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Petsafe PBC-1000 Stationary Ultrasonic Bark Controller
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

Bark control creates a bark-free zone for one or more dogs. Emits a loud ultrasonic tone which is activated manually or automatically when dogs bark. Unobtrusive table-top unit for indoor use. May be used outdoors in a weather-protected area. 10-ft. range under ideal conditions. No collar needed. Operates on a 9 Volt battery. 3-year limited warranty.

  • Table-top, cordless ultrasonic bark controller
  • Uses ultrasound to deter barking of timid or small dogs
  • Activate automatically by bark or manually by owner
  • No receive collar needed; up to 20-foot range
  • Unobtrusive table top unit for indoor use, no collar needed

Customer Reviews:

  • Big waste of money!
    I purchased this unit as I have 2 Chihuahuas who would bark anytime I left my apartment. The first day I received this it worked great, the noise or sound stopped them quick from barking. By around the 3rd day it no longer seemed to work at all. The light kept flashing so I changed the battery....still nothing. I would leave my apt. and hear my dogs "singing and howling" for at least 5 min. This thing is a big waste of money and does not work in the long run. The dogs get used to the sound and no longer care if it makes noise or not.
    ...more info
  • This thing is great.
    I love this, I have 2 dogs (1 small and 1 big) and live in a duplex. My little dog still barks but not like she used to, it has worked great on my big dog to. It has helped my dogs from barking everytime my neighbor goes in or out, and it also has helped her dog from barking. ...more info
  • Your Mileage May Vary...
    My family adopted an adult silky terrier who loves the sound of his own voice. Since we don't know how he picked up the barking habit (he was running stray, background entirely unknown) our efforts to break this habit have been trial and error -- mostly error. Suffice it to say that he still barks at everything, and sometimes at nothing.

    I saw this product advertised in a catalogue and decided to give it a try. Nothing else was working and I am still reluctant to try shock collars. The Ultrasonic Bark Control device is handheld and operated with a 9 volt battery. The owner's manual states that an internal microphone can pick up the dog's barking within 10 feet and automatically emits the ultrasonic sound that is meant to stop the barking. There's also a red button that you can push to emit the sound, and the dog will hear it if he is within 20 feet of the device.

    Having used the device, I can tell you that the noise is out of range of human hearing. I've heard some complaints about other brands being just as annoying to the humans as to the dogs -- not this brand. However, I'm no longer confident that's a plus -- the noise might not be irritating enough. The first day I used the device, it worked beautifully. The dog would bark once or twice, look puzzled, and then settle down. The second day he was barking for a good twenty seconds before my frantic use of the manual button would settle him down. Now, he just ignores the noise and barks 'til his heart's content and our eardrums are vibrating. I'm thinking of giving the Ultrasonic Bark Control device to another dog owner I know in hopes he has more longterm success from it than I did.

    I must add that our dog has an unusually stubborn and ornery temperament. For a sweeter-tempered habitual barker, this device might be the perfect solution....more info

  • Stupid! Terrible!! Rediculous!!!
    I am ashamed to have bought this useless item. It never worked at all - whether my dog was barking 10' from it; 5' from it or was right on top of it.
    Don't waste your money...more info
  • Works very well for our corgis
    Admittedly we have only had it for a few days, but our dogs responded at once. We had trouble for years with them barking when someone was leaving the house (even though other people were still in the house!) or when visitors or delivery people arrived. Every arrival and departure was a major event, noisewise. If one dog started to bark, the other one felt compelled to join in. We tried other measures to control the excessive barking, but to no avail. This device worked instantly. The dogs bark once or twice, CLEARLY hear the sound although we can't, and stop barking immediately. The house has never been so quiet! Our dogs are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, a breed which is known to have sensitive hearing, and when used to herd are trained using whistled commands. I noticed from reading other reviews in which people mentioned their breed of dog that other herding dogs (like German Shepherds) seem more apt to respond, whereas non-herding breeds (like terriers) may be less proof, just an impression from my research.

    Update on Feb. 22, 2008. This product continues to work well, and our dogs have adjusted to it. Initially they were a little cowed and appeared distressed by what, to them, must be a very unpleasant noise, but they quickly learned that one bark was OK, two was a no-no, and a gentle woof (if they really needed to make a noise, which they occasionally feel they must do as part of their duty to the family) wouldn't set off the alarm. Today it snowed here, and our neighbor plowed our long driveway, which is normally a very noisy affair, dogwise, but there were only a couple of subdued "woofs" as the dogs did their jobs of alerting us to what they perceive to be an intruder on the property and then went back to sleep, rather than continuing to bark until they exhausted themselves, and us. Our house has never been so quiet! I am delighted with this product, and very happy that our dogs have adjusted to it so quickly, and am amazed at how quickly they figured out how to "express themselves" discreetly, when they need to, without going overboard and driving us all crazy! Of course, corgis are pretty intelligent and trainable dogs, and I am as impressed with the breed as I am with the product! ...more info
  • Solved our barking problem!
    We bought this for our German Shepard when we moved into an apartment complex. we would cage him while we were gone and he would bark the whole time we were gone and even bit through this cage to get out. Anyway, our friend bought this for us because he didn't want us to get kicked out of the apartment and it worked right away. Our dog would shake his head when it would whistle, but we couldn't hear it, we just knew it was working because of the red light and his head shaking. This product worked so well I actually returned it because we didn't need it anymore! I highly recommend this product!! ...more info
  • Don't buy it
    Completely useless for our 25 lb dog. He doesn't even notice it or doesn't care. Also, he starts with whining and howling, and can be quite loud at it. The unit doesn't even activate for this kind of noice. if you have a howler, don't even think that this will help keep him quiet....more info
  • My hound is a Changed dog!
    My three year old hound mix is nicknamed The Screamer. She barks, bays, howls, screams, you name it. If someone comes to the front door, she 'screams' running back and forth to the door. She even runs through the house barking excitedly when I put my sneakers on to take her for a walk. Needless to say, my house was very noisy. That's WAS.
    Once I put a battery in the Bark Controller, Sophie's whole behavior changed. She immediately stopped barking/screaming in the house. Since the excited behavior always accompanied the barking, that stopped too. People can come to the door and not have to cover their ears, and be greeted by a calm dog. Getting ready for a walk is a quiet pleasure now. I even take the Controller out on the back porch and press the button when she starts barking at cats on the other side of the fence. It doesn't work as well as inside, but I'd say her outside 'noise' is probably cut in half now too.
    I read the reviews, and that it doesn't work on all dogs. I was a little reluctant, but the price at Amazon was a lot better than the local Pet stores, so I tried it. I have been using the device for about 6 weeks, and it's working great for my hound mix. Half of the time I keep it put away in the back room as it's not needed much anymore. What a great evice. I totally recommend the Petsafe Ultrasonic Bark Controller. ...more info
  • Piece of junk
    This device does not work for my 10 lb. shih-tzu. She barks for hours on end while in her crate. I tested the device and know that it is working, but it doesn't stop her or slow her down from barking. I can even push the button right in front of her nose and she just looks at me. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Wasted my money - be careful
    this device didn't work at all. it barely registers with my dogs - they just tilt their heads. I inquired about this and the company said it doesn't work for high pitched barking. I wish i knew this when i bought it! ...more info
  • Look for another one
    We are trying to stop our dogs barking during the day, but they will not stop! This device will turn on when they bark (the red light turns on) and they do not pay attention to it whatsoever. We are returning the item and trying to look for another solution....more info
  • Good if dog is close...
    This product works great if your dog is close to the monitor. I have 2 small dogs and this product seems to work great on them. It definately scares them and makes them stop barking. I wish though that it had a longer range. ...more info
  • NOT satisfied
    I have purchased two (the first was for my golden, who incessantly barks) and he ate it. I then purchased a second one for my two yappy indoor dogs (a mini schanuzer and a doxie mix) and it does nothing to stop them from barking. It does go off when they bark, and I have it sitting on top of the dog crate, but they bark right through it. Maybe it is better for puppies and younger dogs, not "experienced" barkers.

    I wish I could get my money back for it....more info
  • Doesn't function
    The unit arrived securely packaged with no obvious damage. We inserted a 9V battery as instructed. The manual button works. But the automatic function does not. So the dogs bark and nothing happens unless you are close enough to push the button. And I can't seem to find a Petsafe website to report the problem to. ...more info
  • ZERO stars.
    If I could, it would get NO stars. This this is a piece of junk. My little Pomeranian never set it off when he was barking incessantly when I walked out the door, but it went off when I was talking next to it. Go figure. DON'T buy it unless you have a big dog with a really LOUD, LOW(Deep) bark....more info
  • does not work as advertised
    Did not work unless dog was 12 inches away or you had to push the button yourself. Did not bother the dog at all. Returned to amazon....more info
  • Worked Great for a Week
    It worked great for a week, then the cat knocked it off the counter and it broke. Suggestion to the company is to make one that is a "rugged" model that is water proof and cat proof....more info
  • Bark Control- PetSafe
    Does not quite work like advertised. Monitor needs to be
    within a few feet of pet to set off electronically. Works
    better manually, as a training aid. Manufacturer really needs
    to look at the design of the product, larger sensor to allow for
    monitor to pick up barking in an area further than a few feet. If
    you were to place it on a counter while at work, this product would
    not deliver the results needed to deter your pet from barking. As
    advertised 10 feet, is grossly exaggerated, more like 2 to 3 feet
    maybe....more info