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Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $8.00

You Save: $21.95 (73%)


Product Description

The Digital Media Pro Keyboard enhances your digital lifestyle. It's an affordable keyboard that provides one-touch access to the media, programs, and files you use most. Compatible with PC and Macintosh Connects through any PS/2 or USB ports

  • Easily zoom in on pictures, maps, documents, and Web pages
  • Access your favorite music, video clips, and media programs with the press of a key
  • Five customizable provide convenient, one-key access to your favorite Web sites and files
  • Windows XP Professional, XP Home Edition, XP Media Center Edition, XP Tablet PC Edition, 2000 Professional, or 2000 Server; Mac OS

Customer Reviews:

  • Computer keyboard
    Product is really nice. Eash to install and almost programs itself for the functions to your computer. I bought this as a replacement for an HP keyboard that was several years old. I would recommend this to anyone. Great price, quick shipping....more info
  • easy to use
    Plugged it right in. Worked right away. Love it when it works like it is supposed too....more info
  • Nice but not strong
    I am glad that this multimedia keyboard has a very good feel and the software worked well without problem. I used this keyboard for both gaming and typing and I really liked it for some time.

    But only few days after I bought the keyboard, I found out that this keyboard is not too strong; the flip feet underneath suddenly broke and my keyboard cannot stand anymore.

    Too bad, I see other people with the same keyboard and same problem. Even on one case, some stuffs on the lower part of the keyboard that connected with the flip feet also broke as well, don't know why.

    The only reason I give this product a 2-star ratting is because the multimedia button, the feel of the keyboard and also the "problemless" software.

    Should be 5 star if the keyboard is stronger, too bad. I am planning to get a new logitech g11 to replace this keyboard, hope it will work well with me.
    ...more info
  • best keyboard for my wife
    My wife is not adapt at the computer yet. The programable keys are execellent for her and she knows how to get to the places she needs to go with them. Also the many shortcut keys help her. This was a great buy for us and I like it too....more info
  • One of the best modern keyboards...
    I'm using this on an iMac, and like another user, I was able to map the eject button to the otherwise useless "messenger" button. Volume control/mute buttons are there, and I'm even able to adjust the monitor brightness using the otherwise useless scroll lock and break keys - something my Mac keyboard (dead from spilled lemonade) never had.

    Although it suffers from the same lame placement of caps lock and control that has plagued keyboards since about 1992, Microsoft's driver allows swapping the two. The keycaps and silver case is definitely old school - which I like, takes me back to my TRS-80 days. To pick nits, I think the key legends could be bigger, we've been dealing with small, offset legends since the introduction of the IBM PC in 1981 - now that we've FINALLY gone back to black keyboards (which hide dirt), can we get large, centered keycap legends?

    Other reviewers are quite right, this is one of the better keyboards to type on that I've used in recent years. The extra hot keys are handy, but what really rocks about this keyboard is the zoom slider. I use it in PhotoShop elements and web browsing all the time! I hate webpages coded with a .0000001 point font! I want to be able to read without eyestrain - this keyboard makes it possible.

    I love it enough that I've come to Amazon to buy another one for work.

    The other downside has been mentioned by other reviewers, no built-in USB hub....more info
  • Great Board, Extra Buttons Sometimes Conflict.
    Simply put it's a great board, been using it for a few months and it still works great, software for the extra buttons is great, though the bindings sometimes conflict I've noticed. Sometimes I can press them all day and nothing launches, other times I just tap em and it works like it should. Though best advice is don't install the software drivers unless you really feel it necessary.

    Just my opinion, still 4 stars!...more info
  • Love it!
    I love my new keyboard! It is comfortable, the access keys work very well and it is a very nice looking keyboard as well.
    Would definitely buy it again!...more info
  • well deigned keyboard
    This internet keyboard has user friendly special features. Easy to hotbutton anything including 5 i-favorites. All audio and media buttons present and slide to mag screen when needed. (I employ hig res on 22 inch screen - helps with the fine print and allows "laid back" reading rather than "lean forward" squinting - ouch!). Great tacile keys and quality construction. It's not wireless, hence no batteries (nice). It's a Microsoft product and hence works seamlessly with XP pro + 2007 Office Suite. Don't know about Vista, but I'd guess same....more info
  • After 2 years of use, the verdict is in: excellent, well-designed, durable
    This probably the best you are likely to get in keyboards within the $10-20 price range. I've been using one of these for almost 2 years now in my little home office and, 2 years later, it's still as good as new - it hasn't failed me once.

    Personally, I have no use for the extra dedicated keys but, I just verified that pressing the 'calculator' button conveniently located right above the numeric keypad does bring up the little Microsoft Calculator (I am using Vista), the 'Web/Home' button calls my default browser (Chrome, not IE) and the 'Mail' button opens my default email client. Additional buttons are for documents, pictures, music. You also get speaker control buttons and video playback controls (play/pause, stop, fast forward and back).

    Overall, I am impressed with the built quality. I am a fast touch typist and, for me, it's hard to improve on this one. I tend to type as I think words and I am rarely aware of the keyboard's existence as my fingers are allowed to do the talking and they can do it undisturbed on this keyboard because all keys are exactly where they are supposed to be.

    Additional details: connects to the computer via a USB interface. There are 5 'My favorites' keys that I never used but it's good to know that they are there. Comes with a removable hands rest and... that's just about it.

    If you are in the market for an inexpensive, rather large, typist-friendly keyboard that also has some frills then this is what you want. And this comes from someone who is not exactly a Microsoft fan.

    I wish I could think of some reason to take out one star or two but, given the price, I can't. It's an easy 5-star....more info
  • You need an adapter for USB use
    The keyboard works fine but the item is described by Microsoft as being USB. I had bought it for use with a laptop. The plug, however, is PS2 so you have to get an adapter. At Radio Shack the adapter is $14.95 plus tax. Order the adapter separately when you order the keyboard. Lots of places online have them for less money....more info
  • Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard
    I have been unable to install the software for this product. That obviously limits its functionality. The error message indicates a lack of disc space, which is not a problem for me, or "some other error". I've heard that others have had the same problem. I would definitely not recommend this product to others....more info
  • Great Keyboard !!!
    I just received the Microsoft Media Pro and I love it. It has software to install before you plug it in. Once the software is installed, you plug-in your new keyboard and it immediately is formatted to your computer settings, docs, favorite places, pics, music, etc.
    My wife saw it, loved it too and I ordered another one for her today!
    ...more info
  • Like my old one, only much better!
    I got a new computer that came with a very basic keyboard and no wrist rest. I loved my old Microsoft Multimedia keyboard but couldn't make it work on a USB port, even with an adapter, so I had to find something else. I tried to upgrade to the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 model, but couldn't use it and had to return it. I then took the leap and got this one and it's even better than my old one. I really like the touch and feel of the keys and I like the various special functions, some of which I had before and others that are new for me. I highly recommend this keyboard for anyone who likes the usual straight-line layout. I rely heavily on the attached wrist rest to keep my hands and wrists in the right position and find it really makes for comfortable typing without injury or pain....more info
  • Fairly decent
    Out of the many, many keyboards out there, this is one is actually decent. I'd been using Dell's standard k/b that came with most of their machines. Works fine, but too noisy.

    I've tried Logitech and various other wired/wireless ergonomic keyboards (Microsoft included), but couldn't get used to the flat, compact design -- the keys all close together. And I hated the 'wave' design on some. Not for me.

    This one's not pretty and it's kinda dated, but it's quiet and the keys are like my Dell k/b -- spaced out just right. I'll probably never use half the features, but for basic typing for normal-sized hands, it's not bad at all....more info
  • Love it
    This keyboard works really well. It has a great design, is easy to use and set up, and much more! The shortcut keys make finding what you need quick and easy. These keys are easy to program to fit your needs. Keystrokes are really quiet. I've used it for gaming with very few problems. I think it is a fantastic keyboard, especially for the price it is being sold at....more info
  • For the hunt and peck crowd
    I wish I were a "touch typist" but alas am not. I pound the daylights out of a keyboard, and I needed something solid feeling that could stand a lot of abuse. I've had this keyboard for a couple of weeks and am really pleased with it. It's heavy enough not to slide around as I pound away, but has a light touch and is quiet. It also has a lot of fancy buttons and controls that I haven't tried yet, but for the basics I think this is an excellent choice....more info
  • Perfect
    Everything you read here on Amazon is exactly what you get in the package. The keyboard works great, the keystrokes are less annoying than a normal keyboard, they're quieter. The favorites work well, the actual material of the hardware is great. I have no complaints, I bought this as a gift and I think the price was worth it. I bought another one for myself after seeing how much my computer-geek brother loved it.

    5/5 for sure. Great product. Great price....more info
  • Very good keyboard
    This keyboard feels very nice to type on and has all the shortcut keys you could need. It is very comfortable and I have really enjoyed using this. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Keyboard for the Cost
    Bought this keyboard for it's great/many reviews and it has lived up to them so far. I've had it for about a month now and everything's still working fine, keys are still quiet even after having written several lengthy papers. Very nice to have the wrist support and it's great having the hotkeys (especially the music ones that actually work with iTunes!). The Zoom slider isn't all that great (was hoping it'd do something along the lines of Mac's magnify feature) because there's no option to go back to original size after zooming in/out and it's not smooth....more info
  • My favorite keyboard
    I love this keyboard and use it for typing many hours a day. Absolutely love it. I have purchased two so far and will purchase another one soon....more info
  • Amazon - You Did It Again
    I purchased this Microsoft Keyboard based upon reviews that I read here at Amazon seems to always breed good reviewers. I just replaced my old Logitech Media Keyboard, and my only complaint so far is WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER? From the order I placed with to the free SUPER-SAVER Shipping to receiving this in an expedient manner to the software installation to the actual usage of the keyboard, this whole process has been seamless and enjoyable. Everything should work this good. Thanks AMAZON.COM, Thanks MICROSOFT!...more info
  • Do not buy! Terrible quality control!
    Terrible quality control. I bought two and had to return them because one had a sticking key and the other an upside down L(It looked like a 7). I did not know this was possible! Nice features. Buy a good keyboard....more info
  • Lacks USB ports
    My only gripe with this keyboard is that it lacks USB ports for the mouse. ...more info
  • Great Buy! Bought one for myself, and then a few more!
    This is a great keyboard hands down. Comfortable to type and has all the extras I would want. For the price, i expected less quality than what this keyboard actually is. After using it for a number of days, I ended up replacing the keyboard of other computers at home and at work! Great buy, the only surprise is how good it is. A few notes about the product.

    All of the extra keys are assignable plus it has 5 'my favorites' keys which are extremely useful. It also has the option to let the function keys do other functions, They can be re-assigned, but nevertheless i do not find them that useful.

    The quality is surpassed my expectations, As a whole it feels really solid. All keys are easy to press and reasonably quiet. The plastic used does not feel that cheap.

    The zoom slider is rather useless in windows XP. (I am not sure about Vista) it does not work in any of my programs,

    Overall a superb keyboard I highly recommend! ...more info
  • Great keyboard
    I got it super fast(it arrived the day after I ordered it) & it works great....more info
  • No pointless buttons
    I really enjoy this keyboard. All of the extra buttons are very practical. My brother is a 'gamer' and he has nothing bad to say. ...more info
  • Awesome product
    This is my second digital media pro keyboard and I love it. I bought my last one about a year and a half ago and it's worked perfectly until I spilled coffee on it. The keys did get a little loud, but 8-14 hour days for over a year of working will do this. I love the setup of this keyboard and the detachable palm rest is pretty comfortable for being plastic. The volume and mute keys are perfectly placed for easy access as well, especially when you receive a phone call while music is playing.

    This is a flat out awesome keyboard and I have recommended it to many people already. I am even thinking about ordering a few more for additional computers and if I spill my coffee again....more info