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Maxell CR2032 3V Micro Lithium Button Coin Cell Battery 5 Pack
List Price: $7.00

Our Price: $0.01

You Save: $6.99 (100%)


Product Description

The Maxell CR-2032 is a larger button cell (about the size of a nickel) frequently found in small electronic devices and watches. Maxell batteries are utilized as the original equipment for many of the world's most popular watches. Micro-Specialty Batteries are also the power source for calculators, keyless entry, games, cameras and personal organizers. Works well in cold temperatures.

  • Maxell CR-2016 3 Volt 90 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Battery life 150 hours
  • Height 1.6mm & diameter 20mm
  • High Quality Made in Japan
  • New batteries with fresh dated expiration date

Customer Reviews:

  • Maxell Batteries
    Excellent value. Will purchase again. Delivered as promised. The cost of five is what one battery will cost retail....more info
  • Great Value
    This is a better value than buying one battery at a time at Rite Aid or CVS. The batteries are 1st rate and they are working as expected....more info
  • No complaints!
    I needed these batteries for my Salter bathroom scale. They work just fine. No more "Lo Batt" errors! ...more info
  • As avertised
    Looked good to me.
    2012 date on them.
    Good price.
    Worked good in my little "hat lite".
    Shipping is more than the batteries.
    Will look around for lower shipping next time....more info
  • Work great!
    They appear to be legitimate Maxell batteries. They are working great for the device I put them in and I am very satisfied. I bought them from Best Price Mirror and the delivery time was about 3-4 days via USPS, I think. They are selling them dirt cheap so the $4 shipping fee is probably used to boost their profit. Still, that makes the cost less than $1 per battery. Which is really good for these batteries....more info
  • grand price
    I like it very much 5 batterys for 5.48.

    ordered it on aug 15 2008 came to my mail box on monday aug 18th 2008 thank you for a great product....more info
  • Maxell 2032 Lithium Battery 5-pack
    Worked exactly as advertised in garage door opener. Price of the 5-pack was less than a single battery at retail stores even with shipping, letting me change out batteries in both openers and still have spares. ...more info
  • Useless!
    These batteries are just junk. I bought 5 batteries: 1 just worked for less than 10 days in my polar monitor, 2 worked less than 1 day and the other two did not work at all! Total waste of money!...more info
  • Very weak- replace them often
    A perfect example, unfortunately, of getting less than what I hoped. These batteries last, at best, a quarter as long as Duracell/Energizer. My device indicates 300-400 hours from one battery and I receive less than 100 per Maxell cell. Frequent replacement is just not my idea of fun....more info