Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box
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Product Description

The award-winning Clevercat Top Entry litter box nearly eliminates tracking, prevents over-the-edge spills and reduces odor. Excellent for cats that love to dig and kick litter. Clevercat is dog-proof from most dogs. Cats and kittens adapt quickly and love the privacy. Use with or without liners. Using Clevercat custom heavy-duty liners allows for quick, easy and sanitary litter box changes. Not recommended for disabled, elderly or very large cats. Litter box measures 20 in. x 15 in. x 15 in. with a 9 in. diameter entry. .

  • 9" diameter opening
  • Built-in tracking mat is flat removable lid
  • Heavy duty plastic

Customer Reviews:

  • Best, Cleanest Litter Box on the Market
    I HIGHLY recommend the Clevercat litter box to all cat owners. I can't believe someone didn't come up with this sooner. It is the easiest litter box in the world to clean. I have three cats, one of whom is a high sprayer, and every other box I tried was disgusting -- urine would get trapped between the rim of the lid and the actual box. What a mess. With this box, it simply runs down the side and makes a nice clump that is easy to remove.

    With my old boxes, I had to dump out all the litter, clean the box, and refill with new litter once a week. That was VERY expensive. (I have 3 litter boxes.) Not any more. As long as you use a hard clumping litter, keep the litter deep and scoop at least once a day, you will hardly ever have to do this! And there is NO NEED for liners. Keeping a deep layer (5 inches or more) of litter prevents urine from ever seeping all the way to the bottom, and scooping regularly gets the clumps out while they are still hard. This way, they come out in one piece and don't break up and spread throughout the litter when you remove them, creating an odor. My Clevercat boxes are immaculately clean all the time, and it takes me about 5 minutes a day to keep them that way. And while there is still a little bit of litter around the box, it is so much less now that the cats can't kick it all over the place while using the box.

    All three of my cats are over 10 years old, and they adapted to it very quickly. Just use it with the lid off for a while, as suggested. I left an old litter box up, too, until I was sure I had seen each cat use the Clevercat a few times, with the lid on.

    I also train dogs and own two dogs myself. I recommend this box to anyone who owns a dog that tries to sneak treats from the litter box. (A really gross dog habit that is very common, unfortunately.) Unless the dog is tall and very determined, this box will put an end to it.

    Overall, this is the best cat product I have ever purchased. It has made my life a lot easier, and the cats love it. ...more info
  • LOVE this litter box!
    Great litter box that is definitely worth the price. My two 7-year-old male cats took to it fairly easily. Has totally eliminated that annoying pee "seepage" that occurs with covered boxes and has kept tracking to a minimum. ...more info
  • A Problem Solved
    I purchased the Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box because I had a neutered male cat that was standing up in the regular booda litter boxes with front entry. The urine was leaking out between top & bottom, and front entry whenever he used box. The Top Entry Litter Box solved my problem - the sides are too high. Now I don't have a "mess" to clean up all the time, and my other 3 cats like it also. I now own 2 Clevercat Top Entry Litter Boxes....more info
  • One problem down... Four to go...
    I am pretty sure my cat has DID, or what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. Because of this mental illness, my cat alternates between being just cute, cuddly, sweet Marty who will cuddle up next to me, purr, and lick my hands as I pet him and being a fiesty cat who we call Crash. Crash knocks knick-knacks off of high places, tips glasses of liquid, pounces on my head in the wee hours of the morning, attacks the dog as if he is being filmed in a new action film, and likes to scratch, and scratch, and scratch in his litter box until I feel like I am walking on a pebbly beach in my bathroom.

    I was finally able to track down one of these Clevercat litter boxes (I live in Europe). I placed it in the same place as the other was in, which is in a walled corner of the bathroom, with the toilet on the third side. I put the side with the hole against the back wall. This means Marty/Crash has to walk across the top of the lid to leave the box, thereby catching and trapping any litter remaining on his paws. So, not only does this litter box prevent his scratching habit from showering our floor with litter, but it also catches almost all of the litter stuck to his paws. I have been amazed that since I started using this box, I have not seen any litter on my floor. I love it... LOVE IT! Also, my dog can no longer try to eat what the cat leaves in the box (so gross... surely, there is a mental disorder for that as well).

    I do not use the bags because they are a waste of money since the box is deep and stays pretty clean.

    Now... If I could only find a solution to the other problems, I would be set; however, short of not having a cat, I think the other problems are normal cat behavior... Well, at least normal for my mentally ill cat. ...more info
  • Stops the mess
    This litter box is great. It stops the mess of litter all over the place because the kitten goes in the top hole..The lid has some groves that pick up any litter from the cat's feet. The kitten enjoys the privacy of going into this box while my 3 pugs can't get to the poops .This is a clever and simple idea.The odor seems less noticable with the hole on top. No problems cleaning it and it is easier realy than the other kind where I used to have to take the whole top off....more info
  • Fantastic!
    My cats were the worst about flinging litter. With this new box, I don't have any issue! The top entry gathers the litter stuck to their feet as they exit the box, too!! When I got the box, I just put it in the floor so the cats could examine it and put a toy or two in as well. The next day, I took it and filled it with litter, put the lid on and they never had any issue with using it. It's a great product!!...more info
  • Best litterbox ever
    I got this box to stop my little dog from sampling the "cat treats." I've owned a few different styles of litter boxes, but this is the best ever. She got used to it very quickly, and I think she really enjoys the privacy. The ridges in the top catch most of the litter when she hops out, so there is very, very little tracking. Best of all, it really does contain odors! And, for something so big, it's really very unobtrusive. I've had the open litter boxes, and the front entry kind, but with a small 6 lb. dog, none of those kept him out!
    This one does. ...more info
  • Less Mess
    If I'd seen this product at a store, I never would have bought it. But, after reading all the reviews, I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Glad I did! Kitty litter mess has been reduced considerably. ...more info
  • Nice idea, but can cause behavioral issues/has design flaws
    I bought this product specifically to cut down on litter tracking, as one of my cats likes to bolt out of the cat pan as fast as possible when done, spraying litter everywhere as she goes. I had been using a dome-style pan with steps, but that did not cut down on the mess, as my other cat is a litter flinger, which put litter onto the steps. That, coupled with my bolter's habit, meant that litter was being tracked all over my apartment.

    So, enter the top entry box. My Siamese (the bolter) LOVES it, and it has stopped her from bolting. However, my older cat, who is around 15 lbs, finds the design awkward to maneuver around in for starts, and for that reason alone, does not cover his leavings, but just deposits them and leaves. Plus, my Siamese's now borderline obsession with her new toy means that she thinks of her buddy's usage of it as being a giant version of a whack-a-mole game, and she waits in ambush of him every time he uses it. This has made him so nervous and crazy that this morning, I found a pile of his poo outside of the box. To solve this problem, I have removed the lid of the box, and so far, he has used it once more to pee, but I could just as well have bought a cheap Rubbermaid tub for this purpose.

    Even if the box worked as designed, it should be made a little bigger, or come in different sizes, for larger cats, as the hole is too small for big ones to move around in comfortably. Older cats especially cannot navigate it easily.

    Back to the drawing board...

    ...more info
  • Our cats love these!
    We bought our first Clevercat box because our female cat was not using the regular, uncovered litter boxes and our vet suggested she may want privacy. Well, it turned out the boys wanted privacy, too. We now have three Clevercat boxes and no problems with anyone going outside the boxes.

    I like that I don't have to look at litter if I'm in the same room as the box.

    We recently adopted two kittens and I was worried they'd be too small (3 mos.) to use the Clevercat, but I was wrong. They hop in and out just fine, no problems.

    Highly recommended! Our many cats approve!...more info
  • Great Litter Box
    Love it definately stops litter traffic by at least 80%. However my cat does go inside took a while for him to get used to it. I now find him stading on the top of it straddling the hole peeing and pooping from the top like a toilet LOL .. Oh weel He is using it both ways. ...more info
  • pretty good, but one cat simply would not use
    We have two cats, the one adjusted well to this box, but our other simply refused to use it. She peed in the sink, the bathtub, and our area rugs, anywhere but in this box. If your cat will use it, it is great to reduce litter all over the floor, it really helps cut down on the mess....more info
  • My Dogs Finally Figured It Out!
    I've had these boxes for years (I replace them yearly for sanitary purposes). I think they're great but they do get messy. The cats still have a tendency to go right underneath the opening which has them stepping in/out the messed area. The one star drop however is because my small dogs have finally figured out how to get in. Granted it took them years to figure it out and they were defeated by my placing the boxes behind a gate. But then again - I could've put any boxes behind a gate and my cats could've used the whole open space more easily....more info
  • Great solution for dog owners...
    I've had my CleverCat box for 3 years now and it's been the only box that has kept my pooch from snacking on the cat poop. The only downside is that I wish the box was a bit smaller but the good thing is that you only need to fill it about 1/4 of the way full for your cat to do his/her business while still keeping your dog out. The Tidy Cat Crystals litter works great as well keeping the box super easy to clean. Tidy Cats Crystals (8-lb jug)...more info
  • Not dog proof
    This is good litterbox if you don't have a dog. I really do think it cuts down on litter tracking all over the place. My problems w/ it are twofold:

    1. I have a large german shepherd that loves to eat cat poop and he can easily get his head into the hole. So unless your dog is pretty small, it won't be dog-proof.

    2. One of my cats is terrified of enclosed spaces and chose to pee in the fireplace, instead. So it doesn't work for all cats...some of them are just too stubborn and stuck in their ways....more info
  • the best
    Watch Video Here: I've tried several types of litterboxes and this one has been the best by far. Nothing else seemed to keep litter off the floor, but this design has really cut down on the number of times we have to sweep around and underneath the box. We have 2 average-sized cats (9-12 lbs; names Stinky and Number 2), living with us in very small apartment. I know that at least 2 litterboxes are recommended, but this is just not realistic in a place like ours. Anyway, one cat (Stinky) apparently has NO scratch instinct and consistently drops his loads in the box and runs off without covering them up. The other cat (#2) is fastidious. After doing her business she will tidily cover the offender within seconds, then continues to paw at the litter for about 5 minutes, or until someone chases her out. She is also not content to just scratch the litter, but scratches the floor and walls around the box too. With other boxes (including covered ones) we had to live with cleaning up litter around the box everyday, and often she'd eject poop onto the floor (a real problem, and especially nasty when the projectile happened to be a non-litter-encrusted log from the non-scratching cat. After trying all kinds of covers and mats, I finally decided to try the Clevercat. I cringed at spending $30 for what looked like a $5 rubbermaid tub whose lid was corrugated and had a hole in it, and I doubted whether my idiosyncratic cats would accept this contraption as a toilet. They took right to it though, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the results. It is sort of infuriating that it costs so much for such a simple design, but personally I'd rather pay for it than simply cutting a hole in the lid of a bargain tub as another reviewer has suggested. The main reason is that the corrugations in the lid really do seem to trap a substantial amount of litter. Also the hole in the Clevercat has a smooth lip on it that I don't think I could duplicate if I did it myself (i.e. I think I'd end up with a sharp or jagged edge, which wouldn't be good for me or the cats, expecially when working in the vicinity of all that poop). While I haven't tried the liners, I have no desire to either. The box stays pretty clean, and the rounded corners of the box have not made it difficult to scoop in my opinion. Anyway, I think this litterbox is great, and I highly recommend it to those who hate stepping in the cat litter on their floors everyday. ...more info
  • Didn't work for my purpose
    For the most part, my cat used the box but he didn't like it. Eventually, he decided the floor was better than going through the hole in the top.

    But, the reason I got this box was for my dog-to keep him out of the litter box. Well, he just learned to stick his head through the hole. When he pulled his head out, the lid would just hang around his neck.

    It didn't work for us....more info
  • Wonderful Kitty Box
    The Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box works wonderfully. My 2 cats did not have any trouble at all getting used. One of my cats is a bit older and I was afraid she might have some trouble but she seems to like having the privacy. My other cat is rather large but he does not have any trouble fitting through the hole. The box is large enough for both of them plus with the tall sides and it being enclosed there is no litter or mess of any kind to spill out. The mat like top replaces the one I had on the floor and really traps the litter much better. Over all the area around the box is cleaner, the litter & contents are unseen, the odor is kept to a minimum, and the cats like it. It is also very easy to clean. ...more info
  • Somewhat better than traditional litter boxes
    I own two cats and have two litter boxes--one Clevercat and one front-entry. One cat tends to leap out of the Clevercat and scatter litter everywhere, so it doesn't really work when he uses it. The other stops on top of the lid of the Clevercat on her way out, which reduces her litter scatter. Bottom line: you won't be able to tell how your cat will react until it uses the box. I'd say it's very slightly better than a front-entry box, but not good enough to purchase another. ...more info
  • Great idea
    I borrowed someone's suggestion and got two - one for food/water and one for potty box. This keeps the dog out! She got used to them within minutes. Granted, I still get to sweep the floor as she manages to have litter scatter as she jumps out - but not as much as with a side entry box.

    The one big bonus is that since there are no seams (I had a covered corner-shaped box before) she can't pee out. She has a knack of peeing right up against the box so the urine would seep out of the join between the top and bottom. Now that this is a solid wall there is NO more problem with that.

    Not pretty - just gray tupperware - but quite efficient. I'm pleased....more info
  • Yes, it works!
    This product's awesome! It was recommended by some friends of ours to eliminate the big mess of litter surrounding our boxes and the tracks throughout the house. -Not pretty on hard woods. We're so impressed with the first we're buying another! Btw, I did a little shopping around to compare prices. Amazon was the least expensive....more info
  • I own a cat and two small dogs....
    The main reason I bought this litter box was to get my dogs to stop eating kitty treats! This is just the right thing for it. My two 18" tall dogs can not get into this thing and I am so relieved I don't have to smell their poo breath anymore....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This litter box is much better than any other litter box I've ever used.. even the conventional ones with lids. I thought it would be difficult for my cat to get used to the new style, but she switched no problem, and we have 99% less mess than we did with the front-entry boxes!
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    As an owner of cats for over 20 years, I have to say this is, by far, the best litter box I ever owned. My current cat, a little over 1 year, had no problem converting to this box. Less litter on the floor, less smell, and easy to clean. Highly recommended....more info
  • We like it...
    We Like this litter box. Our cat took to it right away, no issue at all. We were tired of the litter mess on the floor, and looking into the box everytime we passed it in our spare bathroom. This box certainly is more discrete, and also tends to contain the odor, unless you are hovering over it. It has not completely eliminated the litter on the floor. Most of the litter does stay in the grooves on top of the box, but we still have a bit that needs tending. Overall a good product, worth the price, and we would buy it again....more info
  • Almost the perfect litter box
    I purchased this product in the store and it came with a base, top, and 2 sample liners. To begin, the liners are quite useless, they are the exact size of the box so it's impossible to tie it to keep the sides tight so, if you follow the recommended instructions of keeping the lid off the box for a few days, the sides will fall into the box and create quite a mess. If I chose to use liners I will most likely try a drawstring trash bag or drawstring liners if I can find them large enough. I also found a snag in the liner within the first 2 hours because the cat was trying to get out of the box, after he gets a routine down I'm hoping there won't be a problem.
    The box itself works very well, I love the fact that I can just turn the cover over at anytime and clean off the crystals. My cat crawled in immediately after I filled it with litter so he adjusted very well, I then put the top on so he would get used to crawling out, that's all it took. I have yet to see any litter on the floor. Here are the major problems I have found with the box:

    1. It is very large for one cat, if your cat is very diligent about covering up his/her messes you may have to dig for the "treasures".
    2. If you have a very large cat or an older cat it may be difficult for them to get in and out of the box.
    3. There is no odor control such as with the Booda, a covered litter box is going to, of course, control some odor but I have found that the crystal cat litter made by fresh step has absolutely no odor so the two combined work perfectly.
    4. This takes a lot of litter because it is so large, I was using a very small litter box and changing the litter almost completely everyday, I'm going to have to break this habit or go broke.
    5. The price is quite high for something so simple but if I had cut the top of a storage bin I would be concerned about jagged edges and the ability of the bin to hold the cat's weight or not slide around. If I could have I would have bought the top and found a better bottom, perhaps not as deep.

    Good things about the product:
    1. It doesn't look like a traditional litter pan so it can sit out of hiding.
    2. One reviewer commented that the top was difficult, I actually found the exact opposite, I find it very easy to maneuver.
    3. There are grooves on the top that catch litter granules, and can be cleaned by flipping the top over or the directions suggest using a brush to clean the top.
    4. The top is very sturdy and I'm sure could hold even a large cat's weight.

    All in all this is an excellent product I am very happy with it and would definitely purchase again or as a gift for a friend.

    As an aside, this product would most likely work well if you plan to toilet train your cat, it is almost the height of the toilet so would get your cat used to jumping up on the toilet. ...more info
  • Best. Invention. Ever.
    Ok, so maybe the cottin gin has this beat for the best invention ever, but this really is a nifty concept that actually works! Our kitties, while a little bit hesitant at first, now refuse to use any other litter box. We had it out for a week without the top on (to let the kitties get used to the "tub" style) and then put the lid on, as the instructions indicated. The lid traps litter in a snap. The only "con" would be that this isn't as visually appealing as other litter boxes, BUT the fact that we have 90% less litter tracking in our house because of it makes up for that small detail. HIGHLY recommended!...more info
  • Simple yet Elegant solution to the age old litter scattering problem.
    I am in love with this box. It controls digging scatter and odor, and my cats seem to enjoy playing "up periscope!" and other cat games. I fit the box in between a counter and a wine rack so I have not experienced tipping issues. If you are pretty generous with the litter I think the weight of it will help keep it right side up. I do not use liners, merely hose as necessary, and this seems to clean up easily enough. I have used both clumping style litter and pelletized recycled paper style litter and I think the clumping style is your preferred option - helps to dessicate the "product" and allows for more time between cleanings and less tracking through the home.

    good luck!
    Kiki, Zaphod, & Mogwai...more info
  • Depends on your cat.
    I have 2 large (17 lb) cats who tend to tip over the front door style boxes. For one of my cats, this was the perfect box. He could scratch and fling and there was no tracking. Perfect. Our other cat was a different story. She did not like going down into the box and at first she was clever and sat on the top and did her business into the hole, just like using a toilet. Good kitty!!! But then, she got sloppy and would just go anywhere on the top of the box. Ick. Bad Kitty!!! That was the end of that. Since it's just a glorified rubbermaid box, it now holds kindling wood in our garage. So, if it hadn't been for our stupid cat,this would have been the perfect litter box. Oh well, I'm still looking....more info
  • I absolutely love this litter box.
    When I first got my kitten, my friend gave me an ExquisiCat? Litter Pan which I used up until I bought this. The ExquisiCat? Litter Pan was/is horrible! My kitten would kick litter and dried poop all over the bathroom floor. I had to sweep several times a day. It was very irritating. My sister, who used to use a CatGenie, recommended this litter box to me. At first, I was skeptical because it's $33 and I really didn't want to spend that much money on a litter box. I got fed up with my old litter box and decided to give this a try. Needless to say, I am super glad I bought this. It is worth every penny! I have had it for about week now and I have yet to sweep the bathroom floor. It blocks what little smell there is really well. I highly recommend using Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Scoopable Litter with this box. Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox + Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Scoopable Litter == AMAZING!...more info