The Ugly Dachshund
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A dachshund mother fosters a Great Dane puppy, whose identity crisis leads to a series of comic situations.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: NR
Release Date: 6-JUL-2004
Media Type: DVD

When a Great Dane puppy is raised with a litter of Dachshunds, it naturally thinks it's a Dachshund too--even when it grows to 10 times the size. Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette star as the hapless couple who took in the galumphing dog, which wreaks havoc on their house and home. The Ugly Dachshund is mostly a series of spectacular disasters (the doggy demolition of Jones's art studio will delight kids and reduce adults to nervous wrecks), but it's held together by the convincing domestic banter of Jones and Pleshette (who was quite a dish in 1965); the pair went on to star in a couple of other Disney live-action flicks, Bluebeard's Ghost and The Shaggy D.A.. Despite some racial and gender stereotypes, it's a good-natured and amusing movie in the Disney mold. Also featuring classic character actor Charlie Ruggles (Bringing Up Baby, The Parent Trap). --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly Recomended
    If you have dachshund dogs, this is the movie for you. It's so cute.

    Plus my husband and I love old movies and this one brough him some sweet nostalgic memories from his childhood....more info
  • A must have.
    This was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid, and i still enjoy it today while my daughter watches it....more info
  • Cute!
    A co-worker told me about this movie and since I didn't find it at the local video rental store I purchased it for 9.99 on amazon. If you are a dog lover you will really enjoy this movie. It is so adorable! that poor Great Dane! What a riot to watch the mischief those Dachshunds caused. ...more info
  • The Ugly Dachshund
    This movie is a classic. Anyone who has owned a small dog or a very large dog with a puppy's mentality can appreciate the humor. Good quality for an older movie with good, clean, old fashioned comedy. It's a must have for families. ...more info
  • Great family movie
    I first saw this movie as a child back in the mid-80's on The Disney Channel. My family had a much-loved Dachshund at that time and we were always interested in anything that had to do with Dachshunds. My sister and I both loved this movie. We taped it off TV and just about wore that tape out from watching the movie so often over the years.
    The story line is cute, the characters are funny, and of course, the Dachshunds are typical Dachshunds. It's appropriate for the younger viewers, yet not too simple for adults to enjoy. This movie is for everyone and anyone, especially those who are owned by Dachshunds....more info
  • The Ugly Dachshund Movie
    This movie is great! My family loves it, and we can see so many of our dachshund's traits in the antics of these precious little dogs! The price was wonderful too, and we were able to get it in a timely manner. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a dachshund or who loves dogs!...more info
  • Typical family disney movie!
    I wanted this movie for my boys as it was a favorite of mine. Especially fun if you love dachshunds!...more info
  • great
    again another great family classic from walt.a real timeless classic.
    it will make you laugh...more info
  • Family Fun
    This is a very enjoyable movie, one that the whole family can enjoy. You can watch this movie without worrying about what the next scene might bring. It's great for all ages! It's very funny....more info
  • Before "Best in Show" there was The Ugly Dachshund
    Fun flick for dog people, non-dog people, cat people, families and singles who enjoy 1950s-60s Disney comedies. Suzanne Pleshette and Dean Jones in their prime. If you are a fan of Dachshunds or Great Danes you are in for a real treat!...more info
  • *Good Movie For Everyone!*
    Definitely a movie the whole family can enjoy.The dogs are so cute in this movie.A must see for anyone who loves dogs.A true oldie but goodie....more info
  • The Ugly Dachshund
    We have a Weimaraner, and two dachshunds. Well, Brutus, the Great Dane in this movie is halarious, and reminds me so much of our silly Weim! How Brutus thinks he can do everything the dachs do! I had to own this, as it reminds me of our household. I'm so glad it is back out! Anyone who loves dogs will find this very enjoyable!...more info
  • Excellent movie for the whole family
    You won't be disappointed with this movie. All of our kids love it. The dogs are cute, the storyline keeps moving and is interesting as well as funny. The kids especially love it when the dogs cause havoc (I don't want to give anything away). The only part that was a little objectionable is the bickering between the husband and wife at times -- especially when the husband yells at his wife to "shut up." But at least she doesn't let him get away with it and scolds him for talking like that.

    Overall, a very safe movie for kids to watch -- and you'll all enjoy it!...more info
    This has always been one of my favorite movies. As I have owned 5 mini-Dachshunds over the years I laugh out loud every time I see this movie and was so happy to see it on DVD. Wonderful movie for kid's and grown-ups....more info
  • great movie
    this was a great movie at a great price. i had a problem finding this movie at any local stores. it was very quickly shipped ...more info
  • This is a great DVD and full of laughs
    an old family favorite. giggles, and laughs, and return to a simplier time. good clean family fun that you can sit with your children and watch, without fear of blood, or violence.

    God Bless Suzanne. she is awesome. ...more info
  • LOVED IT!!!!
    Although this movie is pretty dated it's still so much fun to watch. I loved this movie because I am a dog lover and I am also married and I must say that things really haven't changed that much. The women usually get their way and are rarely wrong about things. It all starts when Danca a little Dachshund has puppies and Mark the husband goes to the VET to pick up the puppies. Dr. Pruitt introduces Mark to a little Great Dane puppy who has been pushed away from it's mother who doesn't have enough milk to feed her entire litter and Danca has too much milk, Dr Pruitt persuades Mark to take the Great Dane pup to feed until it's weened. Mark makes a mistake by taking home the great dane but not telling his wife Fran about the puppy. As Brutus grows he is obviously not a dachshund, after Fran finds out she makes Mark take Brutus back to Dr Pruitt but he is very upset about it because he wants to keep the Great Dane. Basically to make a long story short; Fran brings Brutus back but then all the drama starts, he is a huge dog who makes big messes and even the little messes the Dachshunds make end up being blamed on Brutus. This is a great family film it's funny and heartwarming. It's well worth the money. ...more info
  • Dog Happy
    This is a Classic. My 8 year old daughter caught part of it on TV one day. She loved it. A couple weeks later her Elementary school played it in the Auditorium for all the student body. She wanted it so bad - So I ordered it. The first day she had it she watched it twice in a row. The first week she had it she watched it almost everyday after school. She watches it at least once or twice a week now. Everytime I walk thru the room when she is watching it - I find myself stopping - thinking I just want to watch the scene she is on - then before I know it I have watched the rest of the movie with her. My older kids like it too. The dogs are adorable and Dean Jones & Susan Pleshette are great....more info
  • Fun Disney Title for the Family
    The Ugly Dachshund is the story of a Great Dane who grows up thinking he's a little Dachshund. Fran Garrison (played by Suzanne Pleshette) absolutely dotes on her little Dachshund, driving her husband Mark (Dean Jones) crazy. The cute little dog--and subsequent litter of puppies--doesn't really fit his idea of what a man's dog should be, and after getting a speeding ticket while rushing the mom-to-be to the vet, Mark opts to bring home (unbeknownst to his wife) one of the doc's Great Dane puppies as his own.

    It's soon apparent that one of the pups isn't quite what it seems, and worse, even as he grows in size, the Dane believes he's just a little Dachshund. Though angels in Fran's eyes, the doxies are quick to cause enormous amounts of trouble, always pinning their antics on their larger "brother." The story devolves into a battle of the sexes between Mark and his "manly" Great Dane and Fran and her little Dachshunds, coming to a climax at a party Fran throws to impress the judge of an upcoming dog show.

    Of course, being a Disney film, everything works out in the end. The film certainly isn't one of the best to have come out of the Disney studios of the era, but it's funny (if predictable) and should make for a good afternoon's entertainment with one's children....more info
  • CUTE
  • Enjoyed thoroughly!
    My daughter is in love with "dachshunds" (and we have one) and I couldn't think of a better way to surprise her for Valentine's Day. The movie brought back so many memories of the classic Dean Jones/Disney movies that we as adults remember and love. Simple, funny and completely entertaining. Couldn't get enough of the dogs and their antics....more info
  • the ugky dauchshund dvd
    I first saw this movie on the hallmark channel on tv and i adored it. i then searched for it on the internet and found it online at amazon for a great price, along with another dvd. i def. recommend buying products off of! fast shipping and great service!...more info
  • the ugly dachschund
    the vendor i purchased from was very effiencent and the price was excellent and the product was in perfect condition. Would buy from Amazon again....more info
  • Disney classic i never heard of...
    This movie was a hidden gem!For dog lovers throw it an extra star. I got it on a goof,because i have two Dachshunds, and thought it would be a cute watch. To my pleasant surprise, it now ranks up there with "The Shaggy D.A.", and "The Apple Dumpling gang". Get this one before it fades back into obscurity, if you love Disney's live action films, this is a must!!!...more info
  • Too cute.
    My husband and I have a Mini Dachshund and had heard of this Disney Movie from a fellow dachshund owner. It is a predictable Disney movie but we enjoyed watching it. We found ourselves laughing at the Dachshunds and also cheering on the under dog! For the price this movie was definatley worth buying. So many of our friends and family enjoy our dog and wanted to see the movie as well. Any pet lover would appreciate it. The best way to describe this movie is "cute". Hope this helps....more info
  • Classic Movie
    My husband was so excited to find that this movie was on DVD! We used to have a great dane, so this has always been a favorite Disney pic for us....more info
  • Ugly dachsund
    I consider this movie "Disney at its best". It is fun, wholesome. This is the type of movie that the entire family can watch and share some laughs. I wish there were more movies like that. It is a must see....more info
  • Adorable movie!
    This is an adorable, family movie, especially if you're a doxie or great dane lover!...more info
  • the wonderful, fabulous doxies
    this is a great film. friends told me about it because i have dauschunds and they knew i would adore it, and i did. thank you....more info