Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery Charger with LCD Display and 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
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Product Description

Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to introduce new products and technologies to meet changing market needs.PRODUCT FEATURES:Super Quick Refresh Function Charger with LCD Battery Indicator;2700 mAh-High Capacity Battery Charging;LCD Display for Battery Power Indicator;Refresh Function;Automatic Charge Cut-Off Function.

The Sony Super Quick Charger charges four AA or AAA batteries at once to give you power when you need it. The charger is compatible with worldwide voltage ranging from 100 to 240 volts, and it uses an LCD indicator to show how much your batteries are charged. When the display for a battery stops flashing, it's fully charged. The charger comes up with four AA batteries you can use right away. A refresh function lets batteries be charged to their maximum capacity, and an automatic cut-off prevents batteries from overheating due to overcharging. You can take the charger with you whenever you need portable power.

  • LCD display to monitor all 4 charging circuits
  • Charges both AA and AAA
  • Universal voltage from 100-240V
  • Alkaline battery detection, temperature and voltage safety controls
  • Refresh function extends the life of the battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery Charger
    I bought the Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery Charger. Received the order very quick. Very satisfied with the purchase price for this item. Looking forward to using this site for any future items purchased.

    Rick from PA...more info
  • Broken in less than 24 hours
    I was pretty happy to receive this in the mail the other day, but excitement turned to disappointment when it was broken in less than 24 hours use. 1 of the 4 AA battery slots no longer works. Not at all the level of quality I expect from Sony.

    If you buy one, be sure to keep your packing slip and packing material in case you need to return it....more info
  • Works as advertised
    If you're buying a battery charger to use with an xbox 360, you may have a problem fitting rechargeable batteries in the wireless controller. Rechargeable batteries are fatter than standard AA. I was able to "modify" my controller so the batteries fit. Which is a good thing because xbox eats batteries like candy. This Sony charger works great....more info
  • works for me
    took a 5 hour charge out of the box, still going strong after a week and many pix...more info
  • Very good charger
    It's really worth it for the price, you also get the 4 AA batteries which holds the charge pretty well. ...more info
  • wish I had bought this one first
    The charger is great. What I really like is the meter dislay that shows status of each battery in the charger. If you have a bad battery - the display for that battery flashes rapidly so you know to toss that particular one. The refresh feature is also nice to have available. Other reviews mention flimsy cover and it's true that you could easily break it off but as far as I can tell, it is mostly cosmetic. I leave it open when charging to prevent heat buid-up anyway. I have no real opinion on the 4 batteries that come with the charger - they seem as good if not better than any other brand. I wanted a good charger and consider the 4 batts to be an extra freebie....more info
  • Not a quick charger
    The charger is pretty good in appearance and LCD to show the statue of charging, but the charger time is a little bit long....more info
  • Long lasting battery life
    So far I have had this battery charger/battery combo and have taken over 300 pictures in my digital camera on the first charge on 1 set of batteries(2 batteries=1set). The Charger is made well and the 2700 mAh are great. They are just hard to find replacement sony batteries....more info
  • Pretty God, but make sure you buy another 2700mAh batteries too
    This pack is really good, the price is worthy, it works perfect, don't buy the model without LCD screen, its really worthy the extra money, Make sure to buy additional batteries but 2700mAh too, because the pack offered here include an additional pack of 4 batteries but they are 2500mAh
    I bought this because I need for my Lego Mindstorms NXT, since the official Lego battery (and charger) cost much, much more....more info
  • Great but beware
    This unit is great for refreshing and charging rechargeable batteries. The charger works best with Sony batteries and the process is not that fast (several hours). Certainly not super quick!

    Jerry...more info
  • Very satisfied with this Sony battery charger
    This charger is nicely designed (esthetically) and the build feels solid. Though, the lid hinge seems a bit fragile. The display lights up when the unit is working and turns off when done. But what I like most is that this charger charges the each battery individually and not in pairs like other chargers.

    I wish Sony bundled this charger with LSD (Low Self Discharge) cells instead of the regular NiMH cells. I will be using Eneloops with this charger anyways....more info
  • Waste of money
    I read the product reviews before buying this and thought it would be nice to use for our Wii system instead of countless alkaline batteries. It turned out to be a waste of time. The batteries take a few hours to charge and that's OK. But when they only have a working charge of just 5 minutes in a Wii remote, they cause more harm by interrupting the game with 'lost communication' failures. Even when executing the looonnnnggg 'refresh' charge cycle, the batteries fared no better. The charger says the batteries are fully charged when I take them out, but they don't have the right stuff for practical use.

    I can't recommend this product and suggest you look elsewhere for a rechargeable solution....more info
  • Batteries provided only charge in my -other- NiMH charger!
    The provided batteries would not charge in this charger! This is similar to those who said the batteries were no good that came with this charger. However, I found charging them in a -different- charger provided a good charge. So, I'd conclude that the battery is NOT compatible with the charger. The charger, otherwise seemed to charge most of my batteries. In the manual it lists specific maH capacities that it works with. So make sure your existing batteries are these sizes at least. Fortunately I have a charger that DOES charge the provided AA batteries. I don't understand why people keep rating this product one star about the batteries, yet Amazon or Sony makes no attempt to correct this issue. I guess it's because people like me keep buying it....more info
  • Good charger
    Used it for a year or two, found it suits my needs since I only use AA or AAA batteries mostly. Unit supports universal voltage (100V-240V) so I can bring it along my travels (but you may want a smaller power cable, for the bundled one is so long and bulky). The individual battery LED is nice. Refresh function... don't need to use it most of the time, and I used it on almost empty batteries so it takes only a short while instead of hours to have the refreshed recharge cycle start. Only use it occasionally on old NiMH batteries will be good enough. Charging speed may be a concern to some, but that's depending on your batteries' capacity. The unit can do 1050mA for AAx2 or 640mA for AAAx2 (/2 for x4). So, say I want to charge the 4 empty 2700mAh AA batteries bundled with my charger (you may get different capacity now), it will take at most 2700/525 = 5 hours 9 minutes. No idea if you max charging though (e.g. charge AAx2 and AAAx2 at the same time)...more info
  • Great Value
    For the price, great unit. I like the individual charge levels. They give you a rough idea of the progress even though the scale is extremely non linear. Charges both AA and AAA 2 or 4 at a time. It probably does 1 or 3, but I just never needed it. Multi-voltage made it perfect for me in 6 different countries.

    Compared to other chargers, the downsides are the larger size and the bulky cord....more info
  • great product
    Works great. I like that you can charge any number of batteries at a time. Not timed either; it actually figures out when the battery is charged. Refresh function is great idea and seems to work....more info
  • Nice charger and comes with 2700MAh AAs too!
    I've done a lot of searching for the best charger under $20 and this seems to be the one. In the past I used a Sanyo travel charger that came with the Sanyo batteries which worked fine, but since I was looking for the new 2700 AAs to add to my old 2500s I stumbled upon this cool charger.

    The LCD is a very cool feature that's not just for looks, it's actually functional giving you information about the charge level of each battery. The refresh function is a nice feature too although you should only refresh NiMH batteries every 30 charges to preserve their lifespan. Too much refreshing causes your batteries to not last as long. It has a battery cover which is nice but during charging you should leave it open to prevent hot air being trapped. The charger itself looks very cool with a white glossy finish and green backlit LCD.

    As far as charging goes, it works. Charging speed is comparable to my Sanyo charger using same capacity batteries. Since you get the new 2700 AAs with this unit, the price of the charger itself comes out to only around $15....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do
    It does what it says - recharge the batteries fairly quickly. I like the display on the front to know about where in the process it is, and the auto-off feature. ...more info
  • Charger OK, batteries NOT
    I have to agree with others, these batteries will only hold a charge approx. 48 hrs. That's if they are not even in the camera. I tried refreshing, no help. I don't know if the charger is bad or I got a bad set of batteries. I think Sony should look into this as this seems to be a common problem....more info
  • OK for the price
    The display is nice, but this charger is an overall disappointment. The short cord makes it more portable but harder to use. It must be plugged in with the batteries already installed, a bit inflexible and you can't put in one battery while another is charging. It will happily recharge a battery it's just fully charged, indicating that it is not nearly as smart as the leading "smart charger." On the lighter side, unlike most chargers, it will indeed charge batteries individually, with a mix of AAA and AAs, no need to have two at a time. It will recharge batteries that are completely dead, too. The progress display is nice though not especially informative; it tells you roughly how far the charge is progressing, and is lit up while charging and dark when done. Overall it's better than the average "dumb" charger but not nearly as good as the LaCrosse BC-900. Safer, apparently, though, than the BC-900's prior firmware versions....more info
  • Charger good, batteries not
    Charger is good. I've used it internationally and it worked well (wish it was a little more compact though)

    Batteries did not last as long as I hoped. They lose their charge too quickly now after a year of infrequent use. I switched to sanyo eneloop rechargeables and so far they seem to keep their charge longer than the Sony's that came with this charger....more info
  • It's OK
    I play golf often, at least three times a week, now that I'm retired. I purchased a Garmin GPS device to use on the golf course (good device) but was only getting about three rounds of use before I had to replace the 2 AA batteries. I started searching for a good but reasonably priced AA battery recharging unit. The Sony charger (Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery charger with LCD display) fits the bill. I still only get about three rounds usage from the rechargeable batteries, but I'm not buying tons of alkaline batteries. The only draw back I have found is the shelf life of the recharged batteries is not good, but for my purpose this unit is the answer (a good buy)....more info
  • works great. charges faster than most other chargers. batteries last.
    Pros: Light weight and sleek enough to carry. I hate those bulky things that you need to hang over the wall. It comes with a cable so you can keep this unit on a table, or on the floor. I haven't tested the refresh function yet, but I hear it works great. The indicators work as intended.

    Cons: Only thing i wish is that it had some mechanism to retract the cord and store it....more info
  • Charged
    Its great for your batteries to be able to refresh them before charging. Prolongs battery life...more info
  • Battery is too bad.
    I have purchased this item and from then i am facing problem with this battery. 1 star because od the charger. After full recharge if the battery not used for two days then it completely discharged. I used it for camera and i was able to only take a few picture and then battery is dead. So I have to buy another battery ( not from sony) and now i am happy with that. So my suggesstionis do not buy this item. ...more info
  • sloooooow charge and won't hold a charge for a reasonable amount of time
    I'm very disappointed with this purchase. The charger is incredibly slow, only usable for overnight charging, and the batteries won't hold a charge for any decent length of time. If I put freshly charged batteries in my camera, I can take a good number of pictures, but if I leave the batteries idle for any length of time, say a week, they're dead the next time I want to use them....more info
  • Good charger, bad batteries
    The charger is good. Though it takes >4 hours to charge 4 AA batteries.
    I like its "refresh" function which allows to renew batteries' capacity.

    The batteries that came with it are not good: they last for about 4-5 days in my bluetooth mouse after a full charge. I always used SONY batteries but these fail miserably -- a standard Duracell battery powers my mouse for several months....more info
  • Not worth the extra $ for an LCD display
    You can typically find this deal all over Amazon if you look, just type in "sony battery charger" and you'll find 4 or 5 different versions of what is essentially the same product in slightly different (if at all) casing. My advice? If you're looking for a Battery charger, get one that isn't Sony.

    The batteries recharge just fine, and work much better and much longer than rechargeable batteries of the past, but after about a year (if not less) they start to lose their charge. I would trust bigger battery brand names more than I would sony, to be honest, but I bought this because I had a lot of sony rechargeable batteries.

    I got this Battery Charger as a replacement for the one that was lost/thrown away by accident (by my neices/nephews) figuring the LCD display would be a nice feature to have so that I could tell when my batteries were gonna be charged.

    Well, the first charge took about 8 hours. Before you go saying "that's ridiculous!", consider that it was the first charge, and the first charge for any charger/batteries is going to take a while. Afterwards I got batteries to charge in 1-3 hours. However, the LCD display was POINTLESS.

    Why do I say that? Well...simple....IT DOESN'T WORK! It displays the battery animation for recharging, but the refresh rate for the animations is so poor that you could take a battery out when the display showed it as being about half charged, put it back in, and it would show it as being nearly fully charged if not more. In other words, the LCD lags something terrible and does not offer any REAL information about how well charged the batteries are. It's easier to just wait for the little light to turn off on the simpler, CHEAPER models.

    There are a few nice things about this model that I should mention before closing this otherwise scathing review, or else why did I give it 3 stars instead of 1?

    First off, the charger is considerably larger than the other models and thusly harder to lose.

    Second, instead of just 2 slots for AAA batteries like on the cheaper models, there are 4 slots on this model.

    Third, the model is very sleek and nice looking, and even though the LCD doesn't work as well as I'd hoped, it is kind of nice, I guess.

    and last but not least, unlike other models this one does not plug directly into the wall, it has a detachable power cord that is long enough to hide if necessary and makes for a greater capability of movement/placement of the charger.

    All things being told, it's not the worst charger in the world. I looks nice, it works, it has more AAA slots than the others..."That'll do, sony. That'll do."

    My advice? If you're going sony, get the cheaper model -- it's easier, it works better, and best of all it's cheaper. Just be careful not to let it disappear on you.

    ...more info
  • Great Charger
    This is a real nice charger. Well made and works great. The refresh function is the best feature of this item. The LCD display is also pretty nice.I recommend this charger, it well worth the money....more info
  • Great long-lasting battery charger
    This is a great all-around Ni-MH battery charger. I wouldn't call it "super-quick", but that's not what I bought it for. I purchased this charger 3.5 years ago with a digital camera and another set of 4 sony batteries so that I could always have 4 in the camera and 4 charged backups. This setup worked great and kept me shooting for 3.5 years and thousands of photos. Finally the batteries have given up the ghost and will no longer hold a charge, so I'm back to buy more of the batteries as the charger still works perfectly. This is a great deal considering the hundreds of alkaline batteries I'd have gone through in the lifespan of these NiMH batteries. I also use this charger to recharge the non-sony AAA batteries I use in my cordless mouse, remote controls, etc. ...more info
  • Good charger, bad batteries
    I bought this charger a few months ago. The charger is nice, but the batteries cannot hold the charges. They keep loosing charges within a few days. I would not recommend this charger to anyone. Total waste of money!!...more info
  • Charger ok, batteries not
    The title says it all. Batteries drop the charge after a few days regardless of use. Older Eveready rechargables stay charged (with same charger) for many weeks. I won't trash the charger, but the batteries are useless for my camera application....more info
  • very disappointed !
    I bought this set of batteries and charger after reading reviews on them. I bought them specifically for use in my Canon A 590 IS camera. I charged them and put them in and within a couple of days they were discharged. I charged them again and the same thing happened. I'm so disgusted with them, I would have been better off buying alkaline batteries by the bulk pack. The alkaline batteries last much longer than the rechargable ones. Just my opinion, but I would save my money and not buy these....more info
  • Great Charger
    This thing is great. If you're patient, this battery charger will make old rechargeables you thought were useless hold a charge again (Refresh Mode). It easily saved me its cost in batteries it restored. As a simple charger, it's relatively fast but nothing to get excited over....more info
  • orange and white
    It's super pretty. I like the LED/LCD thing and the general look of it. I'm having a good time just staring at this thing. I can't wait till my batteries charge. I don't know what I'll use them in....more info