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(HBO Dramatic Series) Life. Death. Guilt. Afterlife. For the Fishers the more things stay the same the more they change. Get ready to break new emotional ground with Six Feet Under: The Complete Third Season.Running Time: 780 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR UPC: 026359897825 Manufacturer No: 98978

No other show captures the ebb and flow of day-to-day human relationships like Six Feet Under, which chronicles the dysfunctional lives of the Fisher family, who run a funeral home in Los Angeles. Though the overt theme of the series is mortality--every episode opens with the death of someone whose body will end up on the Fishers' slab--but the third season, even moreso than the first two, explores the intertwining struggles for connection and for personal freedom. The season starts slowly but compellingly, laying out the changes in the Fishers' lives. Nate (Peter Krause, We Don't Live Here Anymore) has married and has a baby. David (Michael C. Hall) is settling into tense domesticity with his angry boyfriend. Claire (Lauren Ambrose) has launched into art school. Ruth (Frances Conroy), their mother, is reaching out for companionship from an emotionally stilted young intern, and Brenda (Rachel Griffiths, Hilary and Jackie), Nate's ex-fiancee, has apparently vanished from their lives.

But as storylines unfold across the 13 episodes, the emotional heft of the season comes from the expanded roles of the family's intimates. Federico (Freddy Rodriguez), who has leveraged his way into a partnership with the Fisher brothers, finds himself fighting to be treated as an equal at work and struggling with his wife's depression at home. Trying to sort out their relationship, David and Keith (Mathew St. Patrick) negotiate everything from therapy to threesomes. Meanwhile Lisa (Lili Taylor, I Shot Andy Warhol), Nate's unhappy wife, increasingly becomes the center of the season as her jealousy and need become unbearable. Though big events happen, the most jolting drama on Six Feet Under comes from small conflicts--miscommunications, crossed desires, habits that don't mesh. The cast, writers, and directors can, with breathtaking skill and subtlety, spin a brief conversation into a microcosm of the character's lives. By this third season, the show has taken on the richness and complexity of a great novel; it's an impressive and deeply enjoyable achievement. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • A Milestone For TV Programming
    OK, several weeks have passed since I first viewed (Season One) Six Feet Under. Having become inadvertently hooked on it meanwhile, Season Three is absolutely the best so far. The 'Snidely Whiplash' character of Brenda, along with her "relationship" with Nate, had become really grating after two seasons, and I'm grateful for the time out.

    In this series of episodes, the major players thaw out a bit. David becomes less uptight, Ruth less of a control freak, Claire sometimes forgets to display her deer-caught-in-the-headlights / how-did-the-stork-drop-me-off-with-THIS-family look, and the Nate post-surgery (sans Brenda) is kinder, gentler.

    Yet after every episode we are left curious about such changes, be they subtle or monumental, as well as wondering if and when this, too, shall pass. And I suppose therein lies the secret in capturing and captivating us, the unsuspecting viewers.

    But never mind the plot twists; the acting is primo, and I'm picking up a lot more humor too. I honestly don't know how it happened, but "Six Feet Under" is a TV series which doesn't seem like one. In other words, I don't feel as though watching it is a complete waste of time. That may not sound like much of a compliment, but coming from me (a radical Anti-Couch Potato), it is the highest praise. I've even graduated from scrambling back & forth from the public library, to signing up with 'Netflix' on account of it. No point in getting HBO; the final episode of the entire series aired tonight, from what I hear. But I still have Seasons Four & Five to look forward to, and I only hope they're half as good as Season Three. ...more info
  • Excellent Series!
    This series remains interesting due to the multitude of characters and events occuring. Some of it gets repetative at times, but it remains interesting because its so unusual.

    ...more info
  • A definite drop in quality from the first 2 seasons
    I really loved the first 2 seasons but the 3rd season seemed like a whole lot of nothing.


    David is now much more effeminate in his relationship w/ Keith. The cool thing about David before was that he was still a man and a straight person such as myself could somewhat relate to his life. This season he is decidedly more of a bitch in his relationship which is a downer for me.


    Whats up with Nate. He has a car accident w/ Brenda in the last show of last season and now he's married to Lisa? What happened here, why did they skip all of this. Being married with a daughter in her first year I can relate to a lot of what Nate is going through but then when Lisa dissappears he decides to go out and start balling chicks and ignoring his daughter?
    Not very realistic if you ask me.

    Ruth, Claire, and Keith pretty much stayed in character but this show definitely needs Brenda and her family's presence. Unfortunately they were absent the majority of the season.

    When they do surface they waste an entire episode on Brenda's fathers death. He was such a minor character and it seemed to be a waste of time to me.

    Dream sequences

    Please learn from the mistakes the Soprano's make. DO NOT SHOW DREAM SEQUENCES. I mean what a cheap way to get the audience's attention. Show something and act like it's real just to have Nate wake up and discover its a dream.

    These sequences are a waste of time and need to go.

    Last beef: Lisa's death

    I hope it's not too much of a spoiler to say this but in Season 3, Nate's new wife Lisa disappears for several episodes. All were told in the season finale is that she is dead, not if she killed herself, was murdered, or died of an accident. Just that she's dead. What a horrible ending to the season. It's one thing to have a cliffhanger between seasons, but to just say that Lisa's dead with no information was a cheap way to end the season.

    A star or 2 below the first 2 seasons but I will still watch Season 4.

    In case SFU fans didn't know it, the show was almost cancelled after this year so this should be a good wake up call to the writers....more info
  • Better than Television!
    Six Feet Under is nothing short of amazing and the third season is no exception. The fact that several writers and directors could combine their efforts to create such a cohesive story is remarkable. Alan Ball's vision has been carried through this season with magnificent results. Some of the episodes are so well constructed that the viewer is left emotionally drained, yet still anxious for the next installment. It is a pity that it, like life, has to end....more info
  • I'm sorry, I'm lost...
    Any fan of SFU would agree that there is no one "protagonist" in the show, while, obviously, Nate seems most important, in that SFU begins with his arrival in LA from Seattle and ends with his death almost right after his 40th birthday. Amazing on so many levels, SFU so brilliantly succeeds in showing each character with equal depth. So, it can be appreciated from any character's point of view. The depth and subtlety of character portrayal comes mainly from the script, which wastes not a word, even in introducing a character through a brief conversation of other characters (Ex. Lisa's introduction in the "Driving Mr. Mossback" episode in Season 2. In the plane to Seattle, Claire asks Nate: "Is she all crunchy-granola, backpacky and way into grunge?", to which Nate answers: "Crunchy-granola, a little. Backpacky, definitely. Into grunge? No way. Grunge died long before Kurt Cobain did.")

    In Season 3, we see much more of Lisa, a character the likes of which I don't think I have seen in other shows or movies. As Claire memorably sums up ("she's f**ked up, too. Different kind of f**ked-up, though. Almost friendly and sweet"), she has her own share of traumas and issues, which are rarely explicitly stated, yet so convincingly, almost hauntingly, acted by Lili Taylor. Usually pathetic (in both of its sense, creepy and arousing pathos), Lisa in Season 3 often sent me down the memory lane to high school, where there were Lisa in every class. Well, No, come to think of it, I think any girl with a degree of complexity has Lisa in her, along with a bit (or much) of Brenda.

    Not only Lisa, and not to mention Brenda, every female character in SFU achieves a one-of-a-kind status in her own right. I have never seen women like them (Claire, Ruth, Sarah, Bettina) in a TV show, in America or in South Korea, before SFU. Season 3 is the season where some of them appear for the first time and some are explored with more depth.

    One of the greatest moment of the season comes in the last "I'm sorry, I'm lost" episode, where Nathaniel Fisher, Sr. leads his daughter Claire to see the glimpse of afterlife. There, she sees her long-lost ex-boyfriend Gabriel, and we get to know that he is most probably dead now. This was, to me, a good closure on the part he played in Claire's life. ...more info
  • My Favorite Series
    Nowhere the finish of the 2nd season but definaely holds your attention. During my day I would think about getting back and watching the next episide. A little pricy but isn't everything? I love this series but with season 2 being the best example I had to give this one just 4 stars. Still worth the buy...more info
  • Still going strong
    OMG what a season!!! This show just gets better and better with every episode. Remember to watxh the first 2 seasons first....more info
  • Worst season!!!!!
    I loved the first two seasons, but the third and fourth seasons are pure crap! Buy the first two and leave it at that....more info
  • My favorite show ever!
    This was the greatest season they had! I heard these brats don't want to do another season! CRY! Carnivale is very good and I seem to be latching onto it more and more. However I will miss this show deeply! YOU BRATS! Nice to know I can at least get this Set on DVD to go with the rest! Bout TIME......more info
  • Thank God For This Season....
    I must say (and it looks like I'm pretty much alone in this opinion) that I was not completely impressed with Season 2. For me, after watching the glorious season 1 which had such heart and set the bar so high, I expected season two to be amazing. But sadly I was very much let down. Season 2 faultered as most season twos do because it was just more of the same but a bit more exagerrated version of season one. So after finishing it I was a little fearful of season three. But when I began to watch 3 I noticed that it was very much like 1 in a creative sense. The plots and characterizations were back to basics and the "obsession with sex" (aside from Oliver's) was left at the door. Six Feet Under was never about sex, but that was all season two seemed to care about, almost in a "Queer as Folk" sort of way. Sex was used due to lack of great stories but watching season 3 I think the writers have realized this because all the characters are so drastically different. Brenda has always been my least favorite character but in season three I found the change in her quite refreshing. She now wants to live her life now and it was good to see. Is it better than Season 1? Well, I don't know if any season will ever be as fantastic as the first but i have to say it came close. If you loved one and didn't like 2 then you'll probably appeciate 3. The only show that i think i have ever seen that actually gets better every season was OZ and ironically Keith and David are seen watching that on SFU!...more info
  • 6 Feet Under Review
    Of course nothing will compare to the first season of 6 Feet Under but Season 3 is still worth the purchase. Alan Ball continues to be one of the most prolific writers of television drama and Season 3 is not an exception. I won't spoil it by revealing plot lines, but I highly recommend owning a copy if you can stand the dark drama and twisted humor....more info
  • MagnificientPull
    Very learning experience regarding funeral homes and their systems. Like the way a death occurs at the very begining of each episode, the way it is carried out throughout the episode. The acting is very good and especial love the two brothers. Nate is my nomination for best actor in the movie. Very handsome man, I must say. ...more info
  • Very kool
    The product was in great condition as described. It can fast and there were no problems....more info
  • Beutifully written and performed!!
    Six Feet Under is a very provocative HBO series.
    The episodes are in turn thought-provoking and at the same time, beautifully written and performed.
    In this 3rd season the characters continue to grow personally and in their prespective relationships. ...more info
  • An honest, bittersweet, and truly upsetting look at marriage
    Fans of the first two seasons of SIX FEET UNDER may have had some difficulty adjusting to season three, with good reason... just about everything we know regarding our favorite dysfunctional family - The Fishers - is different here. Basically, season three is a shockingly real portrayal of the compromises and conflicts of a successful marriage. If you're one of those hardcore believers in true love as a ticket to genuine happiness and marriage based on all-encompassing passion, this season will prove difficult to watch as it rudely, though bravely, shows how two strong individuals have to conform to one another. Watching the formerly carefree and somewhat irresponsible Nate suddenly be saddled with the intense need to change, then the need to fight the change, then ultimately embrace the change, is powerful, meaningful television. The bizarre turn of events that leads to the horrifying and tragic ending to this storyline is unexpected and successful - you'll feel your soul torn out, and find yourself longing for the return of a character you didn't even know you loved.

    Fans who long for more of the funeral-centered stories that dominated the first two seasons may be initially disappointed (they were at the time), but SIX FEET UNDER has different, new stories to tell this time around and it's no less impressive. If you've ever loved any of the Fishers, you simply can't miss this, and if you've seen it before, it's definitely worth another look: season three, perhaps the most conceptually complete and satisfying year of SIX FEET UNDER, already a show with an embarrassment of riches that - in my personal universe, at least - has set the bar for television ridiculously high.. ...more info
  • One of the Best
    This season is one of the best, quite literally from start (where Nathan lives out some amazing visions) to end (when Nathan, overwhelmed and stretched beyond his resources, has a major meltdown). Above all, Six Feet Under is real. Part of the show's strength is that all of its characters are well-developed, given full expression, and none are marginalized. We see them as they are, struggling with the questions of life that sometimes have no satisfactory solutions--and, always, we are reminded of the impermance that renders some questions unanswerable. Season Three is a "must have"--but then, so are the others. It's a series worth collecting....more info
  • Amazing, Pivotal Season of an Incredible Series
    While the first two seasons of Six Feet Under were undeniably brilliant television, the show reached its peak in its third season, bringing existential drama to new heights and taking its character studies to further, riskier depths.

    This season finds its characters richer, more complex and their situations more fascinating than they've ever been before. There are many themes that run throughout the season such as the questioning of the philosophical notions about our very existence, the choices we make and what kind of possible effect they have in shaping us into who we are and the place we occupy in life...or if our lives are summed up by a number of random circumstances that are beyond our control. I've yet to see a television series that tackles such profound material with the level of intelligence, originality and complexity Six Feet Under touches upon these themes.

    As if that weren't enough, the show touches upon other fascinating themes such as relationships, the many variables that come into play and the different dynamics that drive them. Whether it be Nate and Lisa working through married life and Nate's ongoing search for purpose, love and fulfillment, or David and Keith working on their emotional baggage through terapy, these arcs remain compelling, insightful and fascinating character studies to watch.

    There's also a real growth process for Claire this season as she enters art school and has an eye-opening, illuminating and sometimes painful clash with her preconceived ideas of the art world and the actual inner workings of that world, of art itself and how it changes her perception of the world.

    Ruth is probably the most fun character to watch as she goes through many new experiences in her life through new friendships, emotional connection and intimacy in the most unexpected places.

    There are also the arcs of Brenda trying to reconnect with her family and overcome her traumas and Rico dealing with her wife's clinical depression, all which prove equally compelling to watch.

    It's simply amazing how so much human drama, how many themes such as emotional freedom, spirituality and the need for personal connection with so many interesting and different character arcs can fit into a 13-episode season, but the folks behind Six Feet Under accomplish all of this beautifully and my hat is off to Alan Ball, the creative team and the amazingly talented cast.

    While I love the entire series as a whole, the third season of Six Feet Under might very well be the show's best. More sophisticated, complex and ambitious, dealing with its subjects in more thought-provoking and complex ways than before, it stands tall as the crowning jewel of one of the most brilliant television series ever made....more info
  • . . . and featuring the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
    The third season of SFU is also memorable for a unique reason: it's the season in which the writers merged reality with their fictional storyline by incorporating the real-life Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles into five episodes. Hear David sing a solo with the choristers, watch them party at brunch with Keith, bury an opera designer, dodge paint-balls, then rehearse and perform some more. When the shows were first aired, even the LA Times praised the inclusion of these real chorus members, calling the brave casting "the 'real' reality television." (And yes, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles has terrific CDs available for sale on Amazon, though for the record, the real GMCLA has 200 singers, not just the 16 characters on SFU.) I'm buying a stack of these DVDs; they're sure to make terrific gifts for music fans!...more info
  • I'm impressed again and again
    The creators of Six Feet Under never fail to impress me. The depth of the characters, and the circumstances they travel through were simply phenomenal. I highly recommend the entire series, and can't wait to dive into season 4....more info
  • Quicker then I exspected!!!
    Ok, I have been watching the 5 seasons of six feet under however, I found all but the third season. I was on the last episode of the second season and freaked out "I needed to have the third season before I watched the last episode on season two" so i looked on line Amazon popped up, the earliest I could recieve the third season was three days. I had to wait to watch the last episode on two:( luckly the very next day the third season was on my porch so, now I did not have to ration myself any longer!!!! Thank you so much for exceeding my exspectations!
    Thanks Rachael...more info
  • At Last!!!!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you! I now have a reason for living!...more info
  • A TEN star series
    The only disappointment I felt with HBO'S Six Feet Under season 3 was when it was over. Season 4 won't be released until late August and I don't know if I'll make it. The addiction is still strong and when I realized it could be a year before I ever got to see season 5, I went out and ordered HBO. I have lived this long without the premium channels but SFU has changed that. I know this isn't a good thing but I hear admitting the problem is half the battle.
    I absolutely, positively love this series. In my book, they don't come any better!...more info
  • Your whole life has been leading up to this.......
    to watch Six Feet Under!! WOW! Season 3 was just wonderful! The darkness you felt just by the acting was amazing! They writing and cinematography are just a perfect 10!! Six Feet Under is just perfect! A must see TV show!...more info
  • They do it again
    Like all things Alan Ball touches, this series has definitely turned to gold. A must have for diehard SFU fans....more info