experimental and quirky, "phase cannons" (the precursor to phasers) are brand-new, and there are no tractor beams, just the grappler. The Vulcans, and indeed several space-faring species, have technology significantly more advanced than that of humanity. All of this "new" technology, and the whole concept of the show lends a unique atmosphere of wonder and freshness to the series.

    In my opinion the only reason that Enterprise did not last more than its 4 seasons is the overall decline in network television and the concept of situational series. When The Original Series debuted in 1966 the networks dominated the weeknight entertainment market, and most American households were loyal to their favorite series. No more. With DVD players, TiVos, and 500 channel cable, a high budget series like Enterprise has less of a chance. I am, at least, grateful for the 4 years that this series flourished. Most of the storylines are excellent, and no few of them are outstanding.

    "Enterprise" has cooler weapons, uniforms, and equipment than the later Star Trek series, and the connection to the present day is still there. Basically, "Enterprise" is set in a time about 150 years from now. Mankind made first contact with the Vulcans (who found Earth) 90 years earlier, and this shocked and inspired humanity such that we very shortly focused on catching up with the Vulcans, and in doing so war, disease, and most other components of human backwardness were left behind. The starship Enterprise is Earth's first deep space Warp 5 cruiser, capable of fairly quick transit between star systems.

    The cast of Enterprise is terrific. Captain Archer, T'Pol, Trip (the chief engineer), Ensign Mayweather (helmsman), Reid (weapons officer), Dr. Phlox, and Hoshi are all very well done by the actors who play them, and in fact I think that these characters are even better done than most of the cast in later Treks. Opinions will differ, but that's mine.

    The DVD is a great value. It has deleted scenes, crisp video and audio, and a good interface. The packaging is OK, in a tricorder like package that is a trifle clunky for putting on a shelf, but otherwise not bad.

    "Enterprise" embodies what I like most about the Star Trek concept: what will humans find when we venture out among the stars, and how will this affect us? Enterprise is all about this question, with a happy answer than mainly space will affect humanity by bringing out our best and challenging us to greater heights. This is a great series....more info
  • One of the best Trek shows
    Strong characters, solid performances, great stories, high production value. It's a typical Star Trek, which means the bean counter morons in TV once again kill off the only TV programming worth watching. Thank god for DVD.

    I have to say too that the theme song was better in the first season. The slower pacing and tempo allowed the show's premise to settle into the mind. Unlike many Trek fans, this long time Trek fan thoroughly enjoyed Warren/Watson's theme tune. It was a perfect change that fit the show's distinction as a prequel to all the rest. Fans who dislike it simply are missing the bigger picture and ought to go check their emotional disconnect with a local betazoid counselor.

    It's a perfect buy. Fans got cheated with the significantly premature ending of this superb series. Someday the artists are gonna take over and the bean counters will be unemployed. bwahahaha!...more info
  • Ive Got Faith.
    I didn't know if I could stomach another Star Trek series. I love the original of course, and TNG has its moments amidst its profound 90's Political correctness and horrific costumes, Picard is my third favorite captain. Deep Space nine failed to grab me, although I love those ferengi. Voyager is just embarrassing, Capt Janeway and the enormous bun, Tupac the black Vulcan, female klingon crewmember, 7 of Double D, it made me sick to my stomach. So when Enterprise came onto the scene, I rolled my eyes and expected another crew of insipid whiners and dull storylines, but I was wrong.
    Casting Scott Bakula was risky, seeing how he is associated with quantum leap, but it so works. The rest of the crew, Phlox, Tripp, Malcom, T'pol, Oshi, Mayweather all come together in such a symbiotic way, quite reminiscent of the original series and its crew, in fact I dare say, they are better together as a whole. I had my misgivings about the new theme music but its cheesiness grew on me like Barry Manilow singing Mandy. There is not one throw away episode, and there is so much life and love and just "good old" star trekiness in the whole first season. Some might Poo-poo on the small things like "klingons didn't look like that" and sneer at the logic of the writers, but they have to remember that IF the original series could have made the klingons look like what Roddenberry wanted them to , they would have, so why not honor his original idea? Don't turn your back on this wonderful series just because you are jaded, and have been to way too many conventions, live a little outside the Marriott. As for the Price? I think its worth it.
    ...more info
  • The Star Trekie Trek, Part 1
    Upfront, I love Star Trek. When I was 3 I thought Picard's opening words of TNG were the pledge of allegance. I've seen most, if not all, the Star Treks ever made. So, from NetFlix, I decided to watch all of the episodes in order of every series. Naturally, I began with season 1 of the prequel series Enterprise.

    Captain Johnathan Archer (note, JOHN Archer, JIM Kirk, JEAN-LUC Picard, and Kathrin JANEWAY), son of Zephram Cocraine's pal and fellow warp engineer, and warp test pilot, is put in charge of the first human warp 5 vessal, Enterprise. Archer and his crew, including Vulcan science officer T'Pol, engineer Trip Tucker, and Dr. Phlox, seek out new species and new planets (new to humans, at least) and find themselves in the middle of a Temporal Cold War none of them were prepared for...

    Season 1 largely deals with humanity beginning its quest amongst the stars. Relations with alien species and the ongoing saga with the Suliban are at a prime in this season, with several of the more minor characters remaining seemingly 1 dimensional for this season. But, for a first season, Enterprise has a surprisingly bold and delightful way about it that only a Star Trek series might have... ...more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise -1st season on DVD
    Excellent, gently used and beautifully packaged. i would recommend this seller to everyone. Thanks!...more info
  • The Best Start Trek in my opinion
    If you liked Captain Picard, you will love Scott Bakula (Captain Archer). He is not afraid of taking the tuff decisions. Can't wait to buy Seasson 3 (when aliens tried to destroy the Earth and Captain Archer goes through the entire season trying to stop them). If you haven't watch Enterprise at all, believe me... the stories are much compelling than previous Star Trek and you won't be able to stop watching episode after episode....more info
  • Some good stories, beautifully detailed, deserved more years
    I'm not one of those who seemed to hate Enterprise because it wasn't Kirk or Picard and was a prequel to those versions. I always found the level of set & story detail to be amazing (maybe subsequent DVD sets will go into that more). That might be some critic's problem with Enterprise- the NX-01 looked so much better than previous ships.
    I did like the introduction of the Klingons(Broken Bow)but didn't care for the Suliban/temporal wars angle (never really handled well then slopped off at the end of third/start of fourth seasons). I don't remember the Andorians (The Andorian Incident, Shadows of P'Jem)all that well from the original series but I "liked" the way they were presented here. The Vulcans (most episodes) were very different from what we've always known, too bad it took four years to get around to really explaining that. I am one of those who did like the presentation, just wish they'd handled it better.
    Many of the stories are of the "I've seen it before" variety but what do you expect after almost 40 years? I wish the series had gone on for at lest 2 or 3 more years. Most of the stories will hold up pretty well with time, better than many in the original series.
    I liked the extra's but think the packaging is way overdone (seems to be a Star Trek trait)and dislike the pricing (very high but Amazon is as cheap as anyone when you figure in free shipping)but I'll buy the other sets when they come out, and hope they've got the behind the scenes stuff this set doesn't have....more info
  • Better than average sci-fi, but very bad Star Trek
    I am always careful when I see 5 stars or 1... This show was certainly better than Andromeda or Firefly, but it was no Babylon 5 or Farscape... Of all Trek series, it was the worst... In a way, it's very similar to Voyager, what's the difference between being stranded far from home (Voyager) and being the only Warp 5 ship being sent on an exploration mission (and thus being alone, again?)...

    Was it good sci-fi? Sure. Star Trek has never looked better. But "Star Trek", this series isn't. Roddenberry would certainly hate that series... The characters are badly developed and rather dull... They are overgrown teenagers in the way they behave... Most don't even look intelligent while we know StarFleet personnel are often PH.D. in series that take place in the future... They are never truly amazed or in awe when they are seeing things no Human ever saw before... Spock was fascinated, Picard was still curious, and so was Sisko, but Archer and his crew don't seem to be excited by what they do... No passion...

    The Vulcans do not behave as they should... In previous Trek series we learn that Vulcans are pacifistic and embraced logic thousands of years ago, while in Enterprise, Vulcan is a military power controlled by often emotional and paranoid people... Why this blatant transgression?

    The dialogues are badly written and the storylines lack imagination. Can that be blamed on the fact that Star Trek has been on TV for 20 years without a break? Perhaps, but perhaps not... Star Trek became an industry that wanted to play it safe and adapt to the viewers' expectations... And the viewers, young males mostly, wanted fist fights, space combat and sexy curves... That's what they got... But that's not what Star Trek is about...

    Even before the series first aired, I did not expect it would last very long or be very good. It was a mistake to create a prequel to Star Trek. I feared the creators would paint themselves into a corner, and they did... Spock was supposed to be the first Vulcan in StarFleet, but T'Pol will be... The first ship called Enterprise in StarFleet was to be NCC-1701, Kirk's ship, but now it's Archer's NX-01... The Ferengui will have their first look at Humans when facing Picard in TNG, but NX-01 will be boarded by Ferenguis... The temporal Cold War will introduce species we'll never see again, like the Suliban, and later on the Xindi... This Trek series is at odds will previous series... Some will say, "hey, that's just TV, relax, it's a show"... Bottom line: you want good sci-fi, visually impressive, this is for you, but if you feel the best Star Trek series were TNG or DS9, then know that Enterprise is even less Trek than Voyager was... No wonder the series got cancelled......more info

  • surprised by enterprise!
    I have previously purchased star trek voyager and deep space nine so I basically thought i knew what to expect with Enterprise. I was happily wrong! This one, from it's outer casing and cd guide providing brief descriptions of every episode along with pics from scenes to the actual episodes themselves is without a doubt, fantastic! Love the wide screen view and especially the text commentaries on some of the episodes. Really gives trekkies an insider view into one of our favorite shows!...more info
  • be patient
    If you can make it past the bizarre Diane Warren theme song (don't know what they were thinking!), the first two seasons of Enterprise are pretty mediocre, but stick with it! Season 3 & 4 are really good! All the things done in the first two seasons that make no sense (like the emotional vulcan) will start to make sense in very interesting ways.

    Unfortunately, by then, most people (myself included) had stopped watching and the show on television and it was cancelled. I wish network execs would be a little more patient! Or they should release things on dvd quicker, so people can catch up and get hooked. I miss the days of long summer reruns when I could catch up on shows I didn't get to see because they were up against other favorites.

    Jonathan Archer is no Picard or Kirk, he's somewhat one dimentional, but after 9/11 (filmed during season 3) his character comes to life....more info
  • trekkie or not?
    i am a very big fan of star trek and ive gotta say to me it is a very good show and i just bought the 2nd season at suncoast i would reccomend you buy it ...more info
  • The theme music says it all...
    I have never written a review on any of the Star Trek Series but I feel with this clunker people need to be warned.

    I have throughly enjoyed and collected all of the Voyager series, and watched most of the Next Generation on TV. Sadened by the ending of both, I was looking forward to this new entrant to the Star Tek family.

    Where do I start? Bad scripts, apalling casting and the theme music summed up a "cowboy western" meets "miami vice" shocker that lost me the moment it premiered. Scott Bukula wins the award for the worst Star Ship Captain....EVER. I felt as if TV execs had created this as a bad joke on their audience.

    Take note those people who gave this a good review, this series was canned after its 4th (a difficult thing to do considering those of us who found the pace of DS9 unbearable). This came as no suprise to those who were fans and those who weren't.

    Don't waste your money....more info
  • Enterprise First Season
    To my disappointment as a fan of Star Trek since the 60's television series and as a 30 years plus expat the Enterprise series was not picked up by overseas and international television broadcasters I could view as were the original series, STNG, Voyager and Deep Space Nine (being re-run, re-run and re-run). So I was very happy when I stumbled on a set of the second season of Enterprise in a local DVD outlet. Although I am old and jaded I enjoyed the set so turned to Amazon to order more. I thought I would start with the first season and am glad I did. The first season lacks the sophistication of the second season but episodes like "Acquisition" have been enjoyable watches nevertheless. My only disappointment is not with this series but with the outrageous price increase in the product since April when I ordered the first season. Prices have been hiked from US$37.49 for each season to US$56.99 for the 3rd season and US$44.99. Ouch! Why? Gouge? Not a smart marketing strategy to increase prices over 50% in a shrinking global economy....more info
  • Not nearly as bad as you might have heard.
    It's a well known fact that there are a lot of Enterprise haters out there. But no matter what you may have heard, this series is not at all as bad as some say it is.

    The first season box set is a great collection. You get all of the episodes, along with various episodes with commentary and deleted scenes. You also get a disk with more in-depth special features, such as interview and behind-the-scenes looks that you would expect from a quality box-set.

    The first seasons was the producers testing the waters, and they didn't do a half-bad job with it. Star Trek: Enterprise is well worth checking out, and the first season DVD is a great place to start....more info
  • If only they could've stuck to it - instead we got a SOAP
    This is a great season, well worth watching. But, the way TV is going these days, everything is a soap (you can't even watch Battlestar Galactica unless you've seen them all). "To Be Continued" was the first credit of every episode by the last season of Enterprise. Even in the "Final Episodes" - the 4 parter on the 'Alternate Universe' (that DS-9 did so well with) never even comes to closure! "This is EMPRESS Sato, surrender or die", The End. What the??

    Regardless, this is a great season and worth owning for any Trekker. Everyone I talk to seems to hate Scott Bakula as the primary (I did too, but he grew on me after seeing this season).

    These are all stand-alone, edible for anyone stories, some with great moral questions (on a galactic scale of course) spinning the wheel of how the Primary Directive was forged, etc.

    It was a great start, but they had to ruin it. You will quickly run out of fingers if you try to count how many shows are '24' style. ...more info
  • Beating a dead horse
    I'm not sure if the decision to make a Star Trek prequel was influenced in any way by the *Star Wars* prequels, but whatever the reasoning, it didn't pay off. The recent cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise (originally just titled "Enterprise") is vindication to myself and others who used to be Star Trek fans, but feel that the series (or as the execs call it, the "franchise") has long since lost its way. I was reminded of the reasons I dislike the newer Trek shows recently when I tuned into Enterprise and in a matter of one minute heard the words "gravimetric" and "anamoly". Trek used to be about good, smart storytelling, and not about technobabble and using technologocial "deus ex machinas" to solve their problems each week. In fact, one of the early Star Trek writer's guides states that, while grounded to the best of their abilities in science, the episodes should not rely on science at the expense of storytelling (or something to that effect).

    While Scott Bakula is good as Caprain Archer, I had a hard time telling any of the other characters apart. This wasn't due to a lack of talent or skill on the actors' part, but rather the writing, and for that matter, costuming, made it hard to distinguish one from the other. Then there's that whole matter of a "temporal cold war", the alien alliance which looked all-too similar to the seperatist aliens in "Attack Of The Clones", and the willingness to just toss Trek continuity out the window. I'd like to thank co-producer and scribe Brannon Braga for almost single-handedly taking something that I used to enjoy and beating it into the ground. Sure, it's impressive that he worked his way up the Trek totem-pole from intern to co-producer, and that he hooked up with Jeri Ryan, but the guy has no respect for the fan base that made Star Trek a success, and not a short-lived, forgotten TV series. And don't I sound like a total geek now! But in all seriousness, Trek used to be an enjoyable TV series with important social commentary (not to mention entertainment value), but is now off the radar for the forseeable future. Paramount, if you're reading this, please do the following:

    1. Bring in a fresh producer and fresh writers.
    2. Create a new series. It doesn't have to be some mega-original idea, just something that will entertain and not INSULT the core audience. Maybe give George Takei the opportunity he's been asking for, and create a Captain Sulu series -- this would interest the hardcore fans who have long-since tuned out.
    3. Give it a modest budget, and don't overkill on the merchandising. Let the stories do the talking. Braga says the fans have Trek "fatigue". That's only partially correct -- we aren't fatigued of Trek, we're fatigued of BAD Trek....more info
  • Under rated.......
    I think that there is way too much pessimism concerning Enterprise. I recently bought this set and thouroughly enjoyed it. (I never had payed attention to it when it aired on TV). I love Scott Bakula and really enjoy the relationship between Archer and Trip (reminds me of Kirk and Bones). I really like the whole concept of the temporal cold war, I think think that they could have made a whole other Trek series with the concept. I enjoy some of the stories, for example, Strange New World is cool because Trip starts to "trip out" when he is under the influence of psychotropic chemicals. I also love the scene when Trip and Malcolm are in a club on Risa looking for ladies (other Treks didn't portray a couple of guys on shoreleave). I agree with another customer who wrote that the next series should have a fresh start with new writers. I know that there are plenty of Trekkers out there who would love to give new ideas on a series and plot lines.....have we explored Section 31 to its fullest potential? Anyways, I think Trek should take a little break and come back strong with some new talent and get some more publicity....more info