The Triplets of Belleville
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Champion is a lonely little boy. Noticing that hes happiest on a bicycle his grandmother puts him through a rigorous training process. Years later champion enters the tour de france & is kidnapped. His grandmother sets out to rescue him & encounters the renowned triplets of bellville. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 03/25/2008 Run time: 81 minutes Rating: Pg13

Words cannot capture the delights of The Triplets of Belleville, an astonishing animated movie from the mind of French director Sylvain Chomet. In fact, there are only a few spoken sentences in the entire film; most of the soundtrack is a mix of squeaks, barks, and the jazzy music of Benoit Charest. A bicyclist is kidnapped from the Tour de France by mysterious gangsters; his grandmother travels to the city of Belleville (which has a sardonic version of the Statue of Liberty in its harbor), where she tracks him down with the help of a musical trio gone to seed, the Belleville Triplets. This hand-drawn movie is unlike anything you'll see from Disney; every scene mixes the silent comedy of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton--in which the world of objects subtly fights with living beings for mastery--and the bouncy hop of Betty Boop. Unique and mesmerizing. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Shipped on time
    This was a gift. It shipped on time for my sister's birthday. She said the DVD worked....more info
  • very good movie
    I liked this movie very much. The music, the animation and the story are very good. ...more info
  • I love the dog
    This is a seriously cool animated film. The dog is so funny that it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. And the grandmother ... sheesh!

    However, the real star of the film is the soundtrack. The three old ladies playing the refrigerator, newspaper and vacuum cleaner, accompanied by grandma on the bicycle wheel is priceless.

    Get it. Watch it. I dare you not to laugh out loud....more info
  • Triplets of Belleville
    My entire grown family really enjoyed this wonderful film!!Its so bizzare and true to life at the same time, saying so much without a single word... we just loved it!! ...more info
  • hilarious and deeply human
    Writer and director Sylvain Chomet has created what many have hailed as one of the most creative animated films ever. The film, which has no dialogue, is full of sounds (barking dog, trains, frogs, jazz) and populated with exaggerated characters that are at once grotesque (obese, pigeon-toed, etc.), hilarious, poignant, and deeply human. The satire follows the fortunes of an orphaned boy named Champion, who, after obsessive-compulsive training by his whistle-wielding grandmother Madame Souza, enters the Tour de France. He's kidnapped in the middle of the race by square-shouldered, cigarette-smoking French mafiosos in sunglasses. The bad guys take Champion and two other cyclists to Belleville, a surreal world where like horses in harnesses they ride stationary bikes in a betting parlor. But the grandmother and their faithful dog Bruno follow in hot pursuit, and with the help of the triplets of Belleville--three eccentric, spinster, burlesque buddies--they rescue Champion. This simple plot, though, does not even begin to suggest the surreal quality of this delightfully quirky film which deserves its uniformly rave reviews....more info
  • Un-expected entertainment
    Movie was stimulating and funny. All aspects of life, entertainment, training, eating, music, and more are wonderfully presented. I was glad to add this to my collection. ...more info
  • lol... France.
    I caught this movie on an premium channel (Showtime, HBO, Stars, whatever) and I was confused the entire time. I had the same feeling when I was forced to watch Run Lola Run.

    If you like obtuse French art-house animation, then I guess you'd like this movie. If you like things that make sense and are slightly less French, then I would not recommend it. It was just too purposely art-sy for my taste. You can achieve the same effect by choosing a random traditional animation off of AtomFilms, adjusting your color settings until your monitor looks like an old sepia-washed post Victorian portrait, with musette/Cajun music in the background while sniffing markers.

    Though two years of art school helps too....more info
  • Solid
    The film is far too long, at 90 minutes. It could have been greatly heightened by being cut in ?, or preferably to 1/3 its length. It suffers from what much of silent films suffer from, in retrospect. The propulsion of the narrative by broad sweeping gestures is innately heightening, condensing, therefore many of the scenes later on, in the film, become mere recapitulations of earlier scenes whose points were made. Such concision invites imbuement, not explanation, & while the purpose of the tale is never explained, too many needless little bits of exposition are- such as Bruno's dream, or the montage showing the extended oddities of the triplets, since, just 1 look at them, & 1 instance adequately set them up as weirdos we feel something for.

    Many critics have pointed out that the film has many layers of throwaway references & tweaks- be it comments on Hollywood & organized crime's financial connections, to pot shots taken at Walt Disney, to homages to obscure cartoon stars of the Great Depression. These may all be true, & heighten the film to its lovers, but to impartial tastes they tend to distract from the overall thrust of the film, which has many virtues- focus not being 1 of them.
    As for the DVD, there are requisite making of films & a commentary, but anyone expecting any deeper explication of the film itself will be disappointed. Yet, that's a good thing for, flawed as it is, The Triplets Of Belleville deserves accolades for at least trying to be something unique. That it won an Oscar for it is more of a comment on what its competition lacked than what it possessed. Which may be, in retrospect, the very point of Madame Souza's devotion to her grandson, & why so many people connected with it....more info
  • "What have you got to say to Grandma?"

    "The Triplets of Bellville" (2003) - is an extraordinary, original, inventive animated film with the simple and touching story and the unusual characters. There are a loving, brave, and creative grandmother, Madame Souza, and her orphaned grandson, Champion, one of the best French cyclists, their old faithful dog Bruno, evil gangsters-kidnappers with the huge square shoulders, the titular triplets of Bellville, the eccentric singers-sisters, once jazz-era divas and now three batty old women still in jazz business with the most unusual musical instruments and favorite foods.

    When Champion is kidnapped by gangsters and taken across the Ocean to the City of Bellville, Madame Souza and Bruno, without hesitation follow his trail. In Bellville, they meet the triplets and together they will find out the mystery behind Champion's disappearance that would take them to an underground betting parlor that is run by the dangerous mafia.

    "The Triplets of Bellville" is certainly the film like no others. Its images and details are highly original, often charming, sometimes, grotesque and even ugly, and funny without being pretty and they (images) tell the story because the film has no dialogue. The original song, "Belleville Rendez-Vous" was literally the breath of fresh air that waked me up during the rather predictable and monotonic Oscar's ceremony of that year. The film is a clever satire that makes fun of the stereotypes, French and American, but it never forgets the story it tells and its main idea which is true, powerful and unconditional love that would help to cross the Ocean, to fight the dangerous gangsters and to bring back home the beloved little boy who is not little anymore but who needed the help and love from his incredible grandmother and her oddball friends. Sylvain Chomet dedicated the film to his parents. I don't know his biography but I am sure that wherever they are, his parents should be very proud of him and happy to receive such a wonderful gift from their boy.
    ...more info
  • The Best
    This film excels in so many ways!
    The drawing is terrific, both in terms of characters and remarkable overviews of the settings.
    The characters are so imaginatively rendered, and refreshingly different from American stock
    characters. I would say that the character of the dog alone is worth the price of the dvd!
    So many surprises and innovations in approach to characters, story, and settings.
    But we also get the traditional satisfaction out of real villains, and the remarkable heroism of....GRAMA.
    A wonderful journey, wonderful laughs....more info
  • There will be a time when this film is not "bizarre"
    At first, The Triplets of Belleville can be difficult to watch because it challenges our expectations of animated films. It moves in an associative manner and doesn't follow a distinct plot. There's also almost no dialogue (only at the beginning and the end), and the characters seem to know where to go without talking to each other, which further renders the world of the film strange, indeed.

    Animation, by its very nature, is a medium that can challenge the scope and depth of our perceptions. Think how far we've come from the days of Bugs Bunny and Saturday morning cartoons. Animation is now populated with more than cartoons: surreal adventures like The Triplets of Belleville (France), digital anti-fairy tales like Shrek (United States), and a fantastic re-molding of Old West motifs in Cowboy Bebop (Japan). The influence of and on animation is coming from everywhere and mixing well. And when it's time to move on, The Triplets of Belleville won't seem strange anymore....more info
  • Grotesque, bleak and boring.
    I'm all for the off-kilter, but this movie made me feel trapped in a depressing, repellent parallel universe from which I was desperate to escape. I stuck it out for quite a while to see if the ballyhooed genius would kick in, but eventually I decided that even if it did, it would be too little, too late. I'm sure I'll get a record number of "unhelpful" votes from all the brainwashed Bellevillians out there, but I had to speak out like the last feisty wife in Stepford....more info
  • I really liked this film even though it has some problems
    The Triplets of Belleville contains great animation and its story holds together well in spite of the fact that there is little spoken dialogue. I definitely had no problem following the film which stems from early 20th century France to modern day America. There is a lot of subtle references to each period of time for example, the film opens with a flashback to early 20th century France in which vaudeville actors are putting on a show. Some reviewers have noted that the portrayal of an African woman here, is somewhat disparaging. I think what people are missing is that the time was extremely racist in both France and America and, in fact, this type of show was typical of the time. The director seems to be depicting each period of time as it was rather than as it ought to have been, or should be. The actual plot of the film is pretty mundane consisting, as if does, of a rather unlikely kidnapping which, by itself, is of little consequence. Instead, it is the references to life in each time, scattered throughout the film, that make the story interesting. Everything from the flurry of building that occurred in Post World War II France to the current problem of obesity in America are depicted. I really liked this aspect of the film. The animators freely mix realism with exaggeration in a seamless manner. For instance, in one scene, an obsequious waiter defies the laws of physics by, literally, bending over backwards to satisfy his guests. Also, physiques are exaggerated, so the legs of the bicyclist, one of the protagonists, are huge as compared to his torso. Indeed there no reason, in this animated world, why a character, one of the bodyguards, say, cannot be many times larger than another character, the mother for example. Finally, with the exception of the mother, the characters are mostly two dimensional. The mother's methodical endurance and sacrifice for her son endeared me to her, however. ...more info
  • One of the best
    This is simply one of the best animated movies to come out in...ever? As an artist, I know something is great when it goes beyond inspiring me in my work and instead leaves me paralyzed! Had to sit on my hands for a few days after this, and have seen it many times over. Who cares what the story is when the drawing is this good? ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    My movie showed up really quickly. It was in great shape and I am so pleased with it!...more info
  • delightful
    This is a wonderful animated film for ad ults. Very quirky and funny! So imaginative....more info
  • Best animated movie?
    That's my opinion. The animation is glorious and unique. I can't wait for Sylvain's next movie....more info
  • Creative and delightful
    We saw this movie in the theatre when it first came out, and loved it so much we added it to our collection. The artwork is awesome, and the fact that it is in French and subtitles are not needed is a good indication of the quality of the visual story, making dialog superfluous. Truly a movie for all ages.
    Love the dog.
    ...more info
  • Loved the dog!
    Why take life so seriously? "The Triplets of Bellville" is simply delightful. The movie took me to a fanciful place for a couple hours packed with quirky scenery, emotions and laughs. ...more info
  • This movie is to Japanese animation, as spam is to veal
    Rather than two stars, I give this movie two; the one really good point about this movie is when it finally ended!

    I saw this movie at an independent theatre while in America. I thought it was going to be an example of quality French animation. I was wrong. Completely.

    The music that so many people rave is "wonderful," proves to only be an annoyance; I felt often like I was listening to the same clangly and mind-numbing song over and over again.

    If you wish to see this movie for its animation, you will be disappointed. It is poorly animated. If you wish to see this movie for its plot, forget it: There is no plot.

    I also believe this movie is a bit anti-American. Everybody's anti-American, even Americans. If this movie wanted to make any sort of political statement than its creators should have turned this movie into a debate, not a lousy cartoon.

    I once believed French movies to be witty and humorous, but Triplets of Bellville was simply stupid and dull.

    I do not recommend this movie to anyone with standards....more info
  • Weird and an absolute joy!
    I loved it! Not a word of dialogue (of any note) in it, weird, innovative and an absolute joy! I stumbled across it in our local library and took a chance on it. It is now part of our collection. Clearly life is worth a risk or two :-)

    There is a foot-tappping melody in there that had us humming for days afterwards, like a secret joke or "ren-dez-voooos".

    I would advise the original French version for authenticity and effect. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Touchinlgy awesome
    This French animated film transcends language and offers both a visually impressive and entertaining story. It tugs at your heart strings while layering twisted humor and glimpses of a very tangible reality of human emotions. I had to own this movie after seeing it only once. I also bought a copy for my folks who LOVED it and have watched it twice....more info
  • Excellent Movie, Bad DVD
    I got this item from Amazon, their info says the aspect ratio is 1.78:1 (widescreen) and the DVD case says so as well but when I pop in the DVD it informs me that the film has been formatted to fit my (a 4:3) screen. Which means the sides are cut off, you're missing part of the film. I don't know if this was a fluke or if they packaged it that way (DVD companies have done stupid things in the past) but I passed the refund date on my purchase before I watched so make sure to put in the disk and check the aspect ratio if that matters to you before watching it. That said, it's a fantastic film, gets a lot of story across with only 2 lines of dialogue, and just amazing visuals and sound design. Again, wonderful film, bad DVD....more info
  • Incredible
    For those who like animation or foreign movies that tells a story with art this is THE movie.
    With almost no dialogues and so many expression from this old ladies you can capture all the emotion.
    I just wish it had extras from the production of the movie....more info
  • Definitely European
    What is it about Japanese animation that inspires such obsession in its fans? I can't tell that good Japanese animation is any better than good American animation or good anyone-else's animation. It's different, certainly, and it may be a matter of taste, but just because one doesn't like something doesn't mean it's bad. (I personally don't care for the drawing style, movement, and freakishly large eyes of anime. I don't think it's bad, it's just not my thing.)

    This was definitely a European movie. If you liked _Schultze Gets the Blues_, you'll like this.

    It was . . . weird. Really weird. I'm not sure how the word "delights" made it into the original review because, even though I didn't dislike it, I would never have called it "delightful"

    Don't even start to think it's a children's movie. The fact that it has no subtitles doesn't matter because there is almost no dialogue, and what little there is can be figured out without translation. A lot of it is genuinely creepy. It did make me think of Buster Keaton--Champion even grows up to look like Keaton, with bug eyes and a high-bridged nose--but it also reminded me of darker things like James Thurber's _The Thirteen Clocks_ and the creepy minimalism of old "Pink Panther" cartoons. I liked the animation but I would not have called it "pretty". The colors are mostly grays and browns; things are heavily stylized and distorted; the movement reminded me a bit of _Wallace and Gromit_.

    My complaints are not that it was so weird, just that I thought it was overrated. It was the kind of thing I often like--dark humor, essentially a silent film, surrealist--but I didn't think that the overall story was that creative, or that the different elements in it were particularly well-integrated....more info
  • Like A True French Meal; Served One Dish at a Time.
    In America, it is currently not very popular to say nice things about the French. (Personally, I find to whole thing stupid since neither of our countries would have faired so well without the other (read a history book)). However, since I have never been too concerned with popularity (duh) I don't hesitate in giving my honest opinion of this film. "Triplets of Belleview" is an incredibly refreshing change of pace.
    Let me explain...

    In America, we typically like our meals to come in a sort of overture of taste; a bunch of flavors that work well together, all at the same time. We take a bite of this, a sip of that, a nibble of the other thing; rinse and repeat. It is a linear process. It begins and ends with no separation of the food (the exception being appetizers and dessert, and those aren't required). In fact, we call our main meals "entr¨¦es" since they are both the beginning and the end. In France (and other places in Europe) the entr¨¦e is only the beginning (entr¨¦e meens "enter" in French). So you "enter" the meal with one taste. When you are finished, you move on to the next taste; enjoying each as it's own complementary element. By the end, you may have had a leisurely and enjoyable meal that might have taken 3 hours. If viewed in this way, "TOB" really works. This is precisely why I liked this film so much. There is a cohesive thread of a story, but each scene is enjoyable by itself and could almost be viewed a separate (but related) event. There is no hurry here. The American version of this film might be 30 minutes long. That's all it would take to tell the story. But this film was meant to be savored, one scene at a time, one detail at a time.

    So you don't like French cuisine? Do you like hamburgers? Well this is good old fashioned American/Disney style full animation. In fact they used techniques invented by Disney for "101 Dalmatians" (since outmoded). Also, computer animation was used for geometric objects and interactions with them. This saved time and money while ensuring the characters remain the point of interest instead of some bicycle twisting and wobbling with a case of the shakes. So, imagine this as a hamburger served in pieces; first one bun, then the pickles, and then cheese... ...same taste presented in a different way. All that said; the animation is top-notch and yet unique. The characters show a full range of demeanor and emotion in both their design and motion. The expressiveness of character despite lack of dialogue is a true testament to excellent animation.

    Many Americans have trouble with European views of culture and humor. In America we tend to openly avoid giving notice to what makes people different. It seems Europeans view the differences in culture/race as a matter of fact to be discussed or pointed out. I've read some criticisms of this film depicting Americans as nothing but fat pigs. As a member of the fattest nation on earth, I find it hard to argue. Therefore I was not offended by it. In fact most people in this film were quite large and/or grotesque regardless of where they came from. That said, be ready for in-your-face cultural references and subtle, quirky humor. If you need your humor loud and deliberate, you might not like this.

    ...amongst other everyday items create one of the more unique animated musical sequences you may ever see. I enjoyed this dish a great deal.

    LORD NO!! Shootings, prostitutes, crippled frogs, casual use of hand grenades and Josephine Baker twirling her "chesticles" might be a little too much for most kids. Also, in the extras, some comments are made in passing about "African bodies" when discussing the design of the triplets. Also, a stereotypical black person sketch is shown as the inspiration for the triplet's bodies. Again, this was typical of how my German parents understood and discussed culture; somewhat embarrassing. My kids will not see this anytime soon.

    I got this for around five bucks, so it's a cheapy; plenty of extras and good enough quality.

    I highly recommend this film for those hungering for something different, yet very tasty. It's not presented in the usual American way so you must be ready to saver each scene as its own dish. Don't be in a hurry or you'll get heartburn. You had better be ready to relax and enjoy each flavor on it's own as part of the overall experience; definitely not for everyone. I thought it was a nice change of pace.
    ...more info
  • Am I the only one?
    I really didn't want to write a review for this movie but I couldn't help it. I seem to be the only one that has anything bad to say about this movie.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked this movie. The animation was perfect, the artwork was, sometimes, breathtaking, and the music was terrific (I have ordered the soundtrack). However, the action drags to the point of being boring in places. I found myself wanting to fast forward many times but I kept hoping that the action would pick up and I didn't do so. It got much better as the movie progressed.

    Every other review that I read had nothing but praise for this movie and I can't fault anyone for loving it. However, my tastes are somewhat different. If anyone asked for my opinion (I will admit, no one has) I would suggest that they watch it at least once for it IS enjoyable on the whole but I would not recommend it for children as it would not hold their attention.

    Maybe I am just big kid myself. I don't consider that to be a bad thing!

    I just want to add one quick note: If you do get this DVD check out the video of the song - it is great!...more info
  • Triplette Fun
    This is one of my favorites of all time. You don't have to know any language to understand what is going on. The little aspects of life in the cartoon are so commonplace that it makes it easy for a wide range of people to relate to the dog, grandma, etc. And the music is so fun. ...more info
  • The wonderful darkess of toe tapping laughter
    I loved the Triplets of Belleville. If you want a negative review look somewhere else. I fully expected to be the movie of the year. Honestly! But then I think animated actors are much more fun than live ones. It's dark. I like dark. It has some really funny twisted sequences. I like that. The dog is wonderful. The Tour de'France scenes are wonderful. The music? It'll get into your brain and play on forever. Did I tell you I liked this movie?...more info
  • an excellent silent (of sorts) comedy
    an exceptional dvd that lends itself to one's imagination with a legitimate timeline. An animated story that children and adults would find entertaining....more info