S-Video Cable 25 ft. Gold Plated
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Product Description

High quality S-Video cables with molded gold male S-Video connectors on each end. For use with video cameras, DVD, VCRs, DSS, and TVs with Super VHS/S-video capability.

  • Premium GOLD Series (with gold plated onnectors)
  • Coaxial type to support higher video resolutions
  • Ideal for your TV's, VCRs, DVD players, computers and projectors

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the price
    Works like a charm, just like its described. great shipping. 25ft is long enough for anything and I needed to connect my computer to the tv and with great price of this cable I did it....more info
  • well...it works....
    There is not much one can say about a cord...it either works or it doesn't.

    This one works.

    It is 25 ft long (which is long enough to reach across most rooms with ease) and the cord itself is thick, thicker than standard S-Video cables, so it should stand up to abuse.

    If you feel compelled to abuse a cable, that is.

    Um, so yeah...it works. ...more info
  • Cheap!
    Great price for a 25 ft S-Video cable. Works fine like any other S-Video cable....more info
  • Nicely built and affordable.
    A well built cable with a strong plug and thick outer jacket. Definitely a good buy....more info
  • get what you pay for
    cables worked, but had slightly fuzzy lines in the picture. not as good a quality as other s-video cables I have used....more info
  • Not Good at All
    I bought two of these 25ft S Cables based on the reviews of other consumers, but was totally disappointed. I know they were not expensive and am not complaining about the costs, but for everyone saying they give a great signal, I am astonished. I am just using these cables to be able to view my security system from my bedroom at night. So, I am not using these to watch fine HD movies on my HDTV and need pristine video quality, but I am not getting quality that is remotely what you would even call basic. Even though the picture shows on the HDTV, the HDTV doesn't even recognize the signal and keeps flashing a message "no video source connected to this input. The picture has a serious fluctuation quality through out the picture on a whole and if that isn't all bad enough. The signal makes lines that continuously move from bottom to top over and over again as if in the old days the vertical hold was off and the picture just keeps rolling over and over again. If that makes sense. If you are needing these cables for anything remotely you wish to be viewable. I would NOT recommend this brand. Maybe it's a hit and miss, but since I ordered two and they are both performing the same way on two different HDTV's. I would opt for just not being a good quality product. Do more research before deciding on purchasing this brand. PS: The Seller though was spot on, delivery was quick and do not blame him for just plain bad merchandise he himself did not manufacture. ...more info
  • Poor S-video cable........too bad
    Hi All,
    Please Do NOT buy this S-Video cable sold by Cmple.
    Its Crap. Real BAD performance and i ordered new cable but the shipped cable was in very bad condition. Also signal quality is VERY POOR.....Please dont see cheap price.........Stay away from it.......i will never buy from Cmple at least....more info
  • Good little cable
    I bought this cable to connect my macbook pro to a television, and I was quite pleased by the video quality. I will confess that I do not have an HD TV and am basing my review on a tube tele, but for this setup, there is no discernable difference when watching movies between my computer setup and direct from a DVD player. ...more info
  • Good Buy
    I wanted something to quickly connect my laptop to tv, and it does that perfectly =) I have a 7-pin s video jack on the back of my comp and the 4 pin plug fits in just fine. s-video cables don't transmit the best viewing quality from computer to tv (so if you want high quality check out a different way to connect), but it's decent & i really liked the price!...more info
  • The next best thing to wireless.
    I run this cable through the ceiling tiles from my projector to my receiver. The setup works and looks great just like the product itself....more info
  • Good price and good deal
    This is an amazing price for this length of S-Video. I think the length may have caused some distortion in the video to my TV though. I have tried it with both my laptop and PC on 2 different monitors and noticed the same strange distortion. It looks as if the video does not quite fill the screen and is slightly bent on the left side....more info
  • S-Video & 3.5mm Stereo cable by Cmple
    I'd like to inform u guys that please DO NOT fall prey to cheap price of both these cables (svideo&stereo). both cables had scratches on them even when i bought new and add to it they give very very poor performance.SVideo cable is horrible!! Stereo cable works as if loose connection...humming sound is always there. Totally Dissatisfied with both Cables........will never order again....more info
  • A Nice Solution
    I bought this cable to run from my pc to my TV to watch the shows I missed w/out having to sit at my desk. This does the job nicely. If you got a video card w/a S-video connection, this is for you....more info
  • Well worth the cost
    Back in the day when SVID was the "state of the art", a cable of this length would have run you about $100! Of course with HDMI or even component video being a more recent stardard, the cable has lost it's value. But in any event, I paid under $6 for this 25-foot SVID cable and it performs just as well as I'd expect. No intereference (but with digital signals, intereference is rare anyway) and a smooth, thick jacket. Just what I needed to run video signal from my PC in the basement to the TV in the living room. Recomended....more info
  • Spend the money on a better cable
    An Amazon shop had this for a bargain basement price, and for good reason. It has a decent picture on my 25" television using my GeForce video card when you can see past the waves of interference. I guess the cheap price comes at the expense of decent shielding, but oddly enough the cable feels thick and sturdy. Nevertheless, pass on it and just buy a better reviewed name brand....more info