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Mega Man Anniversary Collection
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Product Description

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - it's a complete Mega Man tribute for one of gaming's longest-lived characters! This special 15th anniversary game release collects all the great Mega Man games and much more, for the true fans!

  • 10 Mega Man games on one disk: Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 8
  • Two never before released in the US Mega Man arcade games: Mega Man the Power Battle and Mega Man 2 the Power Fighters
  • Additional content - Unlock hidden original artwork, producer interviews (GameCube only)
  • Over 30 original artwork selections.

Customer Reviews:

  • A great experience, but...
    Overall, this is a great collection for someone looking for all of these games in one place. It has its issues, but it delivers on what it promises: that blue guy that shoots other robots.

    The button issue that's been mentioned multiple times is definitely a downer: it's a little tough to get used to. However, it's made up for by the fact that these games are crazy difficult, and at times mind-boggling. And on top of all of that, YOU CAN SAVE THEM via the save cartridges. Having played 2 and 4 on the original NES, the password function usually led to having to write down and remember long codes or buttons that made no sense, just so you would never have to deal with Quick Man again.

    Of the 8, the gem is Mega Man 2: arguably one of the best games on the original NES. The other games are great for their own reasons as well, though 8 is just weird (the anime cut scenes, the soccer/football element, etc.)...more info
  • Jack In, Megaman.EXE...What? It's Not Battle Network?
    Okay, I admittedly didn't grow up on the Classic series, heck, I didn't even KNOW about the Classic series until this game came out. I grew up on Battle Network for the Gameboy Advance, and always thought it to be the original Megaman series. But, when my friend got this for his birthday, and I noticed the "15th Anniversary" logo, I realised how wrong I was. So, I went to my local Target and...Holy crud...

    I admit it, I still prefer Battle Network MUCH more than the Classic series, but I have to admit...This is awesome! So, the Someday-Will-Be Net Navi is a robot, fighting the Robot Masters of Dr. Wily, and absorbing their powers in a way similar tlo what will eventually become Double Soul in BN4, except he only changes colro sand nto appearance. It's definately hard, I have trouble on Gutsman's stage...

    So, this is a die-hard Battle Network fan, for once complimenting a series OTHER than BN or Star Force (Coming soon to a store near you!), saying "Go buy this game!"...more info
  • NnyCW for Capcom City
    Mega Man Anniversary Collection takes the original 8 Mega Man games, throws in two arcade Mega Man games (one unrealesed in the USA until now) and combine them all to form one hell of a great Mega Man package. Then Capeven added Navi mode to all eight games (something that was added later in the series, and can be turned off if you want to play them as they originally were) added re-mixed music, and added in a save feature to replace the pass codes from the old games. The GCN version includes an interview with the creator of Mega Man....more info
  • Still Better Than a Lot of the 3D Platformers Out There...
    The amazing thing about some older games is how well they age. Case in point--"Mega Man Anniversary Collection," a collection of Mega Man's 8 "Classic" series games, plus two unlockable arcade games that were never released in the U.S.

    The formula for a "Mega Man" game is as follows: select a stage, defeat the boss, use their weapon to destroy some other boss, rinse lather, and repeat, until all bosses are defeated. Now, trek to Dr. Wily's fortress, go through the 3 or 4 stages there, and then meet up with a really huge robotic monstrosity at the end and defeat it. Now, try that for 8 games.

    You know, viewing it as cut-and-dry as that, it seems like this might get tiring or even boring, but believe me, Capcom's little Blue Bomber manages to stay interesting and challenging all throughout the 10 different installments (though the arcade titles are a bit saccharine for my tastes). Considering the majority of these games were made ten to fifteen years ago, it speaks volumes on the integrity and experience that went into level design, character creation, and especially music. The older tracks may still be in their original 8- and 16-bit glory, but I dare you to listen to this masterful music and scoff. You'll be humming some of them the rest of the day, believe me.

    These ports of the classic games run almost flawlessly, with most graphical glitches and flickering cut down to negligible or nonexistent levels. As far as changes go, there is now a hint-filled Navi mode for the first six games that eases younger or less-experiences players into Mega's big blue boots. You may use your shoulder buttons to flick through your special weapons' cache, a la "Mega Man"s 7 & 8, use in-game menus to manually save your game, or you can even dust off your old password notebook and use those to get right back to where you left these games years ago. One more interesting (and awfully helpful) feature is that a rapid-fire button has been added to your control set. Very handy indeed.

    Also, one of the largest draws of this title, besides the classic gameplay stylings, are the unlockables that have been promised. Besides the aforementioned arcade games, original sketches of character art and remixed music can be unlocked after making certain amounts of progress through games. On the GameCube, you are also treated to a special unlockable video about the creation and history of Mega Man, complete with an interview with the creator himself, Keiji Inafune. On the PS2 version, I've been told you can unlock the first episode of the Saturday "Mega Man" cartoon show. Maybe we Kyoob owners did get a better deal here than the PS2 following...hmm...

    But now comes the bad news. On the GameCube version (though I'm not sure this holds on the PS2), the button setup seems oddly reversed, and there is no option to change your control scheme. B is your jump button, and A fires your weapon. This makes no sense in the grand scheme of things, because it makes it very difficult to jump and fire at the same time, and due to the nature of the twitchy gameplay, the reversing of the buttons (and no option to change the settings) can get very, very frustrating. However, if you're willing to tough it out and face the fact that you won't get through those blasted snowboarding levels in "Mega Man 8" every time, you shouldn't slam your controller down too hard at the end of the day. Perhaps Atomic Planet should have taken a lesson from "Mega Man Network Transmission," and kept B as the traditional Fire button. At least that game got SOMETHING right.

    Also, I noticed that some of the voice samples in MM8 (while--unfortunately--being as terrible as the originals) were either sped up or slowed down, for whatever reason. It's especially apparent in Aqua Man's voice--I mean, I knew it was high, but I don't think it was originally that high.

    The look of these titles is spot-on with everything in the originals, which means if you want the graphical prowess that some games today offer (i.e. "Halo" or "Zelda"), take your money elsewhere.

    The bottom line concerning MMAC: it's a collection of top-notch platforming titles that helped build Capcom's empire, a genuinely fun time-travel trip, and a worthy tribute to our buddy the Blue Bomber....more info
  • Megaman....not so hot
    I am not a huge megaman fan...but this game caught my eye. It comes with megaman 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 2 more games wich you have to unlock. I had fun for the first 2 weeks....then i said.....ok, this is getting boring, I mean, I am playing the same short level over and over again trying to beat some stupid boss named something like ice man, or wind man, or wood man, I mean comon, get better names. It has OK game play, not the best. THe graphics...need work. Fortunatley the game is only $30 in stores, and the price can't go up!...more info
  • Disapointed....Tough to control
    I was extremely excited when I heard about this game several months back, and then I bought it, only to find out that the controls were impossibly hard to use (they changed the buttons on which button jumps and which button fires, which makes it nearly impossible to play and therefore made this game absolutely useless. It's a shame too because at least Mega Man 1 and Two (the two I really played a ton as a kid at my friends house) were a blast to play. I cannot say much about the others other than the Genesis game was very weak on here, and the controls were tough on some of the others I played. Unfortunately I was robbed a few months back and this was taken. But I would avoid this game. You probably won't realize how bad the controls are until you try to play it (especially that tree man level in Mega Man 2). It's a shame. THe game also was dated slightly, which is understandable. It gets the 2 stars because at least for a brief moment I was reminded of my youth....more info
  • Finally, The Mega has come back to NGC!!!
    Now this what I'm talking about! Not that pathetic MM Network series that's on the GC, but the originals - when gaming was gaming. This is the B-bomber at his best, 8 of the greatest shooter-adventures of all time. Before this compilation, I went out and purchased a NES and MMs 1-5, but now, I can just dish out 30-something $ for 10 great games. Capcom fell out of favor with me when the discontinued the SF series and turned the MM to crap, but now I at least get to relive the glory days and play like its 1995. Kudos, Capcom!...more info
  • 10 games for < 30.00 = Too Good to Miss!
    Mega Man games are simplistic and fun, and never get boring. I still play the series on my NES, and my favorite is MM2. I will be getting this series because you would have to be an idiot not to see the overwhelming value here. It's a one time chance to pay < 30 bucks to receive games that will never cease to be great, no matter how technically impressive graphics processors get. The beauty of 8-bit is the simple elegance of the character sprites. A good test is to go play Resident Evil 1 on the Playstation and compare the graphics to Mega Man one. RE looks ugly while MM looks clean and crisp, yet simple....more info
  • The games that started it all ported to perfection!
    I have always loved Mega Man, but have never been able to own the entire series. My copies of Mega Man 1-3 disappeared over time, and I was never able to get 4-7, never even got to play 6, and then I got 8 for my PS 1, which eventually got used to trade toward something else (a move I regretted). When Capcom announced Mega Man Collection my response was a mix of "YAY" and "It's about time!"
    There is not a Mega Man game from the main series that isn't at least good, if not great, and I've been having a blast playing through all the classics, especially since Atomic Planet and Capcom took the time to polish the titles. The original NES was too weak to be able to properly handle these games without some technical problems. While some could be taken advantage of (Such as the elec beam glitch in the first Mega Man which allowed you to make short work of the games most difficult battles) most dragged the original games presentation down significantly. There is no slowdown, or flicker in any of these ports. Not only that but they bumped up the resolution too. Don't get me wrong, these games are not graphical marvels al la Campcom's Resident Evil 4, but they are not only a collection of the ten greatest Mega Man games ever created, but the best versions of those games ever released. Additionally the remixed music is awesome, the navi mode helps the games instead of hurting them, and the bonus material (especially on the GameCube version of the game) is both fun and informative. Fans of the Mega Man Anime will want to pick up the PS 2 version for the anime episode it contains, though mega man die hards will likely already have the Mega Man DVD sets, and won't be gaining anything from it. Fans interested in the making of and history of Mega Man may be more interested in the GCN version, which features interviews with the series creator. These of course, must be unlocked, and with the glitch fixing that went on that won't be easy. No more taking advantage of the elec beam glitch, its not there. Good luck getting past the Yellow Devil, the Clone, and Dr. Wily now! These games will challenge you in ways that few games do anymore.
    Kudos to Capcom, and thank you for a compilation that is long overdue! Thank you to Atomic Planet for fixing a lot of the annoying bugs in the games (although I liked the elec beam glitch, oh well.) I highly recommend this collection for all gamers, as the collection is large enough (including two never before domestically released Mega Man Fighter games) to have something for everyone, and the price is simply too good to be true for such a huge collection. The GCN version is the better version over all as it loads much faster, and has no slow down or flickering at all. The PS 2 version does have some slow down, but it doesn't affect game play very often. I also preferred the bonus material of the GCN version. The only advantage the PS 2 version has is the control scheme. The GCN has a great controller for most next gen games, but has always been a bit awkward in fighters, and old school retro games. It will take some getting used too, and it would have been nice to have an option to let you change the button configuration. A should be the jump button with B being the single shot button. It is awkward, but after a bit of adjusting works just fine. In all, I recommend the GCN version with my only real complaint is that most of the older games still have that black bar on the left side of the screen, and the titles never even filled a 4X3 screen before, let alone a 16X9 (slightly stretched out of course.) I also am disappointed they did not include Progressive Scan, but the resolution is still very good for a collection of 8 and 16 bit games. It's surprisingly very smooth....more info
  • Megaman - Classic
    This game includes Megaman 1-8. I haven't played this edition of the game. However, I have played megaman 1-5 before. These games are pure brilliance. All it is, is jumping and shooting, but that's a good thing. You battle your way through a series of levels, and eventually come to a boss at the end of each one. Each boss has his own battle tactics. If you defeat the boss, you get his weapon. You can use these weapons throughout the game, and eventually defeat the final boss. There's just something about these games that make them fun....more info
  • Great idea, poor execution
    For those who grew up with Mega Man on the NES, like me, you were probably ecstatic when you heard that this game was coming out. No more flashing LED's by the power button, no more midgame system crashes, just pure, uninterrupted Mega Man action. Not to mention two cool new arcade games and lots of other neat little features (like remixed music and artwork).

    Unfortunately, the actual gameplay is subpar at best. Anyone who played the original games for even 5 minutes knows that B means fire and A means jump. Apparently Capcom forget this fundamental principle when designing the game. To make matters worse, there is no way to change the control configuration in the options menu. It took me about an hour to get used to the backwards controls, and I still screw them up when I get into boss battles. Also, many of the sound effects within the game sound muffled or distorted compared to those of the originals.

    Ultimately, this collection would have been a dream come true for any Mega Man fan, but poor game development leaves the player unsatisfied, like getting a broken bike for christmas. Do yourself a favor: Use your $30 to buy a good gamepad for your computer, get a NES emulator, and download the ROMs of the games....more info

  • A great compilation with some flaws
    Overall, this collection of Megaman games isn't too bad. There are a few flaws, but the good overshadows the bad.

    Most people complain about the controls (with the B button being jump and A being fire). But if you're not giving this game a chance simply because of this, you've given up much too easily. I will concede that the controls should have been customizable, however, it doesn't take long to get used to this setup.

    All eight classic Megaman games are here, along with two unlockable bonus games, Megaman Power Fighters and Megaman Power Fighters (previously released only in arcades). While the remixed music from the Playstation 2 version is absent, this version still has the "Navi Mode", which features hints and improved in-game weapon menu graphics for the NES games.

    All the games play like their old selves, and while the graphics may be simple, the games are still a lot of fun. I recommend this to anyone who wants an old-school challenge or eight....more info
  • Servadac is right
    The B button is on the left on both the NES and GameCube controllers. In the NES version, B is fire A is jump. In the GC version, it's backwards. It is hard to get used to, and when you do, you screw up in other Mega Man games....more info
  • A great idea that went horribly wrong...
    I'm a huge fan of this game, but I will say like all the others before me, the controls for the GC are really messed up. I love these games though, which is why I gave it a 3 despite this disaster. I mean didn't they have play-testers for this? I honestly can't believe that this is a mistake.

    I beg you all, if you're going to buy this (which I suggest you do) get the PS2 version instead. At least then you'll actually be able to play without stabbing yourself in the face....more info

  • MEGA MEGA MAN!!!!!!
    This game is awesome the control scheme takes just a little getting used to but in five minutes you will understand the scheme...The graphics are dead on to the ports of the old nintendo,snes,and psx game. Plus that it also has two eclusive videogames that never game out in america..I love mega man 8..Also I love how much thought goes into the mega man in the fact that you have to beat one boss and then take the weapon that they have and use it so you can beat the next boss..Here is a tip for mega man 8 (Use the soccer ball type weapon on the Samurai type robot, then use his weapon on the clown type robot, then his weapon on the snow type robot.) I won' go on any further you will just have to figure the rest out for yourself...Also in megaman games 1-7 you have to write down the passwords so make sure you write them down or you won't be able to start back from the same area you will have to start from the beginning..In megaman 8 you won't have to worry the game is automatically saving for you. CAPCOM you are great and let's hope that the GBA version which will have five megaman games be just a great if not awesome to the GC/PS2 version.....more info
  • Great game but.........
    Is a great game for a megaman fan, but my kid 10 y. only likes de 7 and 8 stages, the first six are for the inner child of his dad....more info
  • Had for 5 minutes, already FURIOUS
    OK, I've been playing MegaMan games since I can remember, and I was looking forward to this game like nobody else. I just bought it and popped it into my Gamecube, and already, I can't beleive how STUPID CAPCOM IS!

    For 15 years, MegaMan games have had the A button being the jump button, and the B button being the fire button, but for NO APPARENT REASON, Capcom decides to totally switch the A and B buttons around! I just cannot believe this. 15 years, and Capcom is still making ridiculous mistakes.

    ***At least there could have been an option to change the controls!!!!***

    I am one mad MegaMan fan, and I feel gyped. I wanted a high quality game, but Capcom always has to throw a huge glitch into their Mega Man games.

    Words cannot express my disappointment. I don't even feel like playing this carelessly made game....more info

  • Shame Shame Shame!! Get the PS2 version instead!
    I would be exceptionally sorry if I put my name in as a game tester. From my experience, I have never had a more difficult time with the messed up controls than I have with this version. Reversing the jump button as B and fire as A is completely opposite from the original NES controller. Logically, those who have played these games would think that they could come back old hat but find themselves firing or jumping at the wrong times. The "Rapid Fire" button is cumbersome too, since it's not located near the jump button its impossible to do a quick jump shot without completely lifting your thumb off one and onto the other. I nearly wanted to open up the controller and switch the wires that went from one to the other. I think Capcom should apologize and send a "complementary gamecube button converter" that you plug into the end of your controller to switch the functions of the A and B buttons since none is provided in game like the recent X games for PS/PS2. Of course the analog stick is quite inaccurate for diagonal shots and the digital pad is so small to control perfectly. I am sure the PS2 version is more cleverly thought out with its controls. Do yourself a favor, if you have both systems save yourself the headache and get the PS2 version instead....more info
  • Hard But So Rockingly FUN!!!!
    Writer: Kole
    Despite that Mega man anniversary collection is hard it's really cool! But it being hard is cool! My overall favorite dude is in mega man 8, the clown boss!

    "this is no joky matter" and "You don't stand a chance" are his two beggining annoying lines! He says them in a really baby weenie way. Mega man anniversary collection also has two never released in the U.S. games, Tons of special feature stuff and tons of levels to explore!

    I also like that in Mega man 8, you get bolts in the levels and can buy things!

    After every boss you defeat you also get new attacks, for example, after defeating the clown boss you get the electro beam thing, mega man changes color and you can shoot a beam of electricifing destruction!

    The power battles {games 9 and 10 I think, mybe just 9} You get to do two player, To any mega man fan or not, I highly recommend this kick butt game! ...more info
  • A wonderful collection of nostalgia and fun!
    Let's face it: there are so many Mega Man titles out there. But thankfully, Capcom made it easy for gamers to have access to all of the classic titles on one disk! It's convenient and it allows me to go back and play those Mega Man titles I grew up with, as well as get more acquainted with some that I simply haven't played enough of. With two additional arcade games never released in the U.S., what more could I ask for.

    The only con to this game? The menus are not fast enough. You literally navigate a Mega Man sprite to a door, each door containing a classic Mega Man game. It can sometimes take too long to get to the game of your choice, as the sprite runs rather slowly. However, this is small potatoes and doesn't provide grounds for me to lower my rating on this collection of games.

    I recommend it to anyone who is either looking for nostalgia, or anyone who is looking for something really entertaining and challenging to play!...more info
  • At last......
    This is the kind of game you never get tired, this is a must buy for everybody. You grew up with this game and you are going to get old playing it....more info
  • One of the Better Compilations
    NOTE - I have not played much of the PS2 version of "Mega Man Anniversary Collection", but I have noticed the controller is much easier to use than the GameCube's. If you're interested in this title, the technical aspects of both versions should be identical.

    Just how much fun is it to play that old-school, side-scrolling, blue bomber anyway? These games have not lost their touch at all. Both gamers who suffer from incurable nostalgia (like me) and those of the next-gen consoles (like most of today's generation) can enjoy this compilation.

    The basic premise for this series is that as Mega Man, you will complete from 4-to-8 stages (depending on the game), each with plenty of side-scrolling shooting your way through robot enemies and jumping exercises, and each ending with a Boss battle. You must choose wisely, though, because although you can finish them in any order, certain bosses' weapons have a distinct advantage over another. After defeating these foes, Dr. Wily awaits Mega Man at his castle, which will require every weapon you've just gained to progress. It is this freedom-of-choice that gives the "Mega Man" franchise such a proud place in gaming history.

    What Capcom did right with this series is not incorporate too many new features that weren't already in the games. For example, you won't be able to Slide until the 3rd game, nor will you charge up your Mega Buster until the 4th game. These games are properly ported form their original versions.
    Sure, there are a few touches here and there. There isn't as much framerate slowdown as before, a useless map is now added to the PAUSE Menu, and the timeline references ("20XX") match today's timeline ("2004"). The best addition is a SAVE feature, that allows you to avoid those annoying Passwords, and just jump right where you left off. You'll lose you acquired Lives and E-Tanks, but the level-and-weapon status remains intact.

    Many consider the first 3 games to be the classic titles.
    The first "Mega Man" is still the hardest of them all. The enemies are unrelenting, and I've read that there used to be a Boss glitch that Capcom removed, forcing you to use your skills even more. Although basic in concept, the challenge is very unforgiving in some levels. This game is hard.

    "Mega Man 2" is my favorite of them all, because the music is catchy as hell, plus the bosses and levels are expertly designed. For those who've played this game before, the fourth Dr. Wily boss is still a pain-in-the-ass though.

    "Mega Man 3" is by far the longest in the series, as you'll battle 8 original bosses, then the 8 from "Mega Man 2", then tackle Dr. Wily's 6 stages of combat. This entry is also a little tough, because you're gonna have to be extra-smart to make it through this one.

    Most fans consider the next three games ("Mega Man" 4,5,6) to be the money-making sequels. Back in the day, I would agree, but since the price of this disc is less than these 3 titles combined at original price, I won't complain. Also, they're so much fun that how can you resist the technical improvements.

    The 4th game is when the powers and upgrades become more plentiful. Eight more levels await, and this time there are actually 2 castles to shoot your way through. This one holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first one I ever beat.

    "Mega Man 5" and "Mega Man 6" share many similiarities. Both games start off with 8 robot bosses, then reveal the supposed enemy's castle of 4 stages, only to expose that Dr. Wily was behind it all, and give us a few more stages to battle through. The stories are a joke, but who's reading anyway. But neither of these games are bad at all, and proudly earn their spots in the classic NES sextilogy.

    "Mega Man 7" was the SNES game that reinvigorated the franchise for many fans. Better graphics and sound quality, not to mention some unique bosses, gave this series some more life. To be honest, I think this game runs a little slower than my taste, as the NES games are much more faster-paced. Still, a worthy entry,

    The 8th game was released on the PS-one, and to be honest, I haven't beaten it yet because the stages are truly mind-boggling in puzzles and challenging with their platforming sections. I'm having a great time with it, though, and eagerly await the concluding obstacles...

    There are even two bonus fighting games that aren't too bad. They're both themed after the 8 previous games, and allow Mega Man, his brother Proto Man, and newfound ally Bass, to face off in classic Capcom 2D fighting. Think "Street Fighter" with "Mega Man" weapons.

    Included on this disc are some bogus extra features that I could do without, but that's not why you buy collections like this. "Mega Man Anniversary Collection" is all about the evolution of gaming. The action of these titles was deceptively simple, and I have no problem recommending this disc to anybody. My minor quibble with this game is that the GameCube controller's D-Pad is too damn small, but that's a problem I can overlook. I'm recommending people buy this collection of titles because they are all about gaming. You won't find "Metal Gear Solid"-like complicated stories, or "Final Fantasy"-like levelling up, or "Resident Evil"-like puzzles. All of those are great titles, but "Mega Man" is much simpler. All you need are two hands, keen eyes, and a hunger to execute these commands..."Run---Jump---Shoot". Can you do that? Good, now stop reading my review and buy this already!...more info
  • Control Issues Prevent Complete Enjoyment
    As far as the games are concerned they are perfectly emulated on the GC. They play extremely well and live up to expectations as far as the quality of the port is concerned. But, the fact that the control is not open to tweaking is a severe issue. While playing these games the control has always been in reverse of what it is on this collection. Therefore the hard core fans who buy this collection will be very disappointed. The control setup should in all respects be customizable. Could have been a 5 star if only the controls were corrected. I am dismayed at how something this small could get thru quality control at CAPCOM. :(...more info
  • Old school gaming has never looked or played so good !
    I've waited for Capcom to do something special for Mega Man's 15th Anniversary, and finally it happened. For the first time ever, Capcom has released a collection of the classic Mega Man titles. Although the entire X series are not included in this collection, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, is every Mega Man fan's dream come true.

    In this collection, you get the following:

    Mega Man (NES)
    Mega Man 2 (NES)
    Mega Man 3 (NES)
    Mega Man 4 (NES)
    Mega Man 5 (NES)
    Mega Man 6 (NES)
    Mega Man 7 (SNES)
    Mega Man 8 (PSX)
    Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade)
    Mega Man: The Power Fighters (Arcade)

    Sadly, the two arcade games are unlockable. But I'm not gonna take one star down because of that.


    If you've seen the graphics on all the Mega Man games, then that's exactly how they'll look like. No changes, no overhauls...just pure original vintage graphics. The only difference is that theres no slowdown or any errors like on the original NES carts. Capcom did a great job fixing all those slowdowns and errors.


    Once again...the same thing ! However I dislike the voice acting in Mega Man 8. That's the only thing that annoys me.


    All the Mega Man games play exactly the same way as they should be. The only real change is that "B" is jump and "A" is fire. Plus the "Y" button enables you to do rapid fire. Now I've read a few reviews saying that the controls bite, and in result, they gave it one star. I have to disagree with them. The controls are actually pretty good, once you get the hang of it. And the slight changes are nothing to get mad about. At first, I didn't like the controls. But after a few minutes, I got used to it. These controls are actually pretty good.


    You get to do more than just play all the Mega Man games. You can also unlock a gripload of extras, such as remixed music inspired by the series, the two Mega Man arcade games, picture galleries, and lots lots more. Although it's kinda frustrating to try to unlock the arcade games (I'm guessing you have to beat all eight of the games to get them), it's always good to play through all the games...well in my opinion at least.


    I don't care what other people say about this collection. This is far by one of the best compilations I have ever owned ! Finally I get to play all Mega Man games without going through the trouble of buying a good conditioned NES and all the games, which is probably a LOT of money. You get all these games for $29.99...sweet deal ! This is a good way to celebrate Mega Man's 15th anniversary. Old school all the way !

    If you're a longtime fan of the Mega Man series, or never tried some of the Mega Man games that you've been wanting to try, this compilation won't disappoint....more info

  • mm anniversary collection
    i received this game pretty quickly--always a good thing.

    the only problem i have with the game is that it's not compatible with the nintendo wii; luckily i still have my gamecube.

    otherwise, can't complain about the condition of the game and its speedy shipment.

    thanks...more info
  • Flawed
    The games in this compilation are excellent. I am not concerned with how good this compilation is. I will just say that it is excellent. The games were badly ported. For one, the controls are messed up for the GC version. In the GC version, you cannot access the remixed music. You should still buy it, but if you have a PS2, that is the version you should get....more info
    OK, I've been playing Mega Man games for 15 years, and am a huge Mega Man fan. I just bought the game, and I am absolutely frustrated beyond belief.

    In EVERY Mega Man game thus far, the controls have had the A button being the Jump button and the B button being the Fire button. But in this Gamecube version, they decided to totally switch the buttons around! It makes me disoriented and makes me die in these hard difficulty games, much more than usual.

    I can't believe that Capcom made such a huge mistake... why don't they hire some decent game testers? If I could return it, I would in a heart beat, but I am stuck with it. Don't buy this game if you are a fan, because this button switch is a travesty among Mega Man fans everywhere.

    For shame, Capcom. We had high hopes....more info