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Product Description

Hot Link Pro completes your home theater system with a super slim-line infrared eye!The Hot Link patented system constantly monitors the ambient light and noise floor. In darker ambient light it becomes more sensitive to remote control pulses, making the eye the most sensitive it can be based on ambient light environment. When the eye is in a "hidden" location behind a speaker grill, tucked up in a toe-kick or in a door slot it compensates for the expected loss in distance by becoming more sensitive to the pulses emitted from remote controls. Get great remote control roaming freedom, and enhanced beauty of your home theater.

  • Route IR Signals into A/V Cabinets & Closets!
  • Allows use of an IR remote on equipment thats behind opaque doors
  • Enhances remote control performance for up to 6 A/V components
  • New slim design, side sensors, and 3 sensor cable allow more flexible positioning

Customer Reviews:

    I wish I could give it 0... I think I need to send it back. The light is continually blue. I've not rung the helpdesk yet as I wanted to calm down first. It came in a tatty box, has a cheap connection cable (sure I can buy a cheap one... but so can the manufacturer). Documentation is basic at most and online help is non-existent. I'm going to wait another week and then get my money back. $60 for a $5 bundled set of electronics.......more info
  • Works even better than I had hoped
    One of the few products that lives up to it's advertising. Bought to allow all components to be hidden, and works perfectly. Paired with a Harmony 659 remote, and it just plain works. Far more sensitive than the standard IR receivers on the equipment. I have mounted the eye behind the television as described in the documentation, and it picks up every signal. The only cables were longer than I had expected, which made for much easier installation. The only part of the installation that took any time at all was locating the IR sensor on some of the component equipment. Had everything installed and functional in less than 15 minutes....more info
  • Excellent product at a very reasonable price!
    Had a minor issue which was solved with GREAT customer service. I HIGHLY recommend this product....more info
  • Works like it's supposed to
    Everything should work this well. For my installation there was just (but just) enough length with the eye cable to work. I think, with the nature of this product and how most owners are likely to install it, plus granting my setup a little more slack, the eye cable should be longer. However, it did work for me and so I can't say that causes me enough concern to deduct a ratings star. The instructions are clear and installing this equipment was straightforward. The remotes that the Hot Link Pro serves are used at a distance of about 15 feet in a bright room. It works perfectly and in one case performance improved for a formerly stubborn remote. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Terrific Product
    "I don't like to see the componenents", she said. "But that's the beauty of a theater system--I LIKE to see the components, and besides, I'm not going to get up from the comfy couch each time we need to adjust something!" Well you see the dilemma here--two opposing views from two strong-willed people. So what did I do? I collapsed, just like every dutiful husband, muttered "yes dear", and went about looking for a product that would operate all the components from behind cabinet doors.

    I had such a product years ago, for a multi-room setup, but it never worked reliably. Plus it was a long time ago (20 years or so) and I thought there might be something new out there. Low and behold! Here is the hot link product.

    Easy as pie to hook up; if you can plug in a toaster and use scotch tape, you have the skill set to install this product.

    The cabinet housing the components is situated directly beneath an LCD big screen. Many of the reviews I read talked of interferance caused by the LDC screens, and I did experience that, but the fix is to just reposition the receiving eye until it is not bothered by whatever gets emitted from the TV.

    Simple, efficient and reasonably priced. Before I purchased the unit, I called tech support with the specifics of my situation (including TV model) and asked if it was a problem. Tech support was not available at that moment, but like 30 seconds later, someone called me back (from their cell phone!!!), which I thought was amazing dedication, and assured me it would work. It did, it does, and I love it!

    The only limitation to this unit is the number of components that can be connected (8) to the unit. And if you have more than eight components, you need counseling, not a remote unit! Terrific product......more info
  • Hidden IR remote control
    The Hot Link Pro worked as advertised or better. It was very easy to setup and worked with the Harmony one remote control....more info
  • Good for the Old Folks
    The seller is engaged in selling & supporting this product as only its inventor can. Thanks! The Hot Link Pro worked beautifully in helping my elderly parents point their (Logitech Harmony One) remote at one target and have all the components respond without any misses (before, if one component didn't "see" a command, everything got out of sync. The Hot Link Pro has been by far the easiest solution to 'fixing' things when I'm not around: Avoid the problem in the first place!).
    The Hot-Link sensor/receiver is very sensitive, but it's easy to watch the blue LED during installation to see best placement: Get it as DIM as possible when no command is being sent (Do this in the daytime for worst-case fool-proofing because ambient light can be IR-noisy too); get it as BRIGHT as possible when the remote is sending a command from the user's chair(s).
    I placed the Hot Link signal sensor behind the pedestal-mounted flat-panel TV (52" Sony XBR52), facing backwards toward the wall because the front of the TV is pretty noisy IR-wise. Commands from the remote are easily seen as they bounce from wall and ceiling. I placed the Hot Link's blue LED indicator at the top of the TV above the sensor, where it can be seen, to give the folks a target to aim at: It lights up when it sees the commands to give great visual feedback, and if they aim anywhere near it, the sensor will see their commands every time. Great product, inexpensive, well-supported, well-made, easy to install and use....more info
  • Great Product!
    Works great. I was looking for something to relay remote controls so I could install my cable box, dvd player, and reveiver into a closet and this did the trick without a headache to install....more info
    Meant to click 5 STARS but couldn't edit my selection! This product is great. It is extremely easy to install. It took all of 5 minutes and I was up and running. The component remotes truly work better than they did prior to installing The Hot Link Pro. As everyone says the cable for the "eye" is short but all of the informamtion is in the box to help you order accessories. As always the shipping was unbelievably fast I had the product within 3 days of ordering!...more info
  • Great product - does what it says at a great price
    Set up of this product was a breaze - connected to components under a 37" LCD and an outside window about 5 feet away. I placed the receiver eye underneath the center channel speaker out of view of the TV and pointing away from the window, made the connections and viola! Everything is in the cabinet with doors closed and the remote works from across the room.

    The cable of transmitters is bulky and hard to organize in the cabinet. It looks a little messy in the cabinet, but hey, the doors stay closed. I'm not crazy about the little sticky pads on my components, but I will deal with that later.

    I am very pleased - this product was much cheaper than similar products offered. I highly recommend.

    ...more info
  • Best Ever
    Previously, I purchased the Radio Shack Remote Control Extenders and I hated it. The Hot Link Pro Remote Control Booster fixed all the things wrong with the old system. It is easy to setup, easy to use and very, very sensitive. I have experienced only one glitch. It is so sensitive that during the first two minutes after I turn on my 42" HD TV the TV over rides the IR signal. This goes away quickly and I'm sure it may have more to do with where I've located the receiver. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works well!
    Installation couldn't be much easier and the unit really picks up IR from my remotes much better than the sensors that are built into the equipment that I'm controlling. I'm very pleased....more info
  • Easy to use
    My husband installed this is less than an hour. We have 4 components hooked up to it and I was amazed at how easy it was to do and how well it works. Good range with remotes and now we don't need to see all those components. They are behind closed doors!...more info
  • Top Notch Customer Support
    I initially had some trouble getting the product to work with my LCD TV (it turns out that I have one of the few TVs that have terrible IR interference), however, I contacted their customer service and was able to get everything to work. The customer service rep was extremely knowledgeable and even said that he would call me in the evening so that we could diagnose the problem more readily. Absolutely outstanding. The product is also tremendous--high quality, simple to use, and a great price. Buy this product because it is the best on the market, but if you have any difficulties, rest assured that their customer service will be outstanding....more info
  • Awesome product, beware of the seller!
    Hot Link Pro Remote Control Booster System ( 8225P )

    This is a fantastic device, does exactly what the description claims, was easy to install and is foolproof if you pay attention to the instructions. I particularly like the Blue LED which lights up if too much "RF" interference is present which would cause weak performance. Pay attention to it during install and you can control your devices from clear across the room. My home theater consists of some fairly high end electronic componants (which are installed inside cabinets with closed doors, totally out of view) all of which are controlled perfectly with the Hot Link Pro. I have two Hot Link Pro's, one being controlled with a Harmony One remote, and one with a logitech 550 remote. Also, should you have to call Microsmith for assistance (the customer service numbers are included in the paperwork) you'll find all the help you need, friendly and personal. I was thoroughly impressed with Microsmith.

    Now to the disappointing part. Both units I ordered looked like they had been used before, or that someone attempted to install them. Missing tape on the emitters, broken emitter caps (which were easily fixed), one was missing the velcro tape and receiver eye mount/screws. Obviously not shipped "factory new". I found that very odd and called Microsmith who are sending replacement parts. Figured it easier to do that than send these back for replacements. This is the reason for 5 stars, for a fantastic product which works flawlessly. If I was only rating the seller they'd get one star, and that would be too generous. ...more info
  • Works FLAWLESSLY with AT&T's U-Verse Box
    After trying several other emitters/extenders, this one prevailed with it's capability of working with my U-Verse box....more info
  • Easy setup and it works great
    Read the instructions and then took about 15 minutes to setup everything and find out the best location for the eye. It wouldn't work inside my cabinet but the wood is pretty thick so I ended up putting it on the back of the TV along with the power cord and it works great. Would easily recommend this....more info
  • simple and very effective
    I ordered the Next Generation Remote Control Extender and then the Cables To Go 40430 Remote Control Repeater kit for my AT&T cisco u-verse DVR. None of them worked, had to return them both, hats off to amazon for simplifying the return process. I couldn't figure out why they weren't working. I finally found out it had something to do with the frequency and ordered the hot link, it is slightly more expensive than the other two. It was simple to setup. The receiver is without a doubt the most sensitive receiver I've ever seen. It's almost shocking to see the sensitivity of the receiver. I would definitely recommend this product. It works...more info
  • Did not work with Sony 52' XBR Bravia
    I purchased this product based upon the reviews. After installation with my equipment in a closet behind a 52" Sony Bravia XBR everything worked well...until I turn on the TV. The IR receiver becomes completely jammed with spurious IR from the television. Adjusting the location of the eye does not help. It might work in one location during the evening but during the day it does not. It's basically a complete waste of money if you have a late model large LCD screen.

    I'm an electrical engineer, and why it does not come with an IR noise filter is beyond me. It seems that the design is too sensitive to be useful with large LCD or plasma screens which are known to radiate IR....more info
  • Answers About Hot link from Microsmith Inc. Reply to Forum
    To all:
    Thank you for your interest in this feedback forum for Hot Link Pro.
    Following are some answers to the problems, questions, and suggestions that have appeared on this forum.

    We make every effort to make certain clients can contact us with support questions. The web site and phone number are molded into the bottom of every unit. In the case of this forum we have yet to make contact with those who have had less than a stellar experience with Hot Link Pro.

    Hiding the Eye:
    We intend no holes to be drilled for the Eye to see through. There is a Velcro Kit and a screw tab for mounting the eye. This screw is meant for non-visible, internal surfaces, not the outside of a cabinet.
    Hot Link Pro does not work "hidden behind a cabinet door", it works great behind a cabinet door "slot". It also works on the back of flat panel displays, behind speaker grills and cabinets. It does not need direct line of site. The Blue LED is separate from the Eye so that the Eye may be hidden while the LED may be mounted in a visible location.

    Hot Link Pro is the most compatible IR repeater available. Works with all IR remote controlled DVRs, Sat Boxes, DVD players, CD players, Xbox, etc. It works with all the new 58Khz carrier based gear like Scientific Atlanta 8300, the new AT and T VIP1200, Hughes, Motorola, HR20, etc. It even extends IR Keyboards and mice.
    Only a few devices that use 455Khz carriers will not work. Some Kenwood high-end receivers and a couple of Sony high-end "ES" receivers. And a few older pioneer Elite Receivers.
    Many professional installers prefer Hot Link Pro to multi-piece systems because it is broad band, works better with flat panel displays and does not need to be visible like other IR repeaters.

    Hot Link models have been in the field for 15 years with extremely few failures. When something does go wrong, we repaired or replaced units for free. Even when the customer cut or removed or damaged parts. While Hot Link Pro will not work if an emitter is cut off, the warranty is not void if a client splices and extends the emitter for the purposes of running it to a ceiling mounted projector. (Usually with great success.) Total overall failure rate is less than 1/4%.

    Rugged Design:
    When the emitter wires peel apart they do not damage the wire. It is our specification that the wires not tear the insulation while being separated. Consider the alternative, 7 connectors which reduce reliability, and 7 individually bundled wire sets. The whole product uses about a ? of a watt, lowering the risk of damaged components from heat, over time.

    Remove-ability of Emitters:
    Emitters on Hot Link Pro apply with high-grade 3M thick clear tape that is easily removable and replaceable and does not harm plastics. Place thumb and finger on opposing side corners at the lower part of the tape and peel up emitter and tape together. Or push sideways to break adhesion. Using foam tape as suggested on this forum has 2 other consequences: Heat inside cabinets often causes these tapes to fail especially "removable" tapes. Also heat and age cause some foam tapes to stiffen making removal difficult, possibly scratching the surface of AV equipment. Much research has gone into the tape selected for Hot Link Pro. We offer free replacement tape on our site.

    The plasma/LCD compatibility question:
    Sometimes the "noise" causing the blue LED to stay on is from another source in the environment like a laptop LCD screen or compact high efficiency florescent lamp.
    Hot Link Pro has worked with almost all plasma TVs with the known exception of 60 and 61 inch Plasmas and the Sharp Aquos 37 inch LCD NTSC model. Even though Hot Link works with the Aquos 42 and 45 inch and the smaller Aquos LCDs. The 37-inch NTSC model emits to much IR radiation for most IR repeaters to function properly. Hot Link Pro will work with the IR and RF- noisy Sony XBR series.
    The 60 and larger plasma displays will work if an Eye with Y Kit is used with the Hot Link. Recommended Eye mounting procedures will be on our site. Noise indication during warm-up of LCD TVs is easily mitigated. Turn on LCD TV after cool down. While standing to one side so as to not add local reflection, place the Eye on the back of the TV and roll it until the Confirmation LED turns completely off.

    Since an IR repeater must be broad band and many of the frequencies that cause noise are very near the remote frequencies, multiple direct frequency filtering is actually less effective than power vector filtering accomplished by mounting the Eye in a hidden location. The energy in the vector of the remote going forward is greater than the vector of the noise of the TV reflecting back toward the TV.

    Doors open and not functioning properly:
    The Hot Link Pro does work with the doors open as well as closed, unless noise is not mitigated or if the LCD or Plasma TV are sending out IR noise directly to the AV gear and affecting remote performance.

    Remote To Eye Distances enhanced:
    Hot Link Pro enhances useful distances of remotes. Comments to the contrary are often because of not mitigating noise or misplacement of emitters. In the case of the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD which has poor IR range to start with, distance is often enhanced when 1 to 5 layers of masking tape are placed between the Hot Link Pro emitter and the 8300HD IR receiver eye.

    We make every effort to make installation as easy as possible with the recognition that some installs are easier than others and we provide great customer service to help with the trickier installations. Please call us for help at 800-999-8846.

    At your service,
    Marcus, Microsmith Inc.
    ...more info
  • so far it works perfect
    this unit works as advertised. i have a panasonic 46" plasma and as long as i keep the receiver about 3 feet away it doesn't interfere. the receiver does pick up some interference when flourescent lights are first turned on in the room but it just makes the blue indicator light come on for 20 seconds or so. i hope it lasts because this is a great product and i like to support home grown invention. congrats on your success hot link inventor, maybe you can make me a remote controlled variable audio output unit for my tv so i can hook a subwoofer to the audio output which is fixed(therefore the sub volume can't be controlled) on all but sony tvs....more info
  • Great item, Easy to Use and Cheaper than others
    I bought this to use with my new cable box and HK Receiver which is in a closed cabinet. This thing is a breeze to setup. I placed one "eye" near the IR port of my cable box and it worked instantly. The other was a little harder. Apparently if you tape the transmitting eye near the spot on the HP AVR 340 it will not get the signal, the key is to have it about 1 inch away from the IR receiving position on the receiver. After this modification it all works like a charm. ...more info
  • Terrific, easy to install system
    We bought this product so we could put our flat screen tv on the wall above the fireplace and place our cable box and dvd player inside a cabinet in another room, while still using our regular remote control. It works perfectly, was easy to install, and saved us a lot of money -- similar set-ups were hundreds of dollars at other stores and we didn't want to buy another big bulky piece of furniture when we were enjoying the sleek look of the tv on the wall. We couldn't be happier with this!...more info
  • Hot link pro works better than advertised
    Works perfect. Installed it in 15 minutes. It arrived in two days, and easily $100 cheaper than any IR product at Best Buy....more info
  • Great Product
    Works great!! Use it in my bedroom for my mounted lcd with the cable box and dvd player in the closet. Anyone could set this system up and use it. Well worth the money IMO....more info
  • great
    works as advertised, simple, straight forward, no issues with the eye with my lcd tv...more info
  • Nice, but interference from Sharp
    Setup was easy, instructions were ok. Even followed ad-on instructions on how to keep down interference from TV. Seems everyone else isn't having any problems but my Sharp 46 really puts out a lot of signals. Giving up on this item and having to get a different one....more info
  • Works great!!
    The Hot Link Pro unit works as advertised! I mounted the "eye" behind my TV Stand, screwing the little clamp that was provided, just below the top surface, so that it was just barely out of sight. It receives the TV remote control signals from anywhere in the family room or kitchen (25' away). I agree with some of the other reviewers that the wiring for the "repeaters" looks a little delicate, but if you don't abuse it, it will be just fine. Just treat the ribbon cable carefully when you are placing your "repeaters", and route the cables so they won't get damaged.

    Now all the TV's support equipment (BluRay, VCR, Stereo, CD Player), are all hidden from view, which makes my wife happy. And as everyone knows... if Momma aint happy, no ones happy.......more info
  • Performs as Advertised
    Installed this product in about a half hour and connected to 4 A/V components in an entertainment unit. All components are in a closed cabinet and the remotes work flawlessly. The instructions that came with the unit were extremely helpful in locating the IR receiver eyes on the equipment (especially the Motorola cable DVR). Installed the receiver eye just below the LCD TV. When the TV is initially turned on the blue indicator LED lights up but within 3 or 4 seconds it filters out the IR from the TV and goes dark until a remote control IR signal is received. All the remotes now work from anywhere in the room....more info
  • Super Booster and Great Kit
    The Hot Link Pro Booster is a great kit. You will be able to move any or all of your IR-controlled devices to a hidden location (inside an oak cabinet in my case) to minimize clutter, wiring chaos, or just to make dusting possible.

    I had a satellite receiver, DVD, and other boxes stashed around my LCD television. The boxes were awkwardly placed, to get access to them, while fitting everything on a shelf that could receive an IR signal from the remote. Using the Hot Link allowed for stashing the units in the cabinet, with no discernible delay or problem.

    The kit is very easy to install. Its essentially do-able without instruction. The sensitivity of the receiver is very remarkable. It is actually a bit too sensitive when the receiver probe is placed close to an LCD television--it needs to be out of any direct line or immediate proximity to LCD or it will continuously register a signal just from the screen.

    I highly recommend the kit. It seems suited to essentially any box with remote control that you may want to stash: satellite receiver, home theater receiver, DVD, DVR, or stereo components....more info
  • Works Great!
    Works as advertised. I placed the remote sensor inside the cabinet "looking out" through the gap between a door and the cabinet....more info
  • Great product right out of the box
    The Hot Link works just as described, right out of the box. It is easy to set up, and does its job very well with no hassles. I am going to buy another one just to hide another system. I would buy this one over and over. It works much better than another RF system I have that costs four times as much....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Just as the title as advertised. I was a little skeptical since it is a great price. Typically you get what you pay for however in the performance department, so far, it works flawlessly. I am controlling an Onkyo receiver, a PS3 with a IR remote and a DirecTV system. The receiving eye is quite small and with only minimal modification I was able to mount this between the closet door where the componenets are kept and the door jam. The sensitivity of the eye is superb. I have already recommended this to a friend who has a similar setup as me....more info
  • Hot Link, is hot stuff
    I recently bought the Hot Link pro. I did after seeing the support they have here in Amazon from Marcus. I contacted him about my special use and even before I received it, he had reviewed my devices - and told me I could use it in the same room as the native remote controls. He also identified that one device has a general remote control issue. In fact it was that device that I needed to solve the inconsistent response problem. That inspired me, so I bought the Hot Link. Support is very important and really helps with a device like this, and when used in an unusual way - I was not using it for hidden equipment, but to boost signals in the same room.

    I first bought a Pyramid setup - but with the RF link there was a delay and the IR signal from the native remote was being mixed with the relayed signal, it made the problems worse. The hard wired Hot Link connection does not create a signal delay (so short it does not matter) so it can mix with a the IR from the native remote.

    I installed the Hot Link in about 10 minutes. It just is a very simple process. Immediately I noticed that I could point the native remote about any direction and get a solid response - Big improvement from before. The feedback LED make it clear when the signal is getting to the sensor - which BTW is small and can be hidden almost anywhere. It works just as well with my Harmony 880.

    This product and the variations it has for long distances and challenging situations, is truly a good, solid, reasonably priced solution with great support. It gets my highest rating....more info
  • What a great product.
    Bought this product to help hide my home theater components I just purchased. Installation could not be easier. I admit I was skeptical about all the places the manufacturer sais the "eye" could be hidden and still receive the signal. I have the eye BEHIND the LCD in an enclosed entertainment center while I aim the remote and the opposite wall! It works so well that I am considering using one of the extra IR receptors on the visible TV IR receiver just to make the TV receive commands easier. There are other products out there that may have flashier boxes (that come with higher price tags), but this product is a winner. 5 STARS!...more info
  • so easy a caveman can do it
    I had heard of these before and thought why not? I bought two and installed both in less than 30 minutes. They both work great. All I had to do was play with the eye for inteference and now I can point the remote anywhere in the room and every thing works just how it was described. ( Full Disclosure, I am a caveman )...more info
  • Great Product
    Works great after getting some help from Customer Support. The response to my questions were very fast and helpful....more info
  • Works as advertised!!!
    Pros - Simple setup, works perfectly. Plenty of wire for up to six components. I use my remotes from about 20 feet away with no problem. My components are stored in a cabinet. The eye is inconspicuous and absorbs the IR very well. I figured it must, and it does, plug into a standard 120 outlet (not shown in photos).

    Cons - The plug has a built in transformer (larger than standard plug)....more info
  • Works very well
    I've set up a couple of these now and they do what they're supposed to. The blue indicator light could be a little less bright, but if it's put behind something, it's not to distracting....more info
  • Works Great
    I installed this remote for my neighbor who has AV components behind solid doors and it works great. We placed the IR receiver and confirmation LED behind the center speaker. The IR receiver is very sensitive and is able to pick up the signals from the remote even if we point the remote 90 degrees away from the receiver. I'm so impressed that I'm thinking of buying one for myself even though my components are behind glass doors. ...more info