Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders
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Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders challenges you to lead a massive army in pursuit of the ultimate power. Experience chaotic medieval battle on epic scale, as you command hundreds of warriors all risking their lives for final victory. Fifty years have passed since the Second Great War of Heroes -- in that time, a powerful artifact called the Ancient Heart disappeared. In the town where it was last seen, orcs have invaded, leading to a new war, with new goals and objectives... And new choices for glory. Dynamic game direction make you feel like you're watching an epic film - Multiple camera angles, real soldiers' expressions of pain, victory and defeat, and much more Real-time ranking update system New Mission Downloads possible through Xbox Live

  • Choose two characters from the Light and Dark sides -- these choices will determine players' ultimate destiny
  • Over 30 different types of units - watch as they follow your commands as do your will
  • Create heroes with special moves and abilities, and deploy them to turn the tide of battle
  • Between missions, players can visit their castle to upgrade weapons and armor, adjust ability scores to prepare for the next battle
  • Exciting role-playing elements as heroes gain experience and improve their fighting skills

Customer Reviews:

  • Castles, warriors, monsters galore!
    First of all Ive been reading about this game for a month and its Rated Mature not e! It has violonce and some blood. It is cool, you have your castle and youre the leader. You pick to be human, orcish, dark elf, vampire or a lich. You have different weapons and you fight the invading or defending army. You ride horses and dragons and you can have up to more than 100 people on xbox live!...more info
  • Macho Junk
    Okay, I expected this to be about the crusades, no, its about the "Demon Crusade". Although the poor lines, and hilarious cheesyness can make you laugh so hard, but only for the first few levels, then its not fun, its boring....more info
  • DOES NOT WORK ON 360!!!
    It was awesome when I was stationed in Korea and got the game a year before it came out in the states (it is where it was developed) but that was on my orig xbox years ago, now I have a new 360 with the most recent compat update from (this game is on the comp list) but no go......more info
  • Almost like you're on the battlefields of Lord of The Rings.
    THE SHORT: A fine mix of real-time planning and action. The scenarios feel like you're actually participating in battles from Braveheart or Lord of the Rings, but less complicated and more hands-on than typical strategy games. Like Dynasty Warriors with on-the-field planning rather than something like "Risk", there's no turn-by-turn stuff. Very good graphics and sound round out a solid but sometimes frustrating package.

    THE LONG: Don't misunderstand when I say there is strategy to this game. Unlike Final Fantasy Tactics or the Civilization series, this game is much more hands-on, with real-time battle decisions rather than micromanaging in a turn-based environment. This is not in the least a turn-based strategy game.

    Rather, KUF puts you in control of a character who, on each large 3d map, goes where you want him to, when you want him to, with his troops visibly around him. As you roam around through forests, meadows, and plains, you'll see the enemy and engage them. Do you stop moving and tell your archers to launch their fire arrows, or do you rush flying into their troops and enjoy some hack `n slash?

    I'll give you an example from one of the levels. You guide your character and his troops (again, in real time- you use a targeting reticle to tell your guys where to go on an over-the-shoulder-view 3d landscape, and they start running). But you stop your troops once you see the enemy in the distance. You send out one of your troops to scout out the area, and he runs along the enemy's lines giving you an idea how many there are. They also have their backs to the sun, so you'll be blinded- you have to move around the side through the forest. Then, when your ally engages the enemy and sends his signal, you come raging out of the forest to flank the enemy. As your troops run, screaming with weapons held aloft, the game immediately segues into combat mode and you find yourself slashing away at the troops with thrusts and combos like a medieval Dynasty Warriors. This is all done in real time, with no turn taking- if you get too close to the enemy on your approach, they'll see you trying to sneak and will just come at you full force before you have time to know where to run.

    That's the style of this game: interactive battles that, minus the positioning device that you move with and the window you give troop commands in, take place in fully immersive 3d real-time. And by the time you're 4 to 5 battles in, things get pretty complicated. Instead of just sneaking around the army, you'll find yourself setting traps in the ground as you lie around the side of a cliff in ambush. Then you draw the enemy out by riding through their ranks with your men on horseback. Finally you rush them with your entire army as they approach and are struck by the traps.

    Though this game is entirely focused on the battles, it's fleshed out between. Each battle means something as your religious-minded characters slowly try to take back strategic locations on their quest to reclaim holy ground from the monster invaders. In between these campaigns is when you outfit yourself in towns and castles. This is where the game most closely resembles a strategy title- you'll go to a menu and pick places to go, such as the pub where you recruit mercenaries or the armory where you decide which items to buy for the gold you earn in battle. Do you buy your main character a better weapon, outfit your troops with better armor, or try for special items such as those which raise your resistance to fire? Finally, for the more strategic fan, your troops can all be upgraded. In a simplified version of Final Fantasy 10's grid system, you see a layout of possible types your troops can become (knights, bombardiers, etc) and can see what is needed to get them there (such as using experience points to raise a certain skill). It's not very hard to get your troops to advance, it's just hard to know how best to spend your experience points since like your gold it is used for the main character as well.

    But again, minus these 10-minute intermissions, the game is all about battle. It's balanced so that you can't just rush and attack every troop head on or you'll die soon. But then it's not so strategic that you're sitting on a map screen, dictating which units will go where. You don't have to be a heavy planner, but it's more than just a button-masher for sure.

    The graphics are pretty, though the characters' mouths don't move during cinemas. The acting is variable as well, though the main character thankfully comes off as perfectly fine. The sounds are very well done- when you command fire arrows, you'll hear your archers give the command, stand in a line and get their arrows lit by the torch wielder, then hear "loose!" as they pull skyward and fire. It's very thorough and realistic, and is the impetus behind the comparisons to similar scenes in the movies. It's a satisfying feeling of more genuine "on the battlefield" fighting than I get out of Dynasty Warriors (a series I still enjoy).

    However, the game can get very difficult. Halfway through the initial character's campaign, battles become a lot more complicated. In one stage in particular you roam through a forest thickly populated by creatures, and the best strategy is to draw the armies out one by one and dispose of them until you can approach hiding places closer and closer to the goal. It isn't actually any "harder" to do than earlier levels- you just have to become more disciplined and patient as you wait, like a real tactician, for slower strategies to pay off and let you tread safely through the outnumbering foes. It's satisfying as hell when you win, but pretty frustrating when you lose, especially after a half hour of slowly making your way through a level. I did complete the level after a couple tries, and yes it was irritating. But when my head cooled and I made my way through more intelligently and carefully, I was able to get it done. By the last level of the initial character, battle is an all-out Return of the King war- with troops coming in from all sides, archers firing, dragons flying, and huge beasts launching mortar from afar. It's madness, and takes patience to beat. But once you do, there are several characters to replay the game with from different sides of the storyline. But be warned- the first character is tough and that's on "easy".

    In all, this is a very satisfying and realistic game, which apparently even features online play (which I haven't had the opportunity to test). Give it a shot and be patient, and I think you'll enjoy it. But one last thing to be warned about- the box says "Custom soundtracks", and I haven't seen any evidence of that yet at 15 hours in. Oh well, solid game otherwise and only twenty bucks.
    ...more info
  • Brilliant game! Must buy!
    From the moment I saw this game I knew it would rule.Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is based 50% on real time strategy (RTS) and 50% pure action and destruction! When the action starts the game mainly plays like "Dynasty Warriors"(which is a good thing) except your fighting in a sci-fi version of the middle ages. It's your army against there's. Each army consists of over a thousand units! and over a hundred units on screen at once! You pick which general you want to play as at the begining(the main character) from the human side or from the dark legion. Before going into battle you can aquire more troops for your army (archers,knights,orcs,spearmen,ect), train them, upgrade armor, get more supplies, and even go to the local pub to have a drink and spy on your troops! When all is set and ready, it's off to the Battlefield! Heres where the strategy part kicks in. you order your troops to move wherever you think would be most efficient, you can set up archers on tops of hills, get your horsemen with lances to break the enemy lines, and even send out fire-breathing dragons to weaken your adversaries! The possibilities are limitless! All this combined with jaw dropping graphics and head-to-head online play, it's Perfect!...more info
  • Macho Junk
    Okay, I expected this to be about the crusades, no, its about the "Demon Crusade". Although the poor lines, and hilarious cheesyness can make you laugh so hard, but only for the first few levels, then its not fun, its boring....more info
  • Not Good, but not bad
    The interface is extremely clunky. Graphics are great for the X-box, but the story is not that entertaining. The Physics of the game (such as sunlight in your face) is unique. If you can get it on the cheap I would recommend it....more info
  • I say it's great and statistics show..... I'm always right.
    Yes words are misspelled. Yes they lied about the custom soundtrack. No the crappy rock music doesn't match with bloody medieval fantasy warfare. It's still a fun game, and if a game can overcome all of those flaws and still be fun then the creators have made a great game despite their failure to grasp the English language. It has an excellent storyline with all the characters. The graphics are pretty good. There are hundreds of soldiers on the maps at once with pretty good detail. I thought the voice acting was well above average but not great and no it didn't always match what was on the subtitles.

    I haven't played this game in almost a year but have fond memories of it and plan to pick it up again this weekend. I have the prequal "Kingdom Under Fire The Heroes" which closes most of the plot holes and answers many of the questions from this one.

    My best guess is that because these games are pretty challenging; most of these negative reviews are from people that couldn't hack it and got frustrated. For those losers who that applies to...go back to Mario brothers and Zelda. The rest of you should get this game if you can still find it. Check the bargain bins, it'll be well worth what you'll pay for it. I also highly recommend the Heroes. I don't think one is really better than the other, they are both great.

    Showtime Out...more info
  • False advertising and misleading labeling
    Well first off, check the box, it states that there is a custom soundtrack ability, which is totally absent as far as I can tell after playing for one day straight. Then there is the horrible grating rock music. I've played a lot of dynasty warrior and KUF: The Crusaders makes the same horrible mistake. I mean a gaming experience must have good atmosphere, and that is produced from the integration of music and gameplay.

    I expected to hear the soldiers shout louder as they came closer
    to the enemy, barely peep. It just didn't have enough "atmosphere".

    Did Metal Gear Solid have crappy rock most of the time? No. Did Lord of the Ring games have crappy rock? No. Did Diablo have crappy rock? No. Everquest? No. Get what I'm sayin?

    Get a good symphony orchestra, put some braveheart-ish themes, or music like from "god of war (ps2)" then I wouldn't say a word against this game. Then there has been no downloadable content when the box clearly stated that there was. Even after all this time, they still haven't made a patch that let's you have custom soundtracks or fix spelling errors in the subtitles. When you buy this game, be careful, because it promises a lot but does not deliver enough, at least to my expectations....more info
  • controls are horrible
    i gave this game about 4 hours to become fun, and ultimately I wish I had those 4 hours back. you'll be excited when you get cavalry, but that excitement will disappear quickly when you realize you have to manually run them back and forth through the enemy while your hero is getting sliced up, and that you have to do this with a very clunky camera system. i think for real-time strategic war games you're better off on a pc. pick up starcraft or any of a thousand other RTS title out there that blow KUF away....more info
  • the best game i've ever played
    First off, all I could say was WOW when I first started playing it. It was everything I wanted in a video game and more. At your command you could call upon archers, infantry(which do most of the dirty work) Orcs, dark elves, cavalry, and just about anything you could think of in a medievil battlefield. It was like living in a war ravaged fantasy(which I love) and tearing through literally hundreds of orcs or humans(depending on which side you play). this was also the first RTS I had ever played, and now they are some of my favorite types of games. Alright, time for my review.

    GAMEPLAY 9/10: as I've said above, this is a great game. the only complaint that I had about it was the overly steep learning curve. Once I hit the second mission I was like "um, how do I make'em move?", but once I really got to playing, I figured it out. As I said, I had never played a strategy game at all, so I was not used to having to move fifty troops or more at once. But don't get turned off by this, its not nearly difficult as it sounds. Everything does happen in real time, and when you engage in combat with the enemy, you get to take your revenge out the good ole fashioned way, sword to face. The combat is FURIOUS, and is downright enjoyable. your heroe, human or else, can handle themselves well. the combos are not hard to pull off, though I hated playing as Lucretia, I like powerful characters, I could care less about how fast they can move. My favorite heroe would be either Kendall or Reignier. Yes, you do have to open these characters(you start out with two open characters, Gerald (human, easy campaign) and lucretia (dark elf, normal campaign).
    Kendall (human) and regnier (not sure, looks human, but is super strong, and leads the Orcs) are both the Hard campaigns. And trust me HARD is the key word. but they have much bigger battles, and the gold is more free flowing.

    SOUND 9/10: its got great sound effects, but sucky music.

    REPLAYABILITY 10/10: very fun game, and the battles never turn out the same.

    XBOXLIVE ?/?: I have not tried it, but I have heard there is lag, so your better off playing KUF: HEROES....more info
  • Pretty Entertaining
    Basically this game is Dynasty Warriors, with some strategy elements. Or better yet Dynasty Warriors for people who like RTS games and fantasy elements. It's very long, so if your like me, cheap and hate buying $50 games that only last maybe 10 hours. the lack of multiplayer, and custom soundtrack really sucks though....more info