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Kensington 33120 FlyLight USB 2.0 Notebook Light (PC/Mac)
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Product Description

The Kensington 33120 Fly Light 2.0 will help you see your keys, wherever you are. Whether you are in a darkened boardroom, or just working through the night, this Kensington USB notebook light plugs in to an open USB port to provide illumination so you can see your keys, without draining your battery. The FKensington 33120 is powered by its USB connection so no batteries are required, and features eight ultra-bright LEDs that deliver clean, white light, with a built-in dimmer switch so you have precise control over its brightness. This unit is constructed with a flexible neck that positions light where it is needed, and a long-lasting, bulb-free design. The Kensington 33120 is small enough to take anywhere, and has a minimal power consumption that uses less than 90 seconds of battery charge per hour used.

Kensington Flylight Notebook USB 2.0 Light 33120 - With its small lightweight design, the Kensington FlyLight notebook light is the perfect companion for the executive or student on the go. This small, flexible gooseneck light plugs into your notebook's USB port and uses only 90 seconds per hour of your PC's battery. Eight ultra-bright LEDs light up your work, and you can use the built-in dimmer for gentle, long-lasting illumination anywhere on a plane, in a presentation room, or while relaxing in bed.

  • 8 ultrabright LEDs deliver clean, white light
  • Flexible gooseneck puts light where it's needed
  • Built-in dimmer switch gives you precise brightness control
  • Powered by USB port; draws less than 90 seconds of battery power per hour of use
  • Efficient LEDs burn for more than 100,000 hours of continuous use

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple and useful item
    I found this item pretty useful. It's 2-step brightness helps. I even use this for reading purposes. Great buy....more info
  • I love my laptop light !
    I love this light ! I was always in the dark with my laptop, since I sit in various places, often in the living room. I didn't know anyone made these little direct lights that plug into a computer port and run on the laptop power. You never replace the bulbs. My light's arm is flexible and is very useful. The light is bright enough for me. It has 8 small lights and can be dimmed to 4. The other letters here don't like the light, I would not be without it. I love it. ...more info
  • Not exactly what I was hoping for
    Just purchased a new laptop and cannot see the keys in the dark. Purchased the Kensington Notebook Light based on other reviews. However, the light is too direct. Needs to be more of a flood light to cover the key board. I don't like the fact that all the stress is on the port....more info
  • Nice light
    Whoever is complaining about this light not being bright enough maybe legally considered blind. I use this light in my vehicle and it gives me plenty of light and then some just using the half-setting. If I use the full-setting, I can blind the car next to me. The only reason I give this product four stars is because it would be nice to only use two of the LEDs. I highly recommend this light to anyone that needs to see the keyboard at all times, you will appreciate this light. ...more info
  • It will do the job
    Although I saw a few derogatory reviews on this product, I told myself "well, perhaps I should buy this so I can write my OWN derogatory review". One complaint told of the inability of the lamp to illuminate the entire computer keyboard. This is somewhat true. The lamp, however it is positioned, indeed shoots light to a particular area, but the light does spill over to rest of the keyboard. I have an ASUS laptop that has black keys with dark gold lettering and the keys are somewhat hard to see even in the daylight.
    So, I found the lamp to work very well. And, as the manufacturer says, "90 seconds of battery power per hour of use", which simply means you won't even notice the drain on your battery (unless of course your laptop battery only lasts for 90 seconds and even then the amount the lamp uses with be small). I'm thinking about buying another one for other laptop....more info
  • Narrow beam but good for what I need
    This USB light does illuminate just one side of the keyboard, and I'd not want to type with it in the dark. The Amazon image showing the light shining on 95% of the keyboard is exaggerating. I am giving it 5 stars because I needed a light to shine on the left side of my keyboard while I play the World of Warcraft, and this light is exactly what I was looking for. The dimmer switch does not make a lot of difference in the brightness of the lamp, but this is not a problem for me. The light does not put any glare on the monitor. I am using it with a desktop computer and I have it plugged into a USB hub on my monitor stand. This is a good lamp for my needs....more info
  • Good Product
    Beats getting a new laptop with back lit keys.
    Doesn't need a separate battery.
    Seems durable so far.
    Stays put when you bend it into position.
    Can be shaped to fit in a laptop case pocket.
    Price is reasonable for the quality
    Two brightness settings.

    May seem distracting to some users.
    Needs to be angled just right to view the entire keyboard.

    Overall I'm really satisfied with this product.

    ...more info
  • Great solution!
    My husband often works in the living room while we watch TV. This gadget provides him just enough light to get his work done without distracting the rest of us from our favorite shows!...more info
  • It replaced my desk lamp!
    I don't know what to make of these reviews saying the FlyLight is not bright enough. I can read newspaper print at armlength with it at night, with my monitor turned off. And that's with just four of the LEDs lit....more info
  • A Bright Idea
    There isn't a huge difference between the two light settings, but in either case, the main beam is very bright. When raised up fairly high, the peripheral lighting provides enough light to see my full-size keyboard just fine. This Kensington light works fine for me!...more info
  • Beam is too narrow
    I purchased this device so I can enjoy the keyboard lighting that my work Lenovo has built in yet lacking on my personal HP laptop. It's certainly bright enough, but the beam is so narrow it simply makes a bright spot in the middle of the keyboard. Take a lesson from laptop vendors who make built in keyboard lights; one lamp in the right spot is perfect. It simply needs to add a diffused lighting to the keyboard....more info
  • High Quality Light
    I had bought a few lights like this one for different computers. I find that this is by far the best. What I love most is that it has an onswitch a 2 level light adjustments and it has a classy long stem which goes to your computers usb port. The light is bright but because you have 3 ways to use it: ist light second or simply off. Great Product! I will definately pass the word on. Sincerely K. Wilkerson Toluca Lake Ca. ...more info
  • Excelente accesorio para Laptop
    Me compre esta l芍mpara para poder usar mi MacBook de noche sin tener que prender las luces de la habitaci車n, y me result車 una buena adquisici車n. La l芍mpara tiene buena iluminaci車n, si bien es cierto que la l芍mpara enfoca la luz en un punto medio del teclado, tambi谷n es cierto que s赤 se ilumina todo el teclado, as赤 que cumple su funci車n; uso hasta los momentos la mitad de los bombillos de la l芍mpara (trae la opcion para prender 4 u 8 bombillos), excelente adquisici車n.
    La l芍mpara se ve resistente, el cable est芍 hecho de un material duro pero a la vez flexible para colocarlo en la posici車n que mas convenga para el teclado
    En resumen, buen adquisici車n, y buen accesorio para poder usar una laptop de noche en un cuarto con poca iluminaci車n sin necesidad de tener iluminaci車n a mayor escala. Recomendado...more info
  • A brillant solution !
    It works great for me. I use my laptop on many nights and this usb powered light provides a covenient solution to see my keyboard without other light sources. I like that it has a dim/bright and on/off integrated switch for added convenience. The dim switch setting provides more than adequate lighting for my purposes.

    It will be great for my business trips where I usually work while in the hotel bed rather than at the provided desk. And the gooseneck stays in position...(very important performnance requirement).

    If nothing else...I save energy ( very low watt LED bulbs ipo much higher wattage standard room lighting equipment). Go green !

    A travel pouch would have been nice....more info
  • Good, but a bit short of perfect.
    This is an excellent USB light. Too bad it has one glaring design deficiency that keeps it from being darned close to perfect.

    Eight LEDs provide an abundance of light. There's a switch allowing just four or all eight to be used. Frommy testing, I'll be using the four LED option most of the time.

    This is also where the design problem comes in - and it is a significant problem.

    Presumably to save a few pennies, Kensington opted not to include a reflector of any kind. At this price, unusally high for a USB keyboard lamp, Kensington certainly has the leeway to have spent the money on design and the few pennies per unit to include a reflector in the finished product.

    Instead the LEDs jut straight out of the flat plastic surface. The light pattern is very hot, excessively so. The center of the light field is very bright, but also very narrow and relatively small. Even on a small netbook keyboard with the lamp fully extended, the bright light area covers only half the keyboard. Falloff of the illumination is very drastic from the center.

    While there is adequate light overall, the center is lit so brightly, that the eye is fooled into thinking that the areas outside the center are dimmer than they are.

    I can see why so many people complain about this. I think many overstate the issue, but at core, the complaint is valid. Kensington shortchanged itself and its customers by not including a reflector in the design. The design keeps he FlyLight from being a five-star product.

    The stalk iis good. It holds the lamp in the position you set it. Everything rolls up into a compact package that will fit in practically any carrying case.

    Overall, a pretty good value. Overpriced, one really poor design component, but puts out lots of light the and on/off switch is really handy.

    Jerry...more info
  • FlyLight Only OK
    This light is nifty, however the beam spread should be only lights half the keyboard....more info
    This little keyboard light is exactly what I had been looking for! Just bright enough to read the keyboard (dark gray keys with white letters) without being distracting to others in the room. I rarely use the brightest setting, except when I bend the flexible cable around to use for other reasons (reading or jotting a note). Yes, it has a "hotspot", but it's not really made to UNIFORMLY light up the entire area...(buy a desklamp if that's what you're looking for!) It's compact, lightweight, and easily positioned. I LOVE this little light! PERFECT!...more info
  • Kensington Flylight 2
    Nice notebook light that has a long enough bendable cable to reach most normal and widescreen keyboards from the side or over the screen from the rear. It has 8 l.e.d.s and a high, low, off switch, but it isn't as bright as i had had hoped it would be, even with all those l.e.d.s. However, it is better / brighter than most of the single l.e.d. ones. ...more info
  • Convenient and wonderful light
    I have low vision and love this light. It stays on for hours and really helps while typing. If you place it at the right angle it covers most of the keyboard. Only regrets are some of the bulbs burnt out, but the supplier replaced it with a new light....more info
  • Very handy item
    Kensington 33120 FlyLight USB 2.0 Notebook Light (PC/Mac) is a very useful item for someone that not only uses their laptop in dim lighting, but makes it easier to see darker keys on the keyboard. I am very impressed with this purchase....more info
  • Very good light
    After trying several notebook lights and not being happy with any of them, I tried this one. It works much better than any of the others I've tried. It is pretty bright and lights up enough of the keyboard to work in the evenings without being too bright....more info
  • Simply great !
    A must for any portable owner who needs light in a darkest environment. The light beam covers just a part of the keyboard....more info
  • Great light for the money
    The Kensington 33120 light, is a great USB post, flexible stem light. It puts out a generous amount of light, especially when you utilize it's highest setting. The only short coming I observed, is the flexible stem will allow the light to bounce around (if used inside a moving vehicle) alot unless you brace it against something....more info
  • Notebook Light
    This notebook light is excellent! The only problem I have with it is it is so bright that you have to keep it lowered towards the keyboard so it doesn't reflect on the screen. This results in the light getting inyour way a little bit when you are trying to type....more info
  • Very handy item
    Kensington 33120 FlyLight USB 2.0 Notebook Light (PC/Mac) is a very useful item for someone that not only uses their laptop in dim lighting, but makes it easier to see darker keys on the keyboard. I am very impressed with this purchase....more info
  • Handy little gadget
    My workspace lighting is not ideal. I found that my desk lamp cast some shadows and glare, so I picked up this notebook light to cast a more even light on my keyboard.

    The one downside is the "spotlight" effect. Most of the light is concentrated right below the fixture, but it still greatly improves my view.

    It rolls into a neat little coil I can tuck inside my computer bag.

    Buy it, you'll like it......more info
  • My wife loves it
    My wife is a Paramedic. This light gives her the perfect amount of light to use her laptop and notes to complete her EMS reports without affecting the ambulance driver....more info
  • a sweet laptop light
    this flylight is perfect. if you need something to light up your keyboard so you can see the keys as you type away in the dark, this is the solution. there are complaints about the narrow beam of light. it's true, the focus of the light is a sort of spotlight and it only focuses on maybe half of your keyboard. BUT, the spillover light from the lamps is MORE THAN ENOUGH to light up your entire keyboard EASILY. i wish the usb connection could be a bit tighter, but thats more due to the neck being able to bend whichever way you need it to AND having to hold the weight of the lamp- i dont think its a big deal. there are 3 settings for the lamp: low, high, and off. and the package says the lights will last for 100k hours and barely drains any battery while on. this thing is awesome!...more info
  • Kensington Notebook Light
    It is a good tool when you need more light but it doesn't seem to be very strong. It helps but could be better. ...more info
  • Well made but the light is too concentrated
    Considering this product has been on the market for quite some time, it's unfortunate there hasn't been a redesign to improve it. The problem is that most of the light concentrates in a fairly small area of your keyboard. In other words, the LEDs are in a tight cluster and that results in too narrow a focus of light. Other competing products have the LEDs in a longer array and that works better. Too bad they're not as well made as the Kensington product....more info
  • Blinded by the Glare
    Great in theory. I'm surprised at all the positive reviews, though. (I suspect many of them are Kensington plants.)

    Unlike what others have said, I find the arm strong enough, but I agree that the light is weak, even on the higher setting. It doesn't illuminate much of the keyboard, but I mostly touch-type, so it's not that big a deal.

    Most frustrating, however, is the glare. I basically have to choose whether I want the light to directly hit my eyes or indirectly hit my eyes by bouncing off the glare on the screen. Whether direct or indirect, the glare is surprisingly strong. I have the lamp aimed away from my face and elevated as high as possible (to avoid a glare), which is the only way to not feel blinded, but this position makes the light on the keyboard even more faint.

    Overall, it's not a great product....more info
  • Practical Light!
    I recently purchased the Kensington FlyLight 2.0. I am very pleased with this light! Don't expect a desk lamp. The eight LED bulbs in this powerful lamp work wonders. The laptop lamp will not illuminate a stadium but it definitely provides exceptional lighting for your laptop keyboard. I am really fond of the flexible cord that allows you to manipulate the lighting effects. You have a choice between 4 LED bulbs for dim effect (as to not disturb anyone near you) or 8 LED bulbs for a bright keyboard. The FlyLight 2.0 is a great investment that you will not regret making....more info