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Motorola Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Motorola Phones [Motorola Retail Packaging]
List Price: $24.99

Our Price: $3.20

You Save: $21.79 (87%)


Product Description

The Motorola (Mini USB) Car Cell Phone Charger is small and lightweight, but packs the power you need to charge your cell phone in the car and on the go. The Car Charger delivers power to your phone while at the same time charging your phone's battery. The Car Charger plugs into most in-vehicle power sockets, such as your cigarette lighter adapter, and features an extendable coil cord. The unit will charge an original Motorola battery up to 90% capacity in two to three hours.

When you're on the road and need to power and charge your Motorola mobile, you'll want this little number from Motorola. Small and lightweight for convenience, portability and storage, the adapter fits most in-vehicle power port sockets (aka, cigarette lighter adapters) and allows you to use your phone while it's charging the battery. The battery charges to 90 percent capacity within two to three hours. Its high-quality, durable coil also allows you to extend its reach for maximum convenience. And, for maximum security, the adapter also features multiple layers of electronic protection.

This Motorola car power adapter features a Mini USB connector that works with most Motorola mobile phones, including:
  • Motorola RAZR/ V3/ V3c/ V3i/ V3m/ V3x/ V3xx
  • SLVR/ L7/ L6/ L2
  • PEBL U6
  • RIZR/ Z8/
  • KRZR/ K1/ K3
  • ROKR Z6
  • V190
  • V235
  • V360
  • V361
  • V323
  • V325
  • V326
  • W385
  • W490
  • W510
  • W5
  • A1200 MOTOMING
  • C290
  • EM330
  • MPx200
  • Motorola Q/ Q9m

  • Packs the power you need to charge your mobile phone while driving
  • Fits most in-vehicle power port sockets
  • Charges cell phone to 90 percent capacity within 2 to 3 hours
  • Extendable coiled cord for long reach
  • Works with Motorola mobile phones with mini USB jack

Customer Reviews:

  • Ok it's a recharger, what's to review

    It's a recharger.

    It recharges my cell phone.

    It has a fancy blue light.

    What more could you ask???...more info
  • It's a charger.
    It charges. May look a little odd or long on the charging part, but if you want a car charger that charges your motorola, here it is. Nothing special, nothing bad. It's a charger. ...more info
  • Works ok, but...
    While it reliably increases charge to my Moto W755, the phone never seems to get the "finished charging" message like it does with the wall charger that came in the box....more info
  • It works at a good price
    It works and the price plus shipping is good.

    I gave it 4 stars because I find the blue light a little distracting and the cord is a little short....more info
  • "Motorola" Charger Clones
    Very questionable quality. Would not buy again. Should have paid more attention to the Motorola Genuine Products warning attached to the item listing. Price should not be an issue when dealing with electrical products. It works, but... What was I thinking?...more info
    I ordered the item pictured above directly from amazon, but they substituted a motorola car charger that looks like it has a magnifing glass on the end. My phone is a Tundra, and the accessory states it's for the V3razor...hope it works. 1st time Amazon has substituted a different item. BEWARE if you want the item above!...more info
  • 3 for 3 working good
    I've bought three of these Motorola chargers. one for my wife, one for my dad, and one for myself. they all do their job to charge as designed but the light up blue just looks cool. ...more info
  • Not Retail Packaging.
    Works good and it is an OEM charger, but it was not in retail packaging, it was in a bag with a barcode on the outside of it, I would consider this an OEM whitebox, not retail packaging....more info
  • It works!
    I always try to just buy the "cheap" car charger, but they always break! I usually just end up with a break in the wiring, rendering the charger useless. This charger has been working for me for about a year now, and I haven't had any problems!...more info
  • works great
    This is genuine Motorola as far as I can tell. Whether it is or not, it works just great to charge my phone in the car...more info
  • Works!
    This product works as advertised. Very fast delivery from Web Treo, like in three days. Would definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Good looks till you plug it in
    I bought this it shipped fine works fine but I thought that the blue light that signals the device is plugged in would light up all the way across but in fact it only lights up half-way across. I thought it might just be mine and I asked around the campfire to those who have razors and this is common. It still works great but don't sell your wife on how pretty it's going to look in her car....more info
  • You'll feel cool for saving money and buying this on Amazon.
    Honestly, why pay $15 more for the AT&T fake when you can get this one? It works perfectly with my Motorola Razr V3xx. And it ships fast. Buy it. And something else frivolous with the money you save....more info
  • not ALL Motorola Phones
    Until you get REALLY Far into the product description do you find that this is for the RAZR phone. I bought a Motorola Q Phone from Amazon and this charger came up as an appropriate add I got it...and it doesn't fit. SO, I'll return it. It came really quickly! Got it before I got the phone. I'll see how they do on returns....more info
  • right price, essentially for the road for the moto
    this is a great tool to have for re-charging your moto on the road...right price and great to have......more info
  • A little problem resolved wonderfully!
    The Motorola cell phone charger I ordered was such a generic description that it's no surprise that the company sent the wrong one. But when I called it to their attention, they responded quickly and swapped it for the right one. I would buy from them again....more info
  • Works Great!!!!
    Ordered two of these, one for my and one for the Mrs, and they work great. I can't believe I bought the first one at the cell phone store for $20!!! Also they arrived in about 4 days with the free shipping, much earlier that predicted....more info