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Siren Song of the Counter Culture
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Product Description

Rise Against are a political punk band from Chicago who recorded Siren Song of the Counter-Culture with Rage Against the Machine producer GGGarth and Rage and Nirvana mixer Andy Wallace. The four band members came together from punk bands 88 Fingers Louie, Pinhead Circus, and the Enemy, and the emo band Baxter, and play old school punk (e.g., Descendants) with a strong political point of view.

Siren Song of the Counter-Culture has drawn rave reviews from key publications. Rolling Stone praised the band's "rousing, intelligent fury," while Alternative Press said "the band's engrossing hardcore is an urgent siren song that's appropriate for these angst-ridden, uncertain times."

Customer Reviews:

  • best album of 04
    rise against outdo themselves every time. when the unraveling came out it was a decent release but revolutions per minute was one i thought could not be beat. siren song blows it away. the worst song on the album is tip the scales which is still a 5/5 what does that tell you? go buy it now. if you like thrice, a wilhelm scream or hot water music then you will love this. they mold the perfect singing with screaming for songs that you can scream your heart out to but actually know every word. o yeah and go see them live, they're awesome...more info
  • A must buy album!
    This album is simply amazing. Rise Against have managed to lay down each type of song in their genre, but still hold true to their own unique sound. With the blistering opener State of Union the unforgiving, take no prisoners attitude of the album is set. Paper Wings is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs they've ever written, veering from the more aggressive path (even including an acoustic verse), but still an extraordinary track. Blood to Bleed is another big one, a running bass line powering the fist pumping and shoutworthy lyrics. The first single from the album, Give It All, is truly the most mosh-worthy song of the record. Simple chords open, slowly building up tension for the all out explosive anthem that is Give It All. Swing Life Away, the brow raising acoustic piece, has become a signature of the band. Although it's a completely different kind of song for them, a slow acoustic ballad reminiscent of long summer days spent in good company, it's still a pleasing piece. Every song on this album is amazing in its own right. Even if you've only heard one song from these guys I strongly suggest purchasing this album and giving it a chance. It's an incredible record and won't let you down.

    Must listens include Give It All, Dancing For Rain, Paper Wings, Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated....more info
  • CD Grows on You
    This CD isn't as powerful as their sophomore album, however, it is still an extremely good CD. Songs 1 & 7 are by far the best on the CD. Its starts of very well and carries itself very well. I am actually eagerly awaiting their next release because they seem to be fairly consistent. I recommend this CD, however, I would buy "Revolutions per Minute" first. Not that this CD isn't good, but its not as good as their sophomore effort. Rise Against has a unique style that has a very bright future ahead of them, just as long as they don't sell out like most bands....more info
  • Rock as it should be!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great disc, this is refreshing for the current state of same old same old music. After listening to this a few times I have no plans on taking it out of my CD player. It really reminds me of the Goo Goo dolls when they 1st started way back in the late 80's. Straight forward rock with teeth in the true spirit of punk....more info
  • Better than the previous album
    I really really love this cd. A true Punk/hardcore band that uses good riffs and awesome lyrics. Tim McElrath has perfected going from melodic singing to a piercing scream. The previous album had more songs that were better sing-a-longs, where this cd is just packed with better overall songs. This is seriously a cd that you could put in and not skip, even though I do find myself only skipping two songs, just because the other 10 are way better.

    It starts with State of the Union, a great and powerful opening for the album, and probably their hardest song to date. My other personal favorites are Life Less Frightening, Blood to Bleed, To Them These Streets Belong, Tip The Scales, Give it All, Dancing for Rain, and Swing Life Away. The two best are Give it All, which I didn't like for the longest time, but now love, and State Of the Union. A must have for any punk/hardcore fans....more info
  • Rise Against the Chillis "Awesome Album! First one is better though."
    This cd is good exept for some of the songs like swing life away but a good song is dancin for rain! Its a very good album and is also very cheap. If you are new to this band, by Revolutions Per Minute before this. It is alot better. Check this CD out now. Stop reading this review and go buy it already!
    ...more info
  • 1 of the Top 5 Punk CDS ever
    This CD is unreal, as well the rest of their cds. These guys are the future of punk, they're by far the best band in years. I also really recommend Thrice, Cauterize and Choke....more info
  • they make chicago proud!!
    who would ever think chicago would give us "riseagainst" and "siren song of the counter culture" they are magnificent. like newscity chicago says of them, no chicago band has come so far, so fast as riseagainst!!!...more info
  • pick it up.
    i really enjoy this cd. its been a while since i bought a new punk cd. it enjoys some of melody elements of afi. it has less of the recent clean punk sound that can be heard on mtv. this still has some good aggressive singing with good points calm....
    enjoy....more info
  • My strongest endorsement!
    Don't be fooled by the melodic "Swing Life Away". Rise Against rocks, and they rock hard. I picked this CD up sort of on a whim, not expecting to be that into it... instead I was blown away. Every song on the album is unique, and they're almost all fantastic. I left it in my CD player for days! I'm a little suprised to see them described as punk, because to me they just sound like a hard, straight line rock band should. Order it now, you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • rise against does it again
    these guys are great. i heard them for the first time live last year. they are a great band. this is one of those cds that i can listen all the way through with out skiping songs. I love it and if you listen to punk then this cd is well worth your investment....more info
  • rad
    good but not as awesum as REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE!!! this cd has a Thrice vibe which is rad. buy it! but get the cd b4 this 1 was released,first....more info
  • i really do dislike rise against
    i know i havent really examined ALL of this band's material with a fine tooth comb, but i definately am quite familiar with their songs. for one, my friend recommended me to listen to this band..and two, i really can tell when this band is being played on the radio as well because of the singers voice. i must say, that voice of the singer is the only thing separating this band from being another one of those carbon copy emo-core bands...seriously, just insert some random whiny guy in his place and there you go!..and im not going to even start with how much i loathe emo-core. first, i do think their previous album is pretty an anti-flag sense and i truely did sense a little bit of bad religion dashes in that album, but it isnt enough to make me want to buy it and play it out loud...but this album represents an already decent "could have been good" band lowering themselves a few notches into mtv, pseudo punk, and warped tour carbon copy oblivion. ..and yes, its another "political idealist" band trying to make it big on mtv.

    2 stars because this band is far from being even good, but they do admittedly have great inspirations..and there is MUCH MUCH worse. ...more info
  • Very good album
    This is a really good CD to get if you are into the whole pop-emo thing. I wouldn't label this as punk (like Sex Pistols or Misfits) because it's more melodic. It's more along the lines of New Found Glory or maybe Pennywise or Bad Religion. It's probably realitively easy to find an mp3 for "Life Less Frightening", which is in my opinion the best song off the CD. If you like the aforementioned bands, then definitely get this, as you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Screaming and more screaming.
    You can tell the singer has a good voice when he stops screaming long enough to make an attempt at singing. Since when does yelling loud enough to distort any trace of pitch or melody become "music"? There is one decent song on this album and if you're smart you'll just buy the single on-line somewhere. ...more info
  • Better Then Expected
    I was looking for a hard core/punk sound and these guys are absolutely what I was looking for. I havent heard any of their other CD's but am planning on checking out some of them. This CD is a mostly punk sounding with a light Indy influence with a voice of hard core. Its a great combonation!! I end up listen to this CD, even after owning a million others and after 3 months of listening to it, at least twice a week....more info
  • Good stuff
    Nice album. Recommended for people who like their rock straight up and honest. This is not pop punk, and thank goodness....more info
  • best band of all time
    this band rocks and so does this CD. While not their best CD, I still enjoy every song. If you like this CD definately buy Revolutions Per Minute because it is by far their best album.
    NOTE: Swing Life Away is nothing like the rest of this bands music on all 3 of their albums... so if that is the only song you like, don't buy this CD or any of their other albums, shut up about it being the only good song and find a different band to listen too....more info
  • Simply Great
    This is the best album of Rise Against. Every single song is terrific...more info
    totally compelling and motivating. don't know what's up with RA now but the album totally speaks to me and is filled with enough energy and arena style to fill the void inside, right from the beginning...*sigh* a definite must have. any other punk band who started after the millenium can go to HELL....more info
  • They give it all...
    YES, it is true, they have gotten better, if thats even possible. Give it all ,swing life away, anywhere but here, and every other song on this CD gives it all the depth you need. Tim as I said in my reveiw for there first album is one of the greatest singers alive. The only song I don't love to death is Dancing in rain, but who cares, still an awesome cd. My favorite song is undoubtably "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated"....more info
  • Relief in the form of an album
    I thank Rise Against. If it wasn't for this band, I would have turned my back on punk rock utterly and totally. I was desperate, I was anxious, and I was alone. Bad Religion had just released their latest album, along with Social D and Pennywise. I had bought them and listened to them until I was sick of them. I had no where else to turn. I bought a couple nu-metal albums, a couple rap albums, and even a couple compilations. I was disappointed in punk rock. All of these new punk bands were pissing me off in a way that only God himself could understand. I chanced upon this album by flirting with one of the hot goth chicks up at Hot Topic. She told me about this band and said I need to check out this album. I thank that Hot Topic chick, I thank her to this very second in time. This CD blew me the f*ck away like a slug from a shotgun in the dome at point-blank range followed by a dump truck unloading about 100 pounds of cow sh*t on top of me and letting dung beatles feast on my remains. That's what happened. I was shocked. This album is by far one of the best albums I have EVER heard. I immediately bought "Black Masks and Gasoline" and "The Unravelling". "Black Masks" was equally as good but "The Unravelling" left me a little disappointed. But that's besides the point, this album alone is enough to rekindle the old punk rock spirit in a young punk rock kid. ...more info
  • Modern day hippies?
    Rise Against's second album, "Siren Song of the Counter Culture", though somewhat lighter musically than the first album, utilizes intensely metaphorical lyrics to describe their political views on war and a growing uneasiness associated with a seemingly secretive government. Rise Against's newer cd includes many songs with very intelligently and creatively written lyrics about the growing number of people concerned about the discrepancies between what our government says and what they do, as well as views of those opposed to war.

    Like modern-day, but possibly more violent hippies, the band takes a stand against war and makes their views clearly known in this album. With songs like "The First Drop" discussing the idealogical revolution the band seems to believe is forming from the growing insecurities and distrust of the governemnt of the present generations, this album takes a vivid stand for the political views of the artists. Even the album's name is fitting with this idea - "Siren Song of the Counter Culture."

    On a musical level, this album seems to be less "punk" and a little more mainstream than their first album, and is more similar to stereotypical "hardcore" or "emo" bands, but the band still manages to create their own individual sound. The music itself is intense and fitting with the feelings and ideas created by their lyrics. The music is probably more acceptable to people who listen to other forms of music than their last album represented....more info
  • Hit Machines
    Rise Against is such a versatile band. This CD alone has 3 hit songs on it, each being completely different from the next. ...more info
  • a7x fanatic
    This album is super!!! I wov it lots and lots.

    Yeh fell in love with it since the first time i heard it. Puts me to sleep each night, wakes me up in the morning and keeps me going throughout the day. :)
    Recomended to screamo fans....more info
  • Good album, but no RPM
    I'm giving "Siren Song of the Counter-Culture" 4 stars because I think it's not quite 5. There are several good songs on this cd like "Paper Wings", "Give it All", and "Anywhere but Here", but I don't think its that great of a follow up to "Revolutions Per Minute" which was brilliant. Although this is a good album for someone just getting into Rise Against and it's cheap. Overall a good cd, several great songs, just not RPM....more info
  • Rise Against all other crappy music
    The third release from RA is damn impressive....Tim hasn't lost a beat on this cd and the band keeps getting better. I can't wait till the 4th cd....more info
    Blood To Bleed!!! That songs is one of my favorite ever! Its such a great album, i have both this and the suffer & the witness and i rotate both CD's in my car, i've been listening to both for over 6months now! have not listen to any other albums since! Rise Against just gives you such a energy/adrenaline that makes you wanna scream and get up and jump! This is my favorite band of all time and this is one of 2 best albums you've ever listen from them. If you have either this or suffer & the witness u must have the other!...more info
  • Pretty good
    this cd is pretty good, some really good songs from them thats for sure. if you like hard music you'll enjoy. Swing away is a nice song from them, something new and freash...more info
  • One of the best
    This album is very high on my all-time favorites list. Where to start? It is sooo good that I truly believe people are idiots or lying or both if they say they don't like this. Energy, melody and power. Rise Against can do it all. They sing about important things too. How can you not love this band?? Not a single average song...all are great. I listen to a lot of music and these guys are still one of my faves....more info
  • One of the best cds ever
    This cd is one of the best cds ever. Rise against manages to combine hard-core punk rock with acoustic rock in a beatiful way. Tim's singing is excellent and because of its raspiness and anger definitely fits in with the tone of the album. When i bought this cd i spent a month listening to nothing but Rise Against. This will be the best $15 or so dollars you will ever spend....more info
  • amazing..period
    the first time i heard Rise Against was online..i was blown away.. they were so awesome.. great rythm, the album you wont stop listenin to. herrs the break down kiddies:

    1)State of the Union- awesome song, great intro 10/10
    2)The First Drop- cool song, ittl get stuck in your head 8/10
    3)Life Less Frightening- also.. cool song..lovin the bridge 8/10
    4)Paper Wings- f**** awesome song, amazing beat 11/10
    5)Blood To Bleed- eh.. the only week song on here 6/10
    6)To Them These Streets Belong- great song.. 9/10
    7)Tip The Scales- repeat button*click* 10/10
    8)Anywhere But Here- amazing song..period 10.5/10
    9)Give It All- tied for the best song on me the chills when he comes on on his own and screems "we give it all"..100/10
    10)Dancing for Rain-its a good song. but usally is skipped for the next one 8/10
    11)Swing Life Away- great acoustic song.. just amazing..15/10
    12)Roumers of My Demise...- awesome cd ending.. tied for the best song on here 100/10

    really.. you wont be sorry if you purchase this album.. i love it.. gets played all the way through most every time.. great way to spend $10, it is always in my stero and i bet it will have its own special place in yours for it too (im not tryin to jerk any tears here) haha but seriously.. awesome cd...more info
  • Awesome CD
    The kind of CD you just let play over and over. There's not a song I don't like. Shredding vocals, heavy guitar and meaningful lyrics. Must have for punk fans....more info
  • The best hardcore punk album in a long time!
    Rise Against is a band I have always liked, ever since they released their first album back in the day. To me it seems like punk is getting worse and worse as time goes by, but Rise Against seems to be getting better and better with each passing album, and here on Siren Song of The Counter Culture everything seems to be working perfectly. The vocals are great and the guitar is just as amazing this time around, and the lyrics/songwriting has never been better I dont know if they will ever top this album.

    The album opens with maybe the hardest song on the album, 'State Of The Union' which features some killer vocals and is a great rocker to start off the album. perfect opener! 'The First Drop' is pretty cool but nothing really to stand out. 'Life Less Frightening' is a cool song one of the better ones on the album, mostly screaming on this song instead of singing but it really works for this song, I just hope that all the screaming doesnt kill the amazing vocals the guy has. 'Paper Wings' was the first single off the album and it didnt really do a whole lot on the radio or on the charts but it is a really really good song so I dont see why. 'Blood To Bleed' is good but not really special, but the next song sure is. 'To Them These Streets Belong' is one of the best songs on the album and one of the best song I have heard in a really long time, it starts off all slow and goes full throtal in to total punk and it's just plain amazing, a truly great song. The next song is my favorite song on the album, 'Tip The Scales' is such a killer song, even though the guitarriff is pretty repetitive I still love it and this is easily the best song on the album anyone who hears this song wount be able to help but love it to death! It's gonna be a classic if they ever release it! 'Anywhere But Here' 'Give It All' and 'Dancing For Rain' all have really great lyrics and are killer songs the only problem is that they sound kinda the same, except for the intro to dancing thats pretty cool. The next song is the big single on the album and it is the most original song on the album because it is played on an acoustic guitar and it shows what talent this band has a as well as diversity. The lyrics are amazing and the vocals give me the chills, this is truly a beautifull song, 'Swing life Away' is just simply put and amazing song. The album closes with 'Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated' and it is the absolute best song to end the album, it's hard fast and in your face and it leaves you want more, it does exactly what all album closers should do!

    The Siren Song Of The Counter Culter by Rise Against is one of the better albums I have bought in a long time and is with out a doubt the best punk album in the last 10 years so do yourself a favor and pick it up!...more info
  • What Punk Should Be
    This is one of the best punk albums I have heard in years. Where as so much punk rock is released, and all the vocals are weak, and all you can hear are drums, Rise Against pulls together a strong tune, cutting rhythm, and a pulsing beat that just drills into you, and never lets go. The vocals are a cutting yell, but with a melody, and the occasional harmonic duet... That's right, yelling in harmony.

    Unlike any punk album I've ever heard, Rise Against pulls in an acoustic guitar and acoustic interludes, that don't suck. They'll play a more difficult version of the melody on the acoustic so you can hear it's complexity, and then blast in the electric guitar playing the same melody, and carrying it through. Most new punk with a powerful opening track, falter by the end of the CD having run out of good and new rhythms. Such is not the case on this CD, "State of the Union" starts out strong, and pulls in the punk fans, but "Rumors of my Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" is possibly my new favorite song, bar none. It has great lyrics, a stylistic beat, and great variety...not to mention it's stark contrast to "Swing Life Away" showing this bands true talent....more info
  • Way better than wanker punk bands like A Simple Plan
    I saw these guys at the Gold Coast Big Day Out in Australia and they absolutely blew me away. I had to get this cd and wow!! In my oppinoion they're probably one of the best punk bands I've ever heard. Their sound is heaps better than wussy/loser/wanker punk bands like A Simple Plan. My fav songs off this album are Paper Wings, Anywhere But Here and Dancing for Rain. Buy this cd if you like bands such as Thrice, Thursday, Story of The Year and The Juliana Theory....more info
  • idk
    i tried so hard to like this album, but not only are their political views annoying, their music isn't anything new or special. They are just beating the dead horse here. I will compliment the singer on his voice and the guitar work isn't bad.. but its just nothing that catches my attention. Their previous albums are better anyway....more info
  • This CD is so Amazing! Rise Against rule
    This CD is great all songs are good. Songs like give it all and the drop out have cool up beat sound to it then you have songs like state of the union with screaming. All different styles of music in this one and of course, Rise Against can pull it off. Good job guys and this CD is definitly worth checking out.
    P.S Sufferer and Witness hits stores july 4th (New Rise Against CD) Get both of them if you don't have this one!
    I'm standing on the rooftop, READY TO FALL!...more info
  • Superb Stuff!!
    first impression: WOW! second impression: double WOW!! the best album ive ever heard so far. with catchy tune and heavy guitar riffs, what more could you ask? since the first day i got the album, i'm still addicted to the songs esp. Blood to Bleed and Life Less Frightening and the cd has been in my cd player for months now and i dont grow tired of it. Went to see them during the Taste of Chaos tour and they even sounded better live! LOVED IT! wanted to rate it 5 but the acoustic song (Swing Life Away) is a total turn-off for me. ...more info
  • WOW..
    Solid CD....I became a fan from this CD and ended up buying all of their other titles. ...more info
  • Possibly the best in years?
    A break in the traditional pop-punk era that has come to be known as the 21st century, Rise Against punches holes in every living ear drum with this full-out, hard rock, and emotional soundtrack to many people's views on both life and politics.

    Tim's lyrics scorch through the air and you can't help but find yourself singing along. With his voice full of emotion and a realism hard to find in music nowadays, the band plays rift after rift of catchy tunes that leave you whistling them for days after.

    Then. They break the mold. Out of the blue they create a melody that breaks the heart, and then stitches it back together all over again. Swing Life Away. Probably the best unheard of single in years, Rise Against show they're true talent for song writing with this beauitufl accousticly driven song that really speaks louder than Tim's screaming ever could.

    If you're a Rise Against fan, pick up this CD because it's full of the same hardcore excitment that was found on Revolutions Per Minute, if you're not a Rise Against fan but have heard Swing Life Away. Pick this CD up, and become a fan....more info
  • Beware the Bait and Switch
    I first heard of this band with the release of the single "Swing Life Away", which I thought was good enough to merit a listen to the entire album. The album as a whole is nothing like the single. It is very punk rock with lots of unintelligible screaming, empty lyrics and poor vocals from the lead singer. After researching the band (which I should have done first) I found that they've had a few albums before this one. It's clear to me now. They were a medicore, no-name band so their record label released a "pop" sounding song to trick the unsuspecting into buying the album. So if "Swing Life Away" is what brought you here, then do yourself a favor and just download it....more info
  • Siren Song Of The Counter Culture
    I would seriously nominate this as one of the best political punk albums of all time, and one of the best punk albums, right up there with Suffer and The Empire Strikes First (By Bad Religion) Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, The Clash by the Clash, and Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols. This combines (besides the obvious elements of good lyric and music writing) two important elements; passion and compassion.

    1. State Of The Union (8/10): Great opener, loud, fast, and true.
    2. The First Drop (8/10): Great opening guitar riff, great backing vocals too.
    3. Life Less Frightening (10/10): Great bass stuff, the lyrics, are untouchable, blunt, but extremely compasionate, and infused with passion. Perfection.
    4. Paper Wings (8/10): Great lyrics, really great, and he utilizes a beautiful voice on this track, as well.
    5. Blood To Bleed (7/10): Great opening. Still one of the album's weaker tracks.
    6. To Them These Streets Belong (9.5/10): This is a great song, great lyrics, great imagery. His voice and the music are both good, but not great.
    7. Tip The Scales (11/10): Great guitar in this song, beautiful lyrics.
    8. Anywhere But Here (9/10): The music here is pretty good, I like his voice in this one, the lyrics are pretty good, but not great. A bit more catchy, I think.
    9. Give It All (8/10): Catchiest song on the album, a real sing a long punk song. I'm not a fan of the music in this one, but the lyrics more than make up for the lack of excellent guitar riffs.
    10. Dancing For Rain (8.5/10): The opening acoustic was okay, I love their acoustic stuff, but that wasn't that great. I love the bass in this song though, and the lyrics are very nice. The guitar gets to be better in the middle of the song, though.
    11. Swing Life Away (11/10): Excellent lyrics, excellent voice, very nice music. End of story.
    12. Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Exaggerated (100/10): I have not the words to describe this beauty. This song's lyrics are untouchable.

    This is certainly my favorite album of theirs, and I've heard all four. Tim McIlrath is in my holy trinity of punk lyricists (Consisting also of Brett Gurewitz and Greg Graffin, who were major influences on Tim, not surprisingly)....more info
  • Alright
    Not a bad CD. Id recomend it...more info
  • what?
    I bought this record for the soft acoustic-pop song "swing life away" expecting the rest of the album to sound similar. WTF! Its all screaming! How misleading is that. Download swing life away instead. (Actually, nothing i've said here is true. I really like this record and most of the songs on it. the double and triple layer vocals are awesome! but i couldn't resist, considering it was such an obvious thing to complain about)...more info
  • "If You're Not Angry, You're Not Paying Attention..." Rise Against Is Definitely Paying Attention
    Right from the start of their third CD (their first for a major label), Chicago punk rockers Rise Against grab you by the throat. Singer Tim McIlrath rips through the first track, "State Of The Union," letting the world know in no uncertain terms his opinion of the Bush Administration and the Iraq War ("If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity/We're taking on water and about to f---ing sink!") He follows that up with punk protest songs "The First Drop" and "Life Less Frightening" before lightening up--a little--to bid farewell to a friend in "Paper Wings" and mourn the end of a romance in "Blood To Bleed." But except for those detours and the surprisingly tender, folk-inspired ballad "Swing Life Away," Rise Against's emphasis is squarely on political punk, taking the Powers-That-Be to task on pummeling tracks like "Tip The Scales" and "Dancing For Rain." Unlike the nihilistic anger of many of their peers, a strong positive message underlies the music of Rise Against; a call to stand up, seize the day and fight for what you believe in. That message comes across loud and clear in songs like "Give It All" and "Rumors of My Demise..." You may not agree with all of Rise Against's politics, but you cannot deny--and cannot help but admire--their passion. They deserve to join Green Day and AFI on the list of punk bands that have broken out of the underground and into a well-deserved mainstream spotlight. ...more info