Proctor Silex K2070H 1-Quart Automatic Electric Kettle, White
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Product Description

Housed in a smooth, modern-looking design, this 1000-watt electric kettle rapidly boils up to 1 quart of water for coffee, tea, instant soups, and more. The unit features a detachable cord and a nonspill spout for graceful serving, plus a generous handle with a secure grip. Its immersed heating element provides a rapid and quiet heating process, making it ideal for the office, home, or college dorm. Dual water-level indicators allow for convenient filling, and the unit's easy-open lid is designed with a security lock to prevent spilling. And there's no need to worry about leaving it on, the kettle automatically shuts off when the water boils, and its boil-dry protection keeps the unit from boiling when there's no water left

  • 1000-watt electric kettle rapidly boils up to 1 quart of water
  • Detachable cord and nonspill spout for graceful serving
  • Immersed heating element; automatic shut off; boil-dry protection
  • Dual water-level indicators; easy-open lid with security lock for safety
  • Measures approximately 9-1/6 by 5 by 7-1/3 inches; 180-day limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • 1 Qt electric kettle
    Great little kettle. We've been using it daily for about 6 months now with no problem at all. It's quick, the switch lights up when it's on and turns itself off. What else can you want? And I bought it when it was $11 on 4 for 3 items sale. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Excellent product for a cheap price - no plastic taste
    I read most of the reviews on this product before actually making the purchase. Some of the reviews that concerned me were water tasting like plastic. My wife is an avid tea drinker and is not easy to please when it comes to her tea. She has been using this kettle for more than a month now and is extremely happy with it - no aftertaste at all.

    It is really easy to use and boils water really quickly (less than a min) for couple of cups of tea. Would highly recommend....more info
  • Great Value!
    You really can't beat the price of this kettle. It's great value for the money. I've been using it several times a day now for the past 4 months and have never had any problems with it. There is just my husband and I, so a kettle this size is perfect for what we want. It has an automatic shut off when the kettle has finished boiling, which can be clearly heard from in the next room. This is very handy for me as I am usually busy doing other things while waiting for it to boil.

    If you're just looking for a cheap, reliable kettle to boil water for hot drinks or snacks, then this is more than adequate for the job....more info
  • You get what you pay for...

    The plug is so short that you are constantly plugging and unplugging it. To dump the water out into the sink, you have to unplug it. On mine, the auto shut-off didn't work, so it just kept boiling. When you pour it, it ran all over the side as well as in the mug. I am totally returning this thing....more info
  • love, love, LOVE it!
    It's winter - we drink a lot of hot tea. This used to mean limp microwaved tea or waiting half an hour for the teakettle on the stove. Now we have hot water for tea in just a few moments! Plus, this electric kettle is 'greener' than the stove or microwave. It's fabulous! I can see why everyone in Europe has one....more info
  • Hot Water Fast
    I purposly waited over 2 months to write this review as I have read other's complaints of plastic smell. I gave it a go and I have no complaints.

    This kettle is perfectly fine for the minimal cash it costs. It clicks on, boils the water, and clicks of. Not much too it.

    - It gets hot fast, quicker than microwaving the same quantity.
    - The side view window is a nice upgrade from my previous hot pot and shows the current water level.
    - The lid fits fine for me. My old pot did have a problem and I was scalded a few times so it was a concern.
    - The cord is a tad on the short side, but I have no need to keep this thing plugged in 24/7.

    Really, you cant do better for this type of product at this price. Certainly, there are digital pots that cost much more. I need hot water, not hot water in a fancy pot. The Proctor Silex kicks butt at heating water.

    ...more info
  • good product
    My officemate bought this product first,I tried it for a few times, it is really good, simple style and has all the function I need. I am surprised that it is only cost $14, it is definite worth that much. ...more info
  • Great electric kettle, great price
    I was a die hard kettle on the stove user for many years. I saw these everywhere when I went to Scotland and fell in love with them there. This kettle is perfect for our family. The water boils very quickly, pours well and I really like the automatic shut off button. We also bought one for our pop up when we go camping. It's compact, made of strong plastic and travels well. It's great for tea, coffee and hot chocolates but we also use it for hot water while camping to do dishes. I never experience the strong plastic smell/taste that others have mentioned. ...more info
  • Great device, 'cept for one MAJOR drawback
    It's a kettle, folks, so this will be kinda brief. **SEE UPDATE BELOW**

    PROS: Fast, easy, quiet, reliable auto-shutoff after boil.
    CONS: Cord doesn't connect firmly - sometimes I have to wiggle it to ensure contact; the illumination of the switch is hard to see unless the lighting is just right (or it's dark, but who works in the dark?). *THIS GOT WORSE - SEE BELOW*

    The end of the cord is the same connector found on the end of myriad other cords, most notably those that connect to displays and desktop PCs, but the cord is short (about 2.5 feet) because of the current used (see below). The socket in the kettle does not provide a firm grip so the connector wobbles a bit - if I carefully set it straight, it will stay put and do its job. An annoyance more than anything, really.

    Three weeks later, I now have to set the kettle and the cord *just right* with just the right amount of torque/tension on the connection to hold it firm. If I don't, the light goes out and nothing happens. This setup sometimes takes 15-30 seconds, and as a result I am reducing the rating from FOUR starts to TWO stars and will explore return options.

    Also, this sucker is fast because it draws 1500 watts - don't try to run other appliances on the same circuit at the same time (unless they're less than 350 watts in total, assuming you're using a standard 15-amp circuit). ...more info
  • Great Product
    This was a gift my family and it works great. Great size for a small family that does not need a lot of hot water. Quick and fast. GREAT PRODUCT....more info
  • You get what you paid for
    I bought this kettle because of its size and price. It was really hard to find something moderately priced with 1 Quart capacity. It is not too bad for the price - it has nice look, good form factor, and automatic shut off. However, I still feel the smell of plastic in boiled water after one month of use. ...more info
  • Suicidal electric kettle
    I had this kettle for a little more than a year, and it works fine for a cheap electric kettle. We don't have a microwave in my office at work, so I used it every other day or so to boil water for my morning oatmeal and/or a cup of tea. I liked the viewer on the side, and the fact that it didn't take forever unlike a traditional kettle, but I did NOT like the fact that the heating element was not separate. My kettle had an annoying habit of picking and choosing when to automatically turn itself off, and since no one likes to stand around and wait for water to boil, sometimes I would find myself wondering "Shouldn't I have heard that "click" by now?" and then finding the water boiling away, dangerously past the minimum fill line. The coating on the heating coils began flaking off a couple months in, perhaps because of this over-boiling. I also had to scrub the inside of the kettle every couple weeks because the sediment build-up was just gross. I would get "floaties" in my cup of tea, which is not very appetizing. But overall it was okay. Until...

    A month ago the kettle boiled itself dry. Sometimes I would forget that the kettle was going, but it would automatically turn itself off, no problem! I'd just boil it again if the water wasn't hot enough. This time, however, I came back to find that the coils had turned black, the water had almost completely evaporated, and black, charred bits were floating in what water was left. The kettle was STILL ON at this point. I chucked the thing right out and bought a new kettle -- the Hamilton Beach, which has a separate element and boils much quicker. In short, Proctor's kettle isn't to be trusted to work as advertised. If you want to pay for a cheap product, be prepared to stand around and watch water boil. I recommend spending the extra twenty bucks on something more reliable, however....more info
  • The Plastic Smell Wouldn't Dissipate
    I bought this kettle over 2 months ago, for its compact size, to sit on my desk at work. But, after over a dozen washing - at first with dish soap and even tried soaking in vinegar once - plus dozens of pot of boiled water, it still makes the water smell like plastic. The smell continues to overwhelm the tea I try to make. I finally gave up and tossed it in the trash today. ...more info
  • Wonderful.
    I purchased this kettle more than a year ago and I still use it today. It is sturdy and handy, always works, and is incredibly convenient. Its cheap price and effectiveness make it a good choice for a fellow college student. I use it about ten times a week on average and it has never let me down when I want to heat up water for tea and oatmeal.

    I have a small, typical college dorm room and the 1-quart capacity and quick, easy heating time make it a great accessory for me. ...more info
  • Great little product
    We bought this electric kettle to replace the tea pot on the stove. It works great! It takes less than one minute to bring water to a full boil. You get about 3-4 cups out of the pot. We thought about buying a larger one but this one is perfect because it doesn't take up much counter space....more info
  • Miracle for Tea Lovers
    This makes having a cup of tea effortless! I cannot say enough about this product. I'm able to make a cup of tea in 2 minutes or less by simply filling the jug up to the minimum fill line. It works great for college dorm rooms, studios, or even a household that is sick of putting a kettle on the stove! It also enhances the flavor of your tea and tastes extremely better than microwaved water (and it's faster too)!...more info
  • Great product
    Once you own one of these, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. This is easy to use, is faster than a microwave and very well priced....more info
  • Great kettle
    I take this kettle when I travel. It boils water fast. Auto shut off when water is boiled. The only con is the design of the on/off button. It can be easily broken if you don't pack it carefully in your luggage....more info
  • Great kettle, great price
    This is a great electric kettle and a competitve price, even with shipping. The only negative is that it does not have a detachable base, so you must pour with the whole thing still attached to the wall, but as long as you are plugged in near your power source it's fine. Heats water fast; so far, so good....more info
  • I HATE it! ($15...)
    I bought this as a quick summertime replacement after purchasing a $100 one for the house- at first I thought that I wished it was available the first time I went shopping for one. Then, I realized:

    -the lid is awkward and leaks steam and water (you have to pour VERY carefully to not be burned and/or leaked on)
    - the water does indeed taste like plastic (I thought this would go away EVENTUALLY but didn't; boiled vinegar in it and now the water tastes like plastic AND vinegar...)
    -the auto-shut-off doesn't work regularly. Sometimes it boils for minutes, without shutting off.
    -cord is VERY short- one must constantly plug/unplug to use- a huge nuisance.

    I hate it. (So does my neighbor, who happens to have an identical one, which I found out as I was randomly complaining about it!)

    (What can I expect for $15?)...more info
  • One of the best buys ever
    My grandfather is nearly 90 and he drinks about six cups of tea a day. I bought this with him in mind because I wanted a kettle that was light easy to use and quick. For the price this little gem performs above and beyond. He loves it and uses it every day and I use it all the time too. One quart is good for three big cups of tea and heating time is about 5 minutes for a quart....more info
  • Love this item
    I really enjoy the electric kettle. Its fast and you don't have to worry about leaving it on too long, because it shuts itself off! Its easy to clean, and I like that the cord unplugs from the back. Great product, and well worth the purchase! ...more info
  • About half the size of other kettles of this type.
    I guess I should have read the description more carefully, but I wasn't aware that these kettles came in "dollhouse size." It won't do for my kitchen where I use hot water for virtually *everything* and need a 1.8 liter size at very least. Other than size this kettle appears to be fine so I swapped it with the kettle I take with me on travels. Next time I'll check to make sure I'm buying a kettle of sufficient size....more info
  • tea kettle -- wow
    what a fabulous product!! Boils water in minutes, much faster than on the stove. Easy to operate. Automatic cut-off is great for the elderly or anyone who forgets they have water on to boil. We've given this as gifts and have one we use daily. Everyone raves. Can't say enough about how great this product is. wonderful value too!...more info
  • concerned on water purity

    * boil water very fast and hot
    * cheap
    * auto shut off
    * easy to see water level and love the light that shows it's boiling


    This is the 2nd winter I'm using this boiler. Well, my water doesn't taste plastic like some other reviewer. Yet, when I examined the kettle, I saw that the "heat cord" inside the kettle (most precisely, the cord is immersed by the water) is dis-colored and looked that the coating of the cord is partially gone. Also, it seems like there is some deposits on the heat cord as well. So, I'm really worried that it may contaminate the water....more info