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John Deere American Farmer
List Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Build your own successful farm from cattle to combines, pigs to produce, you decide what it takes to make the most out of your acreage. Raise livestock, plant crops and build structures while responding to unexpected events and changing seasons. Purchase and control authentic John Deere branded equipment. Grow your future in America's Heartland!

  • Plan, build and manage your own farm
  • Plant crops, raise livestock, hire employees, and purchase equipment
  • Play through three difficulty levels in ten diverse scenarios
  • Overcome bug infestations, unpredictable weather and disgruntled employees
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Fine Farming Fun, But Could Have Been More
    I've been playing American Farmer for only a little while, and I don't have much more to add to the reviews that have already been listed. First, as a little hint, your family members WON'T always leave. Their happines is derived in part from the leisure items you can purchase, but also from the distribution of work load (which can be viewed via the "People" tab in the "Farm" report available to you). A family member with a majority of the workload will be much more unhappy than a family member standing around petting the dog all the time.

    My biggest complaint with the game that hasn't already been mentioned is the unintelligence of the AI. Each farm worker/family member has an auto task button which will allow the worker to take care of all the non-strategic decisions (like feeding animals, repairing the barn, etc). But, the worker never uses any of the vehicles available to make the task easier. For example, you can purchase a tractor with a bulldozer like scoop whose sole purpose, I think, is to clean out the barn. But, when barn cleaning time comes around, the AI will never use that piece of equipment and will instead have the worker clean out the barn manually.

    Otherwise, the game is enjoyable, and even somewhat addictive, at first. But, its not the kind of game that you're going to keep coming back to play again and again.

    ...more info
  • An upgrade is needed
    This is a program full of bugs... you can't can't even patch the problems the prevent you from winning.

    I can appreciate the comments that it is not "realisitic"..I live on a farm and it is not realistic, but then I didn't expect it would be...I just thought it would be fun. Its annoying habit of denying you to remedy situations was not however. It was just frustrating.

    This could be improved so many ways and I was looking for a patch for it before I wrote this reviewbut that doesn't exist so...

    ... The graphics are dark to the point you think you are living in Alaska 6 months of the year! Who farms in the dark?
    .....You can't find the equipment when you need it because it is so dark
    ...and Ellie May saying "you got it partner" gets on the nerves after the 50th time you have her search the property.

    If "Budding Millionaire" (Charlotte, MI) bought the farm and acreage as claimed, I will attest to the fact that she "bought the farm" in all senses! It is NOT possible!

    This game would be decent at $4.99 and makes me glad I have an Allis in the pole barn. ...more info
  • Lots of fun!
    There are quite a few things in this game that aren't exactly realistic. However, if they were to make everything realistic according to the real world of farming, it would make for a pretty complex game. Even though it is lacking some aspects, this game is a lot of fun to play, and can be pretty addicting.

    I would definitely recommend to purchase the Deluxe version. It includes many features left out of the regular version, such as putting cattle to pasture, purchasing horses, setting workers to auto-task certain buildings, and putting up hay. You can purchase these games from places like Walmart or Scholastic Book club for around $12. I couldn't find the Deluxe version on Amazon....more info
  • Disappointed Dirt Clod
    Don't waste your money. I bought this hoping it was a modern, more appealing take on the old sim farm. My 4 year old loves John Deere and I thought he would enjoy playing it. Nope. The interface is too complicated and filled with tedious tasks for a kid to stay interested - Seems you spend most of your time getting people in and out of vehicles, which would be great if it were an equipment simulator, but it is not. Too many selections are needed to access regular tasks like hiring crop dusters or checking market trends. The only positives are that the graphics and animation are better and there are more choices in equipment. But overall the game is incredibly tedious. There is no way to schedule tasks in advance (a great feature of sim farm). You can miss your planting or harvesting windows if one of your dolt employees wanders off. I don't want to buy more land as I cannot even fathom the aggravation of getting crops planted and harvested in more than 6 fields. The 4 available crops are a joke. Sim farm had 20 or more. As others noted, you really the ability to assign workers specific tasks - You can lose half a season if one wanders from the veggie plots to clean a barn on the other side of the farm - especially since in the process they will avoid any vehicles! You also need a pause option where you can assign several workers tasks, instead of losing valuable time trying to find out where Clem wandered off to. Where are the equipment sheds? What self respecting farmer will leave a 300,000 combine sitting in the rain? Finally, I truly expected many more equipment choices given the John Deere headline. Maybe even a dealership where I could go test drive, after all, the dinosaur sim farm let you fly the crop duster. This is the first John Deere toy I've ever bought that was a disappointment. Maybe they should have given Ertl a crack at it....more info
  • what a farm boy thinks
    This game is a lot of fun to play. The things it lacks is that the farm season only last nine months instead of twelve so you dont get an actual account for the year. if you raise livestock lets say you have 100 cows how is it that only 5-10 of them have calves. the last thing is it does make the farm life seem like it is easy and farmers make a lot of money but what they dont realize is that farming isnt a 9-5 job its a 24- 7 job with lots of stress and problems. but enough of that the game is fun and im going to get the second version and recommend this one toany one looking for a game for the family ...more info
  • Famers and Video Games
    This game is pretty good. Cept, im a farmer myself - i dont have "seasons" to work - unlike the game displays. Also, you cant rent land on the game. but other than those flaws. its a pretty good deal. and in refference to the Teacher/Farmer comparison review - Teachers make way more than a farmer. I would tell anyone they're better off at making themselves a Teacher than a farmer. I dont know anyone who took up being a farmer for the money - most take it up as a desire and a way of life. Not for the money....more info
  • If a farmer fun, but not realistic.
    This game is a lot of fun if your a farmer. But its got some things missing in it. Like you can't do haywork, or spread dry fertilizer, or chop corn for silage, or cut oats and bail straw, or no till your corn, and most of the names of the machinery you buy aren't right, or if you don't have enough time to cut your beans or shell your corn ect. in time you can't go on into Nov. or Dec., and lots of other stuff is missing. In real life farming is a lot more fun than this game makes it seem. But it is a great game for people who don't have any experience with farming....more info
  • Needs work, but great game
    I too agree this game needs alot of work, never the less it is addicting. One major problem I have been having is my people freezing up to where you can never get done what they froze on. This happens with me more often than not when either cleaning out a barn with a tractor or repairing the dairy barns. If it is an employ, just fire them. If it is a family member however, you are stuck until either they quit, or you sell all your cattle and destroy the barn. I have learned how to fix this last problem. You can NOT build double fences on a dairy barn. Just make the fence all go to one side of the barn as opposed to two seperate sections. I went through 6 dairy barns before I figured that one out. I don't know why, but for some reason they will freeze every time if you have the two seperate fences. The rest of it, I don't have a clue.
    As someone else stated, there should be more equipment. I live on a farm here in Texas, so the first thing I obviously noticed it was missing was hay bailing equipment. There should be bigger combines and planters, and there needs to be a way that two different tractors can be on the fields at the same time, otherwise you simply get to where you don't have the time to get it all in. Also maybe some irrigating equipment. Now we rely on rain only. And the thing I'd like to see the most is to be able to assign employees to certain task, or even all the task in a certain barn so they aren't running all over the place unneccesarily. My brother-in-law lives next door and has the game too and our computers are hooked together via LAN, it would be pretty cool to be able to hook the games together and share equipment....more info
  • Buggy Graphics
    I have had this game for sometime, but recently attempted to learn to play. The concept is easy enough, From Mar-Oct try to grow crops (or raise cattle) and make money. There are many other scenarios to play, but as I was learning the game, I opted for "Free Play" meaning there were no restrictions or time limits.

    My computer is a Dell XPS-710 with dual nVidia graphics cards and dual CPU with 4 gig of memory. I installed the lastest nVidia drivers this morning in hopes that would correct the issues. No luck.

    Installation is pretty straight forward.

    The problems began when it came time to run the game. The first screen that comes up is missing the text in the graphics that let you know which button to select to continue. I managed to guess correctly, but all of the text graphics are missing making it difficult to see how much time remains in your growing season, to select between watching or auto for the workers, etc.

    A visit to the support site found a forum with another member having the same problem.

    I had downloaded the latest patch, but it will not run saying unknown version. My version is a true original disk of the game from the company, not a copy, not a pirated version, etc.

    When clicking links to try to get more detailed info on how to fix, those pages open blank with nothing displaying.

    Frustrating to try to play when half the graphics needed are missing.

    I have uninstalled and ordered the updated version to see if it is any better.

    Uninstalling and reinstallation also did not correct the graphics issue.

    The website for this is Bold Games, but they seem to be on hiatus, the new game owner (Destineer) for updated versions also sends you back to which is a blank web page.

    Game play was good, what I could do of it, but missing graphics made the overall pleasure of playing more of a task than a game....more info
  • Great potential, needs polish
    While this game is a lot of fun for the first few days, I found myself bored by the end of the week. The farming gets very repetative and tedious.

    Your family members have a poorly designed morale system. They get tired of doing the jobs very quickly, and to boost morale you must buy some "leisure" items (such as a swimming pool or a trampoline) and they can't use them. Instead, you let the family member stand there for a long (...long) period of time and their morale recovers. No matter how many leisure items you have it doesn't seem to replenish morale quickly enough. You can hire employees which don't have morale, but they are moderately expensive, and not that smart -- which brings me to AI:

    The artificial intelligence for the people in this game needs work. They will often take the longest route from point A to point B, wasting valuable time (you are on a time constraint to plant and harvest your crops). You can't always get them to stop doing a task you've given them, either. On several occasions when having workers operate the combine (the machine that harvests the crops), after they have harvested the field you can't give them a new command because the old one to harvest the field is still active for some reason and the task wouldn't cancel. To fix it I had to fire the employee and rehire him/her.

    There are a number of bugs in this game that aren't too bad. Mostly, this game has a lot of irritations. The camera gets very old extremely quick, the AI needs a lot of work, you can only assign one task per employee at a time (there's no queue), the windows and menus have annoying (but easy) navigation, the time goes by too fast even on the slowest setting, you have to store all of your equipment out on the field because there's no garage or anything for them -- so finding your equipment can be a chore. And the one thing that bothers me the most is the cursor. It's a little slow and difficult to control, and you can't adjust it in the game options.

    I would recommend passing this game up and waiting for a sequel or a sorely needed patch....more info
  • Pretty good farm simulator
    This is a pretty good farm simulator, although there are a few bugs in it. You can become stuck in buildings and such, however this raley happens to me and I've put a few hours on this game. I would recomend picking it up from a local software dealer though as you should be able to get it for $9.99 now. ...more info